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Giorgio Armani Transluminence Eye Palette
Giorgio Armani Transluminence Eye Palette

Giorgio Armani Transluminence Eye Palette

Giorgio Armani Transluminence Eye Palette ($58.00 for 0.07 oz.) is new and limited edition from the brand’s Transluminence Collection. It includes four shades of eyeshadow, all of which can be used wet or dry.

It includes a blue-based violet purple with a satiny sheen; jewe-toned teal with a semi-frost finish; grayed white-beige with a soft satin sheen; and a soft black with satin sheen. The finishes of these eyeshadows were more satiny–a soft sheen, not too frosted, and less obvious shimmer. The violet shade was the only one that appeared a touch sheer, while the other three were silky smooth with nice color intensity. I thought the teal was particularly stunning–it’s exactly teal.

I found these eyeshadows to work similarly whether used wet or dry–I didn’t notice a major difference in pigmentation or saturation when used wet. I used the palette on its own over NARS Smudgeproof Eyeshadow Base, and it was blendable and none of the colors lost their vibrancy when layered and blended in a look. I’m bummed by the lack of product you get in the compact, though–it doesn’t seem tiny by any means, but once you look at the weight, it’s a different story.

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  • Product: 28/30
  • Value: 6/10
  • Ease of Use: 4/5
  • Packaging: 4/5

FINAL THOUGHTS: I’m a sucker for jewel-tones, so I love the way this palette looks together. All four shades coordinate well and can be used together in an assortment of ways, which is nice. It is a cooler-toned palette, but jewel-tones always look lovely on warmer skin tones, despite their often cooler appearance.  The lack of product in it, however, does bring down the overall grade in a noteworthy way.

WHERE TO BUY: Nordstrom

See more photos & swatches!

Giorgio Armani Transluminence Eye Palette
Giorgio Armani Transluminence Eye Palette

Giorgio Armani Transluminence Eye Palette
Giorgio Armani Transluminence Eye Palette

Giorgio Armani Transluminence Eye Palette
Giorgio Armani Transluminence Eye Palette

Giorgio Armani Transluminence Eye Palette
Giorgio Armani Transluminence Eye Palette (All dry)

Giorgio Armani Transluminence Eye Palette
Just playing with the shadows — unfinished look

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Where can I purchase Transluminence? How much is it?

Nordstrom, $58.

Is it limited edition?


Any dupes?

For the purple, try MAC Violet pigment. For the teal, try MAC Teal pigment. For the beige, try NARS Sandra. For the black, try MAC Carbon or NARS Night Breed.

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27 thoughts on “Giorgio Armani Transluminence Eye Palette Review, Photos, Swatches

  1. Gosh, I love GA God knwos – but they are making literally fun of their customers. We did not get the x-mas look (is still to come, if ever) and you neraly never get the desired products, because they are sold out.
    I will pass this anyway – too much trouble to get my hands on it. Not worth the time, the waiting and the phone calls. A shame.

    Otherwise I still dig GA but I have to admit the pans are tiny because i used one quad in less then one year and I have several different palettes I also use. Not much product for your money, but the quakity and the colours are great.

  2. anonymous

    looks beautiful on. I think it would have been nice if they’d done the purple larger and the white small (thinking highlighter) since we all have plenty of black & white shadows but thinking of it as the lid shade on a quad I can see why they’d do less. teals always look so pretty on you & you can carry of olives & khakis (I can’t). did you ever see/review/own the Duwop peacock palette? seems like you’d love the shades based on the colors you use in eye looks. Too bad the prices are so high but not surprising for Armani really.

  3. I thought it looks kind of similar with the look you had with the shadows from MAC Peacocky collection? Only the color from MAC ones were better, IMO.

  4. This whole set honestly looks exactly like Stila’s After Hours eyeshadow trio (and then add a white shadow) to me. It came in the Barbie set which is why I have it. The color payoff was really great, very similar to your swatches. Just an idea for people who can’t afford $58, but can afford $20 and already have a white in their collection anyway.

    • zoe77

      thats exactly what i thought – that its so similar to the stila trio. for people thinking about it; get the stila one!! its much more affordable, and the quality is great.

  5. Lulee

    the colors are definitely pretty however the quantity is so pitiful!

  6. Rae

    Oh my god, this looks INCREDIBLE! (The price is incredible too, but, um…. in a bad way.) 😛

  7. Ashley

    i love the look… i think i’m gonna do it for my friend’s prom makeup.. her dress is teal

  8. stephanie

    this reminds me of one of those stila eyeshadow trios. i think its called after hours?

  9. 2g each eyeshadow or all four of them? O_o

  10. Tiffany T

    this reminds me of one of the shadows in the Stila Barbie Palette…

  11. Quinctia

    I’ve only been following this blog for about six months, but I’m seeing a pattern. White/black copout. Bigger eyeshadow sets (that Stila color wheel, an UD book of shadows, etc) almost have to include staples such as white and black, so I don’t include them in this.

    Something as small as a quad should be able to come up with more color assortment than that and still keep the theme. It seems like they’ll have a couple great colors, and then they’ll throw in a white or a black. This one’s got both. Unless you’re putting out a monochrome quad, it just seems like creative laziness plus a way to sell the same white and black shadow umpteen times.

    A very light seafoam green and a blackened violet in this set would’ve provided the same variety in light/dark and would’ve provided a couple more distinct colors.

    • Just food for thought, though – not everybody buys every palette that comes out and perhaps they need shades that you have many of but they have few of :)

  12. CeeBee

    The colours looks lovely but I hate, HATE quads that have those graduated pans with smaller amounts on the end ones – I want equal amounts of each shade!

  13. Angelica

    Love the jewel tones. This reminds me of the Tarina Tarantino Starchild Odyssey Palette that is available at Sephora for $20.

  14. muffingrl

    reminds me of a stila trio that originally came out with the barbie palette.

  15. ivana

    Temptalia……you are the best !!!!!!!

  16. Kristina

    I really love that you have given us an “eye swatch”. It helps translates the arm swatch to better glean the use of the palettes, colours, etc.

    Great job Chris!

  17. These are gorgeous colours. I’ve never had any of the GA palettes but I have been interested in a few of the colour combination. The pans are very small though and I’ve heard they can be awkward to pick up on a brush.

  18. Alegna

    The eyeshadows look like any other eyeshadows. Just another overpriced ‘name brand’ eyeshadow. The design is even old and used. Versace and Armani is making a killing off of these “totally dupe” eyeshadows. What a joke.

  19. sensina

    Please lipsticks swatches!!!!Thank you for the swatches!!!