Sunday, October 3rd, 2010

Guerlain Holiday 2010

Guerlain Les Ors Holiday 2010 Collection

Or Imperial Sublime Radiant Powder Face & Body ($85.00)

A silky loose powder creating a light-reflecting veil with a subtle golden iridescent finish. This year, this irresistible face and body powder comes in an iridescent gold copper shade, beautifully packaged in a reinterpretation of the mythical Guerlain Bee Bottle (50 ml).

Midnight Star ($73.00)

The perfect ally for all evenings out! Midnight Star helps to dispel signs of fatigue and stress built up during the day. Use 1 mini capsule after a long day to revive the complexion and refresh your look — a skincare primer for the busy holiday season.

Meteorites Perles d’Or ($56.00)

A new enchanting color composition of the Meteorites Pearls that illuminates skin with an irresistible pure glow. Enriched with a golden shade to light up the complexion and a violet specially created for the season to catch the light and soften shadowy areas.

Meteorites Poudre d’Or ($170.00)

A stunning collector compact decorated with real black Swarovski crystals. A surprising new powder design featuring imperial bees: 6 pearly shades for a fresh & luminous finish.

Ombre Elcat 4 Shades in 410 Velours d’Or ($59.00)

A new harmony of Ombre Eclat 4 Shades Eyeshadow Palette with new royal colors, embossed with a honeycomb pattern and a royal bee.

Le 2 Volume in 13 Or 2 Nuit ($36.00)

Le 2 Volume mascara with the baic brush 1 in black and a special brush 2 in a gold copper lacquer.

Rouge G Le Brilliant in B64 Bee ($46.00)

A new royal shade of Rouge G le Brilliant in an intense and subtly shiny, violet shade.

Kiss Kiss Strass ($31.00) (Limited Edition)

  • Rouge Imperial (323) Vibrant dark red
  • Rose de la Reine (363) Luminous rosy beige

Availability: October 2010

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Guerlain Holiday 2010

Guerlain Holiday 2010

Guerlain Holiday 2010

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45 thoughts on “Guerlain Les Ors Holiday 2010 Collection

  1. Jannette

    the packaging fiend that i am… this does not look good for the bank account.

  2. Ruthless

    I love Guerlain, but the whole Meteorite balls just makes me yawn. Not excited by those at all. Is it just me?

  3. I love this collection so much, I want everything! :) I’ll probably even get a back up of the voyage powder as it’s so gorgeous. I know, I’m crazy.

  4. Torie

    Looks gorgeous so far but I think I would have to win the lottery first.

  5. The eyeshadow quad and gold copper mascara sounds divine!

  6. Jadis4742

    I’m unfamiliar with all this fancy makeup talk, but are they saying they have a copper/gold mascara?

  7. Kai

    I LOVE all the bees on the packaging! So cute :)

  8. Hilary♥

    OMG simply stunning!! Too bad everything’s so pricey though. But still, I LOVE the packaging, so wow wow wow! ♥

  9. Petra

    Even as a fan of Guerlain, I’ll say pass. VEry pretty, but nothing I really feel is very unique or speaks to my heart. Good for me. :)

  10. Katya

    I need to start saving up for this now. I want the whole collection. But that’s not suprising, because Guerlain is my favourite beauty brand.

  11. Kim L

    Wow! Beautiful!

  12. LU

    I think the packaging and the designs are so pretty!

  13. Kasia

    I’m dying to see more pics of meteorites :) Christine, when will you have them?? I’m a devoted fan of these… unfortunately for my wallet :)

  14. Christy

    When I first gazzed upon the photo like a knee-jerk reaction I said weeeeehhhh! It’s pretty:)

  15. Ryan

    hm $170… im not sure if guerlain actually expects many sales becuase I dont know anybody who would pay for that.

  16. The eyeshadow palette and the lipsticks look very tempting. I’d happily lose the gold from the quad though!
    MB x

  17. Sigh~ the bee motif is so adorable. I want it all!

  18. Nicole

    The Or Imperial bottle is so gorgeous!

  19. Cathy

    It’s all gorgeous,but I’m almost 49 and have yet to purchase anything from a high end makeup line!!

  20. demosthenesval7

    wow love the packaging!! definitely checking this collection out as soon as we get in at work

  21. Eileen

    Everything looks exquisitely beautiful … the makeup and the packaging. I just love Guerlain products anyway and their holiday collections are even more deluxe! Must check these out!

  22. L1onQueen

    OMG Christine that pallet is Beeyootiful! I’m a fiend for purples so I could justify this purchase. It would be my first Guerlain anything.

  23. Miss Silver

    The packaging itself is a work of art. Maybe when I land a job as a worldwide famous author will I splurge on these. 😀

  24. Emily

    Christine, do you have a definite release date for these?

    • Guerlain does not give out any specific dates, just October – from what I’ve been told by counters, they put it out when they receive their shipment.

  25. Amanda

    I need the eyeshadow palette.

  26. Ekaterina

    I’m going to buy only meteorites for my collection :)

  27. Giagiaja

    Just placed my order with my SA-“Tee” at Guerlain Boutique Palazzo. I bought eyeshadow and Radiant Powder in bee bottle. They have got everything in yesterday.
    I can’t wait for my package.

  28. Sarah

    really cute buy so expensive! :(

  29. Alison

    WOW these look pretty…

  30. markeesi

    I love the look of this palette. Luckily I have dupes for everything else but the gold, and I’ll find that gold somewhere. Money saved..

    Still, it’s very pretty and I like new Guerlain e/s palettes, better quality than the old ones..

  31. it looks all so elegant, i want the pressed powder, e/s quad and that beautiful gold bottle but dont think the wallet is gonna allow it! :(

  32. Elly

    Hi Christine! I love your website! Do you know when this collection will be available in Italy? Because it’s amazing!!!

  33. Jennifer

    I caved and bought the shimmering face and body powder-totally useless for my lifestyle, but the bee bottle was too irresistible! I also bought the rouge imperial lipstick-a beautiful shade that will get lots of use. I disagee with the vibrant dark red description. It’s more of a medium rosy red on me-MAC NW25.

  34. Toni

    Hi Christine! Have you seen these babies yet? Saw these at Nordy and absolutely loved the collection. I couldn’t resist the new Rouge G Brilliant in Bee, but I was able to restrain myself from picking up the shadows. Do you have any dupes you can recommend for the shadows? Otherwise, I might have to give in, LOL.

  35. Cheyenne

    Wow I love the photography in this and the packaging always impresses me from Guerlain. O_o just the price makes me skeptical.

  36. Titus

    Just got the Guerlain Poudre d’Or Sublimatrice, in the bee-bottle! I’m a HUGE fan of Guerlain from skin care to make up and this is just another luxurious product that makes my skin look amazing…sprays a fine mist of elegantly scented gold shimmer.