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Guerlain Tenue de Perfection Foundation
Guerlain Tenue de Perfection Foundation

Guerlain Tenue de Perfection Foundation ($59.00 for 1.0 fl. oz.) is the latest foundation from Guerlain, which debuted earlier this fall. It has a limited shade range–a mere six to choose from–which is typical for Guerlain, but it can’t go without noting, as a greater and more expansive shade range would go a long way. I have Beige Clair (02), which is about half a shade too light; I’m normally between 02 and 03 in Guerlain’s foundations and typically mix to get the right shade for my skin tone.

It’s supposed to wear for a heart-stopping 16 hours with “ultimate coverage and comfort.” Some of the longest-wearing foundations I’ve tried have heavier, clingier formulas that tend to be unflattering on drier skin types (but good fits for oilier skin types). The texture of this was surprisingly lightweight, and the dry down was semi-matte to just shy of a truly natural finish. It was buildable to medium coverage; one pump yielded light-medium coverage, a pump and a half more like medium coverage. Two pumps was getting closer to full coverage, but it didn’t feel heavy worn that way. The formula evened out my skin tone and left my skin looking semi-matte.

I have normal-to-dry skin, closer to normal at this time, and my t-zone can get shiny towards the end of the day. After 16 hours of wear, it was surprising to find it still looked decent; I wouldn’t say it lasts 16 hours immaculately, but it seemed to fade evenly, so it didn’t look patchy or completely gone in places. It was as if my medium-coverage application went to light-medium coverage along my t-zone. I would say that on my skin type, it wore beautifully for 10 hours (without setting powder!), which was still impressive, though certainly not the full 16 as promised. When I set lightly with powder, it wore nearly perfectly for 12-13 hours, and it looked somewhat better after 16 hours than it did without any powder.

There are some brands and formulas that just seem to work well for me, and Guerlain’s foundations are definitely some of my favorites–I haven’t met one I didn’t like, and quite frankly, readers never ask me more frequently what foundation I’m wearing than when I’m wearing Guerlain. Again, I wish they had more shades, because it’s a very limited selection–very, very fair complexions will probably find the lightest (12) a bit too dark, and if you’re much past medium, there’s probably no shade match.

The Glossover


Tenue de Perfection

There are a lot of things to love about this foundation--beautiful dry down, great coverage, lightweight and comfortable on the skin--but it does promise 16 hours of wear, and it just doesn't get there. Compared to a lot of foundations, it is longer-wearing than many I've tried, though. I liked that it seemed to fade evenly as it made its way to 16 hours--it never turned patchy or disappeared entirely. I wish they hadn't made such an extravagant claim!











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See more photos & swatches!

Guerlain Tenue de Perfection Foundation
Guerlain Tenue de Perfection Foundation

Guerlain Tenue de Perfection Foundation
Guerlain Tenue de Perfection Foundation

Guerlain Tenue de Perfection Foundation
Guerlain Tenue de Perfection Foundation

Guerlain Tenue de Perfection Foundation
Guerlain Tenue de Perfection Foundation

Guerlain Tenue de Perfection Foundation
Guerlain Tenue de Perfection Foundation

Guerlain Tenue de Perfection Foundation
Bareeeeeee faced!

Guerlain Tenue de Perfection Foundation
Guerlain Tenue de Perfection Foundation

Guerlain Tenue de Perfection Foundation
Bare faced / Guerlain Tenue de Perfection Foundation

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97 thoughts on “Guerlain Tenue de Perfection Foundation Review, Photos, Swatches

  1. Zanib

    Wow this foundation looks beautiful! I’ve been wanting to try a foundation from guerlain but I’m hesitant given the limited shade range :/

    • Yeah, I wish they’d at least add a few shades to extend the range once it starts doing well at least!

      • Jenn

        I noticed there are more shades offered in France. Like I’m 23, but I have use use 04 in the us.
        I’m trying to figure out a way to get the foundation in Europe.

  2. Clara

    My first thought when seeing the pictures was: “Wow, what a perfect foundation, it really makes her skin look gorgeous!”
    Then I saw that the picture was with bare face! However, the picture with foundation looks good too 😉

  3. Kathi

    That’s how you look bare faced? :O Your skin is enviable and looks gorgeous! :)

  4. Hi Christine,

    I have a similar skintone as you, and I use #02 Beige Clair as #03 is too dark (LIngerie de Peau). Do you find the Tenue de Perfection oxidize the way LIngerie de Peau does?
    Stephanie @ Fantasia Beauty Blog Recently Posted: Haul | Sephora VIB Sale 2013.

  5. daphne

    So uh, holy wow Christine. People have been complimenting you on your skin lately, I know, and you are crediting this or that foundation but uh, looks like you’re wrong–because your bare face looks incredible! I am jealous of how incredibly healthy, smooth, and bright your skin looks.

    • My skin tone is kind of uneven, not really splotchy because it doesn’t have a lot of red, but foundation definitely improves it! :) My skin has been more acne-free than it used to be, though :)

  6. I would love to be able to use a Guerlain foundation, but their limited shade range is a no-go for me. Even their lightest shade is about a shade and a half too dark for me :(

  7. I recently read a review on Makeup Alley, I think, saying that Guerlain has changed the formulation of my beloved Lingerie de Peau foundation. Interestingly, a lot of the recent reviews for it have been really bad and it seems that this is why. So I might give this one a try when I finish my LdeP. I agree with you about the shade range generally with Guerlain and the same could be said of Clarins as well. Fortunately, Guerlain’s Rose Claire is a great colour for me and Beige Claire is one I could wear in a pinch. I’ll have to check out this one next time I’m at Sephora or The Bay.

  8. Ale

    I have that problem with Guerlain. I’m too fair to use any of their foundation formulas because none of them has a single shade that matches, or even comes close to my skintone. I’ve been dying to try their foundations for years, especially because all the other products I’ve tried from them I’ve really, REALLY loved. Lipsticks, eyeshadows, meteorites, nail polishes, you name it! Overall they make very high quality products, but they really NEED to expand on their shade range.

  9. Huh, this one looks more yellow than the 02 in Parure de Lumiere. I think it’s a pretty good match for you, at least judging from the picture.

    How would you compare the coverage, finish, and wear of Tenue de Perfection to other Guerlain foundations? (Lingerie de Peau, Parure de Lumiere, Parure Gold) Thank you! :)

    • Parure Gold is heavier, easier to get fuller coverage with it I would say. It doesn’t feel like Parure Gold, though given it’s more matte and has more coverage than Lingerie de Peau or Parure de Lumiere, my guess is it’s the “replacement.” Lingerie de Peau and Parure de Lumiere are lighter coverage, more emollient – more slip, and have dewier finishes.

  10. faerieevenstar

    With a decent primer- will it last as long as it claims? I hardly ever wear make-up without a primer nowadays because it just keeps everything so much fresher and nicer for the day (my current favourite it this one–aloe-skin-primer-gel-100ml-6751-p.asp which is absolutely heavenly and last better than any silicone based one I’ve ever tried)

    I love how flawless this makes your skin look, with a nice glow. Am I right in thinking Guerlain is one of your usual foundations Christine?

    I’m still unsure about whether it’s worth indulging in spending that much money on this!

    • If you use primer + setting powder, I think you could get 12-14 hours :)

      It depends if I’m testing anything, and foundation is a category of products I don’t love testing (I find it very difficult to review, like skincare or fragrance), so if I’m not testing anything specific, it’s probably Guerlain. I do really like MUFE HD and Giorgio Armani Maestro (and I used that for awhile – went through a whole bottle!).

  11. Ooh! Another new product to try, I hope this hits my local counter soon. :) I’m loving how it looks on you, Christine.

  12. Carol

    You look Good without makeup. youre skin is perfect. no need foundation.. whats your skincare?

    • My skincare routine changes in some capacity every 2-3 weeks (I swap something out for something new to test), so I don’t really have a “routine,” I guess! I would credit my skin to prescription products – a topical antibiotic and Differin, as those are the only constants I use (and ones I know have made an impact on the clarity of my skin).

      Otherwise, at this exact moment…

      Cleansers: shu uemura cleansing oil, bareMinerals Deep Foaming Cleanser, La Prairie Foaming Cleanser
      Moisturizers: L’Oreal Ideal Moisture Even Tone SPF 25 (day), Kiehl’s Rosa Arctica (evening)
      Extras: LUSH Let the Good Times Role (exfoliates), bareMinerals Exfoliating Treatment

  13. Krista

    I have this and couldn’t be more in love with it! I work ten hour days, so I need my foundation to last a minimum of eleven hours and this never fails me even without primer. It is the best long wearing foundation I have ever tried.

    • Yay!! How would you say it holds up at say 10, 12, 16 hours? Like how good is good? What primer do you use with it? :)

      • Krista

        In my experience, at 10 hours it needs a little blotting around my nose, at 12 hours there is noticeable fading but it still looks even, and I haven’t worn it sixteen hours yet. All of that is without primer. I’ve worn it with the Guerlain L’or, and the only noticeable difference was that the fading was slightly less at about 12 hours.

  14. Christine!! I know you’ll be getting a lot of feedback right now, but how gorgeous ate you bare faced?? Honestly the only real difference between the photos is how nervous you look 😛

    I tried this foundation on in store the other week, and the SA matched me to #2, then gave me some samples of Lingerie de Peau to try at home, also in #2 and I can safely say it’s just the wrong shade for me. I’m NC 20 and it’s just too pink, which means it pulls strangely orangey (anything NW does the same thing on me). I have a strong suspicion #32 Ambre Clair would be absolutely perfect on me but it’s unavailable in Australia!

  15. shahela

    you have such beautiful skin!!! what’s your current skincare routine???

    • My skincare routine changes in some capacity every 2-3 weeks (I swap something out for something new to test), so I don’t really have a “routine,” I guess! I would credit my skin to prescription products – a topical antibiotic and Differin, as those are the only constants I use (and ones I know have made an impact on the clarity of my skin).

      Otherwise, at this exact moment…

      Cleansers: shu uemura cleansing oil, bareMinerals Deep Foaming Cleanser, La Prairie Foaming Cleanser
      Moisturizers: L’Oreal Ideal Moisture Even Tone SPF 25 (day), Kiehl’s Rosa Arctica (evening)
      Extras: LUSH Let the Good Times Role (exfoliates), bareMinerals Exfoliating Treatment

  16. I recently had to choose between this and Makeup Forever’s Velvet Mat+, and I ultimately passed on this one, because of the semi-matteness. I do have oilier skin, so I’m guessing someone with in-between skin would adore this.

  17. Your bare face is flawless!

  18. Sandra

    Your skin is lovely, you don’t need foundation, maybe a tinted mosturizer. I see no reason to pay 20 dollars more on this foundation, compared to a Chanel or Dior one let’s say.

  19. Lisa

    You make me miss my 20s, LOL!

  20. Just your natural skin is very beautiful! :)

  21. Clara

    It looks great.
    Actually I can’t see a big difference in the pictures.
    That means: your skin looks great and the shade match is right. In the end you always end up adding color with Blush, so It’s fine.

    • Thanks, Clara! My skin tone is somewhat uneven, and I am lighter on the cheeks than I am in other places, so I can get away with something slightly lighter if it has enough coverage to lighten the darker areas enough!

  22. Cat

    I really thought you were wearing the Guerlain foundation in the first photo. It seems like you see flaws in it (based on your responses to others), but seriously woman you have the best skin!! Do you mind if I ask what the topical treatment is? Are both precriptions for acne? My skin isn’t bad, but it’s so sensitive and I still get blemishes all the time -makes wearing foundation a lot more difficult!

  23. This looks great on you! I have dry skin and have been wanting to try a Guerlain liquid foundation; which one do you think would sit the best on my skin without emphasizing dryness or looking chalky? Thank you!

  24. Richelle

    I loved this foundation when I got it. Loved it!!! But then I broke out very badly…..I have sensitive skin in general- very finicky with products. Someone without sensitive skin prone to acne would love this. I still use it here and there if I know it will not be on long. Beautiful coverage and colors.

  25. Bridget

    I bought this foundation after my holidays to match my light tan and I was matched to the same shade as you Christine. But now it is too dark. In the UK there are 9 shades to choose from. I hope the 13 shade suits me as I love the formulation of this. I have oily skin and over the Illamasqua primer, and powder on top it will last me 16 hours. For me this is miraculous as I’ve been looking for a lighter and finer textured replacement for my usual go-to foundation ELDW light.

    • Happy to hear there are more shades in the UK!

      • Bridget

        It’s still poor though. A broader range that covered most if not all tones should be one of the primary goals for any cosmetics house in this day and age. I’m hoping Guerlain will catch up with some of their rivals very soon. I know you love your Guerlain foundations, and I want to rejoin the party too :)

  26. Usually a B rating already worries me slightly, but in this case I am still convinced that I NEEEEEED to try this and that I will potentially love this.

  27. How does this product’s coverage and longevity compare to either Parure Gold or Lingerie de Peau? I use both of these (Parure Gold when I want more coverage and staying power). Unfortunately, though, it sounds as if the Tenue de Perfection shades may be too dark since I wear shades on the light end of the spectrum. Although somewhat unrelated, I would like to know where you purchase your Parure Gold? It seems to be out of stock at all the major department stores in the U.S.. The last bottle I purchased was from the Guerlain flagship in Paris, and I’m afraid I’ll be running out of it soon!

    • Parure Gold is discontinued and has been for about six months now? I believe. Parure Gold is heavier, more coverage from the get-go (you need less product to get to full coverage), and it is matter. Lingerie de Peau is lighter coverage, more emollient, dewier.

  28. Sophia B.

    I think I prefer this on you to your regular foundation Christine! It doesn’t seem to emphasize your pores as much and the semi-matte finish is really flattering on your skin.

  29. Ade

    I’ve been wanting this foundation since it launched. People keep saying this is the more coverage version of Giorgio Armani Maestro (which I dearly loved), is that true?
    I haven’t buy it because my shade 23 Dore Naturel (equivalent to NC42-43), seems only available in Europe. Foundation color choices are always more extensive in Europe than U.S. or Asian markets.

  30. julieta

    I can’t belive how beautiful you look without any makeup Christine!
    But that foundation does make your skin look even better
    ohh if only it wasn’t SO expensive :(

  31. Rachel Croft

    Ooh, this will be a “must try” for me. I have both the Parure Aqua Lumiere and the Parure Extreme (my favourite). The limited colour range doesn’t bother me because colour 03 was basically made for my skin tone. I have trouble with other brands of foundation as they are either too yellow or too pink for my neutral skin tone. Guerlain foundations match me perfectly. Yay, excited to try this one out.

    • Eva

      Thanks for this review, you do look amazing bare faced, so glowy!

      Rachel, I hope you do share how you like the Tenue de Perfection compared to Parure Extreme. My local store says they are no longer carrying the Parure Extreme :( I use Parure Extreme in 03, but the 03 in Tenue seems darker.

  32. Hi Christine! I recently got a sample of Lingerie de Peu from Sephora. I tried it with a sample of Hourglass primer and had an a-ha moment. Thinking it was the Houglass (it felt so amazing on) I bought some along with some Hourglass foundation. It’s good, but no a-ha moment. So now I’m after some Guerlain foundation but I’m confused about which to buy. I live in Iowa, and there’s nowhere to try them out. Even the Sephora doesn’t carry it in store. I have combination skin which can get flaky in the wintertime. I’m 43 in a month and while my skintone is fairly even, I have big dark bags under my eyes. Because of that I think I tend to look better with foundations that are a little dewier or light reflecting that draw attention away from my undereye area. So should I go with the coverage of the Tenue, the dewiness of the Lingerie, or the light reflecting Parure de Lumiere? Any advice would be welcome!

    • Hi Sheryl!

      If you prefer something diewer but want more coverage, I would probably go with Parure de Lumiere. I find Lingerie & Parure more similar than not. I don’t think think either would be wrong if you like dewy!

      You can always layer more of the foundation over any areas you need a bit more coverage and/or opt for a concealer for under-eyes!

      • Thanks Christine! I was leaning towards the Parure even though it’s not the one I got to try. The story you wrote about your husband telling you how beautiful you looked was very swaying! Hopefully when armed with the Hourglass primer, some Bobbi Brown concealer, and some new Parure, I’ll get some of the same!

  33. Oh Christine, you have flawless skin!!! I thought at first it was the foundation. wow..
    anyway, Guerlain base products have never failed to impress me, this one sounds okay.. though the packaging and everything reminds me of lingerie de peau very much.

  34. Miss J

    *dies* You have gorgeous skin!!

  35. Nora

    Its available in 9 shades in the UK, it sucks that they wont extend the shade range in the US

  36. I got a sample of this and thought oh my this feels so good as I put it on my face. I have cystic acne and just had an outburst that is in the middle stage of healing. I did go to dermatologist and not the cosmetics counter to get rid of it. I just wrote a post regarding this experience. I wore it yesterday and it gave great coverage stayed on and I am buying some as soon as I run out of the samples. I was a militant MAC user but you can’t even compare the two.

  37. Chloe

    Oh my goodness! I thought the “bare-faced” photo was the one with foundation, your skin is gorgeous!

  38. Amy

    I literally said aloud “oh my god” when I saw your bareface! It’s absolutely beautiful and so glowy!!

  39. I have this foundation and love it! I like to buff it in with a Real Techniques Buffing Brush for a completely flawless finish. Sephora (accidentally) listed it for $30 Canadian earlier in October and I bought it for that price. Lucky me, because now its listed for $65 :)

  40. Adriana

    It looks absolutely gorgeous on you, Christine! Lady you are so exquisite. But boy, there’s a really striking problem with this particular foundation: it doesn’t have any UVA sunscreen protection. What’s Guerlain thinking? They’ve put titanium dioxide in for UVB coverage, so they’re clearly gearing it as a sun-protecting foundation. If they hadn’t included the titanium dioxide, that’d be fair enough: sensible folks would simply wear a separate sunscreen underneath when they’re going out in the sun. But there are going to be tons of people who aren’t going to read the ingredient list that closely, see the SPF labelling and then think that they’re safe from those bastard rays.

    I adore–ADORE!–Guerlain’s Parure de Lumiere, and it lists octinoxate (a UVA sunscreen) in its active ingredients. Why on earth wouldn’t they include it in their Tenue de Perfection? The inconsistency is really bugging me.

    • I don’t use foundation for UVA/UVB coverage or sun protection, since you have to use a LOT to get what you need – you’re probably getting so little with foundation! Would rather they didn’t make foundations with sunscreens, period.

  41. TamaraB

    I love this foundation on you! You have convinced me to try it. It really softens your look (even though it wasn’t hard in the first place) and gives a glow. WOW, is all I can say. Very pretty!

  42. Susanne

    I didn’t see much difference whether you wear that foundation or not. You’ve got beautiful skin!

  43. Nicole

    Even bare-faced you look stunning! Thanks for all you do – I’ve loved a lot of your recent Guerlain reviews and have tried (and enjoyed) a few of their products after some of your posts.

  44. This foundation looks great!! Although, too bad about the limited shade range. I am really fair (NARS Siberia!) and I doubt there will be one light enough for me here.

  45. Wow, your skin actually looks amazing!
    So jealous. I am very prone to redness and your skintone looks so even here…! :O

  46. This foundation looks beautiful! The formula seems so impressive but it’s such a bummer that most high end brands exclude WOC from most face products. Do companies really think only fair to medium complexions wear makeup?
    fancie Recently Posted: Dior Creme de Rose Smoothing Plumping Lip Balm Review

  47. mari

    Would you one day do a skincare post because your skin looks really really good and mine has taken a nose dive and need to start trying to new products. the stuff my dermatologist recommend just doesn’t seem to be as effective anymore ;_;

    • Hey Mari!

      I switch up my skincare pretty regularly, so it’s not necessarily products like those! You might talk to your derm again :)

      • Cristina

        Hi Christine! You look amazing both ways. Which do you like more this or Parure Gold? And which would you say is more luminous please. Thanks for your time:)

        • Tenue de Perfection is more luminous compared to Parure Gold! I still prefer Parure Gold a bit more, but I like the fuller coverage. For every day wear, though, Parure Gold can be a little much unless you actually need the coverage!