Friday, January 18th, 2013

Free for Haul Friday

Welcome to Free For Haul Friday!

  • Haul: A few Revlon and Rimmel lipsticks
  • Weekend plans:  Try and get through all the photos I’ve taken this month!
  • Are you into fashion?:  Not a lot. I like to browse through advertisements and the like, but I wouldn’t say I follow it closely or that I have much of a style myself!

Share your pet photos to the Temptalia Pets flickr group! :)

This week’s Mellan photo/video…

Not that side! That’s my bad side!

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93 thoughts on “Free for Haul Friday, Volume #167

  1. Jamie

    Haha, this is my favorite one so far!

  2. Mirian

    haul: zoya feifei, happi, and jules. Real techniques expert face brush and another shadow brush. MAC 207. MUFE Aquacreme #15, nars smudgeproof backup, koh gen do cleansing water, and fresh soy facial cleanser!

    weekend plans: atlantic city and shopping!

    am i into fashion: i am, but i have a butt and some serious knockers so fashion doesn’t want to fit me.

  3. Mellan is so cute!!!!

  4. Icequeen81

    He look so elegant with that black tuxedo ribbon, Was he going somewhere or was just a pic.

  5. Nicoco Chanel

    Haul: I bought this amazing smelling vanilla and honey body wash from wilkinsons. It’s their own brand one, so it was like… £1.50 for two on offer? And it actually smells like honey! I was over the moon – so many honey scented products have a soft honey smell, but not that proper just opened the jar/bottle smell you get with actual honey.
    … That sounds crazy, but I swear it is amazing.
    Also, I picked up organix shampoo/conditioner/flat iron spray. It’s the straightening one, but I haven’t used it yet – still finishing my current shampoo/conditioner. Smells yummy though.
    And my Illamasqua order came. Betray is, of course, flawless. The cream foundation is so good, and I am so mad at myself for not trying it sooner because now it’s discontinued. Siiiigh.

    Plans: If the roads aren’t too bad, me and the bf want to drive up to Snowdonia and chill out. But the snow is coming down really heavily (for an island and being near the sea! I thought places like this never get snow, jeez.) so I’m not entirely hopeful. I also want to check out my local lily lolo stockist and visit the dior counter to try the nude bb cream.

    Are you into fashion?: Errr. Sort of. I really like fashion and I enjoy putting together a nice outfit, but I wouldn’t say I was as into the trends in general. I also have a lot of quibbles with the standards of materials a lot of places use lately. Winter jumpers should not be sheer!

  6. Haul: My Estee Lauder Tease Illuminating Powder Gelee Blush same in.

    Weekend plans: Still trapping mice one at a time every night. >_< But they only manage to chew a whole into my one cupboard wall. It still to cold out to drive them out of the building yet.

    Are you into fashion?: I'm not built for "fashion". My figure and size just doesn't work for the style coming of of the runway.

  7. Ashley Sarah

    Nars Orgasm/Laguna Duo
    Make Up For Ever HD Powder

  8. t_zwiggy

    What an amazing picture of Mellan!

    Haul: As far as I remember I only bought nail polishes this week. Enchanted Polish I Am the Walrus, Nail Pattern Boldness Boop-Oop-A-Dupe, Jade Holographics Vermelho Surreal, Jade Holographics Mystic Gold, Jade Holographics Magia, HITS Hestia, HITS Dionisio, HITS Demeter, HITS Hefesto, HITS Ares, Glitter Gal Nude, Glitter Gal 24 Carat, Girly Bits Monster Mash, A England Princess Sabra. I also bought two backups of the amazing Max Factor Fantasy Fire.

    Weekend plans: Study!

    Are you into fashion?: Not at all! I mean, I like clothes A LOT, but I’m not interested in the fashion part of it. Whenever I watch a fashion show all I see is starved aliens wearing hideous “clothes”. Same with fashion magazines. The clothes there are not wearable for regular people. I don’t really care so much what is trendy. The most important thing to me is that people wear clothes that suit their body and they feel comfortable in. If you like an outfit and it feels like it’s really you, you shouldn’t care if it’s “last season”.

  9. Denise Vierich

    Mellan most certainly does not have a “bad” side, he is such a sweetie!

  10. Haul: A couple drugstore nail polishes

    Weekend plans: I moved my website from blogspot to a dot com, but I did it sort of backwards so a lot of links are broken; I’ve been fixing them manually, which is a giant pain! I’ll be spending a LOT of time working on that this weekend :/

    I’m not really into fashion, no. I used to be more into it & follow style blogs, but now I spend most of my time following makeup blogs instead!

  11. Katie

    I love fashion! I really can’t afford to dress that way though, so I stick to admiring ads. :)

  12. Christina

    Awww, Mellan is just too cute!

    Haul: I’ll be going to IMATS this weekend, so I’m sure I’ll be buying lots!

  13. GUSnail

    Awww, what a cute Mellan pic!

    Haul: I got the Guerlain pressed meteorites, so I’ve been testing them out and liking them so far!
    Weekend plans: Going to the movies with hubby. The last time we managed to get a babysitter (when Skyfall opened), we got sold out :(
    Are you into fashion?: Not really. I try to keep my closet updated with classic items and look put together, but I’m not INTO fashion.

  14. blueraccoon

    Haul: MUFE pro finish powder foundation, another Clinique Chubby Stick Intense, Buxom Full Bodied *lipstick* (I had no idea they made lipstick!). Some drugstore stuff, and I’m hoping to get to the mall today to pick up a few pieces from Burberry’s spring collection 😀

    Weekend plans: Gaming tomorrow supposedly, and working Sunday.

    Fashion: No, not at all.

    • What are you going to be playing?

      • blueraccoon

        I’m in an ongoing D&D (version 3.5) gaming group; we meet every other week for a session in our current campaign, which takes place about a year after our last campaign ended game-time. My character is an elven psion telepath. She reads minds and does some other cool stuff.

  15. That is so wonderful that you dressed him up for your wedding. He still looks like an utter doll.

    Haul- Spring collections have started to arrive here. I’ve been very good thus far, but I did buy Chanel’s Mreveille gloss. I also picked up one of the Mac eyebrow fluidlines. I’ve never really attempted to do much with my brows, so this is new for me. I do find it does a nice job with very little product- wish these were permanent!

    Weekend plans- Trying not to buy more from the Spring collections! There are a couple of other things I want from Chanel and I’m completely in love with the whole Guerlain collection… Really, though, I need a new winter coat more than I need more makeup.

    I’m very into clothes and there are some designers whose work I like, but I don’t follow fashion trends and seasonal collections. I think I have my own distinct style, which tends to be kind of eclectic. I’m a fan, not a follower.

  16. Haul: Two soaps from Etsy (Creamy Pure Almond and Creamy Coconut)

    Weekend plans: Relaxing, baking and cleaning out my pro kit.

    Are you into fashion?: Yes! I don’t get to work at Fashion Week or watch as many runway shows as I’d like because of school, but I do try to catch up when I can! I also love hearing the stories told by models of backstage madness during Mercedes Benz Fashion Week when I work at photo shoots.

  17. xamyx

    Haul: Nothing; however, in “purging” my stash, I’ve come across a couple of gems I picked up some time ago, but never knew what to do with them, so they’ve been sitting there, unopened, untouched, and long forgotten… The first is a Lumene bronzer, which is nearly perfect for my coloring, and the second is a Lancôme Pommette in Voile, that I apparently got as a GWP. I’ve never been a fan of cream blush, but this shade is a *perfect* contour shade; now, if I can only find a dupe…

    Plans: The usual “mommy” stuff…

    Fashion: I have a feel for what works for me, and what I like, so I don’t bother with trends. However, I do enjoy shopping, but I tend to look for items that are cohesive with the rest of my wardrobe, as well as my lifestyle. My style is a bit eclectic, but for some reason, it works, LOL.

  18. kathi

    Mellan is toooo cute! I wonder if he know what a star he is….

  19. Anna

    lol @ the look on Mellans face!

    Haul: No haul yet..
    Weekend plans: To haul!
    Am I into fashion? I admire fashion in a way I think people admire art. But I don’t dress how people in magazines are dressed. My fashion sense is sort of lots of different colors combined in different ways.

  20. Nadia

    Mellan is so cute!
    Haul: Chanel roue allre velvet in L’Éclatante from the new collection, Bare Minerals original foundation and The Star Treatment palette (on sale, such a bargain!) and a Mac 266 brush.
    Weekend plans: drink tonight with some friends.
    Are you into fashion?: I used to be but I feel like ever since I got into makeup, I’m less into fashion.

  21. Nichole

    Very cute pic of your baby. My plans are to add my Nars haul to my blog and depot shadows and reorganize my stash.

  22. Barbie

    omg he’s adorable!

    Haul: 4 wet n wild lippies, one covergirl lippie and the true match lumi foundation

    Weekend plans: Nothing, i’m getting sick

    Are you into fashion?: Sometimes i am and sometimes i’m not.

  23. Melissa

    Mellan looks like he’s saying, “aww, shucks!” Super handsome dog!

    Haul: I placed a Sephora order for next week (my motivation for getting to be single-mom while my husband is away for a training). Today I should be getting an order for peppermint and lavender essential oils.

    Weekend Plans: My husband works weekends, so the weekend is just a part of the work week in our world. The kids and I will probably have a movie night. A pajama day. And maybe a walk in the snow. :)

    Are you into fashion? Not really. I love finding an outfit that is flattering. I’m always game for a new pair of jeans if it camouflages in the right way (similar to how I’m always looking for the perfect foundation).

  24. cgHipp

    Did you happen to pick up the Rimmel Kate Moss matte lipsticks? I bought #104 this past week and I love it – it’s the perfect “your lips but better” color for me. I also like that the matte finish doesn’t feel dry. I may have to pick up another color or two.

  25. natassha

    AAAwwweee Mellan is the perfect gentleman =)

  26. Courtney K

    That photo is hilarious!

    Haul: Returned my MAC prolongwear eyeliners for superslick liner in Treat Me Nice.

    Weekend plans: Having my birthday dinner followed by a drag burlesque show, then attempting to sober up by the next day for a rehearsal.

    Into fashion?: Sort of? I can appreciate some stuff, but I’m much more into beauty.

  27. amanda

    Haul: Garnier BB cream (which I’m loving), Maybelline Color Whisper in Mocha Muse, Maybelline Fit Me powder. Nothing too fancy, though I’m planning on picking up one or two MAC lipsticks this weekend.

    Weekend plans: Heading home from college on saturday for two days to get everything I forgot to pack. Then going broke after I finish buying the photo gear I need for this semester. And finally ending the long weekend with half price sushi at an amazing restaurant and then heading back to campus.

    I’m really into fashion. I’m actually a commercial photo major and plan on going into fashion photography after school. I typically gravitate toward Anthroplogie and Free People, or any other designers/stores with a similar vibe. But they’re so expensive that I can really only shop the sale section haha

  28. Catherine

    This cutie doesn’t have a bad side.

  29. Veronica

    Haul: Guerlain Mythic Meteorites pressed powder (which, while purchasing, I discovered I’ve been gloriously misreading the product name as “Voyager” instead of “Voyage”), L’Oreal Caresse lip stain in Endless Red, Maybelline “BB Cream” in fair (it’s totally tinted moisturizer), Wet ‘n’ Wild Fergie To Reflect palette (apparently, my impulse buying powers are stronger than my ones of discipline)

    Weekend Plans: Working. Also, finishing up my cleanup of my makeup collection. I’m revving up for a no-buy hiatus after I use the last of the Sephora gift cards my family gave me.

    Are you into fashion?: I am very fond of it, though I vastly prefer street and non-couture fashion over what you find on the runway! I follow quite a few personal fashion blogs, as well as a few bigger ones, like The Sartorialist and Go Fug Yourself. My personal fashion sense is on a bit of a hiatus right now since I’m still working to get back into my original, non-Mom food size, but it generally leans a bit retro and traditionally feminine. (Skirts 4 lyfe.)

  30. Mariella

    Haul: UD CIA concealer (for my daughter) and a new tube of Too Faced Shadow Insurance (because this same daughter had “punked” mine)

    Weekend plans: yoga and my MIL’s birthday party – the whole family will be there and while we’re ordering in, I’m making appetizers for about 25 to 30 people, some of whom are teenaged boys who eat mountains of food!

    Are you into fashion: I am but I am more about having a smaller wardrobe of quality pieces that are not “trendy” but which will last. I also sew so have the luxury of being able to make myself clothing from high quality fabrics (it’s getting harder and harder to find affordable ready-to-wear made from good material these days, unless you’re willing to pay $400 for a simple skirt!)

  31. CC

    Yay for Revlon lipsticks 😀 I heard there is a new limited edition glossfrom their ColorBurst line so I’m gonna be in the look out for those! 😀
    And I love Mellan’s picture! So cute and adorable! 😀 Double yay for pets!

  32. AnGeLwInGz

    Haul: I bought foundation for the first time in at least 10 years! MUFE HD Invisible Cover, lime body scrub, Acure Rose+Red Tea facial toner, Fekkai Protein Rx conditioner, and Carol’s Daughter Marguerite’s Magic.
    Weekend Plans: work
    Are you into fashion?: Not so much. I have my own style that I’m comfortable with.

  33. Hahahaha, that face! And with the caption! Hilarious. Mellan always makes my Fridays.

    Haul: I bought the first piece of makeup since November and the Sephora VIB sale. (Should one admit that on a makeup blog? 😉 ) It was my 2nd (3rd?) tube of NARS Scarlet Empress, one of my 2 HG lipsticks. My tube was getting down to mere milimeters and it was freaking me out.

    Weekend plans: Sleep. Dear God, I need sleep. I’m exhausted beyond all measure. I also need to go through my DVR (which has stacked up to frightening numbers). And, most of all, not go near any perfume for at least 12 hours.

    Are you into fashion?: Yes. But my wallet doesn’t share my appreciation. Actually, these days, my wallet is about to start a hunger strike. 😀

  34. I bought a ton of stuff from the new drew barrymore flower makeup line. I cant wait to try it!

  35. Stacey

    Best Mellan Picture Award!

  36. abigailOD

    He’s such a good sport! Omg, so adorable! =)

    I’ve been good this week. Very tempted to get the recent EL Tease you reviewed though. Which reminds me.. Christine, which do you prefer: The Guerlain Voyage/Mythic or the EL Tease? When I already have 2 Meteorite Perles.

    Weekend plan(s)… Hang out with the kiddos while the hubby works. It’s never as fun being out and about without him. Looking forward to naps! Yay!

    • Hmm! Tease is more colored – so if you want a little color and sheen, then that. It would be the least like the Meteorites Perles, too, which while more sparkling than the pressed powder, don’t yield a ton of color.

  37. awwwwwwwww, Mellan!!! He looks like he’s either wishing really hard for somthing yummy to appear or maybe the camera caught him mid-sneeze, lol. Love seeing dog pictures out of context & making up a story.
    Haul: nothing fun :(
    Weekend plans: relax from a lot of running around
    Are you into fashion?: I’m a fashion spectator. I’ll watch red carpet stuff and fashion police, but I don’t really want to wear the stuff myself, lol

  38. Haul: I finally bought MAC Mineralize Blush in Amber Glow, plus bought ELF’s new glitter mascaras :)

    Weekend plans: Busy working — ton of client work to do. Boo :(

    Are you into fashion? Sometimes I like to look at fashion videos, but I totally am not into it. I dress like a sleep-deprived college student!

  39. Jade

    LOL, I LOVE that Mellan photo! I’ve started thinking of him as Lellan… that’s how you know I like something, I give them a silly nickname 😛

    I bought some Redken Shampoo, Conditioner and Leave In Treatment, got quite a good discount, about 30% off. My last bottle of Redken conditioner lasted me about 4 months, so I’m hoping this set will last me well!

    Not much on the agenda this weekend, I’ve signed up to study fulltime this year, so got to get my books in order and get used to cheap weekends!

    I am into fashion, I sort of cherrypick styles and items which appeal to me within fashion. If I think a trend is crap (which I often do!) I won’t wear it! I very infrequently find clothing items that I like, and THEN things often don’t fit me very well. So I end up with a small wardrobe of things I love, and I wear them to death, to the point where I sometimes make myself throw something out because it’s falling apart, but I won’t stop wearing it!

  40. Barbara

    Everyone looks better in a bow tie!

  41. Vanessa V

    Haul- Nars Madly blush, Dior Fairy Golds eyeshadow palette, took advantage of the deal Zoya was having and got the 3 polishes free and an additional 4, 3 Maybelline mascaras.
    Weekend Plans- Had a girl’s night out last night, as for the rest of the weekend laundry cleaning and lesson planning
    Are you into fashion?- I like fashion and looking at it, but for myself I like more classic pieces, not trendy items.

  42. abigailOD

    Hi Christine! Don’t worry about posting my previous comment. Asking for a recommendation in this thread may not have been the best place I realized!

    Hope you’re having a good weekend!

  43. Erica

    This has to be one of the coolest dogs ever. Love the color and condition of his coat.

  44. tracy

    OMG!!!! What a handsome boy! =)