Wednesday, June 17th, 2009

Temptalia Gives Away MAC Buzz Lipglass!

We’re giving away one (1) MAC Buzz Lipglass, from the limited edition Naked Honey Collection. Submit your entry by leaving a comment in this post and telling us what you’re currently buzzin’ over.

All entries must be submitted by June 22nd, 2009 at 11:59 PM PST. This contest is open to all readers as pursuant to your local state/country’s laws. Winner will be chosen randomly and notified via e-mail. This post will be updated with “winner chosen” when one has been chosen.

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272 thoughts on “Giveaway: Win MAC Buzz Lipglass!

  1. inuchan

    Currently buzzing over and out about the fact that there are some La Mer products displayed in exclusivity in my local beauty shop!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I really will try and get a sample, as I am sincerely curious about this product!

    voilà :)

    twitter @inuchan77

  2. S M

    I’d love to try this l/g. I’ve yet to get anything from this collection!

    Twitter @ Shayyme

  3. Eleanor

    I am currently bizzing over the new Colour Craft Collection by MAC coming out in July. The pics look amazing. I cannot wait.

    Twitter: elegitts

  4. Jessie

    I am buzzing over soon making a trip to Sephora and getting the orgasm/laguna duo!!! Also, I am buzzing over getting my 25% off order from MAC!
    I am also an RSS Subscriber! :)

  5. Nathalie

    I’m buzzing over going to the Mac counter on Friday! Yay!

    twitter: salemorveuse

  6. Melpomene

    I’m currently buzzin’ over the fact that my birthday is on Saturday, and I get to be Queen Bee for a day, and even though I’m not getting a lot, I’m excited to spend the day with my hive. =)

  7. buzzing over the mac friends and family discount! whooooo hooo!!!!

  8. Stephanie

    I’m buzzing over MSF they’re awesome. Would love to win!

  9. Nadine

    I’m buzzing over bronzers! I’ve never used them before and they are so perfect for a summer glow!

  10. I’m buzzin’ over buckwheat eyeshadow! I can’t wait to get my grubby paws on the order I placed online!

    twitter: dreamstela

  11. Delia Lupan

    I’m buzzing over the Color Craft collection, it seems huuuge!

  12. Rebecca

    I am currently buzzing over Colour Craft. I cannot wait to see the collection IRL.

  13. Lingping

    I’m buzzing over summer holiday starting next week! It’ll be so good! Some new lipglass would go very nicely with it :)

  14. Cynthia

    Totally buzzing over Ravishing lipstick!!

  15. Evelyne Vicca

    I’m currently buzzing over blushes! I have bought so many of them lately :)

  16. mLacey464

    I’m currently buzzing over my MAC order I placed last night with the F&F discount!!!! So excited.

    I’d love to win!! : )

    Twitter- mlacey464

  17. amanda

    I’m currently buzzing over MAC F&F!
    Twitter: bankypie

  18. Vix

    I’d love to win because no F&F discount over here and I’ve had to put myself on a no-buy =[ No naked honey for me =/

    Twitter: xinconspicuous
    RSS Subbed

  19. Gail

    Buzzing over to the MAC counter

  20. Aubree

    This is gonna be nerdy, but i’m currently buzzin over the new sims 3 game. 😀

    Twitter: breezyh
    I’m subbed as well.

  21. Sharon

    I’m currently buzzing over my new cook book…

    Twitter: Neshumke

  22. jade

    I’m buzzing over lush love lettuce face mask makes my face feel wonderful. Twitter: makmipurfekt. Sub to RSS TOO

  23. Estefania

    i’m buzzing over life!!!

    twitter: estefafernandez
    rss subbed

  24. Twitter: xLauraSusanne
    RSS Subscribed

    Im currently buzzing over the mac graphic garden collection! I want the Look in a Book, Sweet Teas!: )

  25. Sabrina Saffer

    I am super excited about the MAC sale and for my order to come. I may order more. I’m not sure.

  26. sej

    I am buzzin over the MAC F&F sale!!! Discounts on makeup always give me a buzz@ RSS and twitter: Itzastar

  27. Nicky

    Currently buzzing over summer in NYC – although it’s a bit too much on the cool side for my taste!

  28. Melissa c

    I’m buzzing over color craft lipglasses!

    I’m also RSS subbed

  29. Alisa

    I’m buzzing over the new MAC summer collections. Gotta start saving!

    Twitter – @poppysmum

  30. I’d love Buzz lipgloss

    my twitter: @writeserengeti

  31. I am buzzing over my new obsession with MAC makeup (and makeup in general!). Bought my first MAC palette (Shadowy Lady) a few weeks ago and am now obsessed! I’m also buzzing over the fact that it’s almost the weekend! :)

    Twitter: cupidgirl21483 (just started following Temptalia!)
    Just subscribed to your e-mail RSS (as well as added you to my Google reader!).

  32. Halifax

    I’m buzzing over what to get from MAC sale

    Email subscriber
    Twitter follower (juan_hurrican)

  33. Ashley

    MAC Friends & Family… woot woot! :)

  34. hazel

    I’m buzzing about going out with my friends to the city tonight!

  35. apfelwinter

    I’d like to win. It seem to be a matching color to me. And i like honey^^
    twitter: fox_glove, +RSS

  36. helena

    buzzing over the mac F and F sale! I save almost 50% compared to buying stuff at local counters!

  37. HoneyBrown1976

    I’m buzzing over my family’s plans for Fourth of July – a much needed vacation!

    Twitter: honeybrown1976

  38. Karyn

    I’m buzzing over the new dazzleglasses due out soon! HUGE fan of those omg.

    Twitter name is kalmia :)

  39. Nina

    I’m buzzing over the tons of packages I’m expecting!

    twitter: nina0205
    email subscriber

  40. binky

    I’m buzzing on achieveing a Chalean Extreme body!
    RSS subscriber and twitter: binkslink

  41. Marta

    I am buzzing over my MAC order with the 25 % discount.

    Twitter martaale


  42. Vanessa

    I’m buzzing over the (one too many) online orders I made in the last few days. F&F package arrives thurs!!
    Twitter: mvqiao

  43. Jennifer

    I’ve been buzzed about this lipglass since I saw you swatch it on your lips – very pretty. I’m so bored and disheartened with my job now, I could use a good buzz!

  44. I am currently buzzing over the proposed new DazzleCream liplasses from Mac in an upcoming collection with pearl sheen and creamy texture. I love lip products and I definitely want to try it out!

    twitter: meeksies
    google reader subscriber

  45. Patricia Bertola

    I’d love to try this!

  46. G

    Buzzing over the the Nordie’s Mac counter – double points starts Friday.

  47. KrisBliss

    Right now, I am buzzing over the whole Naked Honey collection. I love the scents and the colors and I want it all! Plus, the whole collection of color for the lips sparkles and I am ALWAYS buzzing about Glitter!!

  48. Janice

    I am currently bizzing over the new Colour Craft Collection by MAC coming out in July.

  49. heidipena

    Buzzing over the girls I’ve met thru YT and the international swap I’m doing with kelanjo19!

  50. chris

    I’m buzzing over the new colour craft collection pics you just posted!
    twitter: chrissyclass
    Rss subscriber

  51. cloudburst

    Buzzing about gelato & frozen yogurt, seriously can’t get enough now that the weather is warm! Twitter: thespell.

  52. Taylor

    I’m buzzing over being done with my summer classes tomorrow and finally getting a job!

    Twitter: TayLaNYC

  53. Currently buzzing over the colour craft collection pics as well! SO EXCITED for the new mineralized blushes. 😀

    twitter: belletrist9

  54. Me? I am actually buzzing over any giveaway, lol :p no, seriously. haha…

    I am always buzzing over blush on and lipgloss 😉

  55. Marta

    buzzing over the end of the exams and beginning of holidays – yay! :)

  56. Jennifer

    I am buzzing over the special deluxe sizes at Origins.

    twitter: lynxkitty6

  57. Star109

    I’m buzzing over summer holiday starting soon !

  58. Sarahnade

    im buzzzzzzzzing over my recent Haute Look purchase i just got in the mail yesterday (thanks for the invite) – Smashbox Fusion Body Bronzing Set :)
    it would go purrrrfect with the Buzz Lipglass!

  59. egon

    I’m buzzing over MAC Style Warrior Solar Bits :)

  60. Mari

    I’m currently buzzing over the new colour craft collection!

  61. Sandy

    I’m buzzing over the Stila Charmed palette for $10 at Sephora! Nooooooooo…I don’t need it, but since when has that stopped me?

  62. Mari

    I’m buzzing over MAC f&f discount!

  63. Mari

    I’m buzzing over nordies MAC exclusives!

  64. oh, and twitter: tiarapurnomo :)

  65. MC

    The new palette from Coastal Scents (88 warm)! Looks like a great deal!

  66. lilac.cupcake

    I’m buzzing over the whole naked honey collection … LOVE IT!

  67. landwhale

    I’m buzzin over the big MAC sale of course. I also got my Bobbi Brown order in. Very nice indeed. I had always put off the brand before but i found a very nice lipgloss. Her creme liners are also pretty good.


  68. Cindy

    I’m buzzing over Colour Craft !!!!
    Twitter: Cindyyyyyyyy

  69. Kathleena

    I am currently buzzing over all the lipglosses from Style Warrior and Naked Honey. I just put in an order and I cannot wait till they come so I can get that dewey look for the summer.

  70. Anne

    I’m buzzing over the Color Craft collection! Looks nice!
    Twitter: anne2112

  71. Nicole15

    I’m buzzing over all the fun makeup I have ordered online over the past week!!

  72. ames

    I’m buzzin about a lot of things lol. bzzzzzzzzzzz… the weekend and that mega order from the MAC F&F 😉

  73. Vicky

    I’m buzzin’ over the fact that h&m is going to have a collection with jimmy choo

  74. Amanda

    Buzzing about Mac F&F sale! Twitter name ahensley0024

  75. Felicia

    Buzzing over MAC Constructivist paint pot. LURVE the color. XD

  76. Katherine

    currently buzzing over my new naked honey salve! awesome!
    twitter: ceribella3
    RSS subscriber

  77. Christina

    I am buzzin right now about my myth lipstick from mac and the rush beauty lip gloss from VS. 😀

  78. Ophelia

    i’m also buzzing over the colour craft collection! subscribed!

  79. Jennifer

    I am currently buzzing over the foundation, concealer and lipstick I got from the MAC sale yesterday!

  80. Christina

    I am buzzin right now about my myth lipstick from mac and the rush beauty lip gloss from VS. 😀

    twitter: makeupaddict18

  81. Kella

    I’m currently buzzing over this MAC sale – trying to figure out what to get! I better decide soon! I’m subscribed to your RSS and TWITTER: Kella86 :)

  82. Jen

    I would love to win this color, I am currently buzzing all over the Naked Honey Collection!
    Twitter: Jenny53072

  83. nanakkii

    im buzz’n over finishing school off, and relaxing for the first time since last year.
    id love to win this!
    rss subscriber

  84. kimmy

    i’m buzzin about wicked in sf!
    twitter: kimmy_kouture

  85. Cindy K.

    I’m buzzing over the nude lips.

  86. jtxy

    Currently buzzing over trying to get the perfect bag – so hard to find one! Makeup-wise, it’s probably silica powder – can’t get enough of how mattifying and flattering this is!

  87. Paulien

    Buzzing over the 10 MUFE products I’m gonna get for free!!
    Twitter; Paulienbrouwers

  88. Michelle

    I’m buzzing over finishing my master thesis…

  89. Venessa

    i’m buzzin’ over the colour craft collection! just a couple more weeks away :)

  90. My-Linh

    I am buzzing over finding a 181 brush at my local Cosmetics Company Outlet! It sold out during the last F&F sale and the 182 is too big for my face. I am also loving the Dame Edna Possum Nose Pink lipglass on me. Such a pretty color and I’m C4 as a reference. I just peeled off the red glasses and it’s good to go! Also stoked that I found another one at the CCO as well. :)

    Twitter: my_linh and already an RSS subscriber

  91. amy

    Currently buzzing over Bobbi Brown Luminous Foundation! It’s so light and moisturizing, feels like I have nothing on. Perfect for summer.

    Following you on twitter. Twitter name :amynaree

  92. Cheyenne

    MAC F&F!!!
    Twitter: Cuppincake

  93. gio

    I’m currently buzzing over the color craft collection, it looks gorgeous!

    twitter: beautywithbrain

  94. Katya

    im buzzing about all the mac collections that will be coming out this summer and fall, and ofcorse about how broke i am …
    rss – subscriber

  95. Apart from Buzz, Im buzzing over Burtz Beez Zuper Zhiny lip gloss- ok, it isnt any ‘z’s in that but I thought I would be funny. And I love the B.B. gloss actually- its really smooth on the lips and it smells and tastes great.

    Twitter: aspiesinnet
    RSS subscriber

  96. i’m currently buzzing over japanese hime nails!

  97. Ashley

    I am currently buzzing over blushes

  98. Tiff

    I’m buzzing over anything honey (no lie, this obessession comes in before I heard of Naked Honey!) and lemon! Lemon everything!

  99. Jay

    I’m buzzing over Lush’s Tea Tree Water!

    Twitter: JayHonee

  100. Amelia

    i’m buzing over my new konad nail kit =)