Saturday, December 24th, 2011

Temptalia Asks You

Have you ever worn your makeup overnight? Did you suffer any consequences? Do tell! :)

Temptalia's AnswerI feel like I must have when I was younger, but I can’t think of a specific incidence. There have been a few times where I haven’t gotten the last vestige of eyeliner off, and I’ve just shrugged it off, but usually I am very good about it!

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37 thoughts on “Have you ever worn your makeup overnight?

  1. I did it all the time when I was like 14, because I didn’t have makeup remover.

    And last year I worked a very hectic schedule at BK on weekends. I would work 8pm-4am, go home,take a little nap with my makeup still on, touch up slightly when I woke up and work 11am-11pm, with a small touch up in between, and repeat again the next day. It didn’t look as bad as you’d imagine, but my skin suffered for it.

  2. Daliah

    Yes! only because i’ve been too tired to wash it off. surprisingly it gives my eyes a smoky look afterwards which i like. other than that i feel gross.

  3. Heidi

    I have, but it usually results in a breakout. Also, I wore UD’s new liquid liner overnight once and it was literally perfect in the morning. It didn’t budge at all, and I’m a really violent sleeper. I was so amazed I almost forgot about the giant zit on my chin.

  4. Right before I started wearing makeup I started getting acne, so I have never ever slept with makeup on my face because I’m so afraid it would make my acne worse. I slept with eyeliner and mascara on once because I heard it would create a great smokey eye, but it just ended up looking gross.

  5. Yes I have and I suffered dire consequences!! A lot of times I’ve gotten styes on my eyes from sleeping in my makeup…I’m exhausted tonight but I’m fighting the urge to just go to bed without washing my face first, can’t be having painful styes for Christmas!!!

  6. I think I have once, but that was because I spent an entire night in a recording studio without access to make-up remover or even facial wash. ^^;

  7. La'Kesha J

    I have. I specifically remember a birthday night of partying when I slept in makeup, clothes and all. Of course I know better, but it was a FUN night!

  8. I try to be as good as I can, but I have to admit that once in a while, after a night out, I will omit to take it off. But I’ll do it as soon as I get up and be extra gentle to my skin if that ever happens!

  9. artemis

    yes, for new years eve

  10. I’m usually very consistent when it comes to removing makeup at night. But it does happen every once in a while when I’m just too exhausted and lazy, that I’ll go to sleep with foundation on. It’s not THAT big of a deal though.

  11. Yazmin

    Omg loads of times, ive done it quite recently too actually! The breakout on my face show that i have :(

  12. Yes I’m afraid I have. Consequences were: red eyes, small pimples on my face.

  13. Oh I did, I did…

    Last year for New Year’s Eve, I went to my big crush (now my boyfriend)’s place to celebrate. I was supposed to stay awake for the first train/bus home (because he was hosting friends already), but at some point everybody got really sleepy and his friends decided to drive back to Germany earlier (to do him a favor, you see). So I took a little nap at his place (I swear to God nothing happened though lol). Since I didn’t plan to do so, I had nothing to remove my makeup. I wore my smokey eye till I got to go home in the early afternoon. I think the worst part was my eyes getting drier with contact lenses, but otherwise it was fine.

    It’s just that once though. Ah the walk of shame :p

  14. Drunken nights are notorios of me forgetting I’m even wearing makeup

  15. Marina

    Yes, i have, and no, no consequences. I’m not saying it’s ok to do, but it’s not such a big deal.

  16. E

    When I was younger, I NEVER remembered to take off my makeup, but nothing bad ever happened. Nowadays, I sometimes forget, but I usually wash my face before I go to bed, so that takes care of it.

  17. Joanna Shen

    yeah during the rose parade~

  18. Monique

    No, never. I take a shower every night. I can get into my bed dirty. So no I never leave makeup my face.

  19. I did recently when I stayed up really late and had to go to work early the next morning. I thought it looked good when I woke up, but I had huuge under eye circles! My eyes always itch when I don’t get everything off.

  20. Maureen

    I do it, like, all the time. I’m in college, come on.

  21. rawan

    yes i did a couple of times only
    i always make sure i really exfoliate my skin afterwards and moisturise both my face and eye area well.
    but no i didn’t have anything happen to me, except a minor eye buffiness that disappears after moisturising

  22. Mar

    More often than not. Sometimes I forget I have makeup and I wake up with the last vestiges on my eyes.

  23. katherine

    When I was younger, back in my very early 20’s when I first started wearing makeup I would. I worked at night and got off in the early AM and would be too tired to take it off. The worst thing I could have done for my skin. I haven’t done that in decades though and I teach my daughters to never ever go to bed with makeup on.

  24. Becca

    yes. When I was in grade 6 and occasionally wore makeup but didn’t know you were supposed to wash it off, I did. But as soon as I found out that you’re supposed to wash it off, I don’t think I’ve ever missed a day!

  25. Yumi

    i always manage to remove it before i fall asleep, and if not i somehow wake up in the middle of night to do so. so…kind of…but not really?

  26. Tamara

    i never wear foundation or anything like that if i fall asleep in makeup the worst result is a bit of raccoon eyes from the non water proof great lash mascara im using right now

  27. Diana B

    I have but it is very unusual so I don’t suffer any consequences.

  28. Veronica

    I’ve never slept with the full deal on – foundation, heavy eye makeup, etc. – but I fall asleep all the time with lighter makeup on, like concealer or mascara.

  29. divinem (Melissa)

    If I had problems with acne, I would worry about it. Since I don’t, I can’t say I usually clean my face before bed. I don’t look my age and still have a porcelain complexion (which obviously is genetic), so it works for me.

  30. Joan

    I’m meticulous about my skin care

    • Joan

      Haven’t mastered this tech toy yet….any hoo, I have fallen ill and just couldn’t
      muster the strength to remove my makeup. It’s a very rare occurance but upsetting none the less.

  31. DJ

    Never. It’s disgusting & can really mess up your skin. I don’t care how tired I am, I NEVER EVER sleep in my make-up. Not even a short nap.

  32. Yes, once. When I had a hangover.

  33. No, never! I can’t even take a little nap with it on.

  34. karen

    Yes I have. It was on Halloween night and I wore these crazy thick black feather MUFE lashes. Unfortunately the lashes didn’t stay in shape obviously. I would love to re-use them.
    Also today, after I finished my makeup and got changed, I took a nap because I was tired haha.