Monday, May 7th, 2012

Temptalia Asks You

Have you ever searched to find out what makeup a celebrity was wearing? Did you end up buying the products they used? Or imitating the look? If so, what celebrity/makeup look?

Temptalia's AnswerI think there was a Lady Gaga video once that made me want to try and replicate the look, though I didn’t look up the products or anything like that!

Thanks to Kafka for today’s question!

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42 thoughts on “Have you ever searched to find out what makeup a celebrity was wearing?

  1. Yes! Bella Swan’s wedding look for ‘Breaking Dawn’. I think quite a bit of people went crazy for that one. Though I don’t know how she got it to look a bit glossy? Here’s the link I found;

  2. xamyx

    Although not celebrities in a “traditional” sense, I do take a few tips every now and then from RuPaul’s Drag Race. I don’t try to recreate any look in it’s entirety, but there have been a few particular contestants whose style & techniques I have been drawn to. These aren’t “everyday” looks, but on the rare occasion I go out, I like to go to extremes; however, some of the techniques can be modified for a more wearable look.

  3. Christy

    Yep I’m obsessed with the makeup from Once Upon A Time. I was able to recreate Ginnifer Goodwin’s (snow white) look. I found an article online by her makeup artist!

  4. Makaegan

    Yes, definitely. Rarely to try and replicate a complete look, but I’ve done some digging to find a particular shade or product that stood out to me. I look a lot at Nina Dobrev in particular because we have almost the exact same coloring (hair, eyes, skintone, etc) so when something looks good on her, I can be almost certain that it will work for me, as well. Plus she always (alwaaaays) looks amazing, so I pretty much love everything she does anyway.

  5. jesspug

    yep, i often go to as they have guides from the makeup artists :)

  6. Raindrop

    I saw a magazine cover once where Lady Gaga was wearing such a nice shade of gray/beige on her nails that it made me go out and buy nail polish again. You could say that the search for the perfect gray started my obsession with nail polish 😀

  7. siddsy

    Yes just one and Im still looking.  Any help here would be great.  In the credits for ‘True Blood’ there is a shot of lips and cigarette smoke.  the lip gloss is the most beautiful deep bluey red.  I thought the True Blood collection last year would be my answer but it was waaaay too o rangy.  Since then, every new collection everywhere I ask to check out the red lip glosses.  Nearest I got was a revlon one but its still not perfect.  Checked out the fansites…noone knows…..

  8. jeanniesmiles

    Yes, most recently I had to look up Rachel McAdams’ makeup from the film “Sherlock Holmes” when I saw a re-run on TV! 

  9. Mariella

    Nope. I may see a photo of a celeb wearing a look that I find appealing and think in terms of replicating that look with what I have but beyond that,  a celebrity look doesn’t mean any more to me than any nice makeup look (and I can see plenty of those on youtube demos, which I prefer).

  10. Miss J

    I’m not sure I’ve ever looked up the products a celebrity was using; I think I might have for something at some point. Although, I may see a photo of a celebrity, and if I liked some part of their makeup, and later hear they frequently wear a certain product then I might check out that product. For example, if I hear a certain celebrity frequently wears a certain blush, and I’ve always thought that celebrities face/cheek look looks nice then I will check out those products; it’s not so much that I like the celebrity or anything. I also love to create looks I see in music videos, especially the more fun, dramatic, and/or creative ones. I won’t look up products, but rather use the look as inspiration. I know I’ve recreated some looks from: Lady Gaga, Beyonce, Nicki Minaj, etc.

  11. Elle

    Jennifer Lopez, every look from 1999-2004!

  12. artemis

    not the exact products…they’d be expensive anyway…and they usually have different coloring so i just try to addapt things. i immitated rihanna’s look from who;s that chick(gold and copper with heavy eyeliner on the eyes, hot pink cheeks and lips) once when going to school (lol) and everybody loved it…said i looked like a doll. i rlly liked that look 😀

  13. GirlieReview

    Not necessarily a celebrity, but I remember looking up how the red glitter lips from Hedwig and the Angry Inch were done back in ye olden days.  Now there would be tons of choices for products.

  14. kim kardashian’s lipstick “angel” by MAC….didnt buy it…though I am alot lighter than her….it did not look good on me.

  15. Czarbina

    Many times I find myself lusting over the subtle smokey eye in many magazine spreads/covers/editorials. It’s not so much the products I want, it’s the skill I desire to execute the perfect eye!

  16. OlgaVorozheykina

    I remember looking up the shade that Christina Hendricks wore in some Mad Men episodes. Ended buying Chanel Rouge Coco #31, which is not the exact one but a dupe close enough.

  17. amaffett

    Of course, I’m still curious about the red lipsticks that Gwen Stefani wears! I heard she used to wear an Urban Decay color back in the 90’s, then something by MAC more recently. I’d love to look through her makeup collection!

  18. Jenna

    Always! It started with Gwyneth Paltrow’s makeup in Great Expectations (scene at the Club) and her m/u in A Perfect Murder!

  19. Beau Alisa

    I’ve always wanted to know what Megan fox wears but I never really found that info online.

  20. Lauren McCarthy

    Yes, Kim zolziacks

  21. Once when I saw a promo of the film Changeling and I admired the 1920’s look on Angelina Jolie.  Not my favourite actress by any stretch, but I loved her whole look in this film.

  22. Ana

    YES!  I have been trying FOREVER to find out what lipstick or gloss Beyonce wore in the “Countdown” video– @ minute 2:22– she has a sheer pink gloss.  She has a sheer pink gloss throughout the video, but at 2:22 (when she is snapping her fingers) she has the lightest cotton candy pink l/s or gloss that I AM OBSESSED OVER!  lol!  Please tell me if you know what it is!  lol! 😀  

  23. Nikki036

    Yes Lord! I have been looking for 3 years to find the Lipgloss Carrie on “King of Queens” was wearing. It was beautiful and so shiny! Never could find anything tho, anyone know.? lolol!!! Also the glosses on Julia Dreyfus and Wanda Sykes on “New Adventures of Old Christine”!

  24. Kafka

    I don’t replicate looks but I often Google to find what red or pink lipsticks someone is wearing. Last night, it was the red lipstick of the Irene Adler character in the new Sherlock episode (Illamasqua’s Encounter). And though I cannot stand her, Christina Aguilera has some very pretty lipstick or blush shades on The Voice. Far too overdone but her makeup fascinates me in its boldness, though it’s more like the fascination of a trainwreck sometimes.  I also pay very close attention to the makeup in Mad Men as it’s almost entirely my beloved NARS.  Christina Hendricks is my polar opposite in colouring but her blush looks so pretty, I looked it up: NARS Gueule de Nuit & Gilda, both of which are now on my list. I’m still trying to find which dark pink/red lipstick the Megan character wore last Sunday; it looks like a mix of Vesuvio and Funny Face. Lastly, Megan Fox wears the most perfect shade of crimson in the Armani ads and I really want it badly even though I’m sure one of my gazillion crimsons is a perfect dupe for it already. (On the Nordstrom website, it says she’s wearing #506 which is shown as a pink shade, even though the photo shows blood red lips. WTH???)

  25. Chynna

    I’m obsessed with highlighters and luminizers.  I love whatever they do for Tessa (Jane Levy) on Suburgatory – her skin is always glowing.

  26. Sarah Clements

    Yes, Gwen Stefani from her “Ex Girlfriend” Video!

  27. Tai O'Leary

    I want to raid Shirley Manson’s vanity! (And closet)

  28. Dominique Dinh

    @Beau She wears mostly Giorgio Armani! I thought she was gorgeous on the cover of Cosmo a few months back and I’m still eying the lipstick she wore then (Rouge d’Armani #100).

  29. madeange

    OOOH YES! Definitely would love to achieve that youthful glowy, flushed, looks-like-a-cake look that Kirsten Dunst sports in Marie Antoinette, the wedding scene or the dinner where she is dressed in pink with the pink diamond necklace *siiiiigh*

  30. artimis10

    I like Emily Dechanel’s eye makeup but I can never find what shade of shadow she wears

  31. Safyre

    I absolutely loved Rihanna’s makeup in Who’s That Chick (I believe it was the night version of the song) – and while I did replicate it, I didn’t look up exactly which products were used. Unless I’m really moved by the beauty of a product someone uses, I just feel that I can find something similar in what I already own

  32. Ana

    I looked for Kristen Stewart’s makeup (and the exactly shades and brands) for the “Twilight” movie

  33. Victoria84

    Kourtney Kardashian wears a beautiful orange/red color that I had to have.  After some digging, I found the YSL shade she wears.  

  34. Wendy Ervin

    The lipgloss Angelina Jolie was sporting at last year’s Academy Awards. BTW-it was Chancaitalle’s ‘Love’.

  35. Adriana Aranda

    I searched for the coral and pinks khloe kardashians been sporting lately but only found kourtney n Kim’s makeup

  36. Adriana Aranda

    I also looked for the coraly lipgloss Angelina wears in Gia

  37. Samnouska

    No – I’m not that sad ….

  38. I didn’t search; I found it on accident, haha. I found out that Gerard Way from My Chemical Romance used Ben Nye foundation to look super pale (Not a problem for me; I live in Seattle. =P) and Urban Decay Gash eyeshadow. I bought one, replicated his and Frank Iero’s (Also in My Chemical Romance) looks, and ended up using all of the eyeshadow. Now I can only find it on eBay since UD discontinued it. D: But I loved it to death!