Thursday, August 30th, 2012

The Hit List

What’s the Best Blush for Fall?

What brand/products win this category? What makes it so great?

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58 thoughts on “Hit List: Best Blush for Fall

  1. NARS Sin, Luster and MAC Sweet as Cocoa. All three work well with fall’s plums, burgundies and browns.

    • Kafka

      I completely forgot about Luster, despite wearing it just 3 days ago. LOL. You’re right, it would work really well for fall and with browns, though I think the golden burnish is great with a summer tan too! :)

  2. Orlane

    Nars Douceur :)

  3. Ryggs

    I would say Mac Burnt Pepper (Pro) or the new Hidden Treasures Blush. Those are my absolute favourites now.

    • Ashley Bianca

      I agree with both those choices! My 2 fav blushes :)

      • Ryggs

        OMG I can’t believe I almost passed up Hidden Treasures! Didn’t care for the swatches online but decided to go into the Store to see how it swatched. I will say if I could blush naturally, that would be the color!

  4. Sleek Pomegranate is my current favorite. Shimmery and plummy and pigmented.

  5. Bertha

    Tarte Exposed is my go-to fall blush. Not too warm toned or shimmery & gives you a natural “just came in from outside on a chilly day” sort of look!

  6. Anissa Knight

    I’m in love with MAC’s Supernova

  7. Dominique

    Maybe Chanel Rose Initiale ( but I purchased just 2 blushes lately, Supernova and Rose Initiale in fact ). The Guerlain duos look beautiful, and definitely the Lancôme blush is very bad.
    So Rose Initiale to me.

  8. Elizabeth

    I just bought NARS Outlaw a few days ago and I think it is perfect for fall! I can see I am going to use it alot as the seasons change. I am a total Chanel JC girl but Chanel doesn’t have anything like Outlaw.

    • I agree. Nars Outlaw is gorgeous and perfect for fall! :)

    • moena

      This! I just wish it were more pigmented.

      • Miss J

        Me too, Moena! I’m pretty light (NC20-25), but even I wish it was a bit more pigmented. I don’t have any real problem getting it to show up on me with a couple swipes, but I personally like the more pigmented NARS blushes where a small tap of the brush to the blush is enough.

  9. I love Nars Sin! Nars Dolce Vita and Tarte Exposed and Nars Doucer

  10. Elise

    I really like MAC Warm Soul. It’s good for those with warm undertones as it’s the perfect sheer burnt pumpkin blush.

  11. BooBooNinja

    Cargo Tonga – a touch pinker than NARS Douceur, and all sorts of beautiful.

  12. evremedusa

    Nars- cactus flower

    • Megan

      How does that blush wear for you? I’m always interested in buying it, but I never do. :( Does the shimmer show heavily and is there any fading or patchiness? Also, if you answer this post, what is your skin type and shade? As I’m very fair with dry skin. -_-

      • Kafka

        Megan, Cactus Flower is one of my top 3 favorite blushes, so maybe I can help out until EvreMedusa replies. I love the colour of Cactus Flower and think it gives a look that is utter sex appeal! I’m Olive with yellow undertones; NARS Punjab in foundation or MAC’s NC 25-35 (depending on season). My skin texture is normal/combination. One of the things that I love is that you can apply it sheerly for a more pink-mango-coral look, or more heavily for a more pink-red look. The gold shimmer is light. No shiny disco ball effect here. Just a gorgeous, light shimmery gold glow.

        On my skin, it will fade a bit after about 7.5 or 8 hours. Not much, but a bit. HOWEVER, I do think a part of that (this summer at least) is due to the fact that I live in Houston which has 100% humidity and brutal tropical summers. Almost no makeup survives untainted and undamaged as a result. In any event, for me, 7.5-8 hrs is fine but perhaps it might be an issue for you? Or perhaps your dry skin would make it last less? I don’t know. If you’re super dry, perhaps you’d have to put moisturiser on before hand? I don’t know, as I’m unfamiliar with what dry skin would require, blush-wise. But if you put on moisturiser anyway, it shouldn’t be a problem, I don’t think. It’s not a *creamy* cream blush and it almost has a bit of faint gel-powder feel to it (if that makes any sense). I’ve never had any problems with blendability or patchiness. I think on your very fair skin, Cactus Flower will be lovely but, to be honest, I think Cactus Flower would be lovely on ALL skin types. :) Hope that helps.

        • Megan

          Ah, thank you so much! I’m from Georgia so humidity here is all that I know. Super heavy, sticky summer heat. Ha ha. I moisturize a lot, which I should say my cheeks aren’t dry, my t-zone is dry…which is somewhat odd to me, but that’s my skin. Ha ha. As far as blush is concerned, I never have problems with blush fading unless it’s been a loooong day, but for the most part blush is fine for me. My skin is neutral, but can lean warm or cool depending on the day,lighting,etc. Thank you for your response! You’re super helpful!

  13. I recently bought Tarte Exposed and I’m hoping it will become my HG fall blush :)

  14. Tulie

    I looooooooooooove NARS Sin!

  15. Fefe

    I managed to grab the limited edition MAC Supercontinental. SO gorgeous. I absolutely love that corally-pink shade for the fall.

  16. Shelley

    MAC Breath of Plum

  17. JoAnn

    I can see myself getting a TON of wear out of my Laura Mercier Spiced Cider.

  18. I love my new Dandelion from Benefit: a touch of soft rose.

  19. Nars Dolce Vita! For a more natural look: Nars Douceur

  20. Audrey

    Stila’s Poppy Convertible Color. It’s even better for winter, but I just love it for any of the colder months! Such a beautiful color and it looks very natural.

  21. María Cubians

    MAC – Fever

  22. Kia

    MAC Hidden Treasure
    MAC Gingerly
    MAC Lovejoy

    Nars Outlaw
    Nars Dolce Vita
    Nars Sin

  23. Danielle

    I’m glad to see everyone is saying Nars Sin. I just got it today for my birthday and I can’t wait to use it! I also really like Mac Frankly Scarlet and Mac Breezy.

  24. army_wife_in_alaska

    I love wearing NARS Outlaw right now.

  25. Erin

    NARS Dolce Vita and MAC Gentle

  26. Miss J

    I have three, which are all NARS – Outlaw, Sin, and Dolce Vita. From reading the comments, these seem to be favorites of others, too!

  27. Kafka

    All from NARS: Outlaw, Mounia & Lokoum. Outlaw because it’s my favorite blush, then the others for various reasons. The cranberry-raspberry aspect of Mounia will be great with greys and blacks in colder weather (though I’ve worn it in the summer, too) & the dusky rose aspect of Lokoum will work for a really natural, softly flushed look. Oh, and there is always Montenegro for when I’m going for the Snow White look. But I suppose that’s more winter than fall.

    • Megan

      Is Mounia discontinued now? Or is it still being made? Do you know?

      • Kafka

        Sadly, it is discontinued, Megan. But I got mine off eBay and for a bit less than usual, regular NARS’ prices. They often have one up for auction, usually every 2 weeks or so, so I would definitely check there and so some sort of saved search/notification. It’s absolutely worth it, imo. It’s SUPER, SUPER pigmented, silky, buttery and more of a raspberry than the rose-pink Outlaw. Here are some very true-to-life swatches if you or anyone is interested:

  28. Laura

    MAC Plum Foolery and Breath Of Plum are my favourites. I feel like I need to check out Nars Sin and Outlaw after seeing everyone else’s comments!

  29. As a chocolate girl and absolute blush lover:…… Nars Mounia (discontinued)….and Mac’s Flirt and Tease.

  30. Guerlain Red Hot, Lancome- trio blush- Petal Rose, and likely the new Tom Ford blush shade whatever that name is which I plan to get…

  31. Emma Jordan

    I love benefit dandelion!

  32. Jessica

    Actually, I am yet to even try a winter or fall blush! Any recs out of Mac or nars? I’m nw25

  33. Yellowlantern

    I like plums that give that “in from the cold” look.

  34. Liz

    I pick my blush based on what I’m wearing, not really seasons. If I had to pick a shade that I wear a lot during the fall, I would pick Nars Taos.

  35. Adriana

    Ambition by Illamasqua. Perfectly plummy-pink and sparkly. I wait all year to wear it. :)

  36. Lark

    We don’t really have fall per SE on the Gulf Coast of the US, and what are considered Fall colors don’t do much for me. On chilly days Nars Sin is a good one, but since half our not-deathly-hot season is highs in the seventies I just flip through blush compacts until the right one appears. There’s a very neutral color from MAC, the Cruella DeVille blush, that I use a lot in cooler months.