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Guerlain Universal Eyebrow Kit
Guerlain Universal Eyebrow Kit

Guerlain Eyebrow Kit ($52.00 for 0.14 oz.) consists of three shades designed to allow you to mix and match for the perfect brow color. There is a fourth shade, which is described as a “pearly pink beige” to be used as a brow bone highlighter. The compact includes a mirror and a double-ended brush; one side has a thin, angled brush, and the other is a spoolie (to comb brows into place, blend/soften color once applied). It’s a good addition to Guerlain’s range, as I don’t think they (at least not presently) have any other brow products. The compact itself is weighty, glossy black, and slim for something that has four shades.  This kit will be best for someone who finds their brows change color over time, or they have medium to dark brows that never seem to match one shade well.

I would, of course, argue that it’s not quite universal, though it surely covers a fair amount of the spectrum. If you have really light or really dark brows, I don’t think it’ll be a good match. The lightest shade is a muted, yellow-toned, medium brown with a matte finish. The medium shade is a medium-dark, red-tinged brown with a matte finish. The darkest shade is a dark brown with neutral-to-warm undertones and a matte finish.  The highlighter shade is a soft, shimmering pinky-peach with a pearled sheen.  These also worked for a quick, neutral-hued eye look in a pinch.

For my brows, I’ve been mixing the medium and dark shades, and then using the highlighter to highlight the brow bone. The more I use it, the more I find that the darkest shade is the one the suits my brows best, with just a little bit of the medium shade mixed in.  All of the brow powders are soft and blendable–they’re easy to apply with the brush included (though it’s so short, I find it more difficult to use than my regular brow brush) and look natural. The highlighter shade is very soft and noticeably powdery; I wish it wasn’t as powdery, because it sometimes looks chalky against my skin tone. On fairer skin tones, I think it would be fine. I saw seven to eight hours of wear with the brow powders, which is about average.

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Guerlain Universal Eyebrow Kit
Guerlain Universal Eyebrow Kit

Guerlain Universal Eyebrow Kit
Guerlain Universal Eyebrow Kit

Guerlain Universal Eyebrow Kit
Guerlain Universal Eyebrow Kit

Guerlain Universal Eyebrow Kit
Guerlain Universal Eyebrow Kit

Guerlain Universal Eyebrow Kit
Guerlain Universal Eyebrow Kit

Guerlain Universal Eyebrow Kit
Guerlain Universal Eyebrow Kit

Guerlain Universal Eyebrow Kit
Guerlain Universal Eyebrow Kit

Guerlain Universal Eyebrow Kit
Guerlain Universal Eyebrow Kit

Guerlain Universal Eyebrow Kit
Guerlain Universal Eyebrow Kit

Guerlain Universal Eyebrow Kit
Guerlain Universal Eyebrow Kit

Guerlain Universal Eyebrow Kit
Guerlain Universal Eyebrow Kit

Guerlain Universal Eyebrow Kit
Guerlain Universal Eyebrow Kit

Guerlain Universal Eyebrow Kit
Guerlain Universal Eyebrow Kit (Les Tendres palette on eyes, Cherry blush, Stardust gloss)

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48 thoughts on “Guerlain Universal Eyebrow Kit Review, Photos, Swatches

  1. I really like the fact that none of these shades are too warm or reddish! Since my brows are really sparse however, I usually need something at least slightly waxy to adhere to all the skin, so I will probably skip this one! Your brows look really awesome with the kit!

  2. It looks nice and I get the appeal. Omega from MAC works just fine for me though, and only for $10 for the pan.
    Rikki Recently Posted: Teen Wolf 3B Lydia Martin “Anchors” Makeup Tutorial | closed captioned.

  3. Christine, Do you find these colors to be warmer than what you normally use for your brows?

  4. Very Nice!!
    Love The Look that u made!

  5. I like this but I wish the highlight shade wasn’t that pink!

  6. Tamara

    This looks great on you. I feel like they should ave done two releases of this though. One with the dark med and highlighter and one with the light med and highlighter. I just think that for most people they will not use up all of the shades and at least one will go to waste. It looks like a nice product though.

    • That’s what I was thinking, Tamara! Like the lighter shade isn’t one I’d use for brows, and though I could use it as an eyeshadow, I’d rather just have a trio!

  7. So, my brain first parsed the title as “Guerlain Unibrow Kit”…

  8. This looks like a good product but I find the colors very warm. Definitely not for me! (Even though my skin has warm undertones, warm brow fillers look terribly unnatural on me, I need ashy colors)
    Lulle Recently Posted: Guerlain Météorites Bubble Blush in Cherry: a pop of fresh color for spring!

  9. I expected the darker shades to pull really warm and reddish, which surprisingly they didn’t in your swatches which makes this product more interesting to me than my initial impression. I have dark ashy brows (with a greenish gray cast) which look really unnatural when using too warm a brow powder. Your brows look beautiful in these photos.

  10. chloe

    Hm, this would’ve made a lot more sense as two separate products: one kit for light brows and one kit for dark brows. I’d rather have the highlighter, two shades for the brows, and a wax.

  11. I was quite interested in this, actually (I’m on a bit of a kick for investigating brow options!), and it’s looking better and better! Shame about the highlighter though – even though I’m very pale, it’s a shame if there’s one component that’s so-so in an otherwise solid palette (especially for Guerlain!)
    Sylirael Recently Posted: Treasures from Waters Deep – A Glittering Gradient with OPI Eurso Euro and Last Friday Night

  12. Emi

    I sort of hate “universal” products just because none of them really are! This looks like a nice kit, but it would be even better if there were lighter / darker / cooler versions as well.
    Emi Recently Posted: L’oreal Colour Riche Extraordinaire Lip Color Swatches & Quick Review

  13. I made the radical switch from blonde to brown ombre hair last year, and my usual brow routine (which mainly consists of bleaching my brows) obviously no longer works. I have pretty full eyebrows that don’t need much help (although they’re definitely not twins), although I recently discovered that I like them to look more defined than I used to with darker hair. However, I still can’t decide on how I like them best. This set looks like it could help me a lot with my indecision. :) Thank you for the review!

  14. Emiloutre

    I usually don’t bother about my brows except on special occasions, but I was wondering if this could be used as an eyeshadow palette? The colours look soft and would make a nice natural eye-look! Have you tested them this way (and checked for creasing, lasting-power, etc.)?

    • Yes, you could use it as an eyeshadow palette, but I didn’t test it for wear on the eyelids – just the brows, though I did try them as an eyeshadows (just for application).

  15. ‘Universal’ brow kits tend to annoy me – it’s the highlight shade that is usually the problem. I wish comapanies would scrap the highlight shade and add an extra brow shade. This looks great quality though!

  16. Kate

    I find this rather wasteful. Surely nobody is going to use all 3 shades for their brows? I think they should have released 2 or 3 variations with just 2 brow colours in each and a highlighter.

    • If you have lighter brows, you may switch up the color depending on the look – so you could go lighter and match or go a little darker, perhaps. I wish they’d have done duos!

  17. Abbey W.

    My hair is auburn, and I definitely don’t fit into this “universal” palette. Guess this saves me some money! :)

  18. Alix

    Christine, do you know any brand that makes a gray eyebrow pencil? I’m thinking a light, soft gray, like a #2 pencil! It’s so hard to match brow shades correctly I think gray would be a great (subtle) substitute, especially for those of us who have stopped coloring their hair… 😉

    • Hey Alix,

      Like true and full gray? Or maybe more taupe-ish? I know Anastasia has a taupe-ish brow color. Fling by MAC might work as well, though it is a warmer gray/taupe. For a truer gray, I would look at regular eyeliners (like for the lash line) – they might have one there!

  19. I love the package, but since I have red hair I don’t think these would really work for me (especially that dark shade haha).

  20. That gloss is fabulous on you!
    Gemma Recently Posted: Best Of Spring Make Up Collections 2014

  21. amy

    This colors look like a really good eyeshadow palette! Would this be good for eyeshadows? :)

  22. MizLottie

    I love everything about this except for the price.

  23. Linda

    A couple of girls have commented they wished for specific shades for red and gray hair. If you don’t mind, I would suggest Doris Dalton’s Cosmetics. Her brow fix carries those shades.

  24. Christine

    My hair is dyed a mahogany reddish color so universal doesn’t work for me. I stick close to my natural color of brown/black. My MAC gal suggested Charcoal Brown…doesn’t make them too dark, yet defined :)