Thursday, April 4th, 2013

The Hit List

What’s the Best BB Cream you’ve tried?

Share your favorite!  And don’t forget to share why :)

Thanks to Carolyn for today’s topic!

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137 thoughts on “Hit List: Best BB Cream

  1. france

    Etude Precious Mineral for full-coverage and Missha Perfect Cover for light/medium coverage.

  2. Ok my all time favorite bb cream is a Korean bb cream called Holika Holika Essential Petit BB Cream SPF 30 PA++. It comes in 2 shades, Light 1 and Light 2, and Light 1 is PERFECT for me.
    To me, BB creams should Moisturizer, have SPF, provide good coverage like a Foundation, Conceal imperfections, have anti-aging ingredients, skin brightening properties and skin nourishing properties. The Holika Holika does all that! I still have to set it with a powder or it slides, but it’s a time saving product for me. When I used to have to get up at 5am for work, that is the product I reached for because I could wash my face and then have everything I needed on it to get through the day plus some extra (moisturizer, coverage, spf).

    The other product that’s named a BB cream that I like is the Too Faced Air Buffed BB Creme in Snow Glow. Its texture works really well with my skin and I like how it looks on me.

    • Kristen

      I’m very happy to see this thread. I have been unable to find one that is right for my roughly NC30 skin. I feel like most of the western brands aren’t really a BB cream but re-named tinted moisturizer, and the Asian brands are for fairer skin. I haven’t gone through every option, I just gave up at some point. So I’d love to hear if anyone with a more medium to med-tan complexion has found a true BB cream (foundation coverage) that works for them.

      • kmk05 (Kris)

        We’re getting a bit of a bum deal, aren’t we, with not pale enough for the real Asian BB creams! I’ve tried Missha Perfect Cover in 23 and, while that was ashy and too white for me (NC20 or so) they have come out with two darker shades, 27 and 31. The are definitely swatches of them floating around the internet!

        • nacacijin

          Are you sure you got #23 in the Missha and not #13? Because I’m NC25 and I wear shade #21. I can’t imagine how #23 would be too light for an NC20. I think yours was probably just mislabeled.

          As for my favorite, it’s the Skin79 Hot Pink. Holika Holika Essential Petit and Missha Perfect Cover are good, too, but the Skin79 just sets better with my skin.

          • kmk05 (Kris)

            Huh! Really? Because of this thread I dug mine out and am wearing it today (especially to make sure I wasn’t talking BS when giving advice haha) and it really is grey and light. It settles in okay after 5 minutes but I’m still ashy and have to warm it up. I had forgotten how amazing the coverage was, though 😛 I think I might repurchase it to make sure of the numbering!

            How does the coverage compare to the Skin79 pink one and the essential petit BB? If they’re lighter coverage I might give them a try instead and use them as a base.

            • sylvia

              Are you sure that it’s not a fake? Did you buy it from the Missha website? I have Missha in #23 and it may start out a bit grayish but it oxidises nicely

      • I’ve had this same problem as well, since I’m NW30.

        KATE Mineral Cover BB Gel Cream in OC-D would work great for you! You can find it on iMomoko or eBay. I love SKIN FOOD’s Peach Sake BB Cream but the darker shades are only available at their select retail shops, not online :(

      • Natalia

        I’m NC25-30 (not sure about NC — is it for yellow undertones? mine are yellow) and the closest match I can get is Hadalabo BB Moist Cream #2 or Missha Perfect Cover #23 mixed with #27 1:1.

      • Missha has a pretty good range of colors. I’m also NC30 and use the #23. So I can vouch 23 is good for NC30

    • G

      Have you tried the Omorovicza Complexion Perfector BB SPF 20? Heard great things about it but wondering if it’s too dark for us pale girls.

      • Kristen

        Thanks for the suggestions! I haven’t tried either but will definitely look for swatches online. I did try a sample of Boscia BB bronze and it was too dark and muddy – I realize it wasn’t really intended as a darker shade of the regular BB. I tried mixing with the regular Boscia BB but it didn’t really work either.

    • I’ve never heard of Holika Holika. I’ll look for it next time I run out of mine :).

  3. 18thCenturyFox

    Dr Jarts Canal + as I call it. The one in the gold/beige packaging is the only BB I can use that doesn’t oxidize on me.

  4. I love the Dr. Jart+ Black Detox BB Cream. It gives pretty good coverage and is self adapting to your skin tone. And it’s pretty long lasting. The only thing is that it makes my makeup brushes smell a bit. I also like the Too Faced Tinted BB Cream. It gives good coverage, as well (and I’m wearing it right now haha).

  5. Sarah

    I really love the dior nude bb cream. It gives light to medium coverage, but the glow that no other bb cream or foundation has given me plus it smells amazing. For a better coverage I love the skin 79 orange bb cream. The high spf is also a plus.

  6. becca

    I’ve never used bb cream and i’d like to try it. Does anyone have suggestions for one that’s good for very fair(nc/nw05), very oily, acne prone skin? any price. thanks!

    • Marisa

      I have very fair skin and I’m also on a search for a great BB. I also need one that is really moisturizing, most seem really dry and cause my skin to flake up a bit. I haven’t found the best one yet, but I can tell you that both UD Naked and Tarte are simply too dark/orange for very fair skin. I hope someone responds with some good suggestions for us ghostly types. :)

      • Ellen

        Marisa –

        I’d try Bobbi Brown’s BB cream. Her line in general is hydrating, and the lightest shade is wonderfully fair. Hope that helps!

    • Bronwen

      Becca, Sephora sells the Omorovicza Complexion Perfector BB SPF 20 through its website. Literally the only downside of it is the price ($125, but the bottle is huge), but at least with Sephora you can return it. It’s one of the only BB creams with natural ingredients (no silicones or parabens, etc.), which is terrific for acne-prone skin and may help clear you up if silicones contribute to your acne. I’m Nicole Kidman level pale and this BB cream is the right color for me.

    • Melissa

      Try Missha Perfect Cover in shade 13. This works on my extremely pale/fair haired friend.

      • Shan

        Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream in #13. I’m about two shades lighter than NC15, and this Missha color has been a gift from heaven. It’s the first product that has lasted all day on my face and not make me feel like a greaseball. Great coverage on my oily skin too.

    • bb cream is usually not best for oily skin because it usually gives a dewy finish but try skin 79 super+ bb cream in pink or gold 😀

    • Michelle

      Skin79’s Vital Orange is right up your alley. It’s good for oil control/mattifying and is one of the lightest shades out there although it leans a bit yellow. I’ve really loved how it’s protected my fair skin (SPF 50+) and helps fade post-acne marks.

      • Irene

        Agree! My current favorite is Skin79 Vital Orange, and also the fairest bb cream I have seen to date. I’m NC05 though, so I find that even though it’s extremely fair, I still have to mix in some Face Atelier white foundation to lighten it to match my natural skintone perfectly. It has yellow undertones, so if they don’t suit you, a good bb cream with pink undertones is Missha Perfect Cover in #13, it’s the second fairest tone I’ve ever seen. Etude House Pure Minerals in #1 used to be very fair (about NW10), but they reformulated it and now the fairest tone is NW20 or so.

    • bettynova

      missha perfect cover in 13
      or BRTC blemish recover balm

      my favourite bbcream is missha perfect cover i use the 23 shade and im NC25. when im really tan i use the same but i correct the shade with a matt bronzer

  7. Sarah

    Skin79 Super+ Triple Function BB Cream – in the pink bottle. Love that stuff!!

    • Annie

      Ditto for me! I usually end up having to go over it with some bronzer and a tinted finishing powder because of the slightly gray cast, but it matches pretty well to my skin.

      I believe I’m like a NC25? Light, Asian skin, but not SUPER light….acne prone (hormone related)…combo/oily. I’ve heard great things about the gold, but I own the Hot Pink, just be super careful about knockoffs!!!! The bottle should cost you somewhere between $15-20. I love that it’s thicker, but still spreads easily.

  8. A8vu

    Misha Perfect Cover BB Cream!

    • Julie

      This is the one I love too. I’ve tried a few different Asian brands and like them, but I LOVE Missha Perfect Cover!

  9. Hm, I’d probably go with Skin79 Hot Pink. Though the Dr. Jart Renegrating BB Cream which I’m using now is very good.

  10. szlamizita

    Suiskin I2PL :)

  11. Yin

    In terms of optimal coverage (I like medium to full), SPF, and lack of breakouts, Misscha Real Complete BB Cream is my favorite with Perfect Cover being pretty good too. Neither of them match me too well in terms of color though, so I do need to do a little bit of color correction with foundation.

    • Cate

      The Missha ones are my favorite too! I’d never tried a Korean BB cream before, but they are SO different than the ones available in America. Anyone looking to try one, these come highly recommended.. great medium coverage, long-wearing and so natural looking!

      I’m NW20 and I use the #21 shade in Real Complete for reference :)

  12. Veronica

    After doing researchans reading reviews, I have only tried Bobbi Brown’s and I’m happy with it. It gives me a natural finish, has a color that actually matches my ghostly paleness (extra light), and it makes me look dewy.

    It makes me shiny towards the end of the day, but it is nothing a little Blot powder can’t tone down.

    I’m in Mexico, so I don’t have access to a lot of brands.

  13. Laura

    I like Skin79 The Oriental for winter because its super moisturizing, and I use Diorsnow UV Shield BB Cream for summer because its lightweight with a high SPF.

  14. Jessica

    Skin 79 in the pink bottle is the best IMO.

  15. Angela

    BRTC The blue and white BB cream… i have oily and acne prone skin… this is really good! no shine and dont break me out!

  16. Anne-G.

    Definitly Missha’s Perfect Cover BB Cream! It blends really well with every fair and medium complexion and evens the skin. And it has a high SPF!

  17. Missha M Perfect Cover. I used the palest shade No.13. I smell like baby powder but that fades thankfully i haven’t had any skin issue with it.

    I has an SPF42 PA+++ rating which is impressive for BB cream as well.Down side is I have to order it online. 😉

  18. Courtney

    Maybelline Mineral BB cream from Asia

  19. xamyx

    I’m a huge fan of Aveeno & Garnier. While I realize these aren’t “real” BB Creams, I have no interest in trying any, as they all (from the ingredients lists I’ve read) contain parabens, which is an issue for me when it comes to a product I wear every day, all over my face. The two I named are paraben-free, and provide more than adequate coverage for my needs. Both are also compatible with my drier, “mature” skin, and have actually yielded the results they claim (although not dramatic, they are noticeable). As for SPF, I always use a separate one under, so I don’t actually rely on the one included in the product, and I always set with a MPF. While I like both pretty much equally, I plan to repurchase the Aveeno, as I prefer a pump bottle to a squeeze tube.

    If anyone knows of a traditional BB Cream, that is paraben-free, and is light *and* has very neutral undertones, I’d be very interested to know. TIA

    • Rachel

      Will be tough to find a tradional bb cream w/o parabens. I’ve access to korean brands where I live and all have parabens. Their products aren’t actually that great. Lots of them contain mineral oil which is bad for the skin. :/ I don’t recommend the korean bb creams cos they break me out.

      I’d suggest trying Tarte’s tinted moisturizer (now repackaged as their bb cream).

    • I’m relllatively sure the Dr. Jart BB creams are – I don’t have the box on hand for mine but I remember being like “huh, it is?” when I read the ingredient list as I’m trying to cut out parabens from my base/skincare products.

  20. Kris (kmk05)

    I tried the red Missha one and really liked it, but the shade made me too ashy :( it’s just too pale and grey! I didn’t mind correcting it while I was using it, but now I really just want one step to even my skin tone. I layer a serum and a sunscreen to get the skin benefits and top it all off with foundation. Since I have to get dressed and do all my morning stuff at the same time I don’t mind the layering, as I can pusmother serum on my face, do something else as it sinks in, then put the sunscreen on, etc.

    I think that the shades are not really suitable for the Western market: great for the really pale-skinned, but all the western BBs with better shades aren’t actually BBs! The whole thing makes me sad I’m not paler.

    Missha is making extra shades now, though, and I’m considering taking the plunge.

  21. Elle Jaye

    So far, the one by IMAN has been great. Its geared more towards women of color but I’m sure that there are lighter shades for women of other races. I like it becasue the coverage is good, very buildable, has SPF of course (but doesn’t make you look ashy), and is supposed to help with hyperpigmentation. I am in the shade Earth Medium and I wear MAC NC50 if anyone is interested in trying it.

  22. KarineMTL27

    Sorry for my english…i’m french from Montreal Canada.
    Right now, i use the M.A.C BB cream in light plus. I loveeee her so much. My face is luminous. I put pro longwear concealer or NARS creamy radiant concealer with it and it’s perfect. Last summer i tried the Skin 79 pink bottle and this BB cream was not good for my skin…very very not good.
    I want to try the new BB cream from Clarins. A MUA guru from Montreal said that this BB is INCREDIBLE!!!
    i don’t know if this BB cream is now in stores.
    What’s the best finishing powder for a BB cream? right now i use mac natural mineralize skinfinish in medium but i’m not sure.

    • Alexandra

      I bought the Clarins BB Skin Perfecting Cream in 01 light and found it way too dark for my skin! There’s one other shade that is darker.
      I’m about a NW20. Such a shame especially since I really liked it otherwise.

  23. Mai

    I’m personally in love with Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream!

  24. Dior’s Diorskin BB cream. It gives such a naturally glowy effect, beautiful.

  25. fal2falla

    I’ve been using Etude Precious Mineral and then move to Bright Fit for 2 years now. The coverage is great and the formula is really easy to apply.
    However, I just got my hands on nature republic snail therapy BB cream and tried it a couple times. I am now anxiously waiting for my Etude to finish so I can switch to this one. It’s not as dewy as Etude but it goes on so much nicer and feels lighter on the skin without compromising coverage!

  26. feli

    I love DIOR Diorskin Nude BB Creme
    as it looks like my skin, really!

  27. I’m a big fan of Dr. Jart+ Water Fuse BB, but I wish they’d add more shades for deeper skin tones if they’re going to sell in the US.

  28. Kelly

    Definitely the Skin79 Gold Label BB cream. It’s actually the only liquid ‘foundation’ product I can wear that doesn’t break me out, looks just like skin, and doesn’t cling to dry spots, yet doesn’t make me excessively oily.

  29. Ellen

    I love Bobbi Brown’s – it has coverage but is also moisturizing and not too thick. The only thing that irks me is that there’s no shade between the lightest and second-lightest, as I fall in between them. I also adore Nars Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturizer – even though it’s not a BB cream, it sure does amazing things for my skin. Both also have broad-spectrum UV protect, essential for my fair skin :)

  30. Natasha

    Dr. Jart +, the best BB cream!!!! Love the higher SPF of 45, and it is great for aging skin:)

  31. Elle

    Lioele Triple The Solution BB Cream is absolutely AMAZING~!! A bit too dark for my skin tone, but it provides EXCELLENT coverage and doesn’t upset my dermatitis. :)

  32. Nicole

    Omorovicza’s Complexion Perfector is brilliant. It is by no means affordable (but Omorovicza’s loyalty point system is a rather nice incentive), and there is only one shade for now, which is unfortunate. But it has a lovely texture, is silicone free and contains physical sunscreens. It feels more like a day-long treatment for my skin than traditional foundation, and my skin seems to look better as the day goes on. The coverage is light/medium and gives my skin a fresh and even luminosity. I spot conceal my blemishes and my skin looks flawless but completely natural. Sigh!

  33. Mon

    Dr Jart+ Water Fused is amazing!

  34. CF

    Skin 79 Snail Nutrition: the best for dry skin, i have no problems with dry areas, great coverage (I dont even need a concealer), fights with blemishes, can be applied with hands with no brush and I do set it with setting powder (some BBs have problems with powder-on-top-of-it), sooooo. The best!
    And, by the way, it has a great pump in it – lasts FOREVER. And has a great price for 40 ml.

  35. Julie

    BRTC Jasmine Water! It’s very heavy coverage (not good for summer) but moisturizes my ultra dry skin in the winter and matches my pale nw15 skin. It’s a perfect base for a night out. I call it “whiteout” lol.

  36. Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream! I love the natural finish to yet. It gives me a dewy look. And blends to perfection.

  37. Dawn Reed

    I haven’t had any luck with BB creams. I have tried 4 (2 Dr. Jart, Garnier and Clinique). All of them break me out. Not with allergy but with acne. My skin is normally somewhat dry and I never have breakouts. Has anyone else had this issue? If so….have you found one that you can use. I really like the concept of the product.

  38. Missha Perfect Cover is by far the best I’ve tried and I’ve tried a lot.

  39. The only good BB cream is the Korean ones.. Americans don’t know what they are doing lol. Skin 79 BB cream in the pink bottle is my fave<3

  40. Evie

    It’s a toss up between Shiseido BB cream and Clarins BB cream. The Shiseido BB cream is better for humid days or when my skin feels oilier. The Clarins BB cream is for dry days.

  41. I love Holika Holika Peach Girl!

  42. Mariella

    I really, REALLY love the new one from Clarins but, unfortunately, even the “Light” shade runs a bit too dark for me. But the coverage and the way my skin feels make me willing to put up with it. I also really like Tarte’s BB cream, which comes in a lot of shades (well, 4, but that’s a lot for BB creams) but which has not received any approval for making claims about sun protection on its packaging here in Canada so I am reluctant to buy it.

  43. Kat

    Missha Cho Bo Yang BB cream for full coverage, Garnier Oil Free BB for a dewey look on those occasional good skin days.

  44. Georgia Leigh

    Dr. Jart Water Fuse BB Cream, great for winter. I feel like Urban Decay Naked BB Cream will be great for summer, a lighter formula.

  45. CC

    I have tried Maybelline BB cream, which was ok. The one that I really love is the Smashbox BB because it is one of the only brands that actually have a color for my skin tone (medium tan). Although I don’t use it much anymore because of the heat and my oily skin (it just wears off like nothing, but much foundations and stuff do too) I really enjoy it.

  46. Kasey

    I love my Missha Signature Real Complete BB Cream! It matches my fair skin really well, has a tolerable scent and doesn’t contain any parabens. It’s moisturizing, lightweight and looks great in photos. I also noticed my skin is brighter and dark spots have faded since first using it! I would highly recommend this to anyone with sensitive skin looking for a light-medium coverage, everyday BB cream.

  47. kristanna

    SKin79 the oriental gold bb cream. Nice texture full coverage and a gel cream blush . perfect for mornings on the go

  48. koolchicken

    I LOVE Too Faced’s BB cream, the one in the tube. I know it’s not a “real” BB cream, but I love it still. I have it in Snow Glow and while its a smidgen to dark/warm for me I’m still able to make it work. I swear the first time I put it on I just sat and stared at myself. I couldn’t believe how good I looked. I swear wearing it is like having someone follow you around to maintain perfect lighting around you. I have a five month old, and anything that can make me look this good is worth it’s weight in gold.

  49. Kristabelle

    I’ve tried a lot and found Skin79 Super Gold Plus VIP to be the best. It makes my skin look glowy and radiant, feels great, has actually improved my skin, and gives a good amount of coverage without looking cakey or fake. (I have severe acne scarring so sheer is not for me.) Couldn’t live without it.

  50. admmgz

    My fave is Dr. Jart Black Label Detox- it gives great coverage- it’s almost like airbrushing

  51. Nona

    Estee Lauder bb cream spf 35 (i think). Looks great and smells really nice too ^^

  52. Ana

    Clarins BB Skin Perfecting Cream!

  53. Molly

    Garnier Skin Renew Miracle Skin Perfector! It’s a little bit more on the expensive side for drugstore ($12), but I think it’s really great. It’s very creamy/not watery and provides light-medium coverage. I haven’t tried any high-end bb creams.

  54. Haleemah

    Smashbox Camera Ready BB Cream. Great coverage for a BB cream! Doesn’t oxidize on my face. I recommend this product :)

  55. Bd

    I am currently liking Tarte’s BB “Primer” mixed with Maybelline’s “BB Cream”.

  56. Miranda

    I tend to have the most luck with Asian ones… US BBs are really tinted moisturizers.
    Right now I am loving the Laneige Snow BB Soothing Cushion SPF 50. It is sooo good!
    I liked the Skin79 hot pink, but I think it makes me break out :(.. stilly testing that one.

  57. Jen

    Bobbi Brown BB cream!

    -sheer to light medium coverage
    -thick and mousturizing
    -great for dark spots
    -great SPF coverage UVA/UVB
    -gives a natural glowy effect
    -feels lightweight on skin

    I absolutely love this BB cream! I use it everyday and I do seem so notice my dark spots have faded after using this for about two months now. I swear every time I use this, someone will comment on how glowy and nice my skin is. It is a little expensive but you get a ton of product! Worth the investment. Try a sample :)

    • Marisa

      Ditto. It helps cover my melasma, and even though it seems thick at first, the coverage is just right. I agree with the various comments that BB Creams really just seem to be tinted moisturizer, at least for Bobbi Brown. I used to use her tinted moisturizer, switched to this because of the higher SPF, and they seem to be basically the same product.

  58. Nancy

    Skin 79 VIP Gold Collection Super+ Beblesh Balm (In the silver container). It is a Korean one, and I love it! Evens out my skin tone so nicely, I don’t even need a concealer. Just a little setting powder and I’m good to go. I’ve tried Missha perfect too, but that made my skin really cakey looking.

  59. Kira

    The Holika Holika Aqua Petit Jelly BB Cream is my holy grail BB cream. It’s a Korean BB cream and the texture is amazing. It provides the amount of coverage I need and doesn’t feel heavy.

  60. I ONLY use Korean BB creams, because these western “BB creams” are hyped up tinted moisturizer. I LOVE SKIN79 Hot Pink.

  61. Jennifer F

    Depending on how much sun exposure I will get I wear either the Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream SPF 42 in color 21 (I wish is was less pink and more yellow; I’ve tried color 23, it’s more yellow but it’s too dark) or Missha Real Complete Signature BB Cream SPF 25 in color 21 (which is slightly darker than the Perfect Color in 21). I’ve been mixing a bit of Jouer Lumininzing Moisture Tint in Glow SPF 20 to tone down the pinkness in both(the Jouer alone is too dark). I feel like a mad scientist most days…oh, if I could find the perfect BB cream! P.S. It’s not a BB Cream by name by I do love Josie Maran’s Argan Tinted Moisturizer SPF 20. The texture is perfect, the color Butter is perfect. My only wish is that it contained a higher SPF & physical sunscreens instead of chemical sunscreens.

    • Jennifer

      Sorry, I meant “golden” in the Jouer.

      Ps. Thank you so much for this post Christine! I hv some leads on the next ones to try that may be a better match for my yellow/Asian skin tone NC25ish I think.

  62. Liz

    I love Bobbi Brown BB Cream.

  63. Bethany

    I LOVE the Skinfood Afternoon Berry tea. It has medium coverage and keeps my skin looking natural and doesn’t cause any reactions or breakouts. The Skinfood Agave is outstanding as well, being a little thicker, but hydrating and luxurious, offering a med/full coverage. I have the BRTC Caviar and gold which has full coverage, but is very heavy feeling and tends to break me out. The Skin79 HotPink is good too. It gives a medium coverage, leaving me with the need to conceal problem areas and I must wash every speck of it off, because if I miss a patch by my ear or at my jawline, it tends to cause breakouts. It also oxidizes a bit darker than my SkinFood afternoon berry tea.

    • blueraccoon

      I just ordered the Good Afternoon Berry Berry cream. I can’t wait to try it :)

      • Bethany

        I adore it. I hope you do as well. It has a really pleasant smell too, which might seem weird, but if I am putting something on my face and it smells chemically, I feel like it is just unhealthy, but if it has a nice smell, it seems more healthy. I really hope you enjoy it!

  64. Ho Keung

    Lioele Triple the Solution BB Cream is the best I’ve tried so far. It has neutral undertone, SPF30, PA++, is made in Korea, long-lasting both on my face and in the tube(it’s lasted me for ages since I bought it), provides medium buildable coverage, and a natural skin finish(more matte than dewy). It might look pale once you put it on but after half an hour to an hour it turns into NC25/NW20(it’s actually neither of these 2 shades but more like a combination of both). It controls oil production so if you have any dry patches, make sure to moisturize well beforehand! I have oily and acne-prone skin so I use it right after I apply Thayers Rose Petal Witch Hazel Alcohol-Free Toner. It is perfect for all year round(at least for my skin type). In summer I just apply slightly more bronzer to warm up my skin tone a little more. The packaging is flawless with a pump. It can be applied seamlessly with just your finger tips. It never broke me out. And the price is totally reasonable! Go get you some!

  65. I ADORE Urban Decay Naked Skin Beauty Balm, I know it isn’t a “true” BB cream (although it does oxidize somewhat to your skin tone), and it got very mixed reviews, but even though I am very fair I can blend it out so it doesn’t look orange. It acts as a terrific primer for my blush, and disguises pores wonderfully without feeling heavy on my face. It also has a lovely faint minty scent.

  66. Michelle

    Skin79’s Vital Orange BB Cream has been the best match for me colorwise. I love how it looks on and how it’s helped keep my very fair skin even-toned and reduced redness. I’ve also gotten over my “fear” of parabens by using this. No more being afraid of what was likely a marketing scheme anyway after finding something that has improved my skin so much!

  67. ali

    My faves: Etude Sun BB Cream with SPF 50 and Dior Bb Cream.

  68. Susan Nevling

    My favorite is Too Faced in the second lightest color; Vanilla Glow. It has a nice natural glow without excessive shine. My second choice is Sarah McNamara’s Miracle Skin Transformer in Light. It is more matte than Too Faced. Third is the light Garnier but not a true love. OK for the price.
    NOTE: The Too Faced face primer in bronze is very dark for my complexion. The sensitive and regular primers are great.

  69. Leslee

    SKIN79 VIP Gold bb cream for SURE. It blends amazingly, it adjusts to match my skin color, and it feels wonderful on my dry skin. And for the price, you can’t beat it! The best part is that it has medium to full converge, unlike a lot of other bb creams.

  70. Ilona

    Peter Thomas Roth CC cream with SPF 30 in light/medium. An all-in-one antiaging treatment, sunscreen complexion corrector, moisturizer, and tint. Great coverage and long staying power. I recommend blending it with your finger. Formulated without parabens, sulfates and phthalates.

    • blueraccoon

      I’d love to try that, but light/medium is way too dark for me :( Maybe one day they’ll come out with a lighter shade.

  71. blueraccoon

    For “American” BB creams (which aren’t really but anyway) I like Bobbi Brown and Diorskin Nude, especially Diorskin Nude–it makes my skin so velvety smooth and glowy and perfect. SPF is pitiful, though, so you need a separate sunscreen if you live somewhere sunny.

    For Korean BB creams I like Missha Perfect Cover – #13 is perfect for my NW15 skin. I also just ordered one from Skin Food and I think I’m going to try the Skin79 pink tube as well.

  72. Sarah

    I have these 3 in constant rotation – Dr. Jart+ Premium BB, Skin79 Super Hot Pink, & Skin79 The Oriental. I’ve tried Bobbi Brown, Dior, and Too Faced, for me they just didn’t step up to the plate like my beloved Korean formulas!

  73. Missha’s Perfect Cover BB Cream. It makes my skin feel fantastic.

  74. SoonSoon

    I can not use most of korean bb creams since almost all of them have alcohol and perfume so I tend to use Japanese BB cream.

    My favorite is Fairy Drop Candy Bar BB cream. They also have two shade with nuetral undertone that can be used on my nc25-30 skin. Most korean bb creams are too light and to pink for me.

  75. Elisa

    I know it is not a traditional Asian bb cream but the Mac beauty balm in the compact is amazing!

  76. Mich

    Definitely MISSHA BB Cream

  77. SKINFOOD’s Peach Sake BB Cream is my favorite so far. Medium coverage, smells absolutely wonderful and at their retail shops in the US they have darker shades! My NW30 is very happy with #5 Honey Beige.

  78. Emily

    Korean BB creams perform the best for me! They’re the most original and have the best formula. For me, I love my Holika Holika Petit Jelly BB Cream. The texture is amazing like a jelly! Skin79 in the pink bottle is pretty good too :)

  79. Ade

    BRTC Perfect Recover. My blemish literally clears up with this one, too bad they discontinue this line. The replacement a.k.a the “new formulation”, BRTC Blemish Recover, are nothing like the original (but I still quite like it though).

    Now my top 5 BB Cream are MISSHA Cho Bo Yang BB Cream, MISSHA M Perfect Cover BB Cream, Premium Bornskin BB Cream, COOGI Flowertox 3action Super BB Cream and Dr Jart+ Silver Label Rejuvenating Blemish Base. All are Korean BB creams & works well on my very oily skin.

    To be honest, I don’t use BB Cream anymore, most of them are WAY TOO LIGHT! I literally have to put bronzer all over my face when using them. Now since my skin clears up, I rather use other products for my complexion.

  80. Rachel

    Everyone talks about korean bb creams but honestly they don’t work for me. :/ Every brand I’ve tried broke me out and/or broke me out. If anyone knows a good korean bb cream that’s fair enough for a NC 10, let me know!

    However I ADORE the Ettusais BB Mineral White. Ettusais is actually owned by Shiseido so the bb cream is made in Japan. Comes in 3 shades and the lightest shade is VERY fair. Perfect for me. Best of all, it doesn’t break me out and the coverage is pretty good.

  81. amelia

    Revlon Photoready BB. The lightest shade I’ve found in the drugstore plus its thick, has decent coverage & SPF 30

  82. Robin Manrique

    It’s a CC cream and the only one I’ve tried but I love Juice Beauty Stem Cell CC Cream. Doesn’t breakout my skin or clog my pores. It’s a lighter coverage (think tinted moisturizer and light diffuser in one) and I have to use mineral veil with it but it smells lovely, still looks good at the end of the day and isn’t full of a bunch of chemicals.

  83. Jessica

    Dr. Jart + is the best I’ve tried. I really love the coverage and pour minimization. Stila and Urban Decay are just OK imo due to their coverage. UD smells clean and amazing! I liked using it with their naked foundation.

  84. Katie

    Only one I’ve tried is Bobbi’s. I don’t know what I was supposed to expect, but it was very thick (only need a little) feathered on my skin and the coverage was ok – I guess it could be built up. I got Medium for NC40 skin and it was only slightly lighter than my skin. Medium-dark was too dark.

  85. Joseline

    My HG BB Cream is the Hanskin Primer Velevet BB Cream, I got it off Sasa during their black friday sale. its AMAZING!!! for medium skin toned, oily skin, and I actually find the color to be rather neutral. I have neutral nw30/nc37-ish skin in the winter and this matches pretty well. Like most Asian BB creams it goes on kinda ghostly at first but after about 15/20 mins it blends into your skin tone. It has decent coverage which is buildable without caking, and you only need about half a pea size for your entire face. and is a MATTE finish which I LOVE!!! I still set it with a lil powder to help it last lonnger but on its own it gives me about 4 hours without shine.

  86. Ana

    I like Dior Hydra Life BB cream, the skin care products it contains leave my skin soft and moisturized. The color Dior sells here is “universal” and it matches my skin color nicely. The drawback is that it doesn’t work well on my very oily nose but as I said before, my skin looks amazing. It has a foundation type coverage unlike some other BB creams.

    I get better results with the oiliness when I use L’Oreal Nude Magique BB Cream. The medium tone matches my skin color and it leaves my face matte and control the oils better. Sadly my skin doesn’t look as healthy as it does when I use the Dior one.

    Another nice BB Cream I like is Yves Rocher’s in medium. Is not as heavy as Dior and moisturizes my skin too, the finish is very sheer which works nicely on weekends when you want to go outside but not wear too much makeup. I need to blot frequently with this one though.

  87. liz

    Honestly I haven’t tried very many. I have both the Garnier formulas and of the two, I prefer the new oil-free because it has a nice satin finish, natural coverage, and it’s lighter in color. It’s still a bit dark, though, and I’m not convinced it lives up to its oil controlling claim. The original is nice when mixed with regular moisturizer to kind of just even skin tone, but it’s pretty dark for me and kind of greasy-looking on its own. I was in love with Dr Jart Water Fuse for like a day because I WATCHED IT GET LIGHTER ON MY FACE, but it did zilch(!!) for oil-control. I really want to try the Missha Perfect Cover because it gets so many good reviews but I’m really worried about picking the wrong color. Skin79 freaks me out since they don’t have multiple shades so I’m convinced it won’t be light enough. I can’t find enough info about Holika Holika, but I’m also intrigued about them.

  88. ninja glamour

    Skin79 hot pink!

  89. My favorite BB cream so far I have used is the Bobbi Brown BB cream. This bb cream is so hydrating and I love the range of each shades that this line offers. This bb cream doesn’t oxidize on your and makes your skin looks so flawless.

  90. Cate

    Dr Jart Water Fuse! It’s become my daily foundation.

  91. Meg

    Ettusais BB cream

  92. Rachelle


  93. Minnie

    I just picked up the GARNIER BB CREAM for OILY SKIN in Light/Medium
    And surprisingly I’m in love with it… It’s very wet compared to the original Garnier BB cream but it dries to a smooth matte finish! It’s really nice… My face breaks out in oil within a few hours but with this bb cream on, it actually kept my face matte for over 8 hrs with just a few oily spots in my nose. I was amazed!

  94. Penny

    I must be the only person who doesn’t like BB creams and doesn’t get the hype. I tried a couple and they seemed to oxidize badly, leaving me orange and shiny.

  95. Taylor

    I love love love my Dr. Jart Water Fuse BB Cream. I have fairly sensitive skin, acne, an oil problem, and the occasional dry, flaky patch. As far as my coverage needs go, I have some scarring, redness, and, of course, acne. Currently, I have more imperfections than what a BB Cream can handle, but it gives me a much better base to start off with, so I can use less concealer and foundation. When my acne was a little more under control than it has been as of late, I was able to use it with a powder concealer and my Make Up Forever Micro HD finishing powder for a light make up look. I know the Water Fuse isn’t breaking me out, I’ve been using it for a while now with no adverse effects. In conjunction with my Murad Matifying Mousturizer, it keeps me shine free all day which is a HUGE deal when you wear powder foundation. I was skeptical that a BB cream was worth the price and extra time, but, at least in my head, it has cut down the amount of makeup I have to apply and a step when I’m feeling lazy. The only mark against it is it only comes in one shade, which works on my fair skin, but it whites out those with darker skin tones. Even so, I’d recommend checking it out. The girl I got the recommendation from has skin that is closer to Christine’s than mine and she still uses it under her foundation.

  96. Definitely Holika Holika Face2Change Roller BB!! Great coverage and formula and it does not break out my sensitive, oily, acne-prone skin. Perfect match for my fair skin too. When I’m a bit more tan I also like to use the Heroine Make Essence in BB Cream.

  97. My two favorites are Skin79 Hot Pink for a slightly dewy finish, and Missha Perfect Cover (I usually wear #21, but #13 would probably be even better for my paleness)for a more matte finish. I am currently using one by Hanskin that is even more matte on me, and I’m pretty happy with it. If you want more moisture, lighter coverage, and not quite as pale, you might want to try Dr. Jart’s Water Fuse.

    In my experience, just swatching a BB cream will not help you find the right one. You need a sample, and to apply it to your face all over and see how it looks after half an hour. The good ones are very blendable and adjust/oxidize in a good way. A swatch on the hand or part of the face will usually look too gray or yellow and not give you a realistic picture of the product’s performance.

    Watch out: There are a lot of fakes on the Internet of the more popular BB creams like Skin79 and Missha.

  98. Alex

    My absolute favorite BB cream is lioele beyond the solution!

    I have very dry skin, and found that with most foundations and BB creams that I get dry patches, and or the foundation breaks halfway through the day and leaves me with dry patchy looking skin (not pretty)
    The lioele BB cream not only covers beautifully but makes my skin look dewy and fresh all day with no dry patches! I am currently trying the lioele water drop BB cream which has less coverage but is also really nice, and the holika/holika petit BB cream in the moisture formula which feels amazing on the skin. I would recommend getting the sample sizes on to try them first

    Any western BB creams I have tried to not have amazing coverage and make my skin look dull and dry.

    Hope this helps :)

  99. Maja

    I’m in NC15/20 (depends on what season of the year). My favourite BB creams are all Koreans: Skin79 VIP Gold Super Plus Beblesh Balm or Bio-Essence Platinum BB Cream 10 in 1 in summer and Skin79 Super Plus Triple Function Vital BB Cream in winter. I love them, my 40ish skin looks 10 years younger! But an OCM routine every evening is a must if you don’t want to ruine your skin.