Friday, June 28th, 2013

Free for Haul Friday

Welcome to Free For Haul Friday!

  • Haul: MAC Tropical Taboo!
  • Weekend plans:  Do some gardening, hang some artwork, clean my office, and brunch! Maybe farmer’s market.
  • What was the last movie you watched?:  The Proposal

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This week’s Mellan photo/video…

This is the death stare Mellan gave me because I was an hour late to feed him (it was a MAC day!).

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85 thoughts on “Free for Haul Friday, Volume #190

  1. Haul: MAC Tropical Taboo Adored, and Milani Baked Blush in 01-Dolce Pink and 08-Corallina. I’m just a fan of MAC’s frost finish Mineralized Blush so these one are not frosty. *_*
    Also got an air condition that works for my small size windows!!!

    Weekend plans: Toronto Cosplay Picnic on Saturday. Bring a basket of Japaneses Candy and chocolate truffles to share. lol Years before I make a family size sushi box.

    What was the last movie you watched?: This is the End!

  2. Sarah

    Haul: Urban Decay 24/7 Liners in Crash, 1999, and Lucky; Lip Junkie in Perversion and Runaway; MAC MSF Lust and MAC Ablaze liner, Urban Decay All Nighter Spray; and I’m hoping to grab the Feminine Palette this weekend because I swatched the colors in Sephora and fell in love!

    Weekend Plans: At the beach on vacation! Gonna drink margaritas and work on my novel.

    Last Movie You Watched: Ocean’s Thirteen.

  3. Haul: Not much – only Essence All About Matt pressed setting/mattifying powder and some liquid hand soaps from Fruits and Passions to keep as hostess/last minute gifts

    Weekend plans: It’s Canada Day weekend; we’re visiting friends for dinner tomorrow (I’m bringing that most wonderful of Canada Day desserts, strawberry shortcake); Sunday we’ll probably visit DD’s new home (we’ve got them a bbq and we want to mulch their garden).

    Last movie: at the theatres, it was probably SkyFall or Quartet (the one with Maggie Smith); we wanted to go to see the new Sandra Bullock film but it’s already stopped playing almost everywhere here; there’s one theatre where it’s still showing but at 10:15 every night! Too late for me! To be honest, there isn’t much in the mainstream theatres that is to my taste or hubby’s! Instead, we’ve been watching Michael Palin’s fascinating travel films.

  4. Woah! That’s quite a stare. 😀

    Haul: Laura Mercier Second Cheek Color in Lotus Pink; MAC Temperature Rising Collection: Eyeshadow Quad in Bare My Soul, Lipglass in Underdressed, Lipsticks in Feel My Pulse and Sheer Seduction, Powder Blush in Ripe for Love, Strobe Liquid Lotion in Golden Elixir.

    Weekend plans: Do some grocery shopping with hubby and the kids tomorrow, brunch on Sunday.

    What was the last movie you watched?: World War Z.

  5. VickyM

    Haul: Givenchy Le Rouge 301 Magnolia Organza, I really love the color and didn´t have anything similar 😀 and the lipstick is gorgeous in general. Maybe I will pick up 204 Rose Boudoir tomorrow if I like the swatch.

    Plans: Tomorrow classes, going out to the Mall, go to run errands.

    Movie: Mean girls (2004) , can you believe I never had watched it before? 😀 I loved the movie it´s very fun and lighthearted.
    Mellan looks positively angry lol

  6. LOL I love Mellan’s death face! My cats would meow, jump up on furniture, and start pushing stuff off! You get away easy!

    Haul: Pai Echium & Argan Gentle Eye Cream, Comfrey & Calendula Calming Body Cream, Bodhi Cacao Cocoon Lip Treatment Balm, Le Metier de Beaute Concealer Brush.

    Weekend plans: Lunch with family tomorrow, and I’ve GOT to start crackin’ on scheduling posts for when I’m on holiday.

    What was the last movie you watched?: I think it’s Iron Man 3!

    • LOL! His first method is to come to me in my chair and he leans his whole face/jaw on my forearm and really presses down. It is not… comfortable, LOL!

  7. Haul: Fyrinnae pressed shadow in Atomic Afterglow, Lip Lustre in Romantique and a bunch of loose samples in golds, greens, browns….I love their shadows.

    I also got Monistat Chafing Relief Powder Gel. I am running out of primer and have heard so much about this and I am excited to try it out!

  8. Haul: Laura Mercier Lip Glace in Bare Blush and Bare Beige, LM Oil-Free Tinted Moisturizer in Mocha
    Weekend plans: Relax poolside, then Sunday picnic at a winery in Malibu
    What was the last movie you watched?: Footloose (The original! My friends and I had an 80s movie day last Sunday. :)

  9. Amanda

    Wasn’t that picture used last week on Facebook? I need my new picture of Mellan fix!

  10. stacey

    Yep. Mellan is mad….doesnt even look like him. At least he didnt butcher his toys. Poor guy.

    • He tried several tactics! First, he came over and leaned his whole face on my arm when I was at my desk, which I ignored. Then he did his death stare. Then he laid down and tried to give me his sad eyes. It is funny – no matter if I feed him at 7am or 9am, he will always look to me for dinner at 5pm!

  11. Mellan has his serious face on…he is not playing!

  12. xamyx

    Haul: A couple of e.l.f. brushes & Sonia Kashuk brushes; an e.l.f. bronzer that I thought might work for contouring, but it’s actually really pretty as a highlighter, as it’s far more pale & shimmery than it looks in the pan (although it layers well with NARS Laguna as a super subtle contour). These were all impulse buys at Target, as I’m still holding out for NARS Fall 2013! I also want to check out Kevyn Aucoin Sculpting & Celestial powders…

    Plans: The “usual” stuff tomorrow, but I have some errands to run in Santa Monica Sunday, and while I’m there, I’ll hit Nordstrom & check out the aforementioned Kevyn Aucoin items, and of course, Sephora, LOL.

    Movie: I hate the smell of movie theatres, so I rarely go, but I did take my daughter to see The Oogieloves last Summer; at home, I *finally* saw Monsters, Inc, in its entirety, all the way through. Every other time I’ve tried to watch it, something always came up, or I turned into it partway through.

    • Well, though it didn’t work for contouring, at least it worked out as a highlighter!

      • xamyx

        It looked so flat & dull in the pan, so I was shocked that it’s actually a pretty gold color! It was only $1, so I took a chance. I figured even if the color turned out to be horrid, I could always layer it with something, and as I said, it tones down Laguna a bit, and makes Laguna a decent contouring shade.

  13. A. Mar

    Haul: Illamasqua Naked Rose and Prada Candy. Two of my favorite items!

    Weekend plans: Farmer’s market (the peaches last week were amazing), quick clean up, getting some writing done and downloading some of my computer games again. Re-installed Windows on my computer this week and now it runs so amazing again.

    What was the last movie you watched?: Went back and watched The Hours (again). I’ve been re-watching movies I love on Netflix recently. It has been a while since I went to a cinema. I intended to go see the new Star Trek but never got around to it! I should still go see it while they have it around me! Always late to the party.

  14. Haul: Nothing! I’m boring. Eyeing two palettes from Make, though (Medieval and Aether).
    Weekend plans: Travelling to the beach house. Lounging at the beach house. Watching many clips of the Daily Show at the beach house.
    Last Movie: The Internship. It was good/okay.

  15. Hehe, I love Mellan’s death stare :-)

    Haul: Nothing, nada, rien, nichts, niks!

    Weekend plans: Moving! And lots of Ikea shopping.

    What was the last movie you watched?: StarTrek II. It was awesome!

  16. Haul: Tarte Lights Camera Flashes. I’m curious if it’s any good as I’ve seen mixed reviews on it. I’m out of town though, so I won’t get to try it ’till next week.
    Weekend plans: We’re out of state on a business trip for 6 days, so I’ll mostly hang out in a hotel room. Boring, but at least it’s a really nice hotel room.
    What was the last movie you watched?: World War Z (loved it)

  17. Lol at Mellan, he ain’t playing either!!
    Haul: Mac Tropical MSF Rio and Lust, Midnight Mambo lipstick, Simmer blush, Heroine lip liner
    and based on your review I picked up Buxom lipstick in Runaway ,I like the moisturizing formula and wear so far but not sure about the color on me yet, Also received Mac Sushi Kiss lipstick in the mail

    Weekend plans: Might checkout World War Z, some decluttering around the house, dinner out with hubby , Check 4th July sales for new desk chair

    Last Movie you watched?: The Quartet from Netflix, I liked it ok B-/C+

  18. Cat G

    Haul: Rimmel Show Off Lip Lacquer in Big Bang and Aurora. They are both really great!!
    Weekend plans:
    What was the last movie you watched?: The Wave (the German version)

  19. Dominique

    Mellan looks very angry, well ^^

  20. yes it is a deth stare indeed, even the toys got a death stare

  21. Nicoco Chanel

    You should NEVER be late for dog feeding time! Haha 😛

    Haul: Witch Blemish Free Pressed Powder. That’s it. I haven’t been out much this week. Though tomorrow I need to pick up another bottle of the L’oreal Cleansing Water and some cotton pads. (Only thing I hate about Cleansing Waters, they finish so quick!)

    Weekend Plans: Book flights to Germany, do work, go shopping. figure out wtf I’m doing with my hair.

    What was the last movie you watched? The Ace Attorney movie!

  22. Rad

    Happy Friday!

    This week I scored Mac tropical taboo: heroine lip liner, midnight mambo lipstick, adored MSF, rio MSF, soft and gentle MSF and simmer blush.

    I also scored an awesome natural pink lipstick by Suqqu, its their summer shade in #3, brow powder and brow marker. I’ve always been impressed with their products!

  23. LOL! It’s always funny to see our pets’ evil eye. I’ve seen a similar look many times from my little pooch. :-)

  24. LOL Mellan is seriously ticked at you. I too am familiar with doggie disdain especially lately with our dogs not quite onto our new program. Not a surprise as I am also struggling with 5:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. milkings and the dogs are not allowed in the barn during these times. They are accustomed to having the whole world revolve around them..spoiled pooches. Today I’ve managed to take the day off with Harald covering my duties so I could catch up on some much needed rest and sleep and I’ve proudly accomplished squat. This was the whole point so why do I feel so guilty?

    Yes, and I actually hauled makeup this week. It’s been a dry month or so. A few pieces from MAC which I am grumbling under my breath about buying. I’ll stop my kvetching as I really do like the Midnight Mambo Mineralize lippie which translates more purple on me due to purplish undertones in my lips. Not at all a dupe of Show Orchid which I was afraid might be the case. My most interesting purchases were palettes of professional HD makeup by Graftobian and RCMA which I picked up from Camera Ready cosmetics. I bought them to gain a better range of colour to more accurately match my skintones. Indeed, I am neither cool nor warm with the Graftobian neutral palette working best. I have two shades I can wear depending on time of year. The coverage is great for times when you want it and yet these cream foundations are shockingly light. I expected them to feel heavy and oily, but am pleasantly surprised. These are not foundations I would necessarily use on a daily basis, but it’s nice to have them. They do lend towards impeccable and flawless coverage and they are so inexpensive!! I also hauled more Rouge Bunny Rouge and purchased a highlighting liquid and some RBR eyeshadows for the first time. The shadows are positively dreamy.. just amazing! Lastly, I hauled a number of cream blushes from Illamasqua and Graftobian. I’m on a cream blush kick and like to start a summer cheek with cream blush followed by a hint of powder. I chose Illamasqua Seduce, Dixie and Rude. Dixie is a personal fav. For Graftobian, I chose Raspberry Wine and Peach blush with Peach being really really lovely on and puts me in mind of a dual purpose product you recently evaluated..and can’t remember the brand/name of…I read reviews typically late at night when my retention isn’t the greatest obviously.

    Long weekend here, but in our world it’s same old same old. We are trying to get the vast majority of excess projects completely during the weekdays so we can kick back a little more on weekends. So far we are under a barrage of things to tidy up/complete and my efforts to become better organized are going to take far longer than my limited amount of patience. I want everything done now and it’s not working out that way. Hope you and Temptalia readers enjoy yours.

    Movie? I’m not much of a movie buff and prefer to watch DVD marathon sessions of television shows over movies. I have the final season of Breaking Bad awaiting my attention and I’m already totally caught up in the new season of AMC’s The Killing.

    • Ahhh! Don’t feel guilty. I hope you overcome the guilt and enjoy your day off :) You know you deserve it!

      I’m happy to hear that Midnight Mango was worth the purchase for you, Wendy!

      My weekend is always the same – whenever there is a holiday or some such, it’s not really any different than every other day, lol!

  25. Haul: Just hauled a couple of Revlon lip butters (Cupcake and Lollipop) and the Physician’s Formula Eye Boosting (etc) e/l in Ultra Black. I’m going to do a Sephora order at the weekend, too.

    Weekend: It’s my dad’s birthday on Sunday. No big plans for it, though.

    Last movie watched: A short documentary on the late British director Derek Jarman.

  26. Anne-Laure

    Haul: Urban Decay 24/7 in psychedelic Sister and Mildew, Sephora baby bleu eye pencil, and MUFE golden aqua liner #1.

    WE plans: sleep, clean up the messy house, and maybye a mortel fun with home made cosmetics…

    Last movie: The Nanny Diaries

  27. Haul: ELF gel eyebrow kit -light, Revlon lip butters -Peach Parfait and Red Velvet, iPhone 4S polka dot case in black and white :)

    Weekend plans: wash clothes, iron clothes, go to Church. Possibly, buy another lip butter. Hehe

    Last movie watched: Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter (coz my hubby was watching it on tv) – on theaters – World War Z

  28. abigailod

    If not for Mellan, I wouldn’t have known Tropical Taboo was out! =)

  29. Montréalaise

    As much as I’m a beauty-product junkie and love your reviews of products, I have to confess that what I love most about your blog is…. the pictures of Mellan. He is adorable and I find myself looking forward to your weekly picture of him.

  30. Amanda

    Haul (Ulta): bareMinerals Matte foundation in Fair, bareMinerals All-Over Face Color in Glee, bareMinerals Well Rested trio (powder, liquid, concealer brush), Benefit 15-hour Primer, Anastasia Brow Wiz in Medium Ash.
    Weekend Plans: unpacking (boo!)
    Last movie I watched: can’t remember
    Christine, I love the Kermit toy for Mellan!

    • I just went to my first Ulta this past weekend! :)

      Mellan is totally partial to Kermit over Marbles for some reason – I think it’s the shape!

  31. I don’t blame Mellan, I don’t like delays with my food!

    Haul: Maybelline color tatoo pure pigments in breaking bronze, improper copper and downtown brown. Comparatively cheap pigments. Looking forward to trying them. Also bought a Hello Kitty silver compact on sale from Sephora. Innocently “stumbled” into Sephora while my car was getting an annual inspection (ha,ha).

    My parents just returned from vacation so I’m driving into my hometown (NYC) to hang out with them Saturday (of course I’m also snooping for gifts).

    Last movie watched: Life of Pi on DVD.

  32. Jennifer

    Haul: Maybelline Great Lash in clear, Maybelline The Rocket mascara, L’oreal Colour Riche Balm in Caramel Comfort
    Weekend Plans: studying (summer class) and hanging out with friends
    Last movie I watched: Man of Steel!

  33. Veronica

    That is the stare of the Unforgiving, that’s for sure! 😀

    Haul: MAC Mineralize Rich lipstick in Dreaminess, MAC Cherry lipliner. My friend and I hit the mall because she wanted to pick up a few things for an Italy trip, and I used it an excuse to cross a few items off my wishlist. :)

    Weekend Plans: Working, studying for entrance exams. (More like having massive anxiety spasms over entrance exams.)

    Last movie you saw? Oh, let me think about this…I don’t generally watch television and more or less boycott most Hollywood films…I think it was probably “Moulin Rouge,” which my roommate wanted to watch because she loves musicals.

  34. Elisa

    Haul: maybelline colour whispers in pin up peach and coral ambition

    Weekend: having friends over for dinner sat. Night

    Movie: monsters university

  35. Alison

    The Proposal was the last movie I watched too, Temptalia! It was on television here in Australia.

  36. Sarah021

    hahahhaah can’t stop laughing at the death stare!! So cute 😀

  37. Rikki

    LOVE the pix :) you have a beautiful pooch!
    Haul: Nothing major this week (yay me!!)- Loreal Voluminous Lash Mascara (refill!). NYX Butter Lip Gloss- dont remember the shade. Bought it because I read so many good things about it. LOVE the smell !
    Weekend plans: Actually have a busy weekend/Monday. Participating in a bike-a-thon on Monday. Driving up to the starting place on Sunday so it’s going to be a full weekend event. Rested up a LOT today (Saturday)
    Last movie: Safe Haven. Love anything by Nicholas Sparks!