Monday, May 12th, 2008

How to play: Create color names, descriptions, and even texture/finishes for the four colors shown in the quad to the left!

What I’d call it:

  • Fusion Soft orange-gold with subtle sheen (frost)
  • Antioxidant Intense royal blue with purple pearl (veluxe pearl)
  • Phyto-Pink True medium pink (frost)
  • Botanical Pale green with yellow sheen (satin)

Now, it’s your turn!

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68 thoughts on “Fun & Games: Name Game #001

  1. Becky

    Hotness: Bright blue pink(intense)
    Cheers!: Eye popping royal blue (veluxe pearl)
    Gimme: Light, soft mint green (frost)
    Rich Baby: Orangey gold with bronze shimmer (frost)

    This was fun, should do it more often!

  2. ashley h

    Guava – soft burnt yellow with metallic gold (frost)
    Lagoon – intense true blue with violet irredescence(veluxe pearl)
    Cosmo – bright fuschia with pale pink and purple pearl (frost)
    Seaglass – pale mint with white pearl (veluxe pearl)


  3. Sharonda.

    First I would call this palette – Young, Fresh & New!

    Sandcastle – Hot yellow gold
    Feminity – Intense hot pink
    Sensuality – Deep royal blue
    Rendezvous – Sheer light green

  4. kobri

    Tanger-queen Tangerine with gold reflects (frost)
    Royal Blues- Deep blue with purple (satin)
    Crown Jewels- Hot fuchsia pink (frost)
    Reigning Money- Soft Green (lustre)

    I agreee this was fun!

  5. Sara

    hmm…i’ll have to think about this

    Candy Lane!

    Mellow Yellow- Bright yellow (Matte2) [so chrome yellow but easier to blend]
    Twitter- Intense blue pink (veluxe pearl)
    Butterball- Pure white with yellow/orange duochrome (frost)
    Tangerine Dream- Bright yellow-orange (Matte2)

    i decided that they were going to make new matte2s because they are amazing and i need some!!

  6. Rebecca

    Are these real colors ? Bc they are gorgeous ! If they aren’t they def. should be !!

    Papaya Maya – intense tangerine with yellow pearl (frost)
    Twilight – deep royal blue with violet (veluze pearl)
    Stiletto – true blue pink with pink and purple shimmer (frost)
    Pistachio – Sheer mint green with silver reflects (frost)

    this was fun ! please put more of these up =]

  7. I’m silly, so I’m gonna make them all Hills-y

    Whitney – true gold with classy shimmer. (Satin)
    Lauren – a trendy navy with very blue undertones. (Matte2)
    Audrina – a hot rocker pink with a slight peach duochrome sheen. (Veluxe Pearl)
    Heidi – icy mint with pearly peach duochrome. Possibly too much silver glitter for it’s own good. (Lustre)

  8. kellie

    Pumpkin: Soft orange with yellow-gold undertones.

    80’s flashback: Neon pink with blue undertones.

    No moon Nights : Deep midnight blue.

    Key Lime Pie: Soft green with yellow-gold undertones.

  9. Sanayhs

    Fool’s Gold: Warm orange-gold (satin)
    Wham!: Vibrant royal blue (frost)
    Knockout: Heated up bubble gum pink (frost)
    Decoy: Soft pale green with a white sheen (satin)

  10. Jen

    End of the Rainbow – gold
    Sapphire Night – blue
    Sandglass – pale green
    Rock Chic – pink

  11. Amy

    I went with a sunset/sunrise-ish theme, because those colors reminded me of one haha.
    Sunrise- Soft tangerine-gold with yellow pearl (frost)
    Coastline- Bright medium pink with fuchsia undertones (veluxe pearl)
    Midnight Rush- Deep indigo blue with purple reflects (satin)
    Dewwy- Pale sea green with subtle golden shimmer (frost)

  12. Davina

    I’m on a 70s kick lately!

    Hip Hugger-golden poppy shimmer (lustre)
    Atomic-deep ultramarine blue with violet pearl hues (veluxe pearl)
    Hot Stuff-shocking pink with silvery reflects (veluxe pearl)
    Hustle-soft tea green (matte)

    hmm… not quite sure how these finishes would work together! :)

  13. Ariele

    Oooh how fun! :)

    Creamsicle – Tangerine with white-gold duochrome (Veluxe Pearl)
    Dream Machine – Vivid royal blue with periwinkle pearl (Frost)
    Pink Static – Bright magenta with pink iridescent sheen(Veluxe Pearl)
    Key Largo – Frosty yellow-gold with green pearl (Frost)

  14. Theresa

    i just love the name and descriptions everyone came up with!!
    So creative and full of ideas ๐Ÿ˜‰

  15. Haydee R

    Busy Bee- Bright Golden Yellow Frost
    It’s A Girl- 100% Baby Pink Veluxe Pearl
    Cookie Monster- Animal Loving Blue Matte
    Cop Light-Soft Minty Green with a Flash Light of White

    I am new to this site. I would like to say Hello to everyone….HI! Thanks Christine I am learning so much from you. Once you go Mac you never go Back!

    • Aeeee A big HI to u aswell Haydee R,I welcome u to this beautiful world of MAC and Christine and Our luv.Iam old to this blog now i can proudly say that.I hope u enjoy every moment with all of us.I luv ur ‘Once you go Mac you never go Back!’

      In b/w if u wana c me then u can visit the Guest look corner and i will be there,smiling..hehe ๐Ÿ˜€


    • Ohh, fun! I love how there’s a shadow called COOKIE MONSTER! LOL.

  16. Arika BH

    Acrylic or Apron – orange gold
    Free Jazz or Balls – royal blue
    Dots – true pink
    Angel Hair or Cello – pale golden green

    this pallette is so 70’s but gorgeous! imagine all the fun you’d have with this one. it just seems that these colors would be perfect in a 70’s movie wardrobe pallette. we had a refrigerator the same color as that golden orange.

  17. Janis

    How about African inspired colors?

    Sahara Sand – Sandy yellow-orange with gold flecks (Frost)
    Indigo Sky- Intense royal blue with violet pearl(VP)
    Pink Massai- Bright pink (Satin)
    Ivory Coast- Ivory white with seafoam green shimmer (Frost)

  18. Katie

    I am going to do feline related colors!

    Bengal – Intense orange w/ multicolored pearl (Frost)
    Tiger Eye – Clean royal blue (velvet)
    Prrr… – Vivid blue based pink with white pearl (VP)
    Kitten – soft off white with gold pearlized pigments (VP)

    Can you tell I love cats?!? :)

  19. Hey Cristine,

    ‘Luv this new game’

    Sun with dark night=Sun luves night.
    Rock me baby=Cub pink.
    Blue’s r gone=Ink blue’s inn.
    Eye’s a garden=Green’s prosperity!


  20. Briodmun

    OJ – Burnt orange with a golden sparkle
    Night watch – Deep royal blue matte
    Paparazzi – fuschia pink with a pearl frost
    Rebirth – Spring green matte

  21. Jenny

    TangyMs. – rusty yellow orange(frost)
    Rockin’Mermaid – intense deep sea blue (veluxe pearl)
    PinkPunk! – cool pink with silvery pearl (frost)
    $$Mountain – pale grey-green (frost)

    I’ve always wanted to try this!!!

  22. natasha

    my collection is called ….molten hot

    lava love – orange with bronze reflects (VP)
    hot mama – fushia with red glitter (frost)
    flame on – intense blue with orange reflects (VP)
    spark – mint green and cream duochrome with white shimmer (satin)

    damn it, i’d soooo buy this collection!
    and christine, i sooo enjoyed this :)

  23. My palette is Divalicious!

    Solar Flare: Bright orange with gold flecks (Pearl)
    Dazzle Me: Hot pink/red duochrome (Veluxe pearl)
    Jazz It Up: Electric blue with silver sparkle (Satin)
    Garden Of Eden: Pastel green with yellow reflects(Frost)

  24. Vee

    Marigold – Bold & deep golden yellow (Frost)
    Rain Boots – Hot pink (Veluxe Pearl)
    Late Night Rain – Intense navy blue (Satin)
    May Day – Pale green with silver pearl (Veluxe Pearl)

  25. Heather

    Cob – Yellow
    Buttons – Pink
    Guilty – Blue
    Protruding – white

    eh, I don’t feel like describing them ๐Ÿ˜›

  26. Ilianna

    I decided to go for a chemistry theme!

    Kinetic: Soft orange-gold with subtle sheen (frost)
    Equilibrium: Intense royal blue with purple pearl (veluxe pearl)
    Collision: True medium pink (frost)
    Isotope: Pale green with yellow sheen (satin)

  27. pink one; Bubbly
    yellow one; Sparrowgirl
    dark blue one; frisky disco
    white one, suga’ buga’

  28. Nell

    Hell oยดYellow: bright dark yellow with gold pearl (VP)
    Pink Pong: hot fuchsia with blue pearl (VP)
    Purple Reign: rich dark blue with violet duochrome (VP)
    Soft Wasabi: light celery-green with white gold pearl (VP)

    all VPยดs!!!

  29. Danapotter

    Name: Back In Time

    Lemon Drop: Yellow gold with subtle shimmer (Veluxe Pearl)
    Pink Poodle: Bright fuschia with magenta sheen (frost)
    Bloomed Lithadora: Intense purple blue (Matte 2)
    Strobe Light: Sheer yellow green with silver reflects (Veluxe Pearl)

    That was fun! Can you do more? ๐Ÿ˜€

  30. Sphinx’s Feet: golden yellow [lustre]
    Chubby Cupid: bright pink [veluxe pearl]
    Stained Glass: cobalt blue [matte]
    Sugar Slopes: medium white [frost]

  31. kyle

    if i need a title for the for of them it would be call watch out im here bitches

    sun storm – nice worm yellow
    in your face- bright neon pink
    glow – bright / dark bluie with a neon light to it
    icing – nice creamy colour