Friday, October 8th, 2010

Welcome to Free For Haul Fridays!

A play on Oh No They Didn’t’s “Free For All Fridays,” every Friday is Free For Haul Fridays! Friday is a day for fun — whether you’re already off enjoying your weekend or if you just need a way to get through til the end of the work day, FFH is here for you!

Share your latest beauty hauls! Once you’ve done that… say anything you’d like. Tell us about the greatest thing that happened to you this week, why your pet is the cutest, what you’re doing this weekend… whatever!

First, I’ll share mine!

Haul: GO SMiLE whitening system from a HauteLook sale

Friday plans: I’m dog-sitting!  Or maybe I will make Mellan do it.  It is also Shaun and my five year anniversary today!

What’s on your lips: Jack Black Lip Balm in Lemon & Chamomile. MMM!

Favorite animal: Camels.  Yeah, I admit it.  I have a thing for camels.  Don’t even ask me how much camel paraphernalia I have.

This week’s Mellan photo…

Mr. Mellan & Miss Luna, his puppy friend!  She’s about 3 months old – a lab/short haired German pointer mix.  I told Mellan no flirting, she’s way too young for him.   (That is a Halti, not a muzzle!! that Mellan is sporting.)

You don’t even know how difficult it is to get the two of them in the same frame!  Poor Luna, she’s covered in Mellan hair by the end of the meal.

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290 thoughts on “Free for Haul Friday, Volume #049

  1. Congratulations to your anniversary! My school mascot in college was a camel and now I have a strange affection for them!

  2. Well, yesterday I was having the most hellish day ever. Seriously, HELLISH! I went to go check my mail and I discovered a package FOR ME! I love packages, haha. More importantly, it was from you! It was the biggest instant pick-me-up ever so I just wanted to say thank you!

    I don’t really have any plans today other than baking a banana bread but we’re taking our little girl to the pumpkin patch this weekend! She’s 14 months, so we didn’t get to take her last year but I’m glad we get to enjoy these kinds of things this year. Happy anniversary!!

    Cute pictures, by the way! Mellan and Luna sitting in a tree… haha;x

  3. skybluesky

    Haul: Got my order from Sephora: Smashbox primer light, smashbox pencil sharpener, Make Up For Ever Aqua Eyes in Black. Waiting for the F&F sale!

    Friday plans: Tea with a friend!

    What’s on my lips: Burt’s Bees…recovering from a cold and my entire face is super dry.

    Favorite animal: Wombat. ‘Nuff said!

  4. egon

    Congratulations happy anniversary =)

  5. coco72

    Haul: From MAC Venomous Villains: Heartless and Violetta lipsticks, and Bite of an Apple powder blush, with a B2M Girl About Town lipstick

    Friday plans: Stay at home, I have a bad cold :-(

    What’s on your lips: MAC Tinted Lip Conditioner in Popster and Heartless lipstick

    Favorite animal: Hello Kitty! lol!

  6. Viridiana


  7. Vanessa G.

    Haul: Picking up the new Chanel Holiday Collection, Tentation Cuirvee Quad, Pleasing Glossimer, and Patchouli Lipstick. (Still debating on the Pulsion Nail Polish)

    Friday Plans: We are heading to the beach for the weekend

    On Lips Now: Sugar Fresh Balm and Chanel Insouciance Extrait Gloss

    Favorite Animal: White Tiger

  8. equustel

    MAC Venomous Villains launched in Malaysia this week. I got Revenge is Sweet and She Who Dares, and I’m loving both so far! Alas, Formidable! was sold out, and there’s only one MAC store in my area, so … yeah. I’m not too bummed about it, but I am currently looking out for the Orly equivalent! (Which is also going to be pretty tough, because there’s no store here that sells Orly …)

    Aww, Mellan is adorable!~ And congrats to you and Shawn!

  9. Haul: My first MAC-things :-) “Bite of an apple”, “Bad Fairy” and “Viva Glam Cindy lipstick”. And I ordered four beautiful China Glaze lacquers, but they still travel – Hope I’ll get them next week

    Friday plans: I try to get well, because I’m ill since – Uhm – monday last week? So, almost 2 weeks now…

    What’s on your lips: Just a normal lipbalm (Carmex)

    Favorite animal: I think, my own mice are my favorite animals 😉

  10. Lauren

    Haul: Last night I bought a refill of Shiseido Mattifying Oil Free Moisturizer. I don’t want to jinx it, but my skin has been beautiful since I started using their Deep Cleansing stuff with that moisturizer. It’s been 3 weeks of perfect skin so far. (I haven’t even had to wear foundation- oh the horror and excitement!)I also purchased Melon pigment for a wedding I’m going to this weekend. Why am I so late on getting on the pigment boat? It goes on the eye lid so much easier than pan shadows! The crafty sales associate also talked me into buying the Cooling Powder from VV in “Truth and Light”. It did give me a fabulous glow, so I’m not that upset with her. lol

    Friday plans: My boyfriend’s coming over for some cuddle time.

    What’s on your lips: MAC Warm Me Up. I thought I had lost it. It was just hanging out in one of my fall purses from last year. It sort of goes slightly Russet-toned on me, but it certainly does warm up my complexion. It’s very work appropriate.

    Favorite animal: I love cats, but someone once told me that elephants were goodluck. I have a whole shelf full of them, now.

  11. NeenaJ

    Happy Anniversary!

    Haul: went to Ulta last weekend and picked up:
    Orly Space Cadet & Haley’s Comet BOGO 50% (love the colors – hate the application);
    NYX round lipstick in Doll 40% off(super pigmented!);
    Bare Minerals liner shadow in Sugar Plum (shimmery blackened plum) and Downtown (shimmery medium taupe). These are my faves out of the haul. The colors are gorgeous all over the lid dry or as liner, wet.

    Friday plans: None for today, but am going to an art festival tomorrow. Hoping for beautiful weather.

    What’s on your lips: MAC Thrills

    Favorite animal: Sharks!

  12. Lea

    Haul: Nothing! Still saving that money. But nothing is tempting me anyway. 😉

    Friday plans: A friend is visiting me, so just relaxing!

    What’s on your lips: Very worn off Colour Sensational lipstick by Maybelling in “Fatal Red”.

    Favorite animal: My dog Oskar. 😀

  13. Laura

    Aww, such cute pictures! We tried the Halti on our Golden, and each time, it lasted on her a grand total of 10 seconds. Mellan looks like he doesn’t mind his!

  14. Hannah

    Haul: Mac Venomous Villains Violetta lipstick and Viva Glam Gaga lipglass. Both are amazing btw :)
    Friday plans: TV catch up
    On my lips is Body Shop Satsuma Shimmer lip balm.
    Favourite animal: Penguins!

  15. Megan

    awwww Congrats to you and Shaun!!
    I am OBSESSED with the Jack Black lemon lip balm!!

  16. Nayeli

    Awww congrats to u and Shaun!!!!! Tomorrow is my boyfriends and I 5 years and 5 months anniversary

  17. natalia

    Haul: Explicit LG, Utterly Game mineralize blush, Russian Red LS, Till Tomorrow Pro Longwewar Lipcreme, Some B&BW CO Bigelow Mentha lipshines

    Friday plans: BF’s hockey game tonight!

    What’s on your lips: Biltex Deep Renewal chapstick

    Favorite animal: Dogs!

  18. Ana G.

    Haul: Several things I ordered from MAC – Venomous Villains and others

    Friday plans: It’s my dads’ 65 th anniversary..big family party!!

    What’s on your lips: Burt’s Bees Beeswax lip balm – classic

    Favorite animal: Ducks (go figure…)

  19. mkdallas

    I could just take a bite out of his snout, lol…so CUTE! Haulage: 2 of the new YSL Pur Couture lippies in #6 and #10 (both nudish pinky shades) and a PTR “Lashes To Die For”, based on great beauty blog reviews. On my lips: Rosebud Brambleberry Rose Salve (better taste & smell and a little bit more color than the original). Plans for tonight: attend an overnite reunion of old camp friends complete with campfire, s’mores, Merlot and my Snuggie; haven’t seen many of them for 38 years!! Favorite non-pet animal: lemurs & koalas are the bomb.

  20. Maeve

    Haul: My Venomous Villains stuff finally arrived! I also bought Bad Fairy here in France. Now that I saw the collection in person, I know I bought all the right things, and I don’t regret not buying anything.

    Plans: Disneyland Paris this sunday, and the cute American breakfast place on Saturday.

    Lips: Burt’s Bees. The best.

    Favorite Animal: Penguin or a white siberian tiger

  21. Beverly

    HAUL: Maybelline’s BB cream (I use this product everyday. My skin looks luminous everytime I use this product. Just a blush, lipstick, mascara and this bb cream and I already look great! 😉

    Friday Plan: Have a few drinks with my friends after work. 😉

    What’s on my lips: MAC Lickable 😉

    Weekend plans: I’m gonna try Yoga tomorrow for the first time. So excited about that!

    Favorite animal: Dogs are the cutest! I have 2 dogs, boston terrier, and a french bulldog. I sooooo love them. My boston’s gonna give birth this month. I’m gonna be a proud grandmama!haha

    I love your blog! <3

  22. Haul: Guerlain G lipstick in Gillian! This is a first MLBB lipstick owned and I love it. Nothing else until the Chanel Holiday line comes out. : ) My BIGGEST haul is listed below!

    Friday Plans: RELAX…or try to. I am hopefully purchasing my first home and we have the inspection tomorrow! Prayers please!!

    I’m wearing Gillian today of course and my favorite animals and mammals are dogs, dolphins and seals. <3

  23. Rosamaria

    Haul: BB Metallic eyeshdow in Black Berry, and Sparkle eyeshadow in Black. (I loved Black Velvet so much that I had to get Black!)

    From MAC VV: Almost all the lipglasses, the Lip gelee, both mineralized eyeshadows, Violetta lipstick and the red Cruella one, both magically cool powders, and all the nail polishes.

    This Sunday I’ll be having Tea at the Plaza Hotel. Very excited!

    Everyone have a great weekend!

  24. Alison

    Awww, I love when people post pics of their pets on their blogs.

    I also like camels. I met one who was very fond of Mountain Dew.

  25. Sabrina

    Haul: EcoTools blush brush, an empty Mac palette, & I got in my HauteLook Lorac order (which I’m no completely happy with and can’t seem to get a response from them now…grr). I do like the Full Face Croc case I got though!

    Friday plans: Going to ULTA and then going to Howl-O-Scream at Busch Gardens with the family tonight.

    What’s on your lips: coffee. lol

    Favorite animal: 3 toed sloths. they are just too cute. :) Also, elephants.

    I’m also getting frustrated trying to find a decent mascara that will hold a curl (and that isn’t tested on animals :( ). It seems like most of the mascaras I’ve tried lately flatten my lashes out right away. sigh

    • Good luck on the mascara hunt :(

      • Sabrina

        Thank you. :) I might try MAC Haute and Naughty next. I don’t know. I’m about ready to give up. I don’t need much in the way of volume or length, just something to hold a curl.

        And I hope you have a wonderful anniversary!!!

        • Let us know if you find the perfect one! :)

        • Sally

          I would invest in a waterproof mascara and Neutrogena oil-free eye makeup remover. I live in St. Pete, FL myself, and the humidity doesn’t do us any favors in the lash curling department. Waterproof mascaras work wonders here!

    • Catherine

      You should try the Estee Lauder Sumptuous mascara. I LOVE it. It holds a curl really good and it gives a lot of volume. Also, its not tested on animals :)

  26. Dawn

    Firstly, let me say Happy Anniversary to you and Shaun :)

    This week, VV was launched here in the UK. My haul for this week is therefore substantial (can’t just buy it a bit at a time with something that sells out as quickly as VV did). Hopefully a few more bits are in the post on their way to me

    I got:

    UDPP in ‘Sin’

    China Glaze ‘Awakening’ set of nail polishes

    MAC Cyndi lipglass

    MAC Nail Trend – Concubine, Imperial Flower, Rain Of Flowers

    MAC VV Cruella: Sweet Joy, Heartless, Wicked Ways, Her Own Devices

    MAC VV Evil Queen: Vile Violet, Toxic Tale, Sinister, Hot House

    MAC VV Maleficent: She Who Dares, My Dark Magic, Violetta, Dark Deed, Revenge Is Sweet, Wrong Spell

    MAC VV Dr Facilier: Brash & Bold, Truth & Light

    This weekend I am hoping to see my Dad for the first time since his op :) Me and the kids have all had colds, and didn’t want to pass them on to him. I will also see my little sis and my 3 year old nephew, who are over from Australia visiting my parents.

  27. roberta

    well my haul today it’s really simple… Thursday vv was launched here in uk So here I comé! I got everything I wanted, no sold outs in thé shops! I got beware innocence, briar rose, hotglass, wicked ways and another cruella gloss can’t remember thé name!
    No plans for week end, apart chilling out with my dog, husband it’s away!

  28. Bree

    Haul: Milani Liquify Eye Liner Black.

    Plans: Grocery shopping & sleep.

    On My Lips: Jack Black also same flavor as well & Mac L/G in Spite.

    Favorite Animal: Hmmm….Dogs??

    Awww Mellan has a lil Girlfriend…2 cute.

  29. Joanna

    HAUL: I really wanted to try a Guerlain foundation, but they are all too dark for my skintone. Instead I bought MUFE HD foundation in 115, and I love it. Also got the HD concealer, and it really helps to cover my dark under-eye circles. I also bought a Guerlain eyeshadow quad in violet.

    FRIDAY: Going out for dinner with my fiancé and mom. P.S. Happy anniversary Christine! It’s my anniversary too (two years of dating).

    ON MY LIPS: MAC BBQ lip pencil and Oh Baby Lipglass

    FAVE ANIMAL: I really like owls.

    • Owls are definitely cool. Do you have a favorite type?

      Congrats on two years, Joanna!

      • Joanna

        Snowy owls are pretty awesome. They live in a cold climate like me and I like their feathery feet!

        Have a great weekend!

    • daphne

      Yay, another owl lover! Have you seen that new CGI owl movie? (I forget the title, it is too long.) I’m trying to decide if I should spend money to see it in theatres just for the owls, even though I think it will be a kind of dumb *movie* 😉

  30. Kiki

    Haul: nothing yet… but Venomous Villains come tomorrow to my counter. How exciting!!!

    Friday plans: It’s already 3:45 pm, so finish work, then play soccer. Yay!

    What’s on your lips: MAC Powerful.

    Favorite animal: Mooses. But camels come right after mooses (only with 2 humps!!!!!)

  31. Kalex

    Haul – Bobbi Brown Pink Ribbon Shimmer Brick

    Friday Plans – Taking the kids to the Pumpkin Patch for hayrides and caramel apples.

  32. Leila

    I finally got Mac swish after waiting months for them to bring one in for me yay!!!

    This weekend I’m relaxing and going hiking so glad my board exams are over

  33. Jennifer

    Haul: nothing, but I might go to the mall this weekend

    Friday plans: do homework and then relax in front of the tv

    What’s on my lips: MAC sweety lipstick and cultured lipglass

    favorite animal: leopards, they are so beautiful!

  34. Samantha

    Haul – Hmmmmm nothing really just a back up of Fresh Brown sugar scrub.
    Friday Plans – Work work and more Work !
    What’s on your lips – Fresh Sugar Rose Lip treatment
    Favorite animal – Peacock ( just another one a nature’s beautiful marvels)

  35. leesie

    Happy anniversary!
    Haul: Bath & Body Works travel-size lotion and body spray in their new scent, Secret Wonderland, which is absolutely my new favorite. Mmmm. China Glaze polishes in Rich & Famous, Shower Together, Grape Pop, Flyin’ High, and Heli-Yum. The color spectrum I have going on with my polishes is still dominated by blues and blue-greens, but at least it’s not ENTIRELY blue and blue-green anymore. Also, I finally gave in and bought a Sally’s membership–I don’t know why I didn’t do it when I first fell in love with China Glaze. I’m resisting buying anything else until my birthday. Or trying to. We’ll see how that goes.
    Friday/Weekend plans: Tonight, I’m having my siblings over. Sometime tomorrow, I need to find something to wear to my coworkers’ wedding…Sunday is the wedding, and that should be pretty entertaining, as my coworkers are all awesome and hilarious, and will probably be more so out of our usual little area of Walmart. Oh, and our supervisor is tending bar, which is awesome even though she won’t give me anything alcoholic because, well, she knows how old I am.
    What’s on my lips: Absolutely nothing; I haven’t done my makeup yet.
    Most-played song this week: I actually worked a lot this week, so I don’t have just one. : (
    Shinfo: I am very wordy.

  36. happy anniversary! cheers to a fun weekend for you and the boy!

  37. I finally got my hands on the Urban Decay Naked palette! I can’t wait to try it out!

  38. NICOLE


  39. Susy LovesMac

    Haul: MAC Venomous Villains :) (Her Own Devices, Oh So Fair, Briar Rose, She Who Dares, My Dark Magic, Formidable!, Strange Potion)

    Friday plans: Hang out with my honey at home :) including the kids and new dog :) (lab/ staffie mix)

    What’s on your lips: MAC Way to Love l/s (a rose romance) with Flurry of Fun l/g (to the beach)

    Favorite animal: Dog but I love exotic animals because of my crazy animal print fetish can anyone say Leopard freak :)

  40. Eliza

    Haul: Mac VV!!!Just got released today in Singapore!!!:D & some forever21 accessories & some nail polishes!!yayys

    What I’m doing for Friday- Friday ends in 20min here in Singapore!haha but I had a great time out with the besties!:)

    What’s on your lips- nothing actually or more like worned off fresh salmon!lols

    What is your favorite animal- Hmm!!giraffe!!!!:) hehe I’ve always had a thing for them!ESP as plush toys!:)

  41. Millie

    Happy anniversary, Christine and Shaun!

  42. Megan

    No hauls for me! Congrats to you and Shaun, thats wonderful!

    Friday plans: Driving back to Florida if I canget my car out og the shop!

    Lips: vaseline

    Favorite animals: dogs and dolphins, can’t pick just one!

  43. Stephanie

    Haul: Too Faced Glamourland Palette, Nars Multiple in Orgasm, Benefit lipgloss in Foxy Lady (cause I’m a foxy lady, hahaha)
    Friday Plans: Working! Can’t wait for quitting time, 3pm
    What’s on my Lips: Too Faced Glamour Gloss in Pillow Talk, love this stuff!
    Favorite Animal: Sea Lions I did an internship at Sea World I love these little guys they have such personality!

  44. Kat


    Happy anniversary to you and the boy =D

  45. Haul-UD liquid liner in Extasy, radium. OPI nail color in Miami Beet, Louvre me, Louvre me not, TFSI, a few new brushes(Two of which may be returned soon. Note for anyone else— DO NOT BUY the retractable eyeshadow brushes sephora has on clearance right now. the packaging is TERRIBLE, and the brush cover falls over it when you’re using the brush. Because of that, I have two different new eyeshadows I had to press, after they had chunks gauged out.)

    It’s not much of a hul, but it’s a prelude to my HUGE haul I have planned for the F&F sale.

    Friday plans-work. Yuck.

    On my lips? Right now, its the new Vitamin stick(Vitawater flavored chapstick). SOOOO gross, but it was the only thing on hand.

    Favorite animal? Too many. I love dogs and cats, but my REAL favorite animals have always been Foxes, and Lizards. Though I have a fascination with most reptiles and amphibians. It makes me happy that my garden was covered in frogs the size of my thumbnail. I’m sad that the cold seems to have driven them off now.

  46. Andrea

    why does mellan have that in his mouth is he biting ?

  47. Claudia

    Haul: Milani Dressmaker Nail Polish

    Friday plans: Packing! Leaving for Europe tomorrow =)

    What’s on your lips: Chip crumbs LOL

    Favorite animal: Hyppos!

  48. Tara

    Haul: just received Sephora order here at work w/ the new UD book of shadows! IN LOOOOVE!! also a sale neutral blush and free buxom lip stick – bonus! placed another order for dior addict and a brush set.

    Friday plans: Dinner with the family! Then, chillaxin w/ my husband.

    What’s on your lips: Buxom in Amsterdam – the lipstick – very nude perfect for my crazy urban decay eyes i just applied at my desk 😉

    Favorite animal: puppies and kittens!!!

  49. LU

    Haul: Nothing! I’m proud for sticking to my no buying till Sephora FF sale.

    Friday plans: Homework. -.-

    What’s on your lips: Nothing.

    Favorite animal: Don’t really have one, but if I had a dog I want a mini Siberian Husky and a Yorkie.

    Congratulations on your anniversary, hope you guys do something special today to celebrate!

  50. Regina

    Happy anniversary to you and Shaun!

    I’m so excited. This haul included my very first red lipstick =).
    Haul: MAC’s Heartless =D, Wicked ways, Darkly my dear, Bite of an apple, Hot house, Briar rose, Dark deed, Formidable! and the 182 brush. Also UD’s Naked Pallet and Sigma’s synthetic flat top and lip brushes.

    Friday plans: Preparing for midterms and catching up with homework.

    On my lips: Pangea Organics’ Cardamom Lip balm

    Favorite animal: Dogs =). That’s why I enjoy Mellan’s pics so much every Friday.

  51. Amanda

    I went bananas @ MAC last Saturday (no time for weekday shopping) and picked up Violetta, Bad Fairy, Strange Potion, French Quarter, She Who Dares, Darkly My Dear, Liquid Eyeliner in Boot Black…and I think that’s all 😉
    Friday plans: Going to work til 5 and drink my hot chocolate, then get my hair colored by the bf n go out to dinner w him
    Lips: Strange Potion
    Favorite animal: Tigers…RAWR lol

  52. Kris Cameron

    Haul: Just received Bad Fairy and She Who Dares. I’m wearing Bad Fairy now and love it. Today I’m hitting up Ulta and I’m planning on buying philosophy purity, and a philosophy body wash but who knows what else wil jump into my hands!

    Friday plans: In addition to going to Ulta I have to take the world’s most expensive dog into the vet as he’s developed a limp. I’m in the vet’s all the time for this silly dog who I love so much I watch him while he sleeps!

    What’s on your lips: Rosebud Strawberry Lip Balm. This is my “around the house lip balm”

    Favorite animal: Dogs. Always dogs, they’re the best animal on this planet. Far better than humans.

  53. Sally

    Haul: More VV stuff (De-Vil e/s, She Who Dares Mineralize e/s), 3 e/s pans (Sable/Soft Brown/Embark), Covergirl Liquiline Blast in Black, a sample of Studio Sculpt foundation in NC 20 (surprised, because I’m NW 20 in concealer), and actually received my VV stuff from Nordstrom’s (Briar Rose b/p, Strange Potion l/g, and Revenge is Sweet l/g)

    Friday plans: Another football game, hubby is a coach! Get to eat Lee Roy Selmon’s for a tail gate though! Love their sotuhern food!

    What’s on your lips: Strange Potion l/g

    Favorite animal: Cats, big or small. You can’t get anymore beautiful than a tiger or leopard and can’t get any cuter than a ragdoll!

  54. Tiffany

    aww, happy anniversary to you and Shaun! you don’t have plans to go out and celebrate?!

  55. Vanessa

    This weeks haul: Glamour Doll Eyes – Mood Swing (Jasper)
    Family Secret (Cullens)
    Big Brother (Emmett)
    Picture Whore
    Typical Girl
    Katie’s Storm

    SMH – Empty eyeshaow pans and sifters

    I want to: clean my apartment this weekend and maybe go to the park with my borwnie before it gets too cold.

    I wish: I was home right now and NOT at work!

    Have a wonderful weekend everyone :)

  56. Jodie

    haul: i’ve bought some of the mac venomous villians collection, violetta and bad fairy and “backed to mac” for chatterbox lipstick.
    I also got the new maxfactor foundation, mascara, a free gift with them and body lotion! i am now on a make up ban as i have far to much atm!

    friday plans: homework! whoop
    lips: I’m wearing violetta now and love it!
    fav animal: humming bird

  57. Haul: I have two hauls this week. First my Sephora Too Faced Holiday haul of Glamour To Go Fairy Edition, Pixie Pin-Ups, and Enchanted Glamourland. My second haul was with Benefit for Creaseless Cream eyeshadow/liner in tattle tale, Instant Brow pencil in medium, Her Name Was Glowla holiday palette, and Prrrowl double ended peacock blue sparkle mascara and pink shimmer lipgloss. I am loving Glowla right now! 😀

    Friday plans: My friday plans are to plan our weekend excursions and to hopefully get a Fable II finished in time for Fable III release later this month. I also have a giant mound of blog stuff to do but I might put that off till Saturday. Downtime first, more work later. LOL

    What’s on your lips: Venomous Villians Violetta (Maleficent) lipstick with a touch of Benefit’s Prrrowl lipgloss on top. The blue sparkles in the gloss really make Violetta pop.

    Favorite animal: I love wolves and peacocks. They are both very proud and very alpha creatures, which I admire. I also love how they look. Beautiful!

    Happy Anniversary to both yous guys!! And Happy Anniversary to the blog too!!

  58. baby in a corner

    Congrats on your anniversary! I hope you get to go out to dinner or something nice!

    Haul: MAC cleanse off oil. So far I really like it! Though I usually use the one cleanser morning and night and now I need to buy another morning one. Getting my thesis results on Monday – aaah! Going to buy the YSL lipstick if I pass!

    Also first week of work over – though it was only induction so not too taxing! Monday is the proper start really. Have lectures 9 – 6 tomorrow and 9-4 Sunday so no break for me though!

  59. Haul – Well an Ulta store opened about 5 minutes from me this week. (Used to have to drive about an hour to get to Sephora). I went yesterday and got Benefit Brows-a-go-go, a Too Faced metal-eyed brown liquid liner, and a Stila lipstick. But I wanted to get a lot more!
    Friday plans – I’m working until 6. :( We’re having a party tomorrow though so I’ll probably be doing some cleaning tonight!
    What’s on my lips – Burt’s Bees replenishing lip balm.
    Favorite animal – Pandas! Sooo cute.
    Congrats on your anniversary! And Mellan and his friend are very cute!

  60. Sharon M

    Happy anniversary, Christine and Shaun! :)

    I hit the MAC counter this week, but should have gone last week when VV first hit the stores… missed out on Mean and Green, which I’ve been coveting. But I did get Formidable nail polish, a Pro Longwear lipcreme in Love Forever (thanks to your swatches), a sheertone blush in Pink Swoon, and Blue Brown pigment.

    I looked at the products at the Dior counter but didn’t get anything this time, talked to the MA who will do my makeup when I go to the store again (she has the same eye colour as me, and likes the same eyeshadow colours). Maybe that will be my birthday treat in a month, either that or drive to Ottawa to check out their Sephora.

  61. Michelle

    Haul: Clinique facial products…just a refill so nothing too exciting.

    Friday plans: Working (now), following by some studying of anatomy, physiology, psychology, and medical terminology and maybe some light house cleaning. WOW what a Friday. But I would rather get everything done before the weekend…

    What’s on your lips: mark. Sun Luxe, but it is slowly being worn off by my coffee.

    Favorite animal: Otters!! There was a river otter that somehow made its way up the Truckee river and into Lake Tahoe a few weeks ago and I really wanted to catch it for a pet.

  62. Kit

    I didn’t haul anything this week, I’m saving up for stuff from Asia. XDD

    I’m going to my brother’s theatre rehearsals tonight to see my friends that are still in the theatre… thing. I miss my friends ): And happy anniversary, that’s awesome! 😀

    I have nothing on my lips right now, oops. xD

    I love kitties! And capybaras. We should start a Weird Animal Love club!

  63. I hauled some MAC items from a CCO and some NYX products this week.

    Probably just out to dinner.

    Rosebud Lip Salve and Too Faced Glamous Gloss in a nude color

    I don’t like animals…butterflies are pretty though. Do they count? lol

    • That is so funny – I know all these people who are scared/grossed out by butterflies, so it is strange to me to hear you like those and not animals! lol!

  64. Happy anniversary to you both!!! :) Congrats! Can I ask a personal question? When you’re not married what do you count as your anniversary date? I’ve been trying to figure this out because I don’t know if I should count the day we had our first date or the day we moved in together. LOL! If it’s the day we had our first date then it’s coming up in the next week or two so I should get crackin on plans! Haha! If not, I’ll still got some time! LOL 😉

    Haul: Nuthin. I bought a new door for my soon-to-be-finished studio. AND took out the window it was replacing and installed it – It looks nice! But that’s all I bought.

    Friday plans: Building walls. We did our theme night on Tuesday because everyone REALLY wanted to wach the new Nightmare on Elm Street the DAY that it came out! It was an odd mashup though as we paired it with a 50s pot roast and cocktails kind of theme. LOL.

    What’s on your lips: Jack Black Lip Balm in Natural Mint!

    Favorite animal: Elephants. My grandma collected little elephant figures and, while I’m NOT one for nick-nacks myself, elephants have become a bit of a good luck or “guiding” symbol for me :) Whenever I see one anywhere I think about her and feel like I’m right where I’m supposed to be. Does that make sense? 😛

    • Hey Dusty!

      We count from when we decided to officially become girlfriend/boyfriend (OMG SOUNDS SO LAME). So not the first date, but when we decided we’re together and not seeing anybody else!

      I’m so in love with the Jack Black Lip Balms! I have them all over the house now.

      That is actually very sweet! :) I totally get it!

      • daphne

        Haha this is so cute! John and I never had such a conversation so we spent the first three years together being like, Do we even have an anniversary? and not celebrating it. Once we were reaching 3 years I was like, come on, we have to mark this. So we decided on our first date, since it became a real relationship pretty quick after that (it took us almost 6 years to move in together! 7 in December now).

      • LOL! There really isn’t a guide to picking an anniversary date when you aren’t married is there? Hmm… Jay wants to use the day we first talked about it and became “official” like you were saying. I’m more of a “the day we first met” kind of guy. LOL! We’ll figure it out I’m sure. Congrats to you either way :) I felt that after three years, the next several were a blur!!! Once we got to know each other well and worked out a “groove” time has flown by!

        And I second the Jack Black Lip Balm all over the house! :)

  65. Jo

    Haul: Urban Decay Vegan Palette, MAC Venomous Villains Cooling Powder, and random pigment samples.

    Friday Plans: Finishing my paper (due @ 2), Sleeping (pulled an all-nighter), painting my nails and treating my skin (All-nighters are the worst for mine).

    On my lips: Nivea: a Kiss of Moisture

    Favorite animals: Penguins. They’re so cute when they waddle around.

    And congrats on your anniversary! Happy Friday All!

  66. Jamie

    Haul: My venomous villains finally came in! Got Briar Rose, Bite of an Apple, Oh So Fair, and Innocence Beware. I love them all :) also got Orly shades in Galaxy Girl, Out of this World, and Lunar Eclipse.
    Friday Plans: School and work today :/
    Congrats on your 5 year anniversary! My boyfriend and I have our 3 year anniversary on Sunday :) going out to dinner tomorrow night, can’t wait!!
    On Lips: Carmex, my lips dry out so fast and this is the only thing that makes them so soft.
    Favorite Animal: kitties :)

  67. Hay Mich

    Congrats on the 5 year anniversary! That’s quite a long time. :)

    Haul: Wicked Ways lg, Briar Rose bp, Too Faced Glamour to Go
    Friday Plans: Packing for my trip to Mexico!
    Favourite Animal: Rabbit. I have so much bunny stuff in my room and all over the house. It helps that I have two cute bunnies as well!

  68. daphne

    I can’t even tell you how awesome that camel tidbit is! <3 Nor can I tell you my favorite animal. Too many! (My school's mascot was a llama – pretty close to a camel!) Let's see. Cats because I could not live without them in my life. I will always have a horse geek in me. Manatees because they make me cry whenever I see them (with joy, because OMG MANATEE, and with sadness, because of their dangerous situation). And birds of prey – hawks, falcons, eagles, and especially OWLS.

    I hauled last weekend at Saks. Beauty Week and some major overtime pay and the Laura Mercier girls got their claws in me. I've been meaning to get some Laura stuff recently. Got her TM (Nude), as well as Lip Glace in Violet, blush in Lotus Pink, Creme de Pistache body scrub, and lip silk, a fantastic balm. The GWP was really nice, especially the mini Full Blown Lash Mascara and the Cherry Blossom lip velvet (full size!). That was fun but now I am all hauled out until Sephora F&F!

    I'm looking forward to recovering from my nasty sinus infection (at work today for the first time this week!) and having a nice long weekend where I actually DO stuff instead of laying in bed like I have the last several days. I don't know what, but even just cooking and cleaning my apartment will be a relief!

    • I can tell you’re an animal lover 😉

      You’ll have to let me know how the body scrub is. I haven’t tried any of her skincare/body products yet!

      • daphne

        Oh I absolutely LOVE the body scrub. It might be because I am obsessed with the smell. I had gotten a small tube of it in a GWP back in the spring and ended up cutting open the tube when it was done to scrape out the last precious bits. Then I avoided buying it for months because I don’t like to spend much money on bath and body stuff – facial skincare is one thing but I prefer to get my bodycare at drugstore prices. I finally caved though. The smell basically makes me want to eat it. And the feeling of the scrub is so smooth and luxurious! It’s a really helpful extra step before moisturizing my very dry elbows and knees and ankles.

  69. Vijaya

    OMG, Happy Anniversary!

    No beauty hauls this week, but I applied for jobs at Sephora and Lush. That’s sort of relevant, right?

    Tuesday was my 18th birthday, so I got looooooots of birthday cash. I think I’ll be putting 75% of it away and using 25% on Sephora’s upcoming F&F sale. <3

  70. Laura

    EPIC Venomous Villains Haul: Bite Of An Apple blush, Oh So Fair beauty powder, Vile Violet eyeshadow, Truth & Light liquid powder, Strange potion, Wicked Ways and Hot House lipglasses, Heartless and Toxic Tale lipsticks, She Who Dares and My Dark Magic mineralize eyeshadows, Bad Fairy, Formidable and Mean & Green nail lacquers, and French Quarter greasepaint stick :) Also got Nars Orgasm blush, Urban Decay Gunmetal eyeliner, MAC Orb eyeshadow and some MAC lashes. Definitely on a no-buy for the rest of the month!

    Friday plans: Chilling out with a gin & tonic after a looong week at work. Oh, and I want to work on the papier mache mask I’m making for my hubby for Halloween – he’s going as a splicer from the game Bioshock.

    What’s on your lips: Strange Potion lipglass. LOVE it – wish I’d got a back-up.

    Favorite animal: Kitties all the way!

  71. Lauren

    Congrats on your anniversary! Have fun dog sitting :)

  72. Haul : Just bought a set of Ecotools eye brushes and NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Oyster

    Friday Plans : Haircut! Oh and I’m having fifth anniversary too but on Sunday ^^ too bad my bf is away (yep, long distance relationship)

    What’s on your lips : MAC Power Supply Plushglass

    Favorite Animal : Beaver. I remember Narnia.

    happy anniversary, Christine&Shaun :)

  73. Courtney

    Haul: Three Blooddrop perfumes, all of which are gorgeous!

    Friday plans: Going to the IndieCade awards gala thingamagig tonight with a friend.

    What’s on my lips: Mac Violetta with Hellraiser over it!

  74. Marcela

    Haul: Mac Deep Truth and L’Oreal HIP chrome eyeliners (amazing quality and pigmentation!)
    Friday plans: Halloween costume shopping with my friend
    What’s on your lips: Mac Devilishly Stylish (Cruella)
    Favorite animal: Bunnies! I have a blue Netherland Dwarf. he’s my baby!

  75. Carrie Ann

    Haul: Cajun Magically Cool Liquid Powder, Her Own Devices Beauty Powder and Vile Violet eye shadow.

    Friday plans: Relaxing. I’ve been sick all week. :(

    What’s on your lips: Caudalie Lip Conditioner

    Favorite animal: Dolphin or seahorse.

  76. Happy anniversary Christine!! May many more years come to you two!

    * MAC eye shadows in Arena, Patina, Satin Taupe, Woodwinked, Naked Lunch, Cork, Kid, Knight Divine, Retrospeck, Tempting and Sumptuous Olive – I was in dire need of some light neutrals
    * Lush goodies – a couple of bath bombs as Christmas gifts (hey, I have to start early), Iced Wine shower jelly and Snow Globe soap

    Friday plans: watching TV, book reading for my diploma thesis, packing my stuff for a week-long vacation with my parents

    What’s on your lips: The Body Shop Sweet Lemon lip butter

    Favorite animal: cats, hands down.

  77. Cameron

    *Congratulations on the five year anniversary!

    Haul: I’m going to go get something hopefully today at Sephora! Otherwise shopping I will go this weekend :)

    Friday plans: Work, maybe hang out with a friend, otherwise going to a club tonight.

    What’s on my lips: Aquaphor–i’m at work so no lipgloss! Haha

    Favorite animal: Small toy dogs! :)

  78. Latest Haul: My e.l.f package came yesterday! I got the HD Powder, Studio Powder Brush (The flat topped one!), Eye Defining Brush, Crease Brush, e.l.f All Over Cover Stick in Light Beige, an Elements Custom Palette with Wisteria,Periwinkle, Dusk, and Truly Pink eyeshadows, Studio Blush in Candid Coral, the Shimmer Eyeliner in Plum Passion, the Eye Widener, and two Lipsticks in Classy and Seductive!

    Friday Plans: Going to the local CCO!! Possibly Saturday instead.

    What’s on my Lips: Mac’s Myth with Jemma Kidd lipgloss in Sand

    Favorite Animal: Giraffe, they’re so majestic!

  79. Em

    Haul: Le Metier de Beaute Brow pencil in auburn, Le Metier de Beaute Lip Creme in Framboise (I love how it looks on you!)

    On my lips: top 2 colors of the Red Rapture lip kaleidoscope

    Friday plans: dinner with the bf, playing catch-up with the DVR

    Favorite animal: horse

    Odd Camel Coincidence: I just had a meeting with someone who had an extreme close-up of a camel on the wall of her office, with the caption ‘I still don’t think camels are cute.’ I have to admit, the picture was a little toothy :)

    Happy anniversary!!!

  80. Ember

    Happy Anniversary! I hope you have a great weekend.

  81. Yvette

    Haul: mauvement & old gold pigment ebay barbie mothbrown shadow

    Friday plans: HS football!!!

    whats on my lips- mac spice pencil with dressmaker dressmaker lipstick

    Favorite animal: dogs- yorkies specifically- love them!

  82. Devon

    Haul: Picked up all three nail lacquers from the new China Glaze Awakening set. So pretty. And a bottle of Simmer and Shimmer from the O.P.I Burlesque set.

    Friday Plans: Vegging in bed with my cat, some tea, and a couple cookbooks to plan some baking this weekend. And trying to catch up on homework.

    What’s on my lips: Nada, right now.

    Favorite Animal: Wolves. Gorgeous animals.

    Happy Anniversary! Five years is fantastic!

  83. Jennifer S.

    Congratulations on your anniversary! Ours was Thursday, that is why we are leaving on vacation tomorrow morning. Wahoo…
    Based on your review of Chanel’s Stunt lipstick, I went looking for it today at my counter and it was all sold out. I bought Rouge CoCo Organdi rose instead. I also picked up two of the new Extrait De Glosses in Insouciance and Impertinence. I am in love with this formula! I do think the applicator will take some getting used with the strange curved shape.

  84. Hilary♥

    Haul: MAC Venomous Villains collection ♥

    Friday plans: Attend the Venomous Villains event at MAC, I’ll dress up as Cruella DeVil ^__^ also planning to see Inception tonight – have you guys seen it? Is ir good?

    What’s on your lips: MAC lipglass in “Hot House”

    Favorite animal: CATS. OMG I’m such a freak for cats!! I have 4 and I love them ♥

    Congrats to your anniversary! And wow, camels really rock!!

  85. Tiffany S.

    Haul: Here we go… Disney Villains( Hot House, Revenge is Sweet, Violetta, Heartless, Wicked Ways, Darkly My Dear blush, Briar Rose Beauty powder, She who Dares eye shadow, Formidable and Mean & Green nail polish, MAC finishing powder, Pro longwear lip creme perpetual flame, 222 brush, and 272 brush! lol

    Friday plans: Watching movies at home because I am feeling very under the weather. :o(

    Waht’s on your lips: NIVEA passionfruit lip balm

    Favorite animal: My beautiful chubby hamster Goldie! She’s the sweetest little hamster ever and she’s feeling a little under the weather herself. :o(

  86. Sharron

    Haul: MAC 4 Pan Palette & Pro Pan Eyeshadow in Cranberry, plus I’m currently bidding on Sable & Swiss Chocolate. Thanks to this site, I’ve rediscovered my love for MAC products. :)

    Friday plans: None so far…

    What’s on your lips: MAC Plushglass in Plus Luxe.

    Favorite animal: Basset Hound

  87. Leenie

    Happy five years!
    I ordered some of Milani HD nail polish I didn’t get it yet but I’m sure I’ll like them. And for my weekend I have to pick up a friend at the airport tonight.

  88. nicci

    Chanel Holiday Sets – Les Minis brush set & Glossimer duo
    Chanel Holiday Collection – Pleasing & Tentation Cuivree

    Friday plans: Going to Nordstrom to look for a powder that gives off a glow/sheen.

    What’s on your lips: Chanel Organdi Rose

    Favorite animal: Giraffe

    • How are you liking the holiday collection so far, Nicci?

      • nicci

        I really like Pleasing the best! It is pretty pigmented so is Pink Pulsion. Some people say the quad is pretty shimmery for Chanel. I kind of thought so at first but at the same time I think it’s really pretty and it is pigmented too. Are you going to get anything from the collection?! :)

  89. Happy anniversary to you both! My dh and I completely forgot our 13th anniversary (of our first date) last month, oops! I guess when you’re married, you celebrate wedding anniversaries instead. :)

    Haul: A LOT of stuff from Venomous Villains, 3 BB palettes, ordered Chanel Insolente lipstick and Dior holiday eyepalette, plus a few bits and bobs from eBay. I also got some Nails Inc nail treatment pack because my nails are in terrible condition.

    Friday plans: It’s 10.15 pm now, so my only plan is going to bed soon. It’s been a long and very tiring week, so I need a rest.

    What’s on your lips: Mac Revenge Is Sweet lipglass (just about, most of it has come off)

    Favorite animal: I don’t really know, I’m not a huge animal lover. I like cats, dogs, hamsters, and ciute baby animals, but don’t have a favourite.

    Oh and a question: What is a Halti? :)

    • LOL! Can’t believe you forgot ;P

      A Halti is a head collar, so it helps to redirect the dog’s attention if they start focusing on something else (car, people, another dog, paint drying, etc.) and back into heel!

  90. elise

    All I got this week was UD Book of shadows 3 and I like it. After last weeks VV crazy expensive haul I needed to take it easy this week. This weekand I will be relaxing and taking it easy for a change.
    My favorite animal? I actually love all animals but my all time favorite are dogs. I just love, love dogs and if I could I would be one of those crazy people with much too many pets, but I only have two dogs. Both Shih Tzu Girls, a mother and a doughter named Princess and Olivia, love them!!!

  91. Liz Mc

    Mellan is so cute, and he has a beautiful smile!

  92. Haul: Last weekend, my mom and I discovered our local CCO, so I got MAC’s Brave New Bronze and Prim and Proper blush, then a brush and brush cleaner from Bare Escentuals. Best discovery ever!

    Friday plans: Settlers of Catan and other hijinks with the boyfriend and friends.

    What’s on your lips: Nivea- A Kiss of Moisture

    Favorite animal: Turtles. They’re slow and reptilian. That’s cute to me.

    Happy Anniversary to you!

  93. hababkuktwofour

    Very small haul. I finally got the short handle 169 from the fabulous felines collection. Then three OPI nail polishes midnight in moscow,eiffel for this color and siberian nights.

  94. Sarah

    Congratulations on your anniversary!

  95. Sunayana

    Haul – Just got my first package from Sephora (Have been in the US for 2 months now :P) Got Benefit’s Some Beauty to Love (my first Benefit purchase), tried all the products out, love them!

    Happy anniversary! :)

  96. Coco

    Haul: I WAS going to get the UD BOS vol.III last weekend, but they said it hasent come in yet :(
    Friday plans: What ever pops up. Homework, german homework, chores… Then Tonight I going to watch the Goods guys! yay!
    What I am wearing: eyeshadow and eye makeup…to lazy to experiment
    Favorite animal: my new little friend sydney. Shes like me but smaller and shes like a monkey

  97. CeeBee

    Haul: Dior quint in Pearly Lilac (snagged off Strawberrynet. We never even got that quint in NZ and I am a total sucker for purples so I was stoked!) and TheBalm Cabana Boy. I have Down Boy and Hot Mama already and I LURVE them so I can’t wait to try it out!

    Plans: Well, it’s already Saturday here so I am going to watch my fiance clean windows (I’ve already done my share) and then read and maybe do a bit of gardening if the sun comes out for more then 30 seconds at a time.

    Lips: Lucas Papaw ointment. I’m on isotretinoin to get rid of my continuing adult acne and it’s working REALLY well but man, your lips get mega dry. It’s worth it for no more pimples though!

    Favourite animal: Rock hyraxes. They look like a furry rugby ball with short stubby little legs. Or maybe a massively fat gopher. Either way, they are pretty funny to look at. Taxonomically speaking, the closet living relation to the elephant!
    I like meerkats too.

    And congratulations on your 5 year anniversary! We had ours in July :) I hope you guys have something romantic planned!

    • Happy 5 years to you as well! I can’t remember if I said that already.

      What kind of plants do you have in your garden?

      • CeeBee

        You mean apart from weeds?! 😉

        At the moment, not very many! It is spring here so I am germinating lots of seeds indoors, mostly vegetables. I have a zucchini ready to go in the ground (big enough that the slugs won’t decimate it I hope!) and the tomatoes can go out in another couple of weeks. I had corn sprout a couple of days ago and it is so fun watching it grow – it’ll do more then a centimetre in a day! and my beans have just started to peek through as well. Plus lettuce, silverbeet and rocket will get sown direct becuase it grows REALLY fast and there is no point transplanting it. I even have a couple of capsicums up, though they take forever to grow and I won’t get any fruit until January at least.
        I like to plant pyrethrin daisies and marigolds in between to help keep the pests away.
        And my wisteria is in bloom and the roses all have buds on so in another couple of weeks, it will look gorgeous!

        I’ve turned into such a gardening nerd, LOL!

  98. Bernice

    Congrats on your 5 year anniversary 😀