Friday, February 18th, 2011

Free for Haul Friday

Welcome to Free For Haul Fridays!

A play on Oh No They Didn’t’s “Free For All Fridays,” every Friday is Free For Haul Fridays! Friday is a day for fun — whether you’re already off enjoying your weekend or if you just need a way to get through til the end of the work day, FFH is here for you!

Share your latest beauty hauls! Once you’ve done that… say anything you’d like. Tell us about the greatest thing that happened to you this week, why your pet is the cutest, what you’re doing this weekend… whatever!

First, I’ll share mine!

Haul:  MAC Viva Glam Gaga 2 lipstick/lipglass

Weekend plans:  School, school, school!

Where do you apply your makeup:  Spare bathroom, luckily it’s all mine and just for makeup.

Keep adding your pet photos to the Temptalia Pets flickr group! :)

This week’s Mellan photo…

Pink is surprisingly his color!

See the rest of the set!

I’ve been making him wear his scarf everyday since he got it!

Thank goodness he’s such a stud about it!


Gotta love Mellan!

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94 thoughts on “Free for Haul Friday, Volume #068

  1. Nunuiviet

    Hello mellan! You’re such a good boy

  2. Haul: IT cosmetics matte luxe e/s trio, MAC 263 brush, MAC studio sculpt foundation (I will picking up the gaga gloss this afternoon)

    Weekend plans: Getting ready for my business trip (to Miami-oh boo hoo right? I have a serious fear of flying though)

    Where do you apply your makeup: Bathroom-I WISH I had a spare bathroom like you!

    • Alli

      I share the same fear of flying…i feel your pain. You’re fighting that fear though, hence actually going to Miami, so good for you! You’re better than I am!!! Ps – how is the gaga gloss? worth it?

  3. Diana B

    I found Mac Sumptous Olive and Lady Gaga lipglass (pink one) at my local CCO. Then headed to Mac to pick up the new Lady Gaga lipstick and lipglass.
    I’m just gonna relax this weekend. I apply my makeup on my Vanity.

  4. Ann

    Haul: MAC Studio moisture tint in dark plus and the new pressed powder
    Weekend plans: gym, movies, taking the kids to dinner.
    Where do you apply your makeup: at my vanity that’s located in my bedroom
    Cute doggie!

  5. Dawn

    I’m in makeup heaven today – Wonder Woman launched at Selfridges yesterday, and my order arrived today! I am now the proud owner of Mighty Aphrodite, Amazon Princess and Pink Power :) I also got Ego eyeshadow from the Peacocky collection, Ivy Fluidline from Mickey Contractor, London Life and Crosswires lipsticks, Lilicent Blushcreme, Swimming pro pan eyeshadow and 3 Paints.

    My only other makeup purchase this week was the Sleek primer palette.

    I mostly apply my makeup either at the bathroom mirror or a mirror on the kitchen door (was there when we moved in) depending on where I can get the best light at the time. I need to be able to get right up close to the mirror as I am so short-sighted and of course have to take my glasses off to apply my makeup.

    Looking forward to a week of not having to get up at 6:30am, as the kids are off school next week :)

    • Alli

      Yay! I got the same MAC WW goodies!!!! and I have to say that I sooooo want a Sleek palette…can’t get them here in the US – and everyone talks about them…that and Barry M goodies….and i could go on with all the fab things I want to try and can’t get my hands on…. I need a friend over there across the pond!

  6. Andrea

    atleast he pose mine welll she dont like that stuff

  7. Ariel

    Haul: Nothing this week in terms of makeup. But went on a major shopping spree and got a Kate Spade handbag and a new travel makeup bag

    Weekend plans: Finishing Chapter 3 of my master’s thesis.

    Where do you apply your makeup: In the bedroom or bathroom….I’m usually in a rush because I spend too much time reading Temptalia in the mornings while I eat breakfast :)

    • Annabelle

      I just got a Kate Spade handbag, too! (actually, make that two: Knightsbridge Quinn in Fire Engine Red and Head in Sand Melinda in Deep Tangerine) LOVE!!

  8. ChristineD

    Haul-Lady Million Perfume, Star Child Odyssey Pallette by Tarina Tarantino, Korres primer pack, Lady gaga Lipstick/gloss, another Wonder Woman LipGloss, Russian red lipstick, prep and prime lip, Redd lip liner, Rose pigment….oh my I hauled alot this week YIKES!!
    Plans-Homework, and more homework…
    Where I do my makeup?- In front of the huge mirror in my bedroom

  9. silken_floss

    He’s adorable and looks so sassy with his scarf! I love that you read ONTD too ;D

  10. Polly

    Uwahhh~ Cute Mellan <3 I love every shots of him. He's so adorable! The scarf matches him a lot 😀

    Haul: NARS Pure Matte in Tashkent and Bangkok (my hometown!)

    When I first ordered Tashkent I thought it must be really really pale and if it wash me out I would have it as a lip concealer instead.

    But Huuraaayy!! It works! It is a flattering shade of peachy nude which leans on a bit of orange on me and it suits me well! This is a good nude I've been looking for!

    Bangkok is not arrived yet coz today the post offices are closed. But I'm sure it will be a cute rosy nude :]

    Weekend Plans: A LOT to read for examination next week! And a project I haven't done yet.

    Where to apply make up: my face… oops I meant bathroom and mirrors in my drawers

  11. Ashley Sarah

    Haul: MAC Emancipation Lipglass. Lush Honey I Washed the Kids Soap and Hottie Massage Bar

    Weekend plans: Gaming, shopping, hanging out with friends

    Where do you apply your makeup: Downstairs bathroom

  12. Haul: A bunch of Stila palettes, Sephora by OPI Glee polishes and a Givenchy lipstick in Sensual Rose for my mother’s birthday (which was on Wednesday!)

    Weekend plans: Essay writing and getting a couple of new piercings.

    Where do you apply your makeup: At the mirror above my dresser!

    Mellan is so photogenic, he could be a male model! =D

  13. Amber

    Awww – sooo cute! Mellan could be a contestant on “America’s Next Top Doggy Model”!!!!!

    This weeks haul – Tarte NeutralEyes palette and Vitamin Infused lipgloss in 40 Winks. I got 25% of with an offer code and the l/g was only 10.00, so I couldn’t resist! My Walgreens now have Essie np, so I picked up Coat Azure and Dive Bar – sooo pretty and Coat Azure is my current mani shade.

    Weekend plans – Work! And going to see Blue Valentine with my friend on Sunday too.

    Where do I apply my makeup – in my bedroom in front of the window because natural lighting doesn’t lie!

  14. Natalie

    Haul: MAC Viva Glam Gaga 2 lipstick

    Weekend plans: Shopping for my bedroom makeover, and hopefully Lady GaGa (again!) in AC tomorrow night!

    Where do you apply your makeup: My bathroom, but now that I’m redoing my bedroom and getting a lovely vanity, it’ll be there!

  15. Heather H

    Why are Mellan’s eyes so red?

    • That’s just how his eyes are – it’s not really his eye but his the way his eye lid is, you can see the pinkness of the inside of the lid on the bottom.

  16. natalia

    Haul: I picked up the new Rimmel Clean Finish Foundation (it was under $3.00 at walmart!) a L’Oreal eye roller, and Hard Candy Glamoflauge concealer. I plan on going to MAC this weekend and picking up some basics like MSFN, Cleanse off oil, and a paintpot.

    Weekend plans: going out on the town tonight w/ the bf and friends!

    Where do you apply your makeup: Usually my bedroom. I wish I had more space in my bathroom to do my makeup!

  17. Gisele

    Haul: MAC Lady Bug lipstick
    Weekend plans: Rest, read, write
    Where do I apply makeup: In my bathroom, by the sink, with natural incoming light on those sunny days.
    Mellan is adorable, but he might prefer a blue scarf.

  18. Ani_BEE

    Haul: MAKE UP FOR EVER Sculpting Kit #4, Ouidad Botanical Boost® Moisture Infusing & Refreshing Spray, Hello Kitty Fragrance 0.25oz Eau de Parfum (in the cute nail polish bottles), and Caudalie Premier Cru Eye Cream deluxe sample.

    Weekend plans: Hanging out with friends Saturday and helping out my mom again with her sprained foot.

    Where do you apply your makeup: In my bedroom at my desk mostly with natural sunlight, if it’s not dark outside. Otherwise in the bathroom.

  19. babyinacorner

    Haul: Guerlain rouge g orange europhique which is a gorgeous peachy orange on me – loving it!
    Weekend plans; class all weekend too! boo and i’m exhausted from work.

  20. Simone

    Haul: Oilatum (2 tubes), 3 day straight form john freida and another MAC Careblend powder, to use for contour.

    Weekend plans: I have a date on Saturday, and I’m taking my guide dog puppy for one last run on the beach, before he leaves to do his second part of the training, He’s made it!

    Where do you apply your makeup: My bedroom, I have a vanity in there, but I often check it over in the bathroom, and apply highlighter in there, as the lighting is much better, but as we only have one bathroom, the rest of my family would object to me doing make up in there.

  21. Hilary♥

    Haul: Just placed my order for some ELF products, I’m so excited! I expect so much from this brand as everybody says their quality is good.

    Weekend plans: Dinner with friends tomorrow night and entering a special singing contest – wish me good luck! =)

    Where do you apply your makeup: In my room.

    Aww love those pics of Mellan!! So cute! Have a great weekend Christine!

  22. Haul: Just a couple of items from Lush: 2 bubble bars and a body butter bar

    Weekend plans: sleep, study for CPA exam, do our taxes

    Where do you apply your makeup: At my new vanity table. So happy I don’t have to apply it in the master bathroom anymore. Those lights were way too hot!

  23. Linnea

    It may be Friday, but Mellan definitely makes every friday better!!

    Haul: Nadda. Nothing. Nilch! I have to pay for my wisdom teeth removal in March, so I’m lowering the spending. Haven’t even visited a beauty department. 😀
    Weekend plans: So this weekend is a long weekend where I live, but I am going to be working 2/3 days.. So Work, and relax.
    Where do you apply your makeup: In my room. I haven’t moved in with the boy yet, so I’m sure that will change.. The spare bathroom is a great idea!

  24. Laia

    Haul: Too Faced Eye Shadow Protection and MUFE Brush cleanser. It was all about maintaining products this time!

    Weekend plans: Saturday still in Spain, I have a dinner with my friends because we’re celebrating a bday and a friend’s farewell… and on Sunday I’m going back to Belgium!

    Where do you apply your makeup: Bathroom, it’s the place where I feel more comfortable.

    Have a good weekend, Christine! :)

  25. Amanda Dubs

    Haul: Mac viva glam 2 lipglass, a back up wonder woman emancipation, philosophy hope in a jar, urban decay 6 shadow box
    Weekend plans: see an OU play, write notes on it. Write a research paper, and then work a couple days :)
    Where I do my makeup: in my bathroom, which I can’t even see my counter anymore…

  26. TonTeezy

    Haul: Eve Pearl Salmon Concealer from HauteLook.

    Weekend Plans: Playing it by ear.

    Where do you apply your makeup: My vanity area that I created in my bedroom.

  27. Sabrina

    Haul: From MAC’s Wonder Woman collection, Amazon Princess blush (love), Spitfire lipstick; Received HauteLook order of six Mega Shine lip glosses including Sweetheart, Miami Babe, Beige, and Natural; Three Sinful Colors polishes; NYX lipstick in Louisiana and pink eyeshadow trio

    Weekend plans: Enjoying a long weekend with friends, plan to see “The King’s Speech”

    Where do you apply your makeup: Bedroom

  28. Gretchen

    I ordered some Dior lip serum and an Urban Decay lip pencil from Sephora, and they should arrive later today. I also got their birthday present, which is the Philosophy 3 in 1 birthday cake stuff. A gift to myself as my birthday is Monday! I also don’t have any work this weekend, which is also another small present. =D

  29. LU

    Haul: Nada. I’ve been good lately. ^^

    Weekend plans: Work, Errands, Homework.

    Where do you apply your makeup: In my bathroom and bedroom.

  30. heidi

    Haul: Sonia Kashuk angled liner brush, NYC Sunny bronzer, Milani lily white runway eyeshadow (really glittery pearly white), NYX eyeshadow in Africa (crazy bright matte reddish orange), NYX eyeshadow in iced mocha (its a perfect dupe for satin taupe), Rimmel moisture renew lipstick in dreamy (shimmery nude), MAC eyeshadow in steamy (bluish green frost), and Mac eyeshadow in club (taupe satin with green reflects).
    weekend plans: work
    makeup application location: bathroom, living room, car, work it all depends when I wake up.

  31. Emme

    Haul: Dalliance eyeshadow (finally!) and a drugstore brand eye pencil in dark green.
    Weekend plans: Some studying!
    Where do you apply your makeup: In the bathroom, but I so wish I had an old-fashioned boudoir with a big oval mirror just for this!

  32. Haul: Tokidoki Robbery palette and glitter pencil set. Originally both $75, on clearance at JCP both for $15. Also hauled China Glaze Crackle polishes, and a few Color Club polishes as well. Finally ordered some items from WW collection: Spitfire & Heroine and the green and blue mascaras.

    Weekend: Get some work done around the house

    Apply makeup: My guest bathroom. That’s about to change, to my third bedroom. I’ll keep all the mess in there, and I’ll have more room and storage space. Currently my makeup is stored in my bedroom and bathrooms.

  33. Jennifer

    Haul: MAC Marquis’d lipstick from WW, this is my new favorite lipstick, I absolutely love it!
    Weekend Plans: study, catch up on homework, church on Sunday
    where do I apply my makeup: in my bedroom in front of the dresser mirror

  34. Angelcat47

    Haul:Maybelline Define A Brow,Milani HD Concealer,Milani Nail Polish in Disco.
    Plans:just relax
    Apply Makeup:kitchen table…it has the best light.

  35. Yumi

    Haul: VG Gaga lipstick and lipglass, folded and bought a Marquise’d last week too!
    Weekend plans: Working :(
    I apply my makeup in uh…the bathroom near my room that I’ve bullied my brother into leaving solely to me 😀

  36. Rita

    Haul: I got only a Valiant palette (a sneak peak from US), and I heard today that March 1st we are going to get at least Wonder Woman, Sheen Supreme, Cremeblend Blush, and Gaga 2 Collections!
    I apply my makeup in my bedroom.

  37. Haul: Bobbi Brown Concealer Kit and textbooks from I know textbooks aren’t make-up related but I did get more textbooks than make-up related items. Btw I never realized how my school’s bookstore overprices their books!

    Weekend Plans: Homework!

    Where do you apply your make-up?: I apply it on my vanity.

  38. Inga

    Haul: L’Oreal Voluminous mascara and 3x Clarins Rouge Hydra Nude in Nude Rose

    Weekend plans: Reading for school.

    Where do you apply your makeup: Bathroom or my bedroom, if I’m going out and plan to spend some time applying makeup I’ll sit at my desk or somewhere with good natural light and a big mirror.

  39. Alexandra

    Haul: Mac WW mighty aphrodite blush duo, Bobbi Brown bronzing powder, the new rich lip colors in guava and the coral one, and bobbi brown creaseless eyeshadows in beach bronze!
    Plans: hangout w girls tonight and then work and study all day tom!

  40. Carrie Ann

    From the Wonder Woman collection, I got the 3 colored mascaras, Athena’s Kiss Lipglass, Heroine lipstick & a backup of Marquise d’, Amazon Princess blush and Spirit of Truth nail lacquer. I got Viva Glam Gaga 2 Lipglass & lipstick and I also got Essie nail polish in Kisses & Bisses.

  41. Rengirl

    Haul: Completing my collection with more Sigma brushes (I’m totally loving these) and the rest of the NYX Soft Matte lip creams.

    Weekend plans: We have guests over so we’re looking at visiting some museums and shopping.

    Where do you apply your makeup: My vanity in my bedroom.

  42. Kelly Marie

    Haul: Urban Decay Lip Junkie in Peroxide and Sephora by OPI Urban Ballerina mini nail polish set…not sure why I keep giving these polishes a second chance, the formula is garbage, really streaky, but the colors were so cute…

    Weekend plans: work work work and study the renal system for a test on Tuesday

    I apply my makeup at my desk which I have converted into a vanity and is still too small for all my makeup…I’m addicted!!

  43. Theresa Rush

    Aaaaaaaaw!! He is soooooooo ADORABLE!! :)

  44. Whippetlady

    Haul this week is all Vacation related- Two tankinis, one in my closet, the other on the way!
    Plans- a movie tonight – finally The King’s Speech. Symphony tomorrow night with a nice dinner before.
    Makeup is done in the bathroom. I have a vanity table in my bedroom but I need running water and bright light. The vanity just seems to hold clothes and nail polish and framed photos.

  45. Wendy

    Haul: MAC Mega Metal Eyeshadows in Tweet Me and Spectacle of Yourself.
    Weekend plans: going shopping, out to dinner and visiting grandpa because his birthday is on sunday.
    Where I apply my make-up: in the guestroom on my vanity.

  46. CeeBee

    Haul: A Guerlain Rouge G (yes, another one), three Shiseido Rouge Perfect lipsticks, Shiseido Luminizing Satin Eye Colour Trio in VI308, Antipodes Vanilla Pod Day Cream (smells SO GOOD) and a tube of Laura Mercier primer.

    Weekend plans: Nothing. Just relaxing…

    Where do I apply makeup: In my bathroom under specially installed Hollywood style strip lighting!

  47. Ashleigh

    Haul: some bath bombs and soap from lush
    Weekend plans: work, study, family dinner
    Where I apply my makeup: bedroom, or the car if im running late :)

  48. Rosanna

    Haul: I’m excited to try Thierry Mugler Make-up!

    Thieryy Mugler Rouge Unique Lipstick “Fantasy”
    Thierry Mugler Latex Khol Eyeliner “Black”

    Weekend plans: School!

    Where do you apply your makeup: Bathroom (I know it’s bad but my bedroom just doesn’t have good lighting!)

  49. Haul: Benefit creasless creme eyeshadow in Skinny Jeans and Mac minerlise natural powder in medium/dark. I wanted Mac viva glam iv but they were out of stock. :(

  50. Tiffany S.

    Haul: China Glaze Crackle, Seche Vite Base coat
    Weekend plans: Cleaning, cleaning, cleaning!! And then off to see Lady Gaga on Monday!!
    I apply my makeup in the living room because I have more space and light.

  51. Vanessa S

    Mellan hello there!

    Haul: 10 pan Freedom Palette from Inglot, Glitter from Inglot, 3 Inglot Nail Polishes, 5 pan freedom palette for my girl friend, and a 4 pan blush palette.
    Viva Glam Gaga 2 Lipstick and lipglass.
    Mac MSF natural in medium
    NARS blush in Oasis
    Benefit mini concealer kit
    External hard drive for my mac

    Weekend plans: Coconut Grove Art Festival, Beach, diner with friends

    Where do you apply makeup? Makeup table or bathroom depends on how much time i have…

  52. All three of the new 8-pan wet n wild palettes :))

  53. Ami

    Haul: MAC Handwritten, Vanilla and Odyssey l/s!

    Weekend plans: Spending time with the boy <3

    Where do you apply your makeup: Either the bathroom, or bedroom.

  54. Heather

    The whole China Glaze Crackle collection, a Coach purse, a pair of Paige jeans and some Hollister jeans… and I totally am about to hit up Aerie tonight for some tees… I MAY also stop in at the CVS and pick up some Wet n Wild ES but other than that not a big makeup haul…
    Big plans are nothing! Cleaning and more cleaning. Oh and homework
    I usually put makeup on in my bathroom or in the bathroom at work (I know, I know)

  55. AnGeLwInGz

    Haul: MAC Hue lipstick (my first MAC lipstick) and I ordered the entire China Glaze Crackle collection.

  56. Chau

    Haul: Bobbi Brown Peony & Python palette + Noir Earings from kamaloop
    Weekend plans: some school, trip to LUSH
    Where do you apply your makeup: In my room

  57. Nicole

    Haul: I bought nothing, because I was ill and unable to leave the house.

    Weekend plans: Do some shopping and write some mails to friends.

    Where do you apply your makeup: It depends, sometimes in my bathroom, sometimes while having breakfast in my living room.

  58. mini

    awww he is such a cutie :)

  59. Pamela

    Is there such a thing as pet modeling? If so, Mellan would be perfect!

  60. marcela

    Haul: Urban Decay Vegan Palette! NYX Jumbo eye pencils in electric blue, cherry, hot pink, orange, purple velvet, lime.
    Plans: go searching for birthday gifts for my boyfriend
    makeup: at my dresser mirror. all my makeup is nicely arranged in a Caboodles acrylic organizer on my dresser.

  61. EvilPinkRobot

    This has turned out to be a very good week. My favorite tia’s recent MRI results showed her brain tumor has shrunk and her spinal tap came back positive! Our family is grateful we get to celebrate her birthday this weekend! *tears of happiness all around!*

    Haul: Kat Von D Painted Love Lipstick – Backstage Bambi, Phyto shampoo – Phytocyane, OPI – Black Shatter, The One That Got Away, and Teenage Dream, OPI for Sephora – Who’s Spinning (loved the color from the mini collection and had to get the full sized bottle), Zoya – Gemma and Caitlin, Lancome – Hypnose Drama mascara and Bi-Facil makeup remover, MAC Wonder Woman Powder Blush – Mighty Aphrodite, MAC Wonder Woman Nail Lacquer – Obey Me and Spirit of Truth

    Weekend plans: My aunt’s birthday and my cousin’s 21st!

    Where do you apply your make-up: I use my vanity in the spare bedroom.

  62. antonia

    haul: emancipation wonder woman lipglass, white tank, false lashes, hco sweatpants
    weekend plans: sleep, eat, poop
    where do you apply makeup: room

  63. Helen

    Haul: It was my birthday so I got lots of makeup gifts and bought a couple of things for myself too! Smashbox cream liner in midnight purple, Nude serum, Chanel glossimer in Giggle, Sunday Riley Juno Oil, Sunday Riley Bionic Cream, Sunday Riley Good Genes, Sunday Riley Ceramic Slip Cleanser, Sunday Riley Start Over eye cream, Sunday Riley Cashmere SPF 30, Chanel Ombre essentialle soft touch eyeshadow in slate, Chanel Rouge Coco Shine in Boy, Chanel Le crayon levres in Tulip, Chanel Tweed Pink blush, Chanel Paradoxal nail polish, Deborah Lipmann How Far is Heaven nail polish, Deborah Lipmann Sarah Smile nail polish, Deborah Lipmann Wicked Game Nail polish, Philosophy Birthday Cake bubble bath (birthday gift Sephora), Eve Lom Kiss Mix (birthday gift Space NK), Mac Courting Lilac lipstick glaze, Kevyn Aucoin Goddess eye shadow, Bobbi Brown long wear black gel liner, Bobbi Brown long wear chocolate shimmer ink gel liner, Laura Mercier eye makeup base, Chanel Coco Rouge Legende lipstick, Dr. Hauschka brown eye shadow palette, Davines moisturizing hair cream, Davines Momo Moisturizing Curl enhancing serum, and a Marc Jacobs wallet. I scored this week because of all of my birthday gifts!

    Weekend plans: A little work on my dissertation, a facial at Space NK, and hanging out with family.

    Where do you apply your makeup: I apply it in my bathroom next to the window because of all of the natural light.

    Mellan is a beauty!!!!!!!!

  64. Katie Tanner

    Haul: Lush- vanilla power puff, avo bath bomb, mango bath melt, and two mushrooms bubble bars.
    MAC- Mighty Aphrodite blush and Studio Finish concealer in NW20
    Maria Carey Lollipop Bling in Ribbon ( going to get honey too)

  65. Hannah

    Haul: Just some Clinique foundation. I’m waiting for spring break to really do some hauling.

    Weekend Plans: Homework tonight, party tomorrow, homework on Sunday.

    Where do you apply your makeup: In my bedroom.

  66. annie

    Haul:Benefit Erase Paste & Booii,Guerlain ecrin couleurs eyeshadow palettes

    Weekend plans:planting new flowers in the garden for spring 😉

    Where do you apply your makeup:at the dressoir :)

  67. Kris

    Haul: MAC Wonder Woman Valiant quad and MAC Wonder Woman Pink Power MSF, and a 222 crease brush!

    I have to say I went in for a make-up session (at the MAC counter in Selfridges, London, they had a special booth with just Wonder Woman and made it a whole thing, with models dressed in tiny blue shorts and killer red plastic boots and a gaudy gold top who stood around and took pictures of people who had just finished having their make-up done. They plastered the walls, pillars and floor with red paper and the designs on the Wonder Woman packaging and brought it special Wonder Woman chairs!) and I was amazed by the MSF. They’re such good value for money, and great if you travel! I mean, 1 slim case, 3 products: no need to lug around extra.

    Weekend plans: school, and the Comedy Store! Also saw ‘Paul’ just now, and I have to say, it’s a definite ‘yes’!!! Go and see it, it will make you die of laughter. Hope you have a great weekend Christine!

  68. Haul: I went to Sally’s today and got carried away. I bought China Glaze Four Leaf Clover and Heart of Africa, two Sally mini e/s (Bronze & Champagne), two Sally mini nail polishes, two Sally Baked e/s (round one). I also went to a local pharmacy and got the Essie mini Winter Collection and the mini Red Hot Fiesta Collection, and OPI Plugged-in Plum. Then I picked up (told ya I got carried away!) Revlon l/s in Rum Raisin, Mulled Wine, and Real Raisin, two bottles of Almay Oil-Free EM Remover (a staple), and Revlon nail polishes in Vixen and Plum Attraction.

    Weekend Plans: read “The Awakening” for American Literature, and clean my apartment.

    Where I do my makeup: usually the kitchen counter, because my laptop lives on a corner of the counter and I can check emails, read blogs, etc., while I apply it.

  69. Jeanie

    Haul: Korres Silicone-free primer, MUFE Face & Body, NARS nail varnish in Desperado,Jack Black Intense Therapy Lip Balm, and Sugarpill loose shadows in Goldilux, Lumi, and Royal Sugar.
    Weekend plans: relax, go out for drinks, hang out.
    Where do you apply your makeup: I sit on my bed with a compact mirror.

  70. Lauryn

    Haul: after knocking 6 of my 15 pan palettes on the bathroom floor, and watching eyeshadow go everywhere, i replaced the 6 pans (shroom, deep truth, patina, swish, humid and jest), also traded in 12 empties for Crystal and Pink Freeze.

    Weekend plans: Saturday, is Jersey Shore Premium Outlets, Sunday i have to teach classes.. YUCK!!

    Where do you apply your makeup: (on my face!) In my bathroom mostly! Unless hubby is in there, then the kitchen, den, wherever the light happens to be.

  71. Lisa G

    Haul: MAC WW lipglass in Wonder Woman and Marquise ‘d lipstick. Then, from Hautelook I hauled some Eve Pearl-HD foundation, salmon concealer, and HD powder, blush, and one e/s palette.
    Weekend plans: same old, same old…grocery shopping and family time.
    I apply my makeup either in my bathroom or my dresser.

  72. londonhermit

    My haul this week: 3 of the new orly collection sapphire silk,royal velvet,fancy fuscia three more from the new OPI Texas collection: Do you think im Texy, houston we have a purple, and guy meets galvaston, 2 from the new essie collection kisses and bisses and french affair and one final one from the china glaze anchors away in first mate. Went to MAC next and brought the wonder woman quad in valiant, a 129,109 and 239 brush. Finally I went to Sephora and brought my first NARS quad in cordura and a my first benefit product a creaseless cream shadow in busy signal. This weekend I plan on going out with my mom and sister for dinner and a movie.

  73. Alli

    Haul – I had a gift cert left over from the holidays from LUSH, so I finally decided to spend it and got: Aromoco deod. (husband loves it so got it for him!), Lemony flutter cuticle butter, Ultrabland cleanser (the best thing to take off makeup), Breath of Fresh Air toner, Buffy Body Butter (with free tin), Creamed Almond and Coconut Smoothie (best shaving cream ever), King of Skin Body Butter, Stepping Stone foot scrub, Cynthia Sylvia Stout shampoo (have never tried before;)
    China Glaze Crackle Nail Polishes – the concrete one, white and baby blue, Wagon Trail and a pale yellow color (forget the name)
    Lorac Tye Dye lipgloss set,
    MAC e/s – Era, All That Glitters, Folie and Rubenesque Paint Pot and #217 brush
    CG liquiline e/l – think that’s it – wanting to check out the Lady Gaga 2 lipstick and gloss this weekend…anyone have thoughts on it? is it a must have?
    Weekend Plans – spending time with the hubby. It is my 3 year anniversary (if you can call it that) of sustaining an injury that has greatly impacted my quality of life, so I hope to do something enjoyable to make me smile (maybe shopping!?)
    Where I apply my makeup – in my bathroom since that is where all of it is and so I can stand (unable to sit due to my injury)

  74. Danielle

    haul :an elf order finally came in after 10 yrs, im excited to try some of their new products and new brushes!
    plan :play with new elf stuff lol its gonna b rainy this weekend so indoors for me
    I put my make up on at my desk in my room

  75. Melissa

    Such an adorable dog! I bought Sea Me Shadestick and Blue Flame Mineralized Eyeshadow at my CCO. It was my first CCO purchase, first purchase of those types of products. I’m excited to use them!

  76. Bubbles

    Haul: MAC platinum pigment and studio fix powder plus foundation. I’m hoping this foundation will work since they didn’t have any liquid foundation light enough for me, lol! You know you’re pale when…

    Weekend plans: Partying with friends! Yay! But then, back to work on Sunday. Booo…

    Where do you apply your makeup: Bathroom…when I can get in!

    Next time I go to MAC, I will try out the Lady GaGa lipstick! I have a feeling it will look horrible on me but I just wanna put it on!

  77. Geo

    Haul: Hair stuff: Got 2b dry shampoo and “kinky” hair mousse,Queen Helene Carrot cholesterol hair mask, and Carrot hair oil.

    Weekend plans: I’m right there with you, Christine: School, school, school!

    Where do you apply your makeup: Bedroom or bathroom.

  78. Nessabella

    Haul: all from BECCA Cosmetics – Line and Pore Corrector, Mattifying Primer, Lip and Cheek Creme in Tuberose, Beach Tint in Grapefruit and Watermelon, Eye Tint in Baroque

    Weekend plans: studying and resting. I am 35 weeks pregnant! So not long to go :)

    Where do you apply your makeup: In the bathroom

  79. Jess

    Haul: Mac 188 brush, 227 brush,109 brush, mac kabuki brush, eye shadows in honey lust, cork, shadowy lady, instant gold,lip glass, fix +, mineralize skin finish and benefits eye lash curler..
    PLANS:Stay home and play with mt new makeup.

  80. Blue

    Your dog is just so adorable! The first picture, his face, I literally aww’ed!

  81. Becca

    Haul: went shopping today and even though someone said the NAKED palette was back in stock, guess what? It’s still not. Made me sooo upset!!!!! But anyways, from LUSH I got Aqua Marina cleanser, Breath of Fresh Air toner, Grease Lightning gel cleanser and Sweet Lips lip scrub. Used all of these things today plus a face mask and scrub and moisturizer obviously, and I must say that my skin is as soft as a baby’s butt. I got the Matte It primer from The Body Shop, the 187 (FINALLY) and Ladyblush from MAC. I CAN’T BELIEVE they still had it in stock, and I love the formulation so I might have to go back and get Brit Wit and Posey 😉
    Weekend plans: social homework 😛 playing around with makeup, having a sleepover now :)

    Where do you apply your makeup: in the bathroom or at my vanity (I only have a small conair mirror though) usually if I take time on my eyes I do it at my vanity and my face and all that in the bathroom. It depends :)))

  82. Becca

    oh, and earlier on on the week I got Mighty Aphrodite from the WW collection. Thank God because it was the last one!!!!!! I’m in love.
    No joke.

  83. Mariella

    Haul: Dalliance from MAC’s Peacocky (my 3rd shadow from this collection – I love them)

    Weekend plans: heading out to the gym soon, dinner out with hubs, his brother and my SIL; meeting up with my former trainer tomorrow for a workout and lunch. 3-day weekend here – YAY for Family Day!

    Where do you apply makeup – our ensuite bathroom is MINE. It has good light and pretty good storage space (though my collection is expanding but the storage space isn’t!)

  84. Jazz

    Haul : nothing (unemployed so I cant afford it )
    Weekend plans = studying for an analytical exam, celebrating my cousins 3rd birthday , and getting ready for my birthday
    I apply makeup in my bedroom or in the bathroom , sometimes even in the car

  85. Ana Krum

    Haul: Mavala Double Lash, Mini Slant Tweezers from Tweezerman (green with snowflakes!, Kiehl’s lip balm and Benefit Erase Paste in Light :)

    Weekend plans: Gotta read my Jane Austen’s new books!

    Where do you apply your makeup: Bathroom – but the makeup stays in my bedroom.

  86. Ana G.

    Haul: Daliance eyesahdow from Peacocky, Russian Red lipstick, Blot Powder.

    Weekend plans: Family reunion and catch up on some work.

    Where do you apply your makeup: Bathroom – even though it’s not spare, I do my make up before my husband gets up; that way, it’s all mine!!

    Christine, did you thou that Magellan was portuguese and his name is actually Magalhães?? But Mellan sounds much much better!! :-) Nice weekend for everyone

  87. lexi

    LOL at the Model Shot…”Mellan, you better work!” ala RuPaul :)

  88. MARGO