Thursday, February 2nd, 2012

Haus of Gloi Lavender Sugar Bubbling Scrub

Haus of Gloi Lavender Sugar Bubbling Scrub

Haus of Gloi Lavender Sugar Bubbling Scrub ($8.00 for 6 oz.) is described as “straight French lavender and a heapling spoonful of pure muscadovo sugar.” Haus of Gloi’s Bubbling Scrubs have a lightly foaming base with both fine and medium grain sugars, and then they add shea butter so you feel moisturized post-scrub, too.  I love that you can buy a sample size (2 oz.) for $3.50; sample sizes are probably the best part (my opinion, of course) about shopping with smaller companies.  I picked up the full-size myself, but if you like to hop around scents, unsure if you’d like one, and so on, smaller sizes are often available.

If there’s one scent that I really, truly love and tend to love and gravitate towards in body products, it’s lavender. I am the type of person who can’t relax; like I get stressed out just trying to relax. The only time I ever feel totally relaxed is about forty minutes into a massage–and that’s when I finally can let go of my five mile long to-do list and twice as long worry list. Lavender helps me get there, even if I so rarely achieve perfection in relaxation, the scent always reminds me to relax, to focus, and to breathe in long and deep and slowly.

Lavender Sugar is just right for someone who loves an herbal, earthy lavender with just a faint hint of sweetness. The sweetness of the overall scent kicks in a few hours later, making it less herbaceous. If you tend to prefer sweet, more vanilla-like scents with a hint of lavender, the lavender in this will be too potent. It’s definitely the note at the forefront. The scent isn’t very nuanced, but it’s beautiful in its purity. It does linger throughout the day–about six to eight hours for me–but it clings, so it’s not a scent that will waft, but you’ll be able to smell it on your skin.

I like scrubs that have a good grit that gets dead skin sloughed off but with a little lather so it glides and melts against the skin. A lot of sugar scrubs seem to use a larger grain, and while I wouldn’t describe my body’s skin as sensitive, it’s not always the most pleasant. This scrub has a nice mix of sugar granules that really do melt while you’re massaging the product against the skin, but it doesn’t melt instantaneously–about thirty to forty-five seconds of massaging and most of the granules have dissolved.

It has a milky lather that helps the scrub glide across the skin–I hate when a scrub is so thick that it sticks and doesn’t cover the entire area–and leaves skin with a light moisturizer. It’s not enough hydration to cure dragon scales from infrequent body moisturizer application, but if you regularly moisturize already, you could probably get away with skipping the moisturizer after using this scrub.  You’ll never feel dry, tight, or oily post-scrub, though!

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Haus of Gloi Lavender Sugar Bubbling Scrub

Haus of Gloi Lavender Sugar Bubbling Scrub

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19 thoughts on “Haus of Gloi Lavender Sugar Bubbling Scrub Review, Photos

  1. claire

    I loooooooove haus of gloi!! Peach mama and haus amber are my favorite scents :-)

  2. Wheee I love lavender too, and they ship internationally! By the time I finish my humongous tub of Philisophy the Gingerbread Man, I’ll give this a go! Thanks for sharing Christine!

  3. Malia

    Wow this sounds heavenly! I agree with you on lavender, I use the essential oil all the time and I even used to buy the whole line of Johnson’s “nightime” baby products cause they smelled so good!

  4. Great review. I have been wanting to try this company for awhile!

  5. lia

    I love Haus of Gloi! Litchi Milk Tea smells amazing :)

  6. AnGeLwInGz

    Thanks for reviewing this product. I’ve never heard of Haus of Gloi but seeing how affordable this is I may give it a try. I looove lavendar!

  7. Stephanie

    I’m so glad you reviewed this! HoG is the only place I buy bath and body products from now. Their pumpkin butter is the best hand and body moisturizer I’ve ever tried and all of their scents are original things you won’t find from other etailers/retailers. I love “Depravity”, “Imp” and if they ever re-release “Lassi” you must try it!

  8. Julia

    Haus of Gloi is great! Peach Mama is my favorite, although Lavender Sugar is also amazing!

  9. I really like HoG. Their Insalata Nocturna bubbling scrub is totally perfect for spring and summer where you want fresh but also not typical. They used to have a scent, Aduwa, which was DEEEEELICIOUS, but they had to drop it due to production issues, and I was very very sad. I still haven’t tried their honeysuckle & lemon curd scent yet– that’s definitely going in my next order.

    The only product I have not liked is the bar soaps. They dry my skin like whoa (as do Lush’s).For bar soaps, I prefer Villainess or Paintbox Soapworks. Gloi’s whipped soap is a great texture, though– like putting whipped cream on your body!

  10. barbara

    yay, i’m so glad you reviewed this company i have been holding off ordering them for god knows how long but now i’m gonna order sample sizes

  11. Mindy

    I just luuurve HoG. Wonderful review! Luv Honeysuckle Lemon Curd, Depravity, LE Beguiled, and Moon Dog! Products are very moisturizing, the scrubs are top notch with exfoliating sugars that dissolve and leave your skin silky soft. Plus side is that the tub doesn’t get dangerously slippery from the oils.

  12. Hannah

    I love HoG! I just put in a order yesterday so I could restock on favorites and to try out the new Valentine’s scents. The new scents look amazing so I can’t wait to get my order :)

    High quality stuff

  13. Alison

    Its SO nice to see some cult-favourite body products being reviewed here on Temptalia! I think this was the one element I noticed was missing, since I know Temptalia mostly for her Philosophy reviews in the body-and-bath Department – I wanted to see Mad City Soaps, Haus of Gloi, Moonalisa, Villainess, etc, and it feels like I’m getting my wish.

  14. Beck

    I love Haus of Gloi too! I can’t remember how I found them but so happy I did because I love scrubs and they have sone of best I have tried online.
    And I have tried a bundle. There are two other bath and body companies online that I like too Luna Bleu and Cocoa Pink. Haus of Gloi is doing a great job, I will be back for repeat business with them.

  15. Amy B

    I’ve been a huge fan of Haus of Gloi forever now. I first discovered them on Etsy and have continued to follow them to their own on-line store. I’ve purchased every kind of product they sell (soap, lotion, lip balm, scrubs, whipped soap, etc) and almost every scent and they are all amazing. Britton gives great product descriptions so you know exactly what you are getting. Her and Matt are like the A-team of B&B products. I probably could be considered a Haus of Gloi hoarder.

    This was an excellent and very accurate product review. I highly recommend checking out their store! They even have special holiday and limited edition lines. Their Valentine’s Day one is out right now. Simply amazing!!!

  16. cait

    Sounds nice. I prefer orange blossom scents but this should be perfect as a mothers day gift for my mom! Thanks for the review <3

  17. Yay! So happy to see Haus of Gloi here :)

  18. Susan

    I’d love to see how the Haus of Gloi scrubs compare to the LaLicious ones. ( I have the Passionfruit Lime one, and it smells absolutely delish, and leaves my skin feeling so nice and smooth.