Tuesday, November 16th, 2010

Guerlain Velours d'Or Eyeshadow Palette
Guerlain Velours d’Or Eyeshadow Palette

Guerlain Les Ors: Velours d’Or

Guerlain Velours d’Or (410) Eyeshadow Palette ($59.00 for 0.21 oz.) is a smoky palette from Guerlain’s Holiday Collection.  I picked this up when Nordstrom was having some super point thing going on (I think it was triple points…), but I’m not sure I’m sold on it!

It contains four shades: a soft coppered gold with subtle gold sparkle; medium-dark violet plu m with blue-violet micro-shimmer; charcoal-mauve with a muted violet shimmer and slight sheen; and dark black with a matte finish. Upon first glance, the charcoal-mauve looked absolutely stunning–it almost gave off a duochrome sheen! It seemed like a mix of violet, plum, gray with green and violet shimmer/sheen. It’s less interesting when swatched, as it appears a bit flat in comparison.

The golden shade has Guerlain’s signature bee embossed, while the other three shades have a raised honeycomb pattern. The patterning will disappear after a few uses, though it doesn’t just disappear at first touch. I do, however, like that these patterns utilize each shade’s colors, rather than an overlay of another color, which ultimately affects the end color result but only as long as the overlay exists.

I found the golden shade to have a frostier finish and having some kick-up, whereas the remaining three colors were very smooth and were easy to apply.  Each shade had nice pigmentation–not sheer at all–and they built up easily, as Guerlain’s eyeshadows often do.

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  • Product: 27/30
  • Value: 8/10
  • Ease of Use: 4/5
  • Packaging: 4/5

RECOMMENDATION: It’s nice, but I don’t think it’s a must-have.  If these kinds of colors call to you, it’s worth checking out, but I do think there are enough dupes available that if you’re not sold on all four shades, you may want to look elsewhere.

AVAILABILITY:Nordstrom, Sephora

See more photos & swatches!

Guerlain Velours d'Or Eyeshadow Palette
Guerlain Velours d’Or Eyeshadow Palette

Guerlain Velours d'Or Eyeshadow Palette
Guerlain Velours d’Or Eyeshadow Palette

Guerlain Velours d'Or Eyeshadow Palette
Guerlain Velours d’Or Eyeshadow Palette

Guerlain Velours d'Or Eyeshadow Palette
Guerlain Velours d’Or Eyeshadow Palette

Guerlain Velours d'Or Eyeshadow Palette
Guerlain Velours d’Or Eyeshadow Palette

Guerlain Velours d'Or Eyeshadow Palette
Guerlain Velours d’Or Eyeshadow Palette

Guerlain Velours d'Or Eyeshadow Palette
Guerlain Velours d’Or Eyeshadow Palette

Product & Review FAQ

Where can I purchase Velours d'Or? How much is it?

Nordstrom and Sephora, $59.

Is it limited edition?


Any dupes?

For the gold shade, try MAC Goldmine or NARS Alahambra. For the purple shade, try MAC Nocturnelle. For the charcoal-mauve shade, NARS Charade comes the closest, but it's not quite as dark; Dream Lover is close but too dark. For the dark black shade, try MAC Carbon or NARS Night Breed.

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34 thoughts on “Guerlain Velours d’Or (410) Eyeshadow Palette Review, Photos, Swatches

  1. Vanessa

    I really love this so much but 60.00 is hard for me to dish out :(

  2. I love the eyeshadow thats a mix between purple and grey! Like Chanel Paradoxal in an eyeshadow!

  3. Katinka

    The charcoal-mauve e/s instantly reminded me of Chanel’s Paradoxal nail lacquer.

  4. Anne

    I don’t understand why they would include those eyeshadow applicators in there. If someone is willing to spend 60 bucks on a palette like this, in most likelihood they have their own eyeshadow brushes. Same goes for some of the blushes out there come with teeny-tiny “brushes”…what’s the point??

  5. Dini

    I loved the colors and the detailing, but not the textures. Maybe they wear better than they swatch? For the Canadian price, I couldn’t justify shelling out that much for a product that wasn’t love at first swatch. Thanks for the dupes list, Christine!!!

  6. CeeBee

    Ooooh, that is pretty – I can just imagine this would make the most kick-ass smoky purple eye!

  7. I really like it but it is far too expensive. Maybe for christmas. I love the colors, the charcoal-mauve is lovely :)

  8. Lulee

    is it weird that i actually think 60 bucks is reasonable for this???? not that i would ever spend that much but it just doesnt seem as much as i would expect from guerlain.

  9. Andrea

    I’ve been waiting for your review of this!!! Saw it last weekend at The Bay but wasn’t sold enough to buy it.

  10. Anna

    Hi Christine, thanks for this post, I’ve been waiting for you to review these eyeshadows. Are you planning to do a look with this palette?

  11. flyavsted

    I have tried to let this one pass as I have purchased tons of make up lately (I loooove Guerlain), but now I am sold. Shame on you Temtalia 😉 !!

  12. Ashley D.

    I LOVE the colours!

  13. Sarah A.

    These colors are gorgeous! I wish it wasn’t so expensive, and that it didn’t have that matte black… How many matte blacks do I have in palettes already? Way too many. I am loving the purples, though.

  14. xiao

    I consider myself lucky (i wonder about this…) that I don’t own a matte black so that kinda justified my purchase. I personally LOVE this palette. The gold is a light wash but really beautiful on the lids, and all of them go incredible well together. I’d say that the colors look better on the eyelids than swatched on the hand :)

  15. lia

    ooo, these are all colors that I would use pretty often. And I’m a sucker for Guerlain’s packaging… anyone know whether these run cool/warm? And whether they’d show up on a darker skin tone (I’m NC45)? Looks like they’re pigmented enough, but sometimes it’s hard to tell.

  16. I love that plum/blue shimmer color – it would look amazing with UD Rockstar eyeliner!! The rest of the colors don’t really do it for me…but my god, that plum is amazing- I might have to break my no-MAC rule and try the Nocturnelle!!

  17. Krista

    I really like this quad but I have something similar to each shade in other brands. I was wondering how similar the charcoal-mauve shade is to MAC’s Shale?

  18. Ada

    mm the gold shade looks really pretty but I never really liked guerlain eyeshadows in terms of quality…love their packaging and shadow designs though!.

  19. Love this. Really beautiful. But yeah…. kind of a heavy price tag! :)

  20. Kelly C.

    I think this quad has supplanted my desire for Chanel Enigma- trading one out-of-reach palette for another, haha. Then again, if I bought all the MAC equivalents of these shadows as pro refills and the palette to put them in, that’s $49 right now. Spend an extra $10 for Guerlain luxeness?

    • If you want every color in the Guerlain palette, I’d say go with the palette — just because the dupes aren’t 100% across the board, you know? They’re close but not necessarily exactly the same.

  21. I absolutely love the purples! I can’t justify it for just half of the shades though :( I’m not sure it’s a dupe for either Nocturnelle or Charade as I have both of those and to me these are much different, or maybe I just see purples and want, want, want, lol. Charade goes pretty mud-like on my eyes, turning very brown, which could be my colouring (NW15) but it kinda disappointed me.

  22. Viktorija

    Absolutely disagree, I have many-many eyeshadows, especially Dior, Guerlain, Givenchy, YSL, MAC, of course B.В., but these eyeshadows (even dark and purple) are the most beautiful through all holiday collections of these year. Guerlain holiday collection of 2010 is the best holiday collection 2010!

  23. I admire some of Guerlain’s products but only from afar as it’s not in my budget. This is really pretty though- and tempting! If one of the shades wasn’t a matte black I think I’d go for it. Unfortunately, only two of the shades would be unique among my collection and $60 for two shades won’t do it for me.

  24. Suzanne

    Jean-Claude Biguine, a French brand has a special-edition of Marylin Monroe style make up which has the exact same quad, but which looks like the inside of a Mac palette.

  25. Eileen

    This would be stunning except that I don’t like all these intricate patterns embossed into eyeshadows that’s become the trend ….

  26. i definately had been lemming over this and going back considering on getting this, but after seeing the swatches im glad to say that ill save my money for something better, although the gold packaging is beautiful!

  27. I have been wanting this ever since it came out. Thanks for the swatch