Monday, April 8th, 2013

Temptalia Asks You

Has a significant other ever applied your makeup? Share the experience!

Temptalia's AnswerNope — I’ve asked Shaun, but he’s flat-out refused to. Even just for fun! Stick in the mud.

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41 thoughts on “Has a significant other ever applied your makeup?

  1. What significant other? Lol!

  2. xamyx

    No, but then the opportunity has never presented itself. However, I’ve had several choose what I wear.

  3. Michan Muggleborn

    I’ve never had a significant other, haha.
    My friend Jessica has, though.

  4. My husband tried, but he always end up feeling too self-conscious about his skills that he never got around to do it. >:

  5. Not for me, but my best friend broke both her wrists playing tennis! some years ago and her husband got to be very proficient in applying her mascara and lipstick. I dont think he has done it recently though!

  6. No, but he wants to! I did his makeup once, as a practice for my makeup artist course. Now he wants to try to do the same on me..

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  8. I have never thought of getting my husband to do it.. lol. I think it will be a disaster.

  9. Megan

    Your answer made me laugh! :)

    I’ve never had a partner do my makeup, but I did (stupidly) allow a male friend to do it once. I ended up with green on one eye and pink on the other! And black blusher, a random streak of brown down my nose and a highlighter overload. Never again.

  10. Yasmin

    No i dont trust him lol

  11. Oh, I think he would do it if I asked, but the song ‘Everday is Halloween’ comes to mind…

    The reverse, believe me I’ve tried just for s’s and g’s, and nocandooo !

  12. KEG

    not a chance-it would be disastrous !!

  13. Have you ever wondered how you could help those who are less fortunate than you?

  14. Haha no. But I have enjoyed watching some of the My Boyfriend Does My Makeup videos on YouTube.

  15. Brownie

    :) No, I also never asked. I’m not sure if he even knows the difference between mascara and lipgloss.

  16. Alice

    No, but I’ve applied makeup to my significant other. It was the 90s and we only could afford the cheap stuff, which left him saying “Woah. This how girls tasted in high school.”

  17. Barbara

    Yes. Once years ago when I bought the coastal scents 88 palettes, my boyfriend at the time tried to smear as many of the colors as possible on to my face at once. More recently my current boyfriend tried to do my makeup after we watched Jenna marble’s boyfriend does my make up tag video. He now appreciates that its harder then it looks hahaha

  18. Amber

    No, but I would love to do my ex’s makeup! He is trans and since we both love makeup I think it would be fun!

  19. Laurel

    Yes! My boyfriend loves watching the boyfriend does my makeup tag so we agreed it’d be fun since we weren’t going anywhere. I didn’t let him watch any videos first and it turned out exactly as I thought it would. He has yet to let me return the favor

  20. Priscilla

    No, but I have let them decide what makeup I was going to wear when I was undecided on it. One called my red lipstick “hooker lipstick” (ruby woo), and I bought a more raspberry red color that he could tolerate. We broke up, but I’m still not as comfortable wearing red as I was.

    • artemis

      forget about what he said, he is wrong and not all guys think that. some LOVE true red, some don’t care, some don’t like it in general, some only like some colors. i hope you find one that likes all colors that you like on you too 😀 my bf likes all colors in lipstick except sparkly pink or blingy gold lipsticks or dark brown-plum ones(poo colors). he loves nude, peach, pink and red and everything else.

  21. Jennifer

    No way! Mine’s color-blind so it’s probably not a good idea.

  22. Sabriel

    No, but I’m sure he would if I asked. What a fun idea! I’d love to know what he would pick.

  23. Christine, have you every seen any of the “boyfriend does my makeup” vids on Youtube? Some of them have genuinely horrifying results! lol

  24. AnnMarie

    Yes and I ended up getting poked in the eye with the eye pencil. And I looked like a cheap hooker.

    also, let me 8year old daughter put make up on me, didn’t look that bad :)

  25. Nikki

    The closest my hubby has ever come to helping me with makeup is picking out a lip color that coordinates with my outfit and the rest of my makeup for that day or night. I wouldn’t even dare to ask him to apply it because he hates make up (with the exception of pigmented gloss which he thinks is sexy 😉 ), barely knows the names of basic products (he once asked me what foundation was when I was shopping for some in Sephora lol), and he wouldn’t know where to place what product on my face. Plus, I tend to buy HE products regularly now, so I wouldn’t want him wasting my “good” stuff anyway! lol

  26. Raquel

    no, he also refuses!! but since i’m taking a make up course, he volunteered to be my model for practicing!!

  27. Celine

    hahah, yes just for fun when we were bored. He actually didn’t do as bad as I thought, just was too heavy handed on the blush part lol

  28. Aida

    Even though he’d probably go along with it after a while, if I asked sweetly enough, just to make me happy :), why would I do that to him? I see no point in it at all… He already knows more about makeup than he probably cares to, because I talk about it a lot. No one among family or friends shares my passion for makeup, so my darling and understanding husband gets the short stick on hearing about it all the time :). I do ask on occasion what he’d prefer me to wear.

  29. Miriam

    If I asked him, he’d probably do it but with all the money I’ve invested in mine, I think my anxiety level would go up if I let him try it on me. Think I’ve been scarred from all the youtube videos where you see someone’s boyfriend/husband blowing on the brushes and then applying it to the face only to re-dip into the foundation or powder again. Not that I’m saying my husband would do that, but I’m not willing to take a chance. Although, I did let him paint my nails once, he did a pretty good job on those :).

  30. artemis

    no, because he lives far away, but he would 😀 and I would too 😀

  31. Becky

    Yes! We actually posted a video of it on YouTube. It was hilarious, he was such a good sport about it and we were cracking up the entire time. I also wasn’t looking in a mirror the entire time so I had no idea what I looked like. My favorite part was when he was trying to do my blush, and he had no idea how much to use so he must have been too heavy handed, because the second he put the brush on my cheek he went “oooooooh…..”

  32. Abbi Wallace Pemberton

    LOL, no, he would gladly, but I’m afraid the results would be…well hilarious as his dexterity is poor. However I do his eyeliner and mascara for him because he likes to wear it and he gets great compliments on his eyes when he does so maybe I should let him fend for himself 😉

  33. Sarah

    My boyfriend won’t do my makeup, but one time I asked him to paint my nails and he did. It was adorable. (Of course, I had to fix it up later, when he wasn’t looking!)

  34. Johanna

    Nope but I try to apply makeup on my boyfriend all the time for fun but he always screams NOOO

  35. Jeanie

    I let my husband do it once, and it turned out wonderfully Frank-N-Furteresque haha!

  36. S

    I have put makeup on my partner… Then again, we’re both lipstick lesbians who love makeup! Everything works out for us!

  37. Haha, I let my boyfriend did it to me but the result didn’t make me satisfied. :p