Monday, March 29th, 2010

Guerlain Ombre Perlees

For our Natural Beauties: Guerlain’s Take on Summer

This summer, Guerlain goes supremely natural with their Meteorites Perles Collection. It is definitely different from last summer’s Summer Splash Collection.

I think those who find summer colors too bright, shimmered, or the like will find the Ombre Perlees Eyeshadow Palette ($59.00) a refreshing experience. It contains four shades: a dusty pinked white with a near matte finish, muted pinky-brown with a near matte finish, softened gray lilac with a satin finish, and grayed taupe with subtle satin shimmer.

I’ve always found Guerlain eyeshadow to have a supreme texture–soft, silken, smooth, nearly buttery–and this quad is no exception. All four shades applied smoothly and had good pigmentation. These are not bright shades in the least bit, but they swatch exactly as you’d expect given the way they look in the palette. Like most limited edition eyeshadow palettes from Guerlain, the flower design is only an overlay and will disappear after a couple of uses.

The packaging is luxe and traditional to Guerlain’s line, except it’s metallic silver, not quite the typical “metal” feel. I personally like that while Guerlain keeps the same shape and style of its palettes, the color will change based on the collection itself. Included with the palette are two sponge-tip applicators, but like all sponge applicators, they’re nothing to write home about and could easily be left out as far as I’m concerned! Brushes, please!

Being a more high-end, luxury brand, Guerlain doesn’t come cheap, but at least they’ll give you a good amount of eyeshadow (0.24 oz. — for reference, a MAC eyeshadow is 0.05 oz.) and make it look pretty while they’re at it!  There are no real low points to this product–it’s a solid natural-toned eyeshadow palette.  Price is really the only negative that I can think of!

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  • Product: 29/30
  • Value: 8/10
  • Ease of Use: 4/5
  • Packaging: 5/5

Recommendation: If you’re cool-toned and looking for more natural shades to play up your eyes with, I think this should definitely be on your list of products to keep an eye out for. Warmer skin tones can still wear this quad, because all of the shades run closer to neutral than strongly cool, but it really strikes me as exceptionally beautiful on cooler skin tones–even more so on fairer skin tones.

Availability: April/May 2010

See more photos & swatches!

Guerlain Ombre Perlees

Guerlain Ombre Perlees

Guerlain Ombre Perlees

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29 thoughts on “Guerlain Ombre Perlees Eyeshadow Palette Review, Photos, Swatches

  1. Melissa (divinem)

    WOW, amazing payoff for such light colours! Did you use a base under them? Very pretty!

    • Nope, no base! I’m a firm believer in swatching regularly — no heavy swatching, no bases, only use water if you’re supposed to (or it’s so bad, I feel like I should show it with water just to cover all bases!). If it doesn’t show up well without a base, we should know that! 😀


  3. vero

    omg, i think i might need to save some of my lipstick money for this palette. i’m warmer toned so i may have to swatch before but it looks soo nice that i may have to invest. i love these for brown eyeliner wjich i wear alot of

  4. Now I don’t have a reason not to get this. Those swatches are gorgeous.

    • So smooth! And surprisingly opaque/pigmented for such light colors. Oh! And also surprisingly not chalky.

      • I have no idea how Guerlain does it. So many light colored eye shadows (even from high-end brands) come off as sheer and barely there, while theirs are creamy and opaque. I’m really happy to see that their quality hasn’t dropped. And these shades are so wearable…

        Thanks so much for swatching and reviewing. Any chance you might do a look with these? In the future that is?

  5. Suzanna

    If it weren’t for the orange-ish color I’d buy this. It looks like a perfect neutral palette for summer.

  6. Petra

    I don’t care if I’m warm toned, or that I could probably dupe most colours (MAC Brule, Girlie, All Ages – no idea for the brown, off the top of my head) – I didn’t pick up the Winter nor the Spring one, so this one was already in the bag when i saw the promo pics. :)

  7. this looks like a wearable beautiful quad. I’m gonna add it to my wishlist. I wonder how much it’ll cost in CAD.

  8. JD

    Very pretty! However I don’t think I’ll buy it. Lately I have been spending more money on bright colours and can’t seem to justify neutrals…I have way too many already!

  9. LNU

    The quality looks great! But this isn’t a quad I’m into cause I really don’t like that last brown color, and the other three I have similar colors already. XD

  10. Andrea

    This is definitely on my buy list as soon as I see it LOL!! I missed out on the Winter one (waited too long). This is gorgeous!!!

  11. Sexy Sadie

    Wow. A reason for getting these. Such pay off.

  12. natasha m

    WOW C!!!! this is a gorgeous quad! I am olive skinned from India , do u think this would suit me? The colors are breathtaking and u are right the price is the only negative. thanks for sharing this product review.

  13. Rachael

    Wow this is stunning!

  14. AnGeLwInGz

    Beautiful universal colors!

  15. Melissa

    So beautiful! I really wish I could were gorgeous colors like these! They’re soo marvelous! My skin is a tad too tan. Ah well…

  16. Sara

    Does MAC have an eyeshadow similar to the dark color?

  17. Christy

    I thin your right these colors are best on a cool tone eyes and skin, pass for me.

  18. Beck

    I just picked this up today at Saks, thankyou for telling us about it, or I would not have known. =) It is gorgeous, a quintessential neutral palette. A practical luxury item, you could use this so often! Off you view the beautiful look you created with this Christine. =o)