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Guerlain Cherry Blossom Collection for Spring 2010

Spring Preview: Guerlain Cherry Blossom Collection for Spring 2010

This spring, Guerlain brings us Cherry Blossom, a collection filled with an elegant eyeshadow quartet, a Cherry Blossom blush, Voyage Pressed Meterorites, and Insolence Blooming Perfume.  We’ll also see a new two lip products this spring:  Rouge G de Guerlain Le Brilliant and KissKiss Strass.  It’s available mid-January 2010.

“A new season, a new story and, as always, our heroine Natalia. A chameleon star who gracefully lends her face to the four seasons. This spring will be fresh, even more luminous and more tender than ever. It’s “la vie en rose” with an Asian twist! Because I drew from the colours, tones and softness of the Far East to evoke “Cherry Blossom”.

  • Blush Éclat – 07 Cherry Blossom ($49.00)
  • Ombre Éclat 4 Couleurs – 408 Jeu d’Ombrelles ($59.00)
  • Météorites Voyage Exceptional Pressed Powder – 01 Mythic
  • Insolence Blooming edition

Rouge G de Guerlain Le Brilliant

Luxury, design and absolute seduction. Since its creation in 2009, Rouge G has been all this at once. An impulsion of sophistication. A compulsion of glamour. An irresistible and irreplaceable must-have now and forever. Rouge G lives in its time and the saga continues. Today, it drapes itself in light shine that unites true chic and deceptive naturalness, richness and radiance, beauty and comfort.

  • Nudes: Blondie (B01), Barbara (B02), Bridget (B03)
  • Reds: Berry (B20), Bianca (B21)
  • Pinks: Beatrix (B60), Brenda (B61), Betsy (B62), Bella (B63)
  • Oranges: Brit (B40)

KissKiss Strass

First, a crystalline texture, obtained by the inset of pure crystal beads to intensify and multiply the interplays of mother-of-pearl and colours. The secret behind its scintillating effects is the blend of three different types of mother-of-pear l, carefully mixed to create the illusion of multi-shimmering shine, like a river of rhinestones on the lips. Transparent mother-of-pear l enhances the base shade and gives depth and texture to lipstick. Transparent mother-of-pearl with coloured reflections plays with multidimensional effects. Finally, coloured mother-of-pear l projects even more intense reflections. Lips are beautified with multiple sparkling effects, like an array of sumptuous fabrics adorned with shimmering coloured stones.

  • Red Golds: Rouge Taffetas (320), Rouge Broderie (321), Cuivre Drape (322)
  • Yellow Golds: Beige Mousseline (340), Brun Parure (341), Orange Sequin (342), Brun Satin (343)
  • Pink Golds: Rose Perle (360), Rose Strass (361), Corail Dentelle (362)

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Guerlain Cherry Blossom Collection for Spring 2010

Guerlain Cherry Blossom Collection for Spring 2010

Guerlain Cherry Blossom Collection for Spring 2010

Guerlain Cherry Blossom Collection for Spring 2010

Guerlain Cherry Blossom Collection for Spring 2010

Guerlain Cherry Blossom Collection for Spring 2010

Guerlain Cherry Blossom Collection for Spring 2010

Guerlain Rouge G de Guerlain Le Brilliant Collection for Spring 2010

Guerlain Rouge G de Guerlain Le Brilliant Collection for Spring 2010

Guerlain KissKiss Strass Collection for Spring 2010

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43 thoughts on “Guerlain Cherry Blossom Collection for Spring 2010

  1. Faith

    I don’t like it when eyeshadows have prints and patterns like that in the pan. Sure, it’s stunning now, but how’s it going to look after a couple uses? I think it’s nothing but an unfair marketing tool.

    • Iya

      you are right, and its very difficult to get to that one colour u wanna wear. I got one of those (YSL 2006) and never managed to use it properly as the patterns are very close to wach other; the only way of using it is by mixing all colours together

      • joolz2u

        Thanks for posting that. I definitely will pass on the e/s palette but that blush! Wow, “need to have”!

  2. Miss_Silk

    omg….OMG SAKURA!!!! Cherry Blossom is Sakura in Japanese….omg they already got me at Cherry Blossom! soo pretty TT I will look forward to this!

    • Haylie

      I know! I love Japanese Cherry Blossoms! I might just pick up something from this collection because of it’s name.

  3. Jeye

    What a tease! I’m still trying to get my goodies from the holiday collection and now cherry blossoms? They are my favorite! I think I will end up getting everything except the voyage meteroites and the perfume.. unless it smells reall really good.

  4. Valerie

    The Cherry Blossom blush look awesome!!!! I will have to put my hand on it! I have to aggreed with faith the patterns on the eyeshadows is weird never tested those but I’m not sure what it suppose to do. a grey with pink highlight?

  5. Stephanie

    that is too cute! I don’t think I’d used them though cause I’d be afraid to ruin the pattern

  6. Everything is adorable.

  7. Anitacska

    So pretty! Want it all! Plus Insolence is one of my favourite fragrances (I’m wearing it now). :)

  8. Lorna

    I LOVE sakura. however, i am not going to buy an eyeshadow compact i will never be able to use because i am afraid of messing up the beautiful pattern on it. i would have liked to try the e/s compact but… no.

  9. Alexandra

    I’m seriously considering buying the e/s and the blush just to watch at it. I don’t even think I would dare to touch it

  10. ElleryAllison

    This collection is definately more about packaging than the actual product.

  11. Jenny

    Seriously crushing on the blush. I’d love it and use it. The eyeshadow patterns intimidate me – I’m still trying to get solid colors working >.<

  12. amy

    The packaging is gorgeous as always from Guerlain. I love the blush!

  13. Janine

    It all looks gorgeous! I’m a sucker for beautiful packaging -I MUST HAVE!

  14. tofupoo

    those patters are too cute for words! i dont mind mixing colors a little so that doesnt bother me. i cant wait! spring collections are the best!

  15. glitter princes

    blush looks beautiful

  16. Sarah M

    I don’t know if this is an appropriate word to use but this collection looks really “cute”. :-) I don’t use many Guerlain products… perhaps because I find it a little expensive but I’m trying to be a little more experimental so I might check out some of this stuff when its available. x

  17. Well I’ve already found out about this one few weeks ago. It looks pretty to me :)

  18. aradhana

    i don’t generally go for products with designs pressed into the powder, but in any case, i thought the colours are meant to kind of blend together to give the ‘intended’ finished shade?

    anyway, i think if i were feeling flush, this is one collection i would probably consider purchasing from the point of view of collector’s item since the design on the palettes is so nice!

  19. Wow, that eyeshadow and that blush are just gorgeous! Like Faith, I don’t know how well they’ll stay pretty with use, but hopefully they actually look as amazing on your eyelids as they do in the compact!

  20. joolz2u

    The lippie isn’t pictured but I love it. I wonder what it is?

  21. Ali

    So pretty! I wish I had a counter near me so I could test them before I buy. I’m curious as to how the e/s palette would swatch. The blush is gorgeous, so I’ll definitely be picking that up. All these spring collections are so exciting!

  22. Alice

    AHH I want all!! So prettty, can’t wait to see the swatches.

  23. Ruth


  24. Faye

    And of course they talk about everything except what I want to hear about — the lip products! That lipstick color is gorgeous on Natalia and my coloring is very similar to hers.

  25. Dorie

    I couldn’t buy these because they simply look too beautiful to use. If I did buy them, they would just stay on my vanity as decorations. =)

  26. Bridgette

    The eyeshadow quad and blush looks beautiful but something that I would buy as a collectable.

  27. those patterns are completely out of control!

  28. Myna

    Would like to have the blush and the palette for a collection. They are so gorgeous

  29. igswonderworld

    I have to say: these look INSANELY cute!!!!!!!!! But I agree with people, the patterns are an unfair marketing element.. In any way that blush is sorta winking at me. :)))

  30. verrry pretty, patterns aren’t too good for eyeshadows though. the blush is sooo pretty though, amazing!

  31. AnGeLwInGz

    The blush looks superb. The eyeshadow quad looks pretty but it seems like you would maybe only get a light pink and a plum out of 4 colors no matter how you mix/match them.

  32. Andrea

    Can you get swatches of these eyeshadows yet?

  33. Anitacska

    I completely missed the pictures and details of the lipsticks, will definitely get some of those! :)
    Got the blush, eyeshadows, voyage powder and perfume, bit disappointed to see that the blush and eyeshadows are in a plain black case, I was expecting some details on them, but the inside’s very pretty. :) Haven’t dared touch them yet though. :)

  34. are they going to be launched at Sephora?