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Giorgio Armani Effetto Nudo Collection for Spring 2014
Giorgio Armani Effetto Nudo Collection for Spring 2014

The Giorgio Armani Privé Fall Winter 2013/2014 Paris show marked the return of a central theme in the Maestro’s work: Nude. More than just a shade, the make-up look interpreted by Linda Cantello for “Nudo” is an evanescent color philosophy that goes back to 30s elegance with a touch of Hollywood glamour. After introducing it in fashion and cosmetics, Giorgio Armani now innovates with a “peau d’ange” nude, translucent, luminous, feminine and glamorous, reinvented in modern romanticism.

EFFETTO NUDO unveils this neo-nude by Armani… shimmering with elusive shades. The Maestro alone holds their secret. A subtle balance of undefinable tones between shade and light, cold and warm.

Belladonna Highlighter Palette ($88.00) (Limited Edition)

The emblematic EFFETTO NUDO palette is an unprecedented, universal illuminating powder. Its shade and texture deliver pure, nude, virtually bare light, for an evanescent “peau d’ange” effect of infinite finesse. The powder features micropearl technology, printed in an ultra fine flower pattern. The new gel-based formula is prepared using a cold-cast technique and melds immediately with its case, for a feel between powder and cream. A texture that is both dense and incredibly light. The pattern designed in the powder is inspired by a flower with light, subtle petals, like romantic, feminine, enigmatic tulle fabric. The powder is applied to the face and décolleté or as an eyeshadow. Linda Cantello used it in the “Nudo” show to halo the eyes with soft, velvety light.

Fluid Sheer in Sculpting Light ($62.00) (Limited Edition)

The Giorgio Armani Beauty innovation Fluid Sheer Radiant Pigment, enriched with kaleidoscopic pearls, is used to enhance the complexion on the cheekbones, or to blend with foundation for a warmed and radiant complexion or as an eyeshadow primer. The color effect travels from pink to gold depending on the angle of the light, for a sculpting, luminous effect. The new shade #13 is translucent and universal, bringing to the complexion a soft, delicately pink radiance and a healthy glow.

Smooth Silk Eye Pencil ($29.00)

Like the black feather necklace seen at the Armani Privé show, Smooth Silk Eye Pencils contrasts to magnify the Effetto Nudo. The navy blue (#1), chestnut (#10) and brown (#11) accentuate the NUDO effect by playing on contrasts. Their lines structure this evanescent make-up look.

  • #1 Navy blue (Limited Edition)
  • #10 Chestnut (Limited Edition)
  • #11 Brown (Limited Edition)

Flash Lacquer ($29.00)

  • #314 Coral (Limited Edition)
  • #514 Pink (Limited Edition)
  • #614 Plum (Limited Edition)

Rouge d’Armani Sheer ($32.00)

  • #314 Coral (Limited Edition)
  • #514 Pink (Limited Edition)
  • #614 Plum (Limited Edition)

Availability: January 2014 at and Giorgio Armani counters

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Giorgio Armani Effetto Nudo Collection for Spring 2014
Giorgio Armani Effetto Nudo Collection for Spring 2014

Giorgio Armani Effetto Nudo Collection for Spring 2014
Giorgio Armani Effetto Nudo Collection for Spring 2014

Giorgio Armani Effetto Nudo Collection for Spring 2014
Giorgio Armani Effetto Nudo Collection for Spring 2014

Giorgio Armani Effetto Nudo Collection for Spring 2014
Giorgio Armani Effetto Nudo Collection for Spring 2014

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13 thoughts on “Giorgio Armani Effetto Nudo Collection for Spring 2014

  1. I’m seriously freaking out right now at all this gorgeousness. I’m SO SO SO excited! Armani is already one of my favorite brands and I love nothing more than nude-toned makeup so really, this collection was MADE for me! Also loving the new Rouge d’Armani Sheer shades since I am very partial to sheer lipsticks and never wear full-coverage. And that highlighter…wow!

  2. annadotorg

    That highlighter makes me want to cry, so gorgeous! xx

  3. that highlighter looks so beautiful but I’ll be curious to see if it’s appreciably better than a whole lot of others I have (for 88 bucks – so maybe 95 CDN – it would really have to be!). I’m not a big fan of nude lips, etc. though – I can get that look by just not wearing makeup (vbg).

  4. Jen

    Wow, that highlighter looks stunning! ox

  5. wendy

    looking at all the spring images that have been coming out, this is my favorite. however, i understand you are suppose to use the highlighting powder for the eyes, i wished that there was another “tier” underneath for some “nude” coordinated shadows. i’m not sure i could carry off this look. and, it looks like her eyes are heavily tightlined which, i can’t do…my eyes are very sensitive. i don’t have an armani counter where i live so i’d have to order this and hope for the best. this kinda reminds me of taking the “nude” color creme shadow from chanel and using that just with a liner which was to “blah” for me. i’m sure a skilled armani artist would be able to create a nice look. i better choose from what’s available where i live. thanks christine for this post! xo.

  6. This collection looks really soft and pretty :-)

    (However…the model looks lovely, but all I could see the first time my eyes hit the picture was the poor woman’s nostrils! I think it’s because they’ve put such a bright light on her face that most of the other details of her nose have been lost…so there are just these two neat little dark holes in the middle of her face…it’s an odd effect!)

  7. abigailod

    My supposed new year’s resolution is slowly fading (already!) because of how gorgeous this collection is!

  8. CeeBee

    None of this is really appealing to me – the model looks dazed, her hair looks like she just rolled out of bed and the eyeliner on her left eye is wonky. Floofy marabou, ugh. Plus the lighting is hella uneven and her neck looks weirdly off centre.

    …and the imprint on that powder is supposed to be a flower? A squashed one maybe, I’m really not seeing it.

    Not to be a total Negative Nelly, but I hope the products are top notch and worth the $$$ but that promotional image is one of the worst I’ve seen in a long time. I expect better from Armani :-(

  9. kellly

    These are gorgeous colors but for my budget, I think I’ll be sticking to the new Maybelline “The Buffs” lip colors!

  10. Looks like it’s a must have collection! Love it!

  11. shelley

    I love Armani!!! I see a few things that I can easily incorporate with my current collection. Might need to perform a purge to make room for all the new stuff.