Friday, April 19th, 2013

Temptalia Asks You

Have you ever purchased a product for the design on the powder? Were you afraid to use it? Did you use it?

Temptalia's AnswerYes, definitely! I distinctly remember being so entranced with Lancome’s Bamboo bronzer a few years ago that I wanted one just for the design. I’m no longer afraid to use a product with a design on it; I actually quite enjoy destroying it, if only because I am far more curious about what is actually an over-spray and what will remain and go all the way through.

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27 thoughts on “Have you ever purchased a product for the design on the powder?

  1. I have considered it (most recently for the Year of the Snake collection) but never gone through with it, because pretty powders are typically expensive…

  2. blueraccoon

    The last two highlighter powders I bought–Les Petales de Rose (Chantecaille) and Poudre Signee (Chanel) had gorgeous designs on them, and I’d like to say I bought them more so I could use them, but odds are it was the design that tipped me into buying them. I have NOT bought a powder due to its design, though–either last year or the year before Chanel came out with a powder that was printed like sequins, but I thought it looked like Cheerios 😛 I didn’t buy it, partially because it wasn’t a good match for me, but mostly because I thought it was ugly.

  3. xamyx

    Kind of… I recently picked up a NYX contour/highlighter that’s in a split pan. I’d been considering the one from MUFE in the brown/white combo, but I decided the split-pan was a more convenient option than separate pans for mixing both shades. The shades of both are quite similar, though, and the NYX is *alot* cheaper, LOL.

    The only other powders I can think of are a few from Revlon, but I really liked the colors, so the design was irrelevant. In fact, I actually *avoid* most products with fancy designs.

  4. Sarah

    The only time I can distinctly remember doing this was with the Mac To The Beach Collection. I purchased the Marine-LIfe Highlight powder after seeing the beautiful seahorse and overspray on it. The spray is long gone but it’s a product I rarely use.

  5. Safyre

    Yes and no. The powder in question? MAC’s Marine Life Highlight Powder. Yes, the effing seahorse and weeds were so absolutely precious that they tickled my mermaid soul ever so much… but I also really dug the colors in the powder (though I use it as blush) and wanted the product for those. Tragically it fell to the floor and crashed into a bazillion pieces… I was able to recover the powder and crushed it up but the beauty of the design is lost completely

  6. Rachel

    Definitely! I bought the lancome maison blush for the design!

  7. Vicky

    No, but I was searching everywhere for last year’s Lancome powder the one with Eiffel tower! If I had found that one, certainly I wouldn’t use it more that once. With one use the design would still be fine.
    Maybe I would decide to use it many years after admiring it.

  8. Mariella

    I love the design on Guerlain’s Cruel Gardenia illuminating powder but that wasn’t my reason for purchasing it. I bought it because of the praise it got from your review and because I thought it was a product I would use (and I do) – the pretty design was just an added “bonus”. If I really crave something that looks lovely, I’ll buy a piece of art or pottery.

  9. Christy M

    I have yet to touch my Marine Life powder from the MAC to the Beach Collection. I have tried to talk myself into using it, but every time I see that beautiful design I chicken out!

  10. Sabrina

    I brought the Clarins odyessey face pressed powder from their last christmas collection simply because of how beautiful i though the gold over spray design was, as well as the compact lid. It was gorgeous, an okay powder but mostly i just loved the look of it:)

  11. That is the one thing I’m good about lol. I haven’t succumbed to buying anything for the powder design. But I want to.

  12. Hazel

    Yes. Those Chantecaille eye shadow designs get me all the time. OK, maybe not the current shark one, which is very boring.

  13. alyson

    i bought marine life because i liked the overspray but i did use it and still do

  14. Melissa

    I did this with the new MAC baking beauties collection. The pearl matte powders were so freakin gorgeous I jumped at the chance to have them. I was afraid at first to use them but I did & really love how they look on the face. I also bought a Physicians Formula blush bc it had a stiletto heel on it & I mostly use it only bc it smells heavenly!!! I’m a sucker for packaging so buying a powder for the design is not an issue I’m unfamiliar with 😉

  15. I have to answer “no” to this one…never found anything that enchanted me that much. And I have to say this: Even if I did, I’d use it. Maybe not enough to completely obliterate the design (honestly, I have SO MUCH MAKEUP, nothing gets used “to the pan”), but it would definitely get used.

  16. Dominique

    Yes if the product is worth the price. I purchase Chanel Poudre Signée but I’ll pass on Baking Beauties powders. They look lovely in the pan but this is it.

  17. koolchicken

    I did this twice recently, both MAC. I bought Veronica’s Blush from the Archie’s Girls collection and Pink Buttercream from the Baking Beauties collection. I’m very pale (I think Lady Mary Crawley and I were twins separated at birth) so they make for very nice blushes. I’m actually going away tomorrow and I’ve packed Veronica’s Blush in my Unii Palette. I wanted something bold (yes it’s bold on me) and I love opening my palette and seeing all the pretty hearts.

  18. Nikki

    Never! I am all about the quality of the product over how it looks.

  19. Lark

    Possibly… It’s definitely been a big factor, but since surface designs go away it needs more than just that.

    I’d rather have the great design on the packaging, or both. Great design is for keeping around and enjoying!

  20. t_zwiggy

    I bought two mac marine life. One to use and one to look at. I also bought the blush from the summer collection the year after (with the gold design, can’t remember the name). I wish I had a second one, because after I bought it I realized I like the color, but I don’t want to ruin the design. I think the rest of the products I’ve purchased have been because of a combination of the design and actual product, though.

  21. mumtaza

    I purchased YSL’s Mauresque eye palette because of the beautiful Moroccan design for this reason and also the YSL powder for eyes and complexion that looks like a dark-skinned woman seen from the back, wearing a pink dress with a white bow on it. So beautiful, both of them. I just couldn’t help myself.

  22. mumtaza

    oh, and mac Sakura, honestly. It looked like a Sanrio blush.

  23. Stacey

    Guerlain Pucci 2012- bronzer and blush combines…nice blend when I applied it plus the container and pouch was the bonus.
    Archie Pearlmate Betty- love that peachy powder
    Mac Year of the Snake beauty powder- I was born in the year of the snake…I could deny myself that powder.

  24. VickyM

    I´m not rich enough to buy something just for the design and not use it. All my makeup is for use, I have been many times tempted by the pretty design but have never bought. Maybe someday…

  25. I have considered it, but it would drive me crazy to destroy the design–the same reason I don’t use candles that are shaped like animals. It would also be annoying to me to not use the product, so I don’t buy the expensive ones.