Friday, August 10th, 2012

Free for Haul Friday

Welcome to Free For Haul Friday!

  • Haul:  Guerlain Rouge Gs from the fall collection (well, they should be arriving today)
  • Weekend plans:  We have a few projects we’re working on, so I’m hoping to get through a lot of the prep work in the next couple of days!
  • Favorite place to vacation?:  The spa! I don’t need to be anywhere in particular, but a spa is where I find I relax best.

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This week’s Mellan photo…

I wish I could sleep half as well as Mellan does!

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136 thoughts on “Free for Haul Friday, Volume #144

  1. mirian

    Haul: Deborah Lippman Mermaids dream, glamorous life, and private dancer. Soap and Glory righteous body butter and glow job. Nars Smudgeproof Eyeshadow base, MAC Moxie Lipstick, and many more things to come…BECAUSE ITS MY BIRTHDAY TOMORROW.

    Weekend plans: Mani/Pedi with one of my girlfriends tomorrow, followed by a sephora/nordstroms pillage, then Birthday dinner with my boyfriend. Sunday BEACH BEACH BEACH. Our puppy just got spayed so she’s miserable and we need to baby her all weekend as well.

    Favorite Place for vacation?: I guess anywhere. Anywhere that I don’t need to have my work cell on. I do love miami though and Capetown, South Africa.

  2. Dee

    I’m finally able to say I hauled something! lol.

    Moxie and Rocker from MAC by Request

  3. Dinitchka

    Haul: I am going to try to find some polishes at CVS or Walgreens. I’m after the Revlon Moon Candy collection (it’s in hiding). Other than that nothing!
    Weekend plans: Sort through my new polishes. Sally Hansen and WnW from Wal-Mart, Butter London and Deborah Lippmann polishes from the Nordies sale came yesterday. I need to sort them all out and find a home for them. Cook lunches and din-din for next week. Pick out my outfits for work … It’s an entire week of jeans!! YaY!!! Work on my blog and lastly give my pups a bath.
    Favorite place to vacation?: My bed! Or Israel.

  4. How do you managed to take such beautiful pictures of Mellan….he always looks beautifully groom, his fur is perfect. the poses are always different and he is always calm……Yes, calm….I am deftly afraid of dogs so I stay far from dogs, but yours is like a portrait..

    • He is really great – he will jump up and play and play and play if you want, but he’ll also lay down and take a ten hour nap if nobody wants to play. Though labs shed like crazy, they never need a hair cut and always look groomed!

  5. Laura

    Haul: Butter London Lady Muck, Deborah Lipmann Across The Universe, A-England Princess Tears, Dragon and Princess Sabra, plus I’ve ordered three polishes from the OPI Germany collection. I’m on a real nail polish kick at the moment after having been mostly uninterested in the stuff for my whole 30 years on this earth :) I also picked up Electroplate from the MAC Electric Cool collection.

    Weekend plans: I need to shop for outfits for a work party and a wedding I’ve got coming up.

    Favorite place to vacation?: My favourite places I’ve been are Tanzania and New York.

  6. Haul:

    Weekend plans: I am going to really try to photograph for the blog tomorrow, and on Sunday I have a beach shoot for GAZE magazine ( It’s for men’s swimwear *wink wink*

    Favorite place to vacation?: I don’t get to travel much, but I really enjoy smaller cities and quieter towns (native New Yorker, lol). I liked San Diego and Temecula when I visited those places 5 years ago.

  7. Mellan looks so adorable again. He really reminds me of my lab :-( With those big brown innocent eyes :-)

    Haul: MAC Acrylic Paint in magenta, MAC paint pot in blackground and MAC pigment in Silver.

    Weekend plans: I’m giving a make-up workshop tonight and I have a photoshoot all day tomorrow. So I’m mainly working this weekend. And on Sunday it’s my cousin’s baptism (yawn…), followed by a dinner party (yay!).

    Favorite place to vacation?: Austria in winter (although the Alps are pretty impressive in summer too!), and maybe the Greek isles in summer. Or the US!

  8. Mariella

    Haul: Nars Como lipgloss, Clarins Raspberry Gloss Prodige; Origins Starting Over eye cream (haven’t opened it yet – only tried it in-store and have other eye cream to finish up first!)
    Weekend plans: yoga tomorrow and getting the house tidied up for 3 couples coming on Sunday for golf and then dinner out (but I’m making appetizers and munchies for the ladies – we’re not golfing but rather going to the botanical gardens near my home then meeting the guys at the club for dinner afterward)

    Favourite place to vacation: either Grand Bahama Island or the south of France

  9. xamyx

    Haul: Nothing, unless you count my Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment minis (Sephora Beauty Insider birthday gift). I *almost* picked up the UD Smoked palette, but I have 5 of the shades, and I discovered I have a MUFE shade (136, I think it is) that’s very close to Backdoor.

    Plans: Finish packing all day/night today, and tomorrow night, moving Sunday. Saturday morning/afternoon I’m taking my daughter to Pacific Pier in Santa Monica, and maybe take a quick spin at the nearby Sephora. Sunday, afternoon, unpacking, and start tracking down school uniforms for my daughter, which will be a task as many stores don’t carry her size.

    Vacation: The only “vacation” I’ve taken in the last few years is to Disneyland, which is really close by, but we stay a few days, and get a hotel room, so I guess it counts.

    • Disneyland is fun… assuming it is not too crowded. I have wanted to go back and really visit it sometime during the off-season!

    • Kafka

      Happy Birthday! And I hope your move goes smoothly.

      • xamyx

        Thank you. So far, so good. We’re going with all new furniture & appliances, so at least that’s one last thing to worry about. I just won’t have cable for about a week…

        • Kafka

          It sounds wonderful, esp. the new appliances. I don’t know if they’re already installed but it should make life much easier in the long-run. Congrats on the new furniture in particular. That may be the best haul of ALL!!

      • xamyx

        And if you haven’t tried them yet, you *have* to try the Fresh Sugar lip balms! They seriously last hours, even on *me*.

        • Kafka

          I’m waiting for my birthday in October. LOL. But it’s rather a relief to hear they last for a long, long time as I somehow had the impression that they didn’t. Did you like the colours they came in? Totally OT, I have to thank you for the Iceland recommendation. Mindbogglingly cool and amazing. Never quite seen anything like it!

      • xamyx

        The really funny part about this whole move is, no sooner than we ordered a new fridge, the old one just died, LOL. The microwave was a few years old, and we decided on HD TVs. One TV was my brothers when he was in college, and he’s 41, now; another was over 10 years old, so it was time to replace them, anyway.

        • Kafka

          A total fresh start…. Best thing EVER! Have a blast tomorrow at the Santa Monica Pier (and Sephora). You deserve a big celebration for your birthday given all the stress of packing up everything. So, are you and your daughter separated by 2 weeks in terms of birthdays?

  10. Lee

    Haul: MAC Moxie, CandyYumYum and Rocker from By Request! And I’ve got the lipglasses on the way.

    Weekend plans: A lot of house organizing stuff. I need to purge a lot of clothes and other things. Big trip to Goodwill planned (hopefully).

    Favorite place to vacation?: I like visiting big cities, Boston, NYC, San Francisco.

    BTW, I just have to mention that I’m happy you’ve gone back to the old commenting system. The LiveFyre thing was kinda annoying.

  11. Army Wife in Alaska

    Haul: I got MAC Candy Yum Yum, Moxie and MAC Mineralize e/s in Invincible Light from the Heavenly Creatures collection. Also had to jump 2 shades up from NC 35 to NC 25. It’s been in the low 60s temperature-wise here since the last few days of July. Hello Autumn.
    Weekend Plan: Nothing yet.
    Favorite Place to Vacation: We’ve been moving every single year since 2008 to different countries and/or different parts of the US so a vacation for me is when we DON’T go anywhere and stay at home as long as we want. Not complaining though, life’s been quite an adventure!

  12. Edani

    Haul: Only one thing this week, MAC Candy Yum Yum. On a really tight budget right now thanks to some financial issues. I should get my first Fyrinnae order next week, however.

    Weekend plans: Running a Vampire: the Masquerade LARP in Atlanta tomorrow, catching up on my general to-do list on Sunday.

    Favorite place to vacation?: Yellowstone National Park! Going back in October, can’t wait! One of the few places I feel at home (apart from home itself, hehe).

    • What’d you grab from Fyrinnae?

      • Edani

        A full-size tube of Pixie Epoxy (haven’t tried it, but the rave reviews made it a must-have), lip lustre in Diabolic Masquerade, lip lustre in Ghostly Voice, Superstar e/s, and two arcane e/s: Madam & Eve’s and Conjuror. I’m VERY excited to try them!

  13. Kafka

    Haul: Revlon Lip Butters in Sweet Tart & Lollipop; Maybelline Tattoo Pot in Purple; L’Oreal Infallibles in Golden Emerald & Smoldering Plum; Ole Henriksen African Red Tea Serum; Algenist Firming & Lifting Cream; Smashbox Masterclass Ultimate Eyes Quad for “hazel eyes” (Eggplant, Slate, pink nude, & taupe); NARS Iceland eyeshadow duo; NARS Maui Multiple; NARS Concealer Duo in Custard & Ginger; Sephora jumbo waterproof shadow stick in Violet; Sephora I.T. eyebrow brush.

    Weekend Plans: Hug and cuddle The Hairy German as much as possible prior to the re-scheduled hip replacement on Monday/Tuesday and getting him back next Friday or Saturday. I don’t know how I’m going to sleep without him for the 6 months that he’ll be downstairs and crated. :'(

    Favorite vacation place: Monte-Carlo, perhaps the only place I really consider to be “home,” or the Maldives. Or anywhere with good diving and extensive reefs.

    • Best wishes for an uneventful surgery!

    • xamyx

      I hope all goes well with Zola, and is uneventful.

      Have you played with Iceland, yet? How is the Maybelline Tattoo Pot?

      • Kafka

        Well, the Maybelline Tattoo pot got ghastly reviews and I only learnt that after the fact. (It was an impulse buy). It’s definitely something that needs a bit amount of work to create an even, non-patchy base. But the colour is FABULOUS!! Such a violet, you have no idea. I actually like to put it *on top of* powder eyeshadows (like in the edges of the V) and it really lasts that way. But, the one time I used it as a base, it was okay. Not as stellar as a MUFE Aqua, but not bad for something like Daphne on top.

        As for Iceland, yes! I thought of you a lot. I was so gaga over it, I wrote to a friend in jaw-dropped amazement. What it did to the black MUFE Aqua pot was mind-blowing. It turned into *THE* most spectacular, rich, multi-dimensional peacock teal-green I’ve ever seen. And a dark green with gold turned into a multi-dimensional bronze-gold-khaki much like an Armani ETK. Purples turn lavender-lilac and it’s all very, very cool. I need to try it on pinks and on the L’Oreal Infallible Golden Emerald to see what it does to those. I feel like a kid in a candy store or, rather, colour store. It’s just like a magic pen!

        • xamyx

          I haven’t tried the Rosé yet, but I swatched it on my hand, and it’s not really pigmented. I’ve only been wearing the Original (clear).

          I haven’t played with Iceland too much, but I have to try it over the MUFE. I never thought of that. I’ve only used these sort of shades with powders.

    • blueraccoon

      *hugs* best wishes that all goes well with The Hairy German and he recovers quickly and uneventfully!

      • Kafka

        Thank you, sweetie. Frankly, I’m a bit more worried about myself at this point. (And all the vets seem to agree. LOL!) I think I’m going to cook a lot next week to keep myself calm for the 6 days he’s away. I went out and bought a number of things for some Thai and Indian curries, and maybe some Persian food too. It’s my form of stress release, along with listening to Rammstein at full blast. :\

    • Veronica

      Clearly, the answer is a sleeping bag next to the downstairs create for the next six months. 😉

      Best wishes on his hip replacement! I hope it all runs smoothly.

      • Kafka

        Don’t laugh but um… I think that’s what I’m going to do. I’m looking into getting a sleeping bag because, clearly, I screwed up in not getting him a crate that would fit ME in it as well. I tested out a sofa near where his crate will go and concluded it’s too far away, so I’ll spend the first 2 weeks (at least) sleeping on the floor RIGHT.NEXT.TO his crate. If I start being very grumpy from sleep-deprivation in the next few months, just slap me, okay? 😀

        • xamyx

          I was so going to say that! Do they actually make crates bigger than the one you bought? For some reason I was under the impression you got him the largest one possible.

        • Kafka

          Amy, I *DID* get the biggest crate! XXXL for Great Danes! LOL. I should have gotten one of those small pens instead, only then I’d have to store my actual furniture somewhere.

        • Veronica

          I feel that with any other person, your response would have me laughing out loud. But from what I’ve seen from you on here, this was just the next logical step in your very long love affair with the canine breed. 😛

    • Miss J

      @Kafka Hugs and smooches to you and the German! I hope his surgery and recovery goes well. My thoughts are with you! I suspect lots of shopping, cooking, music listening, and reading will help distract. I also envision once Zola returns you sneaking down to sleep next to her crate, LOL. I’m totally a crazy doggy mommy – I would so do that myself – sneak down for a slumber party with the pooch and roll out a sleeping bag with some pillows.

      • Miss J


        WTF. Is it normal for one to go senile and make such mistakes at 26?! Oy. I really worry I’m going to be that old woman roaming the streets in a robe because my brain just is so darn forgetful and drifty sometimes.

        • Kafka

          Cherie, no worries. I promise you, everyone thinks Zola must be a girl. I even get it sometimes at his vet’s office where they *know* he’s a boy. It’s an instinctive thing. I’ve tried to explain who Émile Zola was but I just get glazed looks in response. LOL. It’s all fine, I swear. And thank you for the positive vibes. So, when are you going to get Bubba’s photos up on the Temptalia Flick group? I want to see your naughty boy!

  14. inge

    Haul: MAC candy yum yum, honeylust ES, bare neccesity dazzleglass, flash of flesh lipglass, estee lauder violet crush (from the violet underground collection, its absolutely beautiful)oh and woodwinked and superwatt from the electric cool collection.

    Weekend plans: Work, brunch and flag football on sunday

    Favorite Place for vacation?: South beach or italy

  15. fireinthehead - Bunny

    Haul: Estée Lauder Pure Colour Gelée eyeshadows in Arctic Sky and Pop Pistachio. Cult Nails polish in Nevermore, Living Water, Scandalous and Manipulative.

    Weekend Plans: Laundry!

    Favourite place to vacation: I haven’t been on any sort of vacation in over a decade, I started refusing to go on family vacations as a teen because the vacations sucked LOL It’s not a vacation if I have to sleep with my Mom or Grandma in a double bed! Especially if the bed is as hard as a rock or full of lumps. The most vacation-y of the vacations was Virginia Beach, the hotel was crud-tacular, my favourite part was grocery shopping!(The US has sooo many kinds of Pop Tarts!) My mom didn’t really want to spend a lot on vacations and she sort of regrets that now and wishes she had done a little more.

    • How are the new Pure Colour Gelees?

      • fireinthehead - Bunny

        I haven’t stuck ’em on my eyes yet, but they look really great! The Arctic Sky one is a really neat Periwinkle with sort of a duochromey pink shimmer and the Pistachio green one has a goldish shimmer to it.

  16. Haul: 4 Revlon Kissable lip balms. I’m not sure how I feel about these.

    Weekend plans: Enjoy the RAIN!!!

    Favorite place to vacation?: I don’t need to travel to a beach to enjoy myself on my week off. I would really like to travel instead to different countries. But first the Medetrain and Italy (it would be nice to meet the family in Greece).

    • Haven’t tried the Kissable Lip Balms either!

      Rain? What?!

    • xamyx

      What part of Greece? I have family in Athens & Sparta, though originally from Crete.

    • blueraccoon

      I like the Kissable Balm Stains but the colors drive me nuts – I have about five or six and of them, I can only wear a couple because the other colors just are too bright, too awkward, too…something. I’d return them but I bought most of them on sale so it’s not even worth it.

      • Veronica

        I picked up one of them out of curiosity and wore it around for a bit at night. Now, I do love the bright colors, but I can see what you mean about them being slightly off. For me, I think it’s the opacity. They’re a touch cheer, but they aren’t opaque either, they’re a smidge off from being that perfect middle ground between the two.

        I like the product enough to keep it, but I think I’m most likely to wind up using it as a moisturizing base for some of my lipsticks and glosses.

  17. Yellowlantern

    Haul: Hourglass lipgloss in Imagine. I love it! And now I want Ignite and maybe Fortune eventually too. Ole Henriksen Truth serum, moisturizer, eye cream set. Not sure what I think of the serum yet, though I love that it isn’t silicone-y feeling, but I like the moisturizer and eye cream a lot.

    Weekend Plans: Hang out with the SO’s little cousins and lay around on a boat (wearing about 100 layers of sunscreen and most likely still tanning despite my efforts).

    Favorite Place to Vacation: Seattle (where I grew up), San Francisco or Portland Oregon. Great cities with so much to do and Seattle and Portland are not too far away from the mountains for hiking!

    • Ooh! Imagine is pretty :) I think that’s the one I have a tube of in my purse that’s almost (finally!) gone.

    • Kafka

      I hope you like the serum. It’s one of my HG products (and I’m a bit of an O/H fanatic.) I use the Truth Serum mostly during the daytime but, initially, I used it twice a day. It’s one of those things where you don’t always see hugely obvious results…. until you stop using it. But I saw changes in my skin within the first 10 days; and my skin always looks duller, flatter, less bright and less hydrated whenever I stop using it. The thing I found is that a little goes a looooooooooong way, and that I could break out a bit if I used too much. The matching face cream is great, too. I’ve never tried that version of O/H’s eyecream. You’ll have to let me know how all the products work for you in the upcoming weeks. I really hope you love them all. :)

      • yellowlantern

        I hope I love it. It does have a bit of competition as I do like Estee Lauder’s Advanced Night Recovery serum a lot, but I’ve heard so much about the truth serum I decided to give it a try.

  18. Haul: nail polishes this week! China Glaze Pink Plumeria (Summer Neons) and Unpredictable (Bohemian), and OPI German-icure by OPI and My Very First Knockwurst (Germany).

    Week-end plans: go to the desert (hopefully) tomorrow night for the meteor shower.

    Favorite place to vacation: that’s a hard one… I’ve travelled a lot, and I like to discover places I’ve never seen before. So I’d say, my fav place to vacation is a new, unknown place each time.

  19. Barbie

    Haul; 3 bh cosmetics palette, a new camera, brushes from makeupgeek, and 1 eye set, stippling brush and face brush from real techniques

    weekend plans; idk

    favorite place; orlando!

  20. Jennifer

    Hurray FFHF! :) Mellan looks so adorable–there’s just something about that “half awake/half asleep” face that’s so cute. Even though Ella is only 5 lbs and a completely different breed, she always has that same expression when she’s sleepy or bored, haha.

    Did some online hauling from Nordstrom–all purchased through Temptalia’s link, of course 😉 Finally got GA EtK shadows in 24, 25, 26, 27, & 28 (but not 29, thanks to your excellent review!) I also ordered a Burberry Lipstick in No.2 Cameo because I have been LOVING the moisturizing/longevity qualities of my lipstick in No. 27 Tulip Pink. And not technically part of the haul, but in a cleaning/reorganization spree I just found my first and only Burberry eyeshadow purchase to date that I picked up a couple months ago (#7 Taupe Brown), still brand new in the box–sooo exciting because I was beginning to think it accidentally got thrown away! And just as a side note/rant–it baffles my mind that Burberry calls their shadows and lipsticks sheer when, although effortlessly blendable enough to be sheer, IMO, my B. shadow and lipstick pack more pigment than many other brands!

    Weekend plans: Cleaning/scrubbing our tile flooring (and actually excited to do so after recently hearing of the “oxy clean” method, haha) Catching up on other random tasks. Seeing some old friends. :)

    Favorite place to vacation: Being on a grad student budget, vacations are unfortunately few and far between–the closest I get is usually traveling around the state. Luckily living in Michigan has its perks this time of year–the weather’s been warm and the water on Lake MI is in the 70s, which is heaven in and of itself. 😀 The last few long-distance vacations have been trips to the SF bay area to visit family and friends and that is always a good time. I loved visiting Europe (especially Italy) but it’s been a long time–so that’s a long term vacation goal!

    And I must agree with others’ sentiments–I love the new comment system with the different reply options! 😀

    • Thank you for supporting Temptalia! :) I hope you love all the new ETKs! I’m so glad you found your missing Burberry eyeshadow. I have done that a time or two… thought I had accidentally tossed it out! Almost did that recently with a nail polish – it was so wrapped and small in brown paper, I didn’t realize there was anything in it!

    • xamyx

      I *have* accidentally thrown makeup out. Luckily, it was usually on DS stuff, so I was able to replace it quickly & easily. For some reason, as soon as I get my HE stuff home, it gets put away *immediately*, but then those are usually items I have been planning on, and I’ve already got their spot cleared.

  21. Haul – none
    Weekend plans – doing makeup for a friend for an event
    Favorite place to vacation – Maui, Hawaii.

  22. EvilPinkRobot

    Haul: Besides more sunscreen, nothing!

    Weekend plans: Gardening, as usual, and more outside activities, like tennis with my six year-old nephew. He has a SpongeBob racket and asks if I’m proud when he manages to return a ball. He’s too cute! We just bought a volleyball, so hopefully we can get my fam together, and see just how much we all suck at it now.

    Fave vacay: Vegas! Ever since I was five, it’s the ONLY place we go to vacation. We were poor, so it was easy to drive to and lots of fun without having to spend much.

    • How long do you normally stay in Vegas for? I learned that four (full) days was too long for us, lol!

      • Inge

        3 days … Tops for Vegas it gets kinD of redundant

      • EvilPinkRobot

        Gah! Didn’t see your question since I spent the day waiting on repairmen and plumbers!
        We used to stay about four or five full days. My father rarely took vacation days, so we stayed as long as we could. The past few years with my hubby, we like two to three days, mainly because he’s on call 24/7 and there’s been too many trips spent in our room all day while he worked. :(

  23. Nicole

    Haul: Nothing, but I rediscovered some long time not used MAC eye shadows like Smoke & Diamonds and Surreal and Tilt (bought in 1999).

    Weekend plans: Having lunsh whit friends in Saturday, doing some sightseeing afterwards, meeting one of my girls on Sunday for brunch and improve my English skills inbetween.

    Favorite place to vacation?: I love travelling to cities like New York, London, Berlin, but also holidays at the beach or, like you Christine, just visit a spa resort for a cuple of days.

  24. Haul: surprisingly nothing. I decided to take a break after a whirlwind buying spree that last few weeks 😛
    Weekend plans: Work!
    Favorite place to vacation?: I haven’t been very many places, but San Francisco has always been a favorite!

  25. Jennifer

    Haul: Philosophy shower gels in Raspberry Sorbet and Caramel Apple :)
    Weekend Plans: going swimming, and hanging with friends and family
    Favorite Place to Vacation: the beach! I love visiting beaches, doesn’t matter where I just love the ocean

  26. Yay! The old comment system is back!

    I hauled Rocker and Moxie this week. I already own CYY. I haven’t hauled much lately, so this was a nice treat. My big haul though: It was time for a new car, and after test driving everything out there, I got a Jeep Wrangler!

    Weekend plans: Cleaning, cleaning, and more cleaning. The in-laws are coming for a visit next week. Yikes!

    Favourite place to vacation: The hubs and I have never travelled much for leisure, as neither of us like the heat. We usually go to visit all the parents on the east coast. Now that I’m in the military, I’m away a lot on training. With that, my favourite place to vacation is HOME!

    Hope everyone has a great weekend!

  27. blueraccoon

    Haul: A bunch of Revlon Kissable Balm Stains (Honey, Darling, Cherish, and two others I can’t remember), a bunch of L’Oreal Infallible eyeshadows (I’m missing three at this point), a bunch of L’Oreal Caresse sticks (I have half of them now, I think), and Guerlain Rouge G L’Extrait in Paresse and Avarice. (( couldn’t decide between them so I bought both. I’m horrible.)
    Weekend plans: Board game day with friends tomorrow, and work and waxing on Sunday.
    Fave place to vacation: I’m easy, really. My favorite vacations have been Hawaii and Bermuda (cruise), and I’d happily go back to either place.

    • I’ll have to look into Caresse Sticks!

      • blueraccoon

        I *love* them. They’re lighter than the Revlon Lip Butters, but coverage is medium to full opacity, and they feel almost like a gloss. The Muse did a couple reviews of them and said they’re kind of a gloss-balm-lipstick hybrid, and I’d agree with that–they’re lightweight like a gloss, moisturizing like a balm, color like a lipstick. I have eight out of sixteen so far and the compulsive “Must Have a Complete Collection” in me is trying to convince me I need the other eight *g*

    • Kafka

      LOL @ “Guerlain Rouge G L’Extrait in Paresse and Avarice. (( couldn’t decide between them so I bought both. I’m horrible.)” I don’t think “horrible” is the right word. No Burberry from the new collection??!! Are you feeling all right? 😛

      Which Infallibles did you get? I just picked up the Midnight Blue one about 20 minutes when I was out to pick up the Hairy German’s marrow and femur bones. I go out supposedly *JUST* for him, and somehow end up with makeup. But I couldn’t help it, even knowing its review wasn’t so hot. I’ve swatched it 5 times, and loved it each and every time.

      • Veronica

        I love Midnight Blue. <3 I will tell you that it can take quite a bit of layering on the color to get the same intensity you see in the jar, but it's a pretty enough shade that I find it work the extra effort. :)

        • Kafka

          See, that is what I thought: if it’s THAT gorgeous, I’m totally willing to work with it. I’ve a huge weakness for super dark blue colours, so I’m really relieved to hear that it can be really lovely. Christine’s review was so bad that I totally passed on it 4 times but, today…. I hope that — with work — this will be closer to the magnificence that is Golden Emerald and not the flatness that was Smoldering Plum (on me). That one, even with a damp brush, was a bit of a disappointment because I found it a bit one-dimensional. And much more brown-y than I’d expected.

        • Kafka

          Veronica, I thought of you this morning when I officially fell in love with the Infallibles Midnight Blue. And you know what? I had absolutely ZERO difficulty in getting it to full intensity. I put on NARS Smudgeproof as usual, dampened my brush, patted on the Midnight Blue, and… presto… INSTANT intensity and consistent, full colour. :O No work, no patchiness and hours later, it still hasn’t faded! If you haven’t tried applying it wet and over primer, you should try it and see if that makes a difference. :)

      • blueraccoon

        *hee* No, I want Burberry but I promised myself Guerlain came first. I have an order in which I buy things, y’see, and since Guerlain came out before Burberry, it came first on my shopping list. So next week or next paycheck I will pick up some of the Burberry lovelies! There’s a method to my madness.

        As for the Infallibles…I have them all except for three at this point. I have Midnight Blue, I think. The ones I *don’t* have are Perpetual Purple, Continuous Cocoa, and Eternal Black. I think I have everything else – it’s the compulsive collector in me, the “Gotta have ’em all!”

  28. Veronica

    Look at all that hair on Mellan’s chair! It sort of looks like my house, except the hair is on every. possible. surface.

    Haul: L’Oreal Color Riche Balm in Heavenly Berry, Burt Bee’s tinted lip balm in Hibiscus, and Black Radiance Dynamic Duo eyeshadow in Island/Oasis (the darker shade in this duo is just gorgeous), and I finally managed to hunt down Maybelline’s Great Lash mascara in the transparent shade. I stand victorious over the powers of summer humidity! \o/

    Weekends Plans: Studying! And hopefully getting out with my sister, since I missed her birthday last week.

    Favorite place to vacation? I looooove traveling, and it’s a shame I don’t really have the finances or time to do it more often. One day, I hope to visit every state in the U.S. at least once. As of right now, Tuscon and New York City stand as some of my favorite vacations spots. :)

    • Oh, his hair is pretty much everywhere that he’s allowed to be. When Shaun vacuums my office, it’s like a full canister of hair every time (though it is a small canister, at least, LOL).

      • Veronica

        Well, we don’t help our case by having two cats in addition to the dog, one of which is a long-haired tabby. 😛 It wasn’t until after we’d had Murphy for a few months that I realized dogs had the additional joy of shaking themselves, throwing hair into places I didn’t think possible. I sort of miss the days when I could cook something on the stove without finding tiny, wiry hairs in my meals afterwards.

        • We are totally convinced we will find Mellan hair YEARS after he’s gone, because there is so much of it. Every time he gets up, it’s like a flurry of loose hair. I don’t know why he isn’t bald!

        • Kafka

          Christine, trust me, you will. An ex-BF of mine told me that he would still find Kafka’s hair in odd places at his flat and this was YEARS after Kafka came over, just ONCE, and for no longer than 3 days. I couldn’t believe it, and yet, I could…

        • Kafka

          ROFL at “I sort of miss the days when I could cook something on the stove without finding tiny, wiry hairs in my meals afterwards.” What breed is Murphy? And do you have photos of your shedding brood on the Temptalia Pet Group? I’d love to see them all, Veronica. :)

        • Veronica

          Huh, I guess this commenting program can only nest comments so far. Well, I hope this reply goes through!

          Murphy is a hyperactive border collie mix, which is part of the reason for the hair everywhere. Poor guy is really just better suited for those colder, northern territories. The summer heat just has him lazing around in the indoors all day.

          And, no, I unfortunately haven’t added any pictures of him yet. When my main computer crashed, it took all of my photos and the camera program with it. So that all has to be reloaded onto my laptop before he can greet his adoring fans via the web. 😛

        • We thought four levels was going to be pretty narrow, so we didn’t want comments so narrow that they would be only a few words long. I’ll look into if we can mess with the width of the nesting levels today.

        • Kafka

          Veronica, I love Border Collies! So incredibly smart and it shines through in their beautiful, beautiful eyes. They are so intelligent, they’re just like little humans in a fur coat. But whoa… that is one energetic breed! I have a friend who has four (FOUR!!) and she competes nationally doing agility with all of them. Frankly, I don’t know how she does it. I think Border Collies are surpassed only by Greyhounds and possibly Weimeraners in terms of exercise needs, so even one would wipe me out. 4 would absolutely kill me. LOL!

          You have my complete and utter sympathy for the computer crash/photo loss. I know exactly how painful that is. About a year ago, my external hard drive crashed with over 80,000 photos lost, many of which had no hard copy versions. I didn’t even care so much about permanently losing 30,000+ photos taken everywhere from China to Corsica to the Arctic Circle, but rather, losing almost all of Zola’s puppy photos. I can rescan some — like family photos from the 1890s — but the amount of work involved totally puts me off. My heart still hurts at the loss, so if I could hug you, I would. That is a truly devastating loss. But, if you can ever take photos of your furry horde on your camera, know that I will be the first to sign up for their furry fan club! :)

  29. Sam Schweinsberg

    Haul: Just a new bottle of WEN :) I’m holding out until I get a job.

    Weekend Plans: Filling out more job applications lol. There are only so many places in Georgia that hire 15-year olds though :( Other than that, I’ll probably be hanging out with my friends for one last weekend before school starts back up.

    Favorite Place to Vacation? It used to be PCB. But the past few months I’ve decided how much I dislike the summer time. bleh. So anywhere in a city where there’s lots to do. I’m definitely a city girl at heart lol the suburbs just bore me now.

    • Good luck on the job hunt, Sam!

      • Sam Schweinsberg

        Thank you! :) I’m mentally preparing myself before I spend the estimated 45 minutes at the Publix application center. hahaha I think I’m at an advantage being homeschooled and all though.

    • Kafka

      Good luck with the job hunt! And, if you ever get discouraged, just remember, you only need one “Yes” so hang in there! :)

  30. Haul – My BH Cosmetics 120 pallet 1st edition and liquid eyeliner arrived today! I’m going to take it with to Burning Man.
    Weekend plans – work on several projects.
    Favorite place to vacation so far has been Disneyland! It is truly the Magic Kingdom for me!

  31. Maya

    Haul: Dior Lucky nail polish, YSL Rouge Volupte #27

    Weekend plans: Not sure!

    Favorite place to vacation?: Doesn’t matter which one, but the beach! I love the ocean!

  32. Quinctia

    Haul: Urban Decay!!!! E/S in Kiddie Pool, Pocket Rocket in Dustin, Lip Love in Stung, and Lipstick in Hotpants, Lovechild, Sellout, and Pistol. I am reasonably certain I will not be receiving this package until after tomorrow, so it will be waiting for me when I get back from vacation.

    Weekend Plans: Laundry, one more shift at work, packing, and then going to my sister’s house. We’re leaving for Tennessee on Monday.

    Favorite Vacation Place: Apparently, Tennessee! We’re going to the Smokies next week, but this is my second time to a place in that state this year.

  33. Joan

    Mellan looks pretty….such a beautiful calming color.

    Haul: MAC’s Candy Yum Yum, Moxie & Rocket & several Essie nail polishes. BB & B restocked them and they’re cheaper than Nordstrom. I can’t seem to walk pass a nail polish w/o buying it lately. I need help. Enough already :)

    Weekend Plans: Whole Foods & the car wash, reading & hammock time & Sunday family dinner.

    Favorite Place to Vacation: Bermuda, & Mohonk Mountain House ( Where Miranda & Steve honeymooned on SATC)