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Guerlain Summer 2011 Collection: Terra Inca

Guerlain celebrates the arrival of summer with a color-drenched, incredibly chic Terracotta collection! With colors ranging from ocean blue, flamboyant orange and ardent browns, this ultra-trendy collection invites you to experience a stunning technicolor voyage.

Terra Inca Star Powder ($70.00) (Limited Edition)

Terra Inca Star Powder is composed of two subtly pearl shades: a highlighting golden beige and a bronze-tinted pink. Together these shades will embellish your complexion while warming the skin with an iridescent glow. The case mimics the extra-large wooden bangles worn by fashionistas, making Terra Inca Star Powder the “it accessory” of summer 2011!

  • Combine with Terracotta bronzing powder to illuminate tanned complexions or use on its own for a natural glow.
  • Apply to curves of the face to add instant radiance to the complexion.
  • Apply to the décolleté and shoulders for a natural shimmer.

Terre Indigo 4-Shade Eyeshadow ($59.00) (Limited Edition)

The catwalks have set the tone: summer will be flashy! Guerlain reinterprets the trend by creating interlacing, intense colors, sprinkled with golden arabesques. Like colorful Incan qompi fabrics woven from shadows and pigments, the Terre Indigo eyeshadow unites all of their tones into a single palette. A vibrant orange, an intense blue, a deep brown and a lighter brown, speckled with a pale golden tone, can be used together or separately to match your every desire and mood. These soft, light powders caress the eyelids with a velvety touch for a natural or sophisticated result that is always mesmerizing.

  • “Simply chic”: apply the light brown tone to the eyelid, layer the orange shade on the upper part, then give more intensity to the eyes by applying the darker brown to the outer corner of the eye.
  • “Trendy”: apply the orange shadow to the eyelid fold, sweep a single blue tone over the eyelid and add a small amount of light brown to the outer corner of the eye.
  • “Fiesta Vibe”: apply the orange tone to the entire eyelid, add the blue shadow to the eyelid fold, then apply the light brown shade along the lashes and the dark brown shade under the lower lashes. Dressed in a golden glimmer, sea sparkles and sunlight, the eyes are ready to show off a bold look!

Ombre Fusion Cream Eyeshadow ($35.00)

Ombre Fusion Cream Eyeshadow is a unique creation that offers the softness of a powder, the richness of a cream and the lightness of water all in one.These exclusive eyeshadows reveal a spectacular metallic effect by adorning the eyelids with fabulous shimmering reflections. The effect is striking and will last from dawn to dusk. Designed to resist heat and dips in the ocean, the Ombre Fusion eyeshadows are the first Guerlain cream eyeshadows specially created for summer! Available in 3 shades: 01 Bahia, 02 Havana, 03 Maya.

  • Apply the eyeshadow to the eyelid with the applicator, then blend in with fingertip to create an illuminated effect.
  • Use the beveled side of the Ombre Fusion applicator for a metallic liner effect.

Terracotta Gloss ($30.50) (Limited Edition)

Just in time for summer and plenty of scorching kisses, Guerlain presents three new Terracotta Gloss creations. Neon fuchsia, sunny coral, flamboyant red make lips look mischievous and ravishing, dangerously delicious. These neon colors are sheer on application and will add shine while giving an instant radiance boost to the face! Their secret? A luminous and translucent formula, free of sparkles but packed with pigments. This non-sticky gloss can be applied at any time of day for an ultra-sensual effect.
Available in 3 shades: 07 Salsa, 08 Mambo, 09 Tango.

Khol Kajal ($36.00) (Limited Edition)

The cult favorite Khôl Kajal by Guerlain returns to light up the eyes with its ultra-pigmented formula. Its creamy texture glides on perfectly, making it ideal for women who love a deep and hypnotic look. Upon application, the eye is instantly accentuated! Dressed in dark and iridescent brown with two ribbons of brown and orange satin, it is a summer essential. Available in 1 shade: 01 Black Frida.

availability: May 2011 at select locations of Saks Fifth Avenue, Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus, Sephora, Bloomingdales and Bergdorf Goodman.

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66 thoughts on “Guerlain Summer 2011 Collection: Terra Inca

  1. tehteh

    while that looks amazing, it also looks nothing like something I would buy or wear…looks gorgeous for collectors though…

  2. Sara


  3. Julia

    That eye palette is gorgeous, but it looks like it would be difficult to pick up the individual colors on a brush to use…

  4. Marieke


  5. Pawsha

    Love Guerlain and this looks great but dont like the Terracotta Gloss from last year either, so will pass on the gloss!

  6. Christy

    I…must…have…all of these!

  7. I have the eyeshadow palette and it’s beaaaaaautiful to look at! The colours apply pretty sheer (I had to layer quite a bit!), but adding a pop of gold to the orange and browns creates a really stunning multidimensional look. It was my first Guerlain purchase :)

  8. CeeBee

    Stunning! Not really my colours but my goodness it’s all gorgeous…

  9. Mariella

    I’m not crazy about the way the way the way the shadows are packaged. It’s too hard to get just one of the colours, if that is what you want, (say just picking up the gold) and it’s also difficult to swirl them together in just the way you want so that you get a consistent “swirl” with each dip of the brush. Personally, I don’t find most of the colours all that attractive – they look sort of “muddy” and at these prices, I’d have to be totally blown away to purchase.

    • I agree. The shadows looks pretty in that pressed design, but it doesn’t seem functional. They are probably trying to step up when it comes to packaging, and outdo their competitors.

    • Joanna

      I agree. It’s a little dissapointing from a practical perspective. But I’m going to buy it anyway!

    • Jilliterate

      Totally agree. If I’m going to throw down $60 on a palette, I want to actually be able to USE the colours and get what I paid for.

    • Elizabeth

      I don’t think they will be that hard to get at. Since it’s a “quad”, but I see 5 colours, my guess is that the gold is just an overspray which leaves the 4 other colours (blue, dark brown, bronze, burnt orange) in 4 distinct regions in the palette. So they are still all in one pan, but at least they all have they’re own “area” – does that sort of make sense?

  10. condesa

    WOW! I mean WOW! that’s what I uttered when I saw the pattern in the compact. It’s just tooooo beautiful!

  11. ashley

    You know, I have NEVER been interested in this brand until NOW! I want EVERYTHING! It looks so beautiful. Christine, I can’t wait for you to review these!

  12. I like the packaging!

  13. Seii

    OMG.. That eye palette.. MUST HAVE.

  14. Jeanie

    I think I may have just jizzed in my pants a bit over that eye shadow “quad.” It looks so fabulous!

  15. awesome collection :) will look forward for the launch :) :)

  16. Eunice

    Wow, Natalia’s eye-makeup looks a lot like what Daria had on for Lancome’s Declaring Indigo collection :O

  17. Stephanie

    so pretty love the shadow and the glosses

  18. Sandy

    Wow. My wallet is cringing. I can’t wait for your reviews and swatches!

  19. WOW Terra Inca Star Powder looks AMAZING but $70???!!! That is insane!

  20. Hanna

    My heart says “I have to get that Terre Indigo 4-Shade Eyeshadow palette”, while my brain says “You have bought to much make up in 2011, you have to save some money”

  21. Renee P

    Would you be reviewing these once they’re available? They look gorgeous

  22. Cait

    These all look gorgeous, expensive and bright, but gorgeous!

  23. Wendy M.

    Christine, what do you think of Guerlain glosses? Are they pigmented or just sheer-y? I’m really loving the colors and might be willing to splurge on one (the orange one is calling my name!) if they are worth the money. Thanks! :)

  24. All of this is absolutely gorgeous. But the prices are so out of my range. :(

  25. Sass

    Super pretty!

  26. Elaine

    Good thing I’m getting a raise in May because I NEED all of this…. omg it’s beautiful and SO MY STYLE!!!!

  27. Katie

    Hi Christine,

    Do you have any information as to whether this collection will be available online? Thanks!


  28. Fanny

    Whaou Catherine, how do you get this picture so soon Is it your’s ?

  29. NeenaJ

    I love the description of the Fusion Cream Eyeshadow and the colors look really soft and pretty. Hope you get to review it for us!

    Has anyone used the Kohl? If so, what’s the staying power like?

  30. Sasha

    Hm. I still think Yves Saint Laurent is the better brand. It has an equally luxurious packaging (Twin Lips gloss in specific), but is not overly heavy like those lipstick pods of metal, and I much prefer the colors and formulations of YSL cosmetics. It’s also not as expensive, despite still being one of the top high-end brands.

  31. Fatma

    I want EVERYTHING <3

  32. Deb

    That’s some of the prettiest packaging and presentation I’ve ever seen! I’m curious about the cream shadows, but I just don’t see myself investing in Guerlain stuff.

  33. Leti

    I wonder why beauty brands always seem to mess up Spanish words… why do they write “inca”, a Spanish adjective, and then “terra”, which is either Latin or Italian, instead of “tierra”? Or is the whole phrase supposed to be Latin? I don’t understand it… *sigh*

  34. Kasia

    This Indigo Palette must be mine!!!
    Oh, and this glosses are so beautiful…nude or orange, hmmm 😀

  35. wendy lieberman

    christine!!!! can you please help me?? i even talked to the guerlain ambassador at saks in new york….look at natalia’s lipcolour….it’s not salsa…i can’t seem to get a straight answer….is it salsa blotted with rouge automatique #103 on top??? salsa is bright fuschia…not like the picture at all. xo

  36. You know, I usually don’t even care about Guerlain’s collections, I just looove looking at Natalia Vodianova.

  37. SHERRY

    The eyeshadow palette looks gorgeous- I am so ready for some brighter summer colors other than tans and bronze tones. I do agree with others though that it looks like it would be hard to pick up individual colors. I am getting the Chanel summer collection. So- probably will pass on this unless I caves for the eye palette.

  38. They have these out in Dillard’s already, bought the powder and eyeshadow palette today. Also picked up one of the new lipsticks, so pretty! :)

  39. Chrissy

    Wow, the packaging is beautiful. The eyeshadow is nothing I’ve ever seen before. Very impressive. It’s so pretty, I don’t know if I could touch the eyeshadow!

  40. Helene

    This collection is too amazing! I think I’m gonna buy 2 e/s palettes, one to use and one to look at.

  41. are

    can you say “gimmick”? The eyeshadow is gorgeous but it’s not practical. And what you’re paying for is not the product, it’s the packaging and the hours and hours of meetings that went into the design of it. Only a total sucker would spend that kind of money on something like this. It’s just not worth it.

    Ditto the $70 powder. Give me a break. Cancer research could use a few bucks. Don’t waste good money on crap.

    • You don’t have to like it or buy it, but please refrain from insulting others.

      • fks

        Christine, Are could have said it better, but even a long-time fan of Guerlian like me has to wonder what makes this powder so worthy of its price tag. When rating products, can you please put up a column for the normalized cost (say, cost per ounce, or per gram, whichever you prefer), so that readers can compare across products of similar quality? I would certainly feel that I have been taken for a ride if I find that products of similar quality from other brands cost less! Also, I find that ever since laser-cut overlays became popular, Guerlain (and quite a few “luxury” brands) seem to have sacrificed some quality for gimmicky packaging. I especially dislike multicolored products when each color is not placed in its distinctive pan. I wonder how other readers feel about it?

      • are

        I mean less to insult others as to strike back at the company itself, where I get the image of meeting rooms full of marketing executives saying, “oh, yeah, women will definitely pay more for that!” I find THAT insulting to our integrity and our intelligence. Give me a good quality product that does what its’ supposed to do and stop overcharging women for nonsense. There are many companies that do this. Guerlain, inventor of the ridiculous “balls of color” trend, is not one of them.

  42. ak

    Natalia Vodianova’s eye amkeup looks really pretty in that pic; it looks really hot. Very good late 70s/early 80s looking. Not a bad pic at all.

  43. Dara

    Looks too good to wear! So Pretty!!

  44. will there be an overall review on the produkts? i really love the colors from the pics so far

  45. I think this collection is very nice and original! I wish to know if I could found it in Italy and where 😀

  46. Kristina

    I bought the eyeshadows today, they’re nothing like the promo pictures, A LOT darker!

  47. Ivory

    I have seen SA in Guerlain counter in my country wearing this palette. And I think the result is rather impressive. Personally I think the color scheme is worth of purchase but I am not sure if I can pick up the color easily. It seems to me the colors are very easy to get messed up.:(

  48. MissChels

    The products look gorgeous and the girl looks amazing. It wouldn’t look like that on me! Lol

  49. El

    I visit family in Taiwan.
    Just hanged out with friend in shopping mall, saw Terra Inca Star Powder this item that is really pretty. And I bought it, however, expensive than America $10 USA dollers. I regrate now!!!

  50. chi

    looks really nice but i don’t think i could bear to use it! =)
    any recommendations for dupes for the eyeshadows?

  51. Miss R

    Is it by any chance possible for you to make a short review of Terre Indigo? I would love to getit, but I’d like to know if it’s worth the money! :-) Especially that I already have similar shadows.
    Thanks! :-)

  52. Rachael

    I’m so glad I bought the eyeshadow. I’ve been wearing it for a week straight. There’s so many looks you can do and I get compliments on my eyeshadow everyday! Love it!