Friday, August 14th, 2009

According to WWD, we can expect to see Hard Candy make a full return… but at Wal-Mart. Hard Candy is expected to be rolled out into 3,000 Wal-Marts by the end of the year.  The pricing strategy aims to products priced at an average of $7.

The new line consists of 261 items ranging from shimmer lip glosses (Plexi Gloss, Lip Tattoo), baked eye shadow duos (Kal-eye-descope), glitter liquid eyeliner (Walk the Line), volume mascara (Ginormous Lash) and eyeliner pencils that double as hair sticks (Take Me Out Eyeliner). Prices average $7. Several iconic Hard Candy items will return, such as the Fortune Telling Lipgloss and the Eye Candy sliding compact with glitter eye shadow and coordinating glitter eyeliner, according to Lauren Kahn, Hard Candy’s senior brand manager, adding that the brand has exited its current retail partners and that is clearing out its existing Hard Candy inventory. — WWD

Do you think this is a good or bad move? What’s your take?

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59 thoughts on “Hard Candy Returns… at Wal-Mart!

  1. I think it is awesome! It makes a previosly premium brand more accessable and affordable. In this economy, that is always a good thing.

  2. Bella

    I think it’s awful. I don’t shop at Wal-mart and refuse to give them my money, so, I guess I can write Hard Candy off. I think it’s sad that a brand I grew up loving has to resort to discount mass retailers to stay afloat. Thumbs down.

  3. Crystal

    Well, I hope it doesn’t effect the quality of their product. I wish they could have at least choose Target or something!

  4. MC

    I think it’s good they’re stepping down. Hard Candy couldn’t really compete in Sephora and such with other names like Smashbox, Urban Decay, and Nars floating around. I only wish they were coming out to a wider variety of places– share the wealth!! Nonetheless, I’ll be excited to test out the new line…

    • stefawnduh

      Urban Decay and Hard Candy are the same family.

    • Susie

      I agree that Hard Candy just couldn’t compete at Sephora. Nars and stuff are just so much more “in” right now, and Hard Candy made the right move by moving to a mass market environment. I, too, am worried about the quality. I hope they don’t change the formulations.

  5. I also wish they’d gone to Target. I hate going into a Walmart. Besides their business practices, their stores are always crowded and people are so RUDE there, customers and employees alike.
    If they’ll be available to buy on their website again as well as in Walmart, that would be great. I’d be interested in trying their new line.

    • Darlene

      I have the same problem with Walmart. It must be a requirement that you must be rude to work there. And if you work in the deli dept you can be Lazy as well as rude!!

      • Michele

        I kind of find these comments about Walmart sad. I used to work for Walmart years ago while in college and I was never rude to anyone. I always went above and beyond to help out the customers. And I didn’t see this boat load of rude hateful people you are talking about. You must live in a crappy area to run into this bad of an environment.

        • Rosie

          I agree. Being in Orange County my Walmarts are crowded but people aren’t rude. It’s just a little more chaotic. And frankly Walmart is making a conscious effort to improve itself. I actually like their greeter job because they employee people that otherwise wouldn’t really have a job. Like special needs people or the elderly. And they’re going green pretty well. I think I’m getting down with Walmart.

        • brenda

          i agree, walmart isnt so bad, i cross the border almost weekly to go shopping there, i have never had a bad experience, i actually like walmart, they have good deals!

    • Caitlin

      I find all of the negative statements about Walmart sad, too. I can understand not liking how the executives run the company, but I think it’s unfair to generalize and say that all Walmart employees are rude- as well as the customers! I’m sure that most of us either frequently shop at Walmart or have shopped there at some point in our lives. I know I certainly don’t go into a mad frenzy as soon as I walk into their doors. As for the employees, I was shopping for an aluminum water bottle the other day and one of the employees came up to me an told me that they had the same bottles (in different colors) on clearance in another part of the store. He then walked me over there to show me where they were. I don’t consider that rude or lazy. Ok, sorry about that. Rant over.

      I’m really excited to try their Tinted moisturizer in ‘Fair’ when I finish my current foundation. I’d have to directly compare, but the color seems similar to the MAC Studio Sculpt foundation in NC15. Being so fair (and not pink toned), it’s practically impossible to find a drugstore foundation that works. When the Studio Sculpt is gone, I’d way rather pay around $8 for foundation vs. almost $30.

    • stepH

      you can find hard candy makeup line at . so you can get them without even getting out of your home : )

  6. Christy

    This is exciting! Hard Candy had so much fun stuff years ago, but I found it a bit expensive for the quality. (Maybe it was just because I only had a small allowance since I was about 15 when it was available. ) However, Walmart will definitely allow them to target a broader base.

  7. Teala

    I hope the quality is the same, but something tells me it won’t be. I also wish they would have cut a deal with Target rather than Wal Mart, but what’s done is done. I will check it out when it comes out.

  8. SarahT

    I’m hoping they will be coming to Canadian Wal-marts too… we don’t have Target here so I guess I’m glad they went with Wal-mart.

  9. Catherine

    Honestly, this excites me. I’m on an extremely tight budget these days, so it will be nice to be able to buy some decent, affordable makeup. I only hope the quality doesn’t suffer.

  10. Jo-Anne

    as long as it doesn’t affect the quality, i’ll probably buy some

  11. liz

    bad move. i’ve banned shopping at walmart because I am against their terrible treatment of employees, terrible quality of items, lack of knowledgeable staff, and corporate rip offs.

    I was going to go to the website and catch the tail end of the clearance sale; but its gone now.

    bye bye hard candy for me.

    • Jessica

      I guess you are going to have to ban alot more stores. Retail jobs are all the same. They all treat their staff sucky unless they are management.

      • That’s simply not true. Wal mart has so many strikes against them.
        I do not shop there and haven’t for years.

        As for Hard Candy.. sigh. I hope they aren’t using the same formula as their original line. If so, then I over paid greatly for products that now have WalMart price points. ugh

      • Not really. I’ve worked for both a national and an international retail chain (one a major beauty company) and I’ve done it as both a staff member and a manager. Both treat their staff extremely well as a standard (though a sucky store or district manager can make all the difference). Retail is not the easiest job and certainly not the most well paid, but not all companies are created equal. Wal-Mart is by far one of the worst.

  12. Phoenix

    soooooooo happy!

  13. Alannah

    I really don’t like supporting Walmart either, so I’m not sure how i feel about this. I will probably check it out, but I don’t know if I’ll be able to give Walmart any of my money!

    I do wish Hard Candy would bring their nail polishes back though!

  14. lisa

    I think this is great to be able to get a decent quality for an affordable price!

  15. Jessica

    i think its probably a smart move for tough times (though im no fan of wal mart), but im disappointed they didnt say anything in the press release about bringing back some form of their nail polish line. we all know how we felt that day our world changed as we encountered their sky blue polish for the first time!!

  16. Jasmine

    I’m not a fan of Walmart. Target would have been much better!

  17. Jessica

    Target is honestly no better than Walmart. It doesn’t matter which store they went to, without the more expensive price tag the product isn’t going to be the same quality. I thought hard candy was played out years ago.

  18. I was never a fan of Hard Candy. I don’t think the quality was up to par with the rest of what Sephora sold to be honest. I don’t see the quality depleting as the brand wasn’t of much quality to begin with. Hard Candy belongs at places like Walmart and priced as such. I am looking forward to those lipsticks though! They looks similar enough to the UD lipsticks but more than half the price. I’m definitely going to check those out!

  19. NuNu

    I rem Hard Candy nail polishes back in the UK. I was probably 13/14 at the time and was completely mesmerised by their gorgeous candy like colours and the cute little plastic ring that came with each bottle. They used to be 6 pounds a pop!I’m new to North America and I’ve only been to Wal-mart once (bought nothing), so I don’t know anything about their supposed maltreatment of employees or any other dirty business, I only get this feeling that their stuff is cheap and flimsy?

  20. I think that this is probably a very good move for Hard Candy. Their target market has always been about 14, and a lot more 14 year olds run into Wal-Mart as opposed to Sephora. I agree that the quality of Hard Candy has never been that fabulous (I’m not sure that they should have stayed a prestige brand, without reformulating, for so long), so I’m not really expecting it to take a dive now. I personally don’t care for Wal-Mart at all, but I will probably pop in at least once to get a look at the new launch.

  21. I’m excited to see them return, but I worry the quality will go downhill.

    Will their nail polishes be coming back too? Those were my favorite.

  22. I’m sort of excited. I hate the fact that they’ve dealt with Wal-Mart because aside from their awful ethical practices, shopping there is just plain depressing. The shelves are messy, the staff rude and bored and the ambiance generally displeasing. It would be a better fit at Target or Khol’s.

    On the other hand, we don’t have those stores in Canada, so I’m glad I’ll at least have the chance to see this brand in person (assuming the Canadian Wal-Marts carry it).

    I like that it’s a cute, funky, non-animal tested brand that will be available broadly, and as an option to the usual Maybelline shlock.

    • Scarlett

      I totally agree with you on Kohl’s…I can picture Hard Candy at Kohls more than I can at Wal-Mart. Sears is apparently taking another stab at a beauty department as well…I could see Hard Candy as being a good edition there.

  23. Rebecca

    There are more Walmart’s nationwide. It’s about business, and their product will be more widely available to the customer. Which helps the brand make more money, and beauty brands are in it for a profit like any other company. Their target buyer has always been from the teens- mid 20’s.

  24. This news made my day……YAY!!!!!!!!

  25. make-up guru

    This is actually not going to be the same quality as it is not being made at the same manufacturer. The only thing that is the same will be the name. It is being made by the same people that make Mary Kate and Asley (Olsen) Cosmetics

    • To the make up gu ru

      The information you are giving is privledged information. If you still work for NU-World or have left you signed an agreement not to disclose this information. I would be careful if I were you.

  26. ashley

    i’m glad that hard candy is coming back, but i don’t think there is a walmart near me and i would much rather it be at target! i think target is a little nicer, and it is closer to where i live.

  27. I hate Walmart for all the reasons listed above and dont shop there unless I must, which is rare. But I will probably go check out the Hard Candy line because I think its a great idea! Target wouldnt have been a good idea because alot of their makeup ends up about the same price as something like mac or clinique, from what I have seen. Maybe they could have made it just a nationwide brand so that even drugstores could have them. O and they will still sell nail polish, the bottle is different but still has the ring on it!

    • I like that Hard Candy is back, and I’m very intrigued by the move to mass. I’m mostly curious to see just what they sacrifice and how they repackage the line to make it more affordable. I haven’t had much experience with the brand in the past myself (I think I owned two palettes once upon a time), but yes, count me amongst the curious for their launch at Walmart!

  28. Rosie

    Does anyone know when they’re going to start carrying Hard Candy?

  29. Ashley Wilson

    To those of you wondering about the quality changing: I actually just came from Wal-Mart, I was excited and surprised to see Hard Candy cosmetics there. I got some mascara and two bottles of nail polish. It seems no different than it was before. So I’m happy it’s much cheaper now!

  30. I saw the line at Walmart today and ended up bringing home the glitter eyeliner, mascara, lipstick and cream eyeshadow.

    Compared to the old HC, the new packaging is still cute but there is definitely a difference (the new ones are made out of plastic). I update as soon as I test them out.

    • Erica

      Phyllis!!! I’m really curious if you’ve tried your stuff yet?? I’d like to know how you think it compares to the Original stuff (that was carried by department stores… Thanks,

  31. Annie

    Walmart employees, to me, are MUCH nicer than elsewhere. The worst they’ll treat you is MAYBE by ignoring you, but not by having a catty attitude or a rude tone in their voice(but that’s just the ones where I live.).
    I’ve never bought Hard Candy, only Urban Decay & MAC & what not, but I’d say if you want cheap, convenient make-up, Hard candy is the best you can get. Wayyy more color choices than other brands, and VERY good quality. I’d guess that it’s not as great as it was before, but it’s still very good. I think the full price range is $6-$11. The liquid glitter eyeliner & eyeshadow are superb.

    (& please, don’t act so high & mighty about how you don’t and never will shop at walmart. One day you could loose your job & be forced to shop there. I don’t see how they treat their workers horribly; I talked to some last night, they had big smiles on & were laughing, you don’t do that when you hate your job. 2) if we don’t buy things from China, those people WILL be out of jobs. So instead of getting 18 cents an hour, they get none. Which is better?)

  32. Veronica

    First off, I worked in middle management at the Walmart Home Office in Bentonville, AR for five years up until I had to move across the state this year. (My husband is military.) While Walmart’s benefits are not amazing by any means, they truly do make an effort to take care of their associates (they do not refer to them as employees) and to create and fair and pleasant enviroment for them to work in. The Walmart stores in Arkansas usually have smiling, happy associates and very little tolerance for mistreatment of customers or other co-workers. Perhaps this is due to the close proximity to the Home Office, but nonetheless it is fact. Walmart is making a conscious effort to be more “green”, and I couldn’t even begin to explain how much emphasis we placed on sustainability, respect for the individual, and customer service when I worked there.

    Anyway… I have tried the Hard Candy lipsticks, eyeshadow, liquid liner, eye glitter gel, and Plexi-Gloss. The lipsticks are smooth, and while they’re not incredibly opaque, they are very comfortable on…and the brightest pink is still very wearable ($6). The eyeshadow didn’t WOW me, but it is a good quality at such a low price. (I paid $6.) The liquid liner is amazing…it’s not flaky, it’s rich in color, and the staying power is awesome! My new favorite! (Again, $6.) The eye glitter gel is okay, but nothing I can’t make myself for way cheaper than the $6 I paid. Finally, the Plexi-Gloss is very shiny and sparkly, but a little on the sticky side…all-in-all, it is worth the $6.

  33. dolface7

    I have bought 3 eye shadows, 3 of the plumping lipglosses, primer, and two of the baked blushes. I have to say the primer is the best ever, hands down 5*****! It is way better than $80 ones. The plumper is good, doesn’t plump at all, but gives lips a cool feeling, isn’t sticky, and the are huge in size 5*****. I really like them. The blushes work well and are great sizes for the price 5*****. They show up with very little on the brush. The eye shadows are ahh bland. You have to cake it on to get any colour. I am very pale skin and had to foil the heck out of them after caking didn’t help. Overall the hard candy is just as good as before and way cheaper. The glosses, eye shadows, and lipsticks are $6. The blushes are $7-8 I think and the primer is $8. The tinted lip moisturizers are $5 I think. They have a lot of fun colours, but the lip coulours are pretty mild in colour once applied.

  34. Jenn

    This is NOT the same Hard Candy that used to be sold in Nordstrom, etc. They’re capitalizing off of the name – that’s what they bought. The fabulous, highly-pigmented eye shadows, etc. – all gone. Replaced with crapola junk.

  35. Ani_BEE

    Hard Candy is now in Canada (the sold out displays vex me O_o). the only thing they are not selling is the nail varnish.

  36. cheyenne

    Who cares where its from? its still the same product, same brand, same quality, its just cheeper everything goes down in price eventually. its not a big deal i think its great.

    • I don’t meant to be a know it all, I just thought I’d share with my fellow makeup lovers… that Hard Candy isn’t the same at all. I called the company, and they confirmed it have been completely reformulated… Never the less, I think it has some good quality products. Have a great day!

  37. leah

    uhm i own all of the hardcandy-line beacuse..
    i love all of hardcandy there pdcts are perfect being sold in such a cheep stor(walmart)
    is amazing and vary convenint (RavePrincessKizz) is my youtube i did a rave on alll the hard candy line check me out!!