Friday, October 1st, 2010

Welcome to Free For Haul Fridays!

A play on Oh No They Didn’t’s “Free For All Fridays,” every Friday is Free For Haul Fridays! Friday is a day for fun — whether you’re already off enjoying your weekend or if you just need a way to get through til the end of the work day, FFH is here for you!

Share your latest beauty hauls! Once you’ve done that… say anything you’d like. Tell us about the greatest thing that happened to you this week, why your pet is the cutest, what you’re doing this weekend… whatever!

First, I’ll share mine!

Haul: Lots and lots of products to giveaway for our anniversary month.ย  Not telling!

Friday plans: I have a bajillion things I need to catch-up with, including school.ย  I know, it’s a killer afternoon planned!

Last thing you watched: Jersey Shore!

This week’s Mellan photo…

Mellan plays with his “haul”!

I was in a sulky mood yesterday, so I went Halloween shopping for Mellan!

What’s under here?

Can you believe Mellan actually just LAID like that for 5 minutes?ย  So tolerant!

This hat…

or this hat…?

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342 thoughts on “Free for Haul Friday, Volume #048

  1. Looks like Mellan loved his haul!

    Haul: I got Innocence, Beware! from VV. It’s basically Hue with another name and a pretty package. I’m okay with that though, because my Hue is over 1/2 gone so this is like a pretty back-up. I also got Briar Rose, which I love but it’s just like Summer Rose, which I also have. I kind of feel like I just bought dupes… oh well!

    Friday plans: It’s icky and rainy, so I think it’s a good Netflix night :)

    Last thing you watched: My DVR’d House episodes! I love House<3

    • I’d like to think he did! Haha!

      My boy LOVES House!

    • Carrie Ann

      I was afraid that Briar Rose would be too similar to Summer Rose, but Briar Rose is noticeably darker. I’m glad they’re not exact dupes. They’re both lovely and, of course, the packaging is great. I didn’t get Innocence, Beware! because I already have Hue and they are very similar. I probably would’ve gotten it anyway because it’s a Cremesheen, but the last thing I need is more nude lipsticks. :)

  2. Hilaryโ™ฅ

    Haul: Nothing new unfortunately! Hopefully I’ll be able to get something from the Venomous Villains collection today =)

    Friday plans: Going to Florence and staying home tonight. Nothing special, but hey it’s raining outside and it’s pretty cold too.

    Last thing you watched: My Name Is Earl =)

    Aww can’t wait for the giveaways!! I love Mellan, so cute!! Those new pics are so funny! โ™ฅ

  3. samantha

    Haul – Only the 2 minerlized eyeshadow from VV collection ( nothing else caught my eye).
    Plans- In the process of moving into a bigger apartment !! YAY !!
    Last thing I watched – Ghost Adevtnures ( this show is sooo mindless but the cute guy (host) is nice eyecandy !!

  4. Luciana

    I love dogs! So whenever you post any pics of Mellan I run to see his adorable face! But this keeps going through my mind: he looks sad..or maybe that’s just the way he is..sooo quiet. Yet sooo CUTE!!!!!!!!!!

    • LOL! Did you watch the vid? ‘Cause he doesn’t look sad there!

      He’s more like, “Really? Must you do this to me? I’d rather play with toys than pose with them!”

  5. Ru

    Haul: UD BOS III- I am over elated and have used it every day since receiving it. I’m taking it with me this weekend so I can play around with some looks!

    Friday plans: Work, then driving to NY to visit the fam & celebrate my moms & sisters birthdays! Also dropping off my old car that my parents gave me in College since I bought a new one 2 weeks ago!

    Last thing you watched: Date Night

    • You gotta share your fave looks with BoS III with us, Ru!

      • Ru

        So far I’ve just tried Bordello on the lid with Psycadelic Sister on the crease- gosh I’ve never owned UD shadows before they pigment beautifully. I also played around with Money on the lid and Loaded on the crease- and a little Uzi in the middle of the lid- this is a winner for Fall and a great sultry blue look. Today I’ve got Snatch with a darker coral color from Too Faced.

        BTW, a personal thanks to YOU for your fabulous review of the product. I rarely buy makeup without seeing it first hand and your review made that choice really easy. You were very true to the colors in your swatches and explanations!

  6. aradhana

    mellan is so cute! he looks so relaxed…

    my beauty haul: mac villain collection stuff, + a couple of other mac items…bad fairy and formidable arrived yesterday so hopefully i will get a chance to play around with them today / this weekend during a study break or something! i accidentally bought a blush in a pro refill pan — but i don’t have a pro palette, so i might have to go out and get one! i hope depotting blushes is as straightforward as eyeshadows!

  7. Edani

    Aww Mellan! You just wanna give him a big squeeshy hug :)

    I don’t have my products yet, but I did make a big Venomous Villains order, and took advantage of Ulta’s 40% off sale for NYX!

  8. lauren

    HAUL: I purchased Oh So Nice Beauty Powder, Briar Rose Beauty Powder, and Innocence Beware l/s from Mac online.
    Here’s where it gets interesting: They shipped me a “Her Own Devices” Beauty Powder from the Cruella part of the collection as well. FREE BEAUTY POWDER WTF! My lucky day!
    FRIDAY PLANS: I’ll be picking up my boyfriend at school after work for some cuddle wuggle snuggle time.
    WHAT YOU LAST WATCHED: Colbert last night before I fell asleep. I had to turn Jersey Shore off when they put a used tampon/pad onto Angelina’s bed. The girl’s annoying, but the Situation’s behaviour is borderline harassment as well as incredibly immature.

  9. Nikki

    I stopped at my MAC yesterday and picked up well dressed powder blush, Nymphette and love nectar l/g, and plink and creme cup l/s. They were out of angel l/s :(

    Friday Plans: Take the kids to the park later. Maybe make some more of my pumpkin spice muffins they are almost gone!

    I last watched Jersey Shore too!

  10. Dawn

    I’ve been a bit better behaved this week lol.

    I got Urban Decay 24/7 Eye Pencils in Deviant, Eldorado and Graffiti, and used a loyalty card voucher to get 2 of those free.

    Then I went to TJ Hughes, where they had a few items of Urban Decay at very reduced prices – I got lipstick in Trainwreck, Deluxe Eyeshadows in Heat and Sting, Liquid Eyeliners in Gash and Lucky, and the Three Piece Heavy Metal Glitter Eyeliner set.

    I also got Models Own nail polishes in Magenta Pearl and Purple Mystique, and because I bought 2 Models Own products, I got a Models Own lipgloss free – I chose Ice Blue, which I can use to vary the colours of some of my lipsticks.

    I’m trying to be good as there are things I want from the Venomous Villains collection, which should be coming out here this month, although I’m not sure when.

    • Hopefully you’ll see VV soon! I’ve heard October 1-7th for European countries!

      • Dawn

        Looks like I’ll be up all night every night this week, watching for VV to come online lol. I don’t have a MAC counter anywhere near, so online is my only option. Thanks to your swatches and your ‘cheat sheet’, I have my list virtually prepared for when the time comes.

  11. Brittany

    Seriously, TGIF!

    Latest Haul: MAC VV Collection- My Dark Magic MES, She Who Dares MES, Briar Rose BP, Bite of an Apple blush, Oh So Fair BP, French Quarter GPS, Hot House l/g. And NARS Rajasthan duo & Douceur blush.

    Hoping to go to the movies tonight with my guy. Gotta get my popcorn and cherry coke fix! Other than that, catching up on school work and house cleaning this weekend… BORING!

    PS- Who is really shocked Angelina left JS? Not I!

  12. Arantzazu

    Haul: Sigma brushes. Waiting for them…
    Friday plans: First, I have to go to my italian lessons; then, to the doctor and after all, I’m watching a film (Baaria) with a friend.
    Last thing I saw: Men in trees… Chapter 14th of the 2nd season.

  13. oh, i finally i can participate too at your free for haul friday. i did’t buy stuff for a while but today i hauled a lot (i mean, really a lot) stuff from venomous villains, which released today in switzerland.

    and my plans for friday are even better: i go and watch an icehockey game of my most favorite team togheter with my sister. i haven’t been at an icehockey game for about 7 years! i’m so excited!

  14. I did a bit of damage yesterday at MAC. I got a few things from each of the Venomous Villians mini-collections, but my absolute favourites are Sinister Lipstick and Resort Life Lip Gelรฉe! I wore them together last night and love them! Oh, and I’m wearing “Formidable!” on my nails right now. :)

    Weekend plans: Relaxing tonight and Saturday, hopefully! I need a break! And I’m kind of dreading a multi-family photo session I’m doing on Sunday. It’s my biggest project yet, and I’m very nervous.

    My dog is the cutest because: She totally sleeps with a teddy bear. It’s a huge stuffed pig that’s nearly the same size she is (She’s a pug), and she hauls it onto our bed with her every night. In the morning, she brings it to her dog bed in my office while I’m working. We have two pugs, but with her and her pig in the dog bed, there’s barely room in there for her brother! Hmm, maybe that’s the whole point!

  15. Anastasiya

    YAAAYYYY FOR FRIDAAAYY!!!!!!! I got paid yesterday so obviously that was the best part of the week…

    My haul this week was all about lipstick. Here it is:

    – 2 KISS KISS lipsticks from Guerlain, #573 Rose Ingenue and #542 Peche Frevole
    – 1 Guerlain Rouge G lipstick #4 Gentiane
    – 1 Lancome Le Rouge Absolu in Rose Crystal
    – Maybelline #015 Born With It

    I want to try some different colors but there are just SO MANY!!! I’m going to The Bay tonight to look at the Rouge Coco but I’m still iffy as to the shades that would look good on me :( I have fair NC30/MUFE 120 skin, blue eyes, round-ish face and brownish-reddish hair… is anyone can help I would really appreciate it!! I have a list of the lipsticks I want to check out….I don’t really think I would wear RED lipstick, or one that’s too orange (but I love light coral)


    Thanks guys, hope everyone’s having a super duper awesome Friday!!!!!!!! <3<3<3

  16. Body Shop’s Autumn Leaves Compact in Berry and two of their baked to last eyeshadows (Amythest and Saphire). The compact’s almost too pretty to use~

  17. Kalex

    What a lucky dog! My dog would be in heaven if I gave her that many stuffed squeekys to “kill”.

    Haul – MAC VV Truth And Light powder, French Quarter Greasepaint, Sinister ls, Strange Potion lg, and Bad Fairy polish. Le Metier De Beaute Lip Creme in Papaye Creme.

    Weekend Plans – Taking the kids to Chuck E. Cheese or the Amazing Pizza Machine.

  18. sherry

    Haul: Ellis Faas foundation, lippie, and concealer came w/ a few samples!!
    plans: PIlates , fall cleaning, decudug if I need any Fall makeup yet.Enjoy the beautiful fall weather we are having while it’s not raining(though I do love a run in the autumn rain (yesterday morning)
    Last thing I watched : Project Runway!!

  19. Bree

    HAUL: Mac’s VV collex Briar Rose Beauty Powder, Bite Of An Apple Blush, She Who Dares MES, Vioetta L/S, Bad Fairy & Mean Green NP. Show Orchid L/S & Pure Show SS E/L.

    Friday Plans: SLEEP!!

    Last Show Watch: AC360

    PS: Happy 4th Blogversary(looks much funnier when written out) Christina:)

  20. Bree

    & Mellan is such a good sport…& a cutie pie!!!

  21. Megan

    Haul: HUGE Venemous Villans haul! I feel so guilty, but the few items I picked up in person (ordered the rest online) are gorgeous so it feels like it is worth it.

    Friday plans: Working out over lunch, catching up on work all afternoon and working on the LAST room in our new house that we need to paint this evening. Not super glamourous but it will feel nice to cross some things off my list.

    Last thing you watched: 30 Rock! Funniest show on television

  22. Jadis4742

    Mellan is SO adorable! I would be begging to dogsit if I weren’t at least two time zones away from you!

    VV Haul!
    Briar Rose bp
    Bite of An Apple blush
    Bad Fairy np
    She Who Dares es
    My Dark Magic es
    Revenge Is Sweet lg
    Wrong Spell lg
    Devilishly Stylish lg
    Strange Potion lg

    I orginally just wanted Bad Fairy and Briar Rose, but your reviews and swatches were so good I had to check everything else out in person and then I was hooked. I love it all! Thank you so much! I’m a MAC girl now.

    Friday plans:
    ….um, going back to my MAC counter to see if I can score Heartless and Hot House lipglasses and see what else survived the carnage yesterday!

    Last thing I watched:
    FRINGE. Awesome, awesome show. John Noble needs an Emmy NOW.

    Happy Friday everyone!

  23. Waiting for the stuff I bought from MAC to come! Then have to grade some papers…blah

  24. Emily

    Sweet Joy e/s, De-vil e/s, Toxic Tale l/s, Heartless l/s, Wicked Ways l/g, Her Own Devices b/p, Vainglorious e/s, Vile Violet e/s, Toxic Tale l/s, Sinister l/s, Strange Potion l/g, Oh So Fair b/p, Bite of Apple blush, She Who Dares mineralize e/s, My Dark Magic mineralize e/s, Briar Rose b/p, Mean and Green n/p, Formidable n/p, Bad Fairy n/p, Brash and Bold pigment, Push the Edge pigment, Truth and Light cooling powder, Club e/s refil, Figure 1 e/s refill, Pink Bronze pigment, Tan pigment, and Mixing Medium! I had quite the haul….but I’ve been good for so long. =) (long for me anyway)

    Two weeks until I’m married! Yeahness! Excited but nervous about all the little planning details that have to be finalized! Mellan is adorable! =)

  25. Rebecca

    I got my venomous villains products :-)

  26. Lea

    Haul: I only bought a new eyeshadow brush (very cheap from the drugstore and suprisingly good!), express dry drops from essence for nailpolish aaaand new wet wipes for my handbag. Need to save money! ๐Ÿ˜›

    Friday plans: I had a very relaxed Friday, but I have to tutor my neighbour’s boy in English in an hour!

    Last thing you watched: A German movie called “Class trip” which was hilarious.

    And Mellan is so adorable! I always put hats on my dog and he is also very patient with me, just gives me the “are you kidding me?” eyes. ๐Ÿ˜›

  27. Amber

    Awh thats so cute – he’s such a sweet dog! Those pics made me smile 0 thank you!

    This weeks haul – I had soem trouble, but managed to order everything I wanted from MAC’s Venomous Villians collection! Here goes!
    Bite Of An Apple blush
    Oh So Fair BP
    Her Own Devices BP
    Strange Potion l/g
    Wicked Ways l/g
    Toxic Tale l/s
    I also ordered Viva Glam Cyndi l/g, Wildly Refined l/g and Drive Me Wild l/s from the Fabulous Felines collection!

    Sooo excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Friday plans – I am working all day and it is pouring here on the East coast, so no plans for me.

  28. Haul: MAC VV stuff of course ๐Ÿ˜› Plus lumber, sheetrock, plywood and several hundred pounds of cement.

    Friday plans: Building up the floor in the garage for my new studio!!! The weather is supposed to be nice this weekend so we put the kitchen on pause for a week while we finish the garage (if I’m cutting lumber and building walls, etc. I’d rather not do it in the rain).

    Last thing you watched: Golden Girls :)

  29. Hay Mich

    Haul: Heartless and Hot House!
    Friday Plans: Seeing my bf
    Last Thing You Watched: Law and Order UK

  30. Tiffany C.

    Today i’m supposed to be getting in a few items that i ordered from nordstrom and they are:

    MAC: Newly Minted, Louder,Please, and the 239.

    Bought the 239 because of you Christine!!! Much LOVE!!!

  31. Anne

    No recent haul, but I’m wearing Butter London Victoriana for the first time and enjoying it.

    It’s my second wedding anniversary, and life is good.

  32. Ksenya

    He is soooo cute!

  33. Karin

    I LOVE that video! So cute. Hahahah i love how you just keep throwing in toys.

    Haul: Venomous Villains! I got Wicked Ways lipglass, Devilishly Stylish lipglass, Carbon e/s, De-Vil e/s, and Slick Black Greasepaint!

    Friday plans: School & babysitting. FUN! =/

    Last thing you watched: JersyLICIOUS! It’s actually a show about these girls in Jersey who work in a hair salon…

  34. Rita

    I went to my Mac Counter first thing this morning because Venomous Villains came out here today. There was a small but eager crowd this time – usually I’m the first and only customer when there’s a release.
    This is what I got:
    Sweet Joy and De-Vil e/s
    Heartless l/s
    Wicked Ways l/g
    Evil Queen:
    Vainglorious and Vile Violet e/s
    Toxic Tale l/s
    Strange Potion l/g
    Oh So Fair BP
    Bite of an Apple Blush
    She Who Dares MES
    Violetta l/s
    Revenge is Sweet l/g
    Bad Fairy polish (I already have the Orly dupes)
    And I also got a Cyndi lipglass.
    I have already tried on the 4 e/s, and they look great together, as well as Toxic Tale & Strange Potion, and Violetta!

  35. Latest haul….Boots No7 Exceptional Definition Nutrient Enriched Mascara in brown/black and 2 SLEEK palettes – Original and Sunset.

    Plan…sightseeing and more retail therapy, perhaps? Currently visiting the UK. :)

  36. Ani_BEE

    Haul: Got VV in the mail with She who Dares, My Dark Magic (both lovley), Toxic Tale which is WAY to bright on fair skin and Dark Deed which looks like plum shade on me. XP I miss my MAC counters.

    Curently hearting Hard Candy Button Your Lip – Liquid Lipstick (gloss section) in Luxe and wanting more shades. Things I want to buy/try are Blush Crush – Baked Blush and Kaleyedescope – Baked Eyeshadow Duos once there is a restock (the shelves are bare. O_o )

    Friday plans: Getting ready for Nuit Blanche in the big TO. aka artist all night zombie fest.

    Last thing you watched: Fringe (<— this will be my answer for ever Thursday night. lol)

    • I have never watched Fringe before! I might have to start!

      • Ani_BEE

        Recommended renting the first 2 season first since if you start at season 3 I think people would be lost. It’s the type of story that builds up from previous episodes. ^_^

        For Nuit Blanche I should say insomnia fest, but there is a zombie walk that goes on every year during it as well. Last year there was also a “choir” of ghosts. lol

  37. Nastassia

    Haul: MAC VV. wooohoo (im sure everybody else too) – :)

    Friday Plans: Nothing, i work all weekend.. (THANKS MACYS) – LOL. off next weekend, i think! .. so i guess my plan is to make it through the weekend ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Last thing i watched: Family Guy.. before i went to sleep. makes me feel laugh before hitting the ol’ hay!

    HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND EVERYONE! . GOOD luck with catching up with school work Christine!!

  38. amelia

    Haul- aw mellan! always manages to put a smile on my face :). ok so i got soap and glory’s Arch de Triumph, but then i returned it because i dont use eyebrow products (they just naturally thick, i do so much beauty- wise already) , duh! i dont even know why i bought it. instead i got a new burts bees beeswax lipbalm, my favourite. im on my 5th tube i think. as far as what i want to get, the pink- purple Malificient mineralize eyeshadow from VV looks nice, but nothign else from that collection grabs me. im still waitin’ on Girl Meets Pearl!
    Plans- the Australian Football grand final is on tomorrow, so ill be watching that!
    Last Thing I watched- The Runaways. kristen stewart and dakota fanning are both really, really good in it- worth a watch.

  39. elise

    So I went “a little” overboard this week. Had my pre-order for VV done with Nordstroms so I picked it up yesterday. The “little” should not be in quotation marks as there was nothing little about it.
    I got:
    De-vil, Her After Image, Vile Violet, Vanglorious, Sweetjoy eyeshadows, My Dark Magic and She Who Dares Mineralize ES, Brash And Bold Pigment, French Quarter Greasepaint Stick, Magically Cool Liquid Powder in Truth & Light, Bite of an Apple and Darkly My Dear Blushes, Oh So Fair and Briar Rose Beauty Powders, Bad Fairy, Formidable and Mean & Green Nail Laquers, Toxic Tale Lipstick, Wicked Ways, Devilishly Stylish, Strange Potion, Hot House, Revenge is Sweet Lipglosses and last but not least resort Life Lipgelee. I love all the stuff but the receipt made me almost faint and not only me but two ladies behind me in line as well. They looked at me as if I was crazy, but I still walked out of there with a big smile on my face.

    • WHEW! I bet you’re enjoying all or your goodies! What did you use first?

      • elise

        I did a look today with She Who Dares mineralize eye shadow (the green side)and some Fix+, with soft brown shadow in the crease as a transition color and french quarter as a base. Used some hey as a highlight and in the inner corners and also a pop of dark green pencil on the bottom line. She Who Dares blush lightly on the cheeks and Devilishly stylish lipgloss for neutral lip. Also used truth and light as a highlight.

      • elise

        BTW, I was just watching the Mellan plays with his โ€œhaulโ€ video and had the sound volume up loud. When my dogs heard the sounds of him playing with his toys they bouth jumped up and started running around the house looking for the squike toys.

  40. Jami

    Awww Melon made me giggle!!! Lol.

    Haul: MAC disney villainous villains in briar rose beauty powder, she who dares min. E/s, innocence beware l/s, strange potions l/g, bite of an apple blush, resort life lip gellie, 2 magically cool powders in truth and life. (I was very excited about these!!) And bad faerie nail polish. And that did me in for awhile. :)

    Excited for: my family coming over for dinner sunday night

    Friday plains: cleaning house

  41. Jennifer

    Haul: nothing, I’m broke from VV last week!

    Friday plans: might go to a concert with a friend if not I’ll stay home and watch a movie

    last thing watched: How I Met Your Mother :)

  42. Sara

    Haul- Venomous Villians- Toxic Tale, Heartless, and Wicked Ways

    Friday plans- grocery shopping- whoppee! (that was sarcasm)

    Last thing I watched- Kyle XY (netflix)
    Happy Friday! and anniversary!

  43. Sam

    lol! What a cutie…

  44. amy

    I bought Bad Fairy nailpolish and now I have the complete set of Maleficent’s polishes because I have both Formidable and Mean & Green. I also bought two of the NARS Vintage polishes in Zulu and Mash. I may go back and get Midnight Express and Full Metal Jacket.

  45. Annie

    Latest haul : Like everyone, Venomous Villains. Strange Potion, Oh So Fair, Heartless, Bite of an Apple, My Dark Magic, French Quarter.

    This weekend : Cleaning, vaccuming, getting ready to go to my parents for the whole week (my dad’s getting a quadruple bypass surgery!)

    Mellan is really cute. That pumpkin won’t last long the way he slings it around!

  46. Ludwig

    Haul: Toxic Tale & Strange Potion from Venomous Villains – I am truly proud of myself for only getting 2 items

    Friday plans: Studying, baseball and watching last night’s Jersey Shore

    Last thing you watched: 11 o’clock news

  47. Lisa

    Haul: A few VV things: Brian Rose beauty power, Bite of an Apple Blush, Wicked Ways and Revenge is Sweet lipglasses.

    Friday plans: Teaching, class, work, and maybe dinner with the boy tonight.

    Last thing you watched: Glee!

    Mellan is so cute! I love spoiling my kitty too :)

  48. Joanna

    Haul: My first Guerlain haul! Eyeshadow quads in silver, bronze, and turquoise; Kiss Kiss Gloss Stick in grape soda; and blush in rose plein vent. I was also going to buy foundation, but I need to spend more time choosing a formula.

    Friday plans: Grocery shopping โ€“ not exciting, but necessary.

    Last thing you watched: Survivor

  49. Ivana

    Haul: I scored some awesome stuff ! Stila Perfecting Concealer, UD deslick in a tube, UD All Nighter Setting Spray, Stila One Step Correct serum, Eco Tools Bronzer brush, Lorac Nude Scene lipstick, Stila Kitten smudge pot and lip glaze, Chanel Ombres Contraste Duo in Taupe, stila The It Girl Palette ( 3 full size shadows for $9.99!!!!) Bad news…..I am working all weekend :o(

  50. Millie

    So how long did the toys last? :) Our dog Scotti would have taken the stuffing out of the toys in a few minutes! BTW, I got MAC Pro Longwear foundation and concealer. I love them! Really looked great despite the heatwave here in East Bay.

  51. Tekoa

    Halu: My Venemous Villians stuff came in today. In the box: Heartless, Strange Potion, Vile Violet, Bad Fairy and Formidable! Later today I’m on the hunt for Zulu since NARS is a jerk and won’t ship to Canada.

    Random Fact: My cat Luna is the cutest because she is a Siamese. If you look up perfection in the dictionary, her picture is used as an example.

  52. Mellan!!!! Soooo cute!

    I went by MAC and picked up Bad Fairy, and I just ordered NARS Zulu and Mash.


  53. Kris Cameron

    Haul: I just bought She Who Dares and Bad Fairy from the MAC VV collection (thanks to your christine’s twitter updates!) but I have yet to receive it. Before that last week I grabbed Zoya’s Mikka and Trixie.

    Friday Plans: School work, actual work, workout, and maybe a costco run. It’s all work around here!

    Last thing you watched: Tosh.0 season finale.

  54. t_zwiggy

    Awwww, Mellan is so cute! ๐Ÿ˜€

    Venomous Villains haul:
    Bite of an Apple blush x2
    Darkly My Dear blush
    Briar Rose BP
    Oh So Fair BP
    Her Own Devices BP x2
    Truth&Light liquid powder
    Strange Potion l/g
    Devilishly Stylish l/g
    Revenge Is Sweet l/g
    Toxic Tale l/s
    She Who Dares MES
    My Dark Magic MES
    Vainglorious e/s
    Her Alter Image e/s
    De-Vil e/s
    Vile Violet e/s
    French Quarter GPS

    And a couple of things from the Hello Kitty collection:
    Fun&Games BPB
    Tahitian Sand BP
    Fresh Brew l/s
    Mimmy l/g

    Friday plans: Yummy steak+creamed potatoes+lots of good tv shows ๐Ÿ˜€

    Last thing I watched: An old episode of Friends

  55. Michou

    Haul: Got great deals on Lorac (VIP SALE!) as well as picking my pre-selected items from Venomous Villains.

    Friday plans: A million plus things to do, but all great things!

    Last thing you watched: NJ12 News. ๐Ÿ˜›

  56. baby in a corner

    Haul: Urban decay clear lip liner in ozone! I haven’t used it yet but hopefully it’ll stop bleeding. Oh and got my highlights done today! Did i tell you my new apartment is 5 minutes walk from a really big shopping centre with basically EVERY counter! This could be dangerous!

    Starting my new job on Monday – really nervous about it. I’m going to have lectures at the weekends so no days off for a while! Excited about moving in to my new apartment though!

  57. Diana B

    Mellan is sooo cute. I bought Mac Bite of an Apple (love it), Mac Heartless l/s along with Mac Wicked Ways (fierce). No plans today just doing errands. Last night I watched Marmaduke with the fam.

  58. Alexis

    Oh Mellan – so cute!!

    the 2 Villanous Villans items I was lucky enough to buy.
    French Quarter grease stick – LOVING!!
    Sweetjoy e/s – great highlight shadow not too frosty at all!

    Friday plans:
    Just chill out and watch Lilo & Stitch w/my daughter for the million and 1 times!

    Last thing I watched:
    Jersey Shore after hours! I am not ashamed to admit that…

  59. Lauren

    So happy I was finally able to get my VV stuff! I can’t believe it’s finally here. I got Sweet Joy, De-Vil, Heartless, Wicked Ways, Vainglorious, Toxic Tale, Strange Potion, Bite of an Apple, My Dark Magic, She Who Dares, Melon, Bad Fairy, Formidable, Mean & Green, Resort Life, and the I’m So Vain mirror.

    Wow I didn’t realize how much I got until I typed it out just now. I’m thinking about going and picking up Innocence Beware! (I might get Hue instead since I can use my B2M, however I already own Creme d’Nude) and Her Own Devices (I don’t have anything like it)

    A majority of this haul was a result of what’s going on right now at school (I go to Rutgers, everyone is doing some major grieving right now) and I needed to de-stress.

  60. Nic

    From Venomous Villains:

    Toxic Tale and Dark Deed lipsticks
    Bite of an Apple blush
    Resort Life lipgelee

    Also bought MUFE HD foundation, but it hasn’t arrived yet.

  61. Katya

    Haule: Fabulous Felines finaly went on sale where I live, and I bought Best of Breed l/g and Aristo-cat l/s – and I’m totaly in love with Aristo-cat! I also bought Caudalie make up remover and tinted moisturizer, Clinique City block sheer face protector and Max Factor Facefinity Compact Foundation.

    Friday plans: going out for dinner with my husband

  62. CXB

    Haul : sweet joy e/s, vile violet e/s, strange potion l/g, briar rose beauty powder, bite of an apple blush, pro longwear foundation and concealer, peachstock l/s and defiantly feline liner..needless to say it was an expensive haul haha..but i love it alll

    friday plans: thesis proposal, boooo

    last thing i watched: Newest episode of Bones, oh how i looove Agent Booth

    and i also love Mellans spider hat. haha what a patient and spoiled dog you have

  63. Jen

    Haul: MAC venomous villains of course! i got: wicked ways, strange potion, hot house, revenge is sweet, bite of an apple, toxic tale, briar rose, she who dares, my dark magic, bad fairy, formidable, and french quarter :)

    Friday plans: spending time with the boyfriend, then working tonight :(

    Last thing you watched: jersey shore

  64. Claudia

    Haul VV:
    Innocence Beware – debating on keeping this, it does show every lip skin flaw like creme d’nude =/
    Toxic Tale – at the store I swatched on hand and thought “wow this is too much!” but then the SA put strange potion over it and it mellowed down so I got it!
    Strange Potion – reminds me a lot of Fold and Tuck but that’s ok because I love that one.
    Revenge is sweet – It barely gives my lips any color but I love the jelly/squishy feel to it.

    Friday Plans: going to get MRI done, yey me! lol

  65. Bell

    Mellan is so cute!!!!

    Haul: I got Strange Potion and Wicked Ways lipglass, and Toxic Tale lipstick all from VV by MAC. These were the products that I REALLY wanted! But maybe I’ll go back to get some eyeshadows??

    Friday plans: study :-( and then study some more X-(

    Last thing you watched: HOUSE!! Love love!!

    Have a great weekend Christine!

  66. vickie

    Haul-heritage rouge pigment from CC0 and a nail polish from sally hansen call dvd I think…it is a good dupe for formidable if paired over a dark color.

    Friday plans- hang out with my 2 best friends since were up at my one friends college for the weekend

    Last thing you watched- one life to live

    Happy 4th anniversary!!

    Mellan is sooo adorable! I wish I could get my cats to be that tolerable.

  67. Haul: YSL Rouge Volupte 12 – because you reviewed it & I think it’s a stunning colour. Suits my NW20 skin pretty well. I also bought Touche Eclait (is that even how you spell it?) cos I’ve wanted it for ages! VV comes out next week here, so none of that yet.

    Friday plans: Most of Friday’s already gone here! I went shopping with my friend, now home for a relaxing evening.

    Last thing you watched: The Big Bang Theory! (4×02)

  68. Laura

    This is my first huge MAC LE Haul (and the BF is not happy). I forgot to Haul last friday since I was able to get the items last wednesday.

    Here it goes….

    Evil Queen
    Strange Potion
    Hot House
    Toxic Tale
    Bite of an Apple
    Oh so fair

    Revenge is sweet
    Violetta (purchase the PRO version)
    Briar Rose (Recevied compliments)
    Bad Fairy

    Wicked Way
    Innocence, Beware
    Her own devices
    Darkly my dear

    Dr. Facilier
    Truth & Light (it has the weirdest semll, I dont like that)

    Show Orchid

    Ok, now I see why the BF is not happy.

    Friday Plans: Just relax
    Last thing I watched: Teeeeee shirttttt timmmmeeeeee (Gotta Love Jersey Shore!!)

  69. jackie

    haul: vv-heartless, wicked ways, toxic tale, bite of an apple, violetta, revenge is sweet, my dark magic, she who dares & cajun cooling powder. sephora-hd primer in neutral and nars eyeshadow base.

    friday plans: taking dogs to the dog park (i have a pomeranian and a yorkie) and grocery shopping for sunday football potluck :)

    last thing i watched: the real housewives of dc

  70. Rachael

    Haul: Lots of Meow Cosmetics (love their products and cheap $1 samples), picked up Toxic Tale, Bite of an Apple and Melon at the MAC store yesterday. Ordered Guerlain Kiss Kiss gloss in Violine, Guerlain lipstick in Gwen (I loved your look so much i had to buy them), more MAC Melon, MAC Beauty Powder Oh So Fair, MAC Hot Hause and Wicked Ways. They wont be arriving till next week though, so not sure they count for this week’s haul. :p

    Friday Plans: Lunch with coworkers then drinks later today with other coworkers! Work hard, play hard!

    Last thing I watched: Law & Order: SVU

    • Great VV haul, Rachael! :) Hope everything arrives soon!

      And that you love Rouge G!

    • Jessica

      I got innocence beware & violetta & the prolong concealer but the Mua gave me a nw. I’m a c3 aren’t I supposed to get a nc shade?….also got a couple revlon nail polishes 40% off &physcians formula gel liners on sale too… Congrats on ur annvsry! It’s my annvsry too I opened my store 11yrs ago in oct too!

  71. Trista

    Haul: VV Revenge is Sweet Lipglass, VV Formidable! Nail laquer, Lavanila vanilla perfume. Also got some Sephora freebies I can’t wait to play with! UD Wallflower lipjunkie, VIB appreciation bag & Benefit deluxe VIP bag!! Haven’t gotten then yet but can’t wait!

    Friday Plans: Work as little as possible then hang out with my hubby

    Last watched: Bones

  72. i want a dog just like Mellan <3 :)

    haul: strange potion from VV, trying out the creamliner from wet n' wild (surprisingly good so far), new foundation!
    friday plans: night with the bf :)
    last thing i watched: The Holiday (i like watching chick flicks when i'm having trouble falling asleep hahaha)

  73. Julie

    haul: Venemous Villains!! truth&light powder, she who dares mineralize duo, my dark magic mineralize duo, and bold & brash pigment- I love alll of it!

    friday plans: maybe I’ll do some baking..

    last thing I watched: Dora the Explorer (yes, my daughter rules my TV)

  74. Ash

    Oh my gosh I over hauled recently I got way too much stuff from MAC VV and the UD BOS III so I think I have enough eyeshadow to last me the rest of my natural life, so I either need to become a vampire and live forever or stop buying so much makeup ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Friday plans: work on a painting for Breast Cancer awareness, take my Chihuahua for a walk and put up halloween decorations

    Last thing I watched The Vampire Diaries

    Mellan is SO cute and such a good dog to pose for all those pics, I hope you are successful in finding a Halloween costume for him

  75. roberta

    lovely mellan!
    today I got two cream eyeshadow from topshop make up rangรฉ new collection, gold and black, very glittery! Then I got my make up done at mac and I got satin taupe and impassioned lipstick

  76. Jamie Amaral

    I have a 2.5yo male chocolate lab named Moose and he would be playing with all those toys and would not pose quietly like Mellan. Every time I put something on his head he knocks it off!! So frustrating. I put antlers on him last year for Christmas and well.. they didn’t last long. Mellan is adorable! I want to pinch his nose! ๐Ÿ˜›

    • LOL! Antlers, love it!!

      It took five or six tries before he let me – he kept wanting to eat the spider!

    • Jamie Amaral

      Sorry.. totally got caught up in the dog discussion…

      Haul: Nothing this week.. trying to be good!!

      Friday plans: I’m going to enjoy my last day of disability as I’m going back to work after a grueling 10 months patella fracture with 2 surgeries under my belt. I am a veterinary nurse and office manager and I miss my furry creatures!!

      Last thing you watched: Chopped on the Food Network. (love it.. but why do I watch it right before bed and end up craving food and having lots of fatty food dreams??!)

  77. Ashley Tatton

    Well, I didn’t know this existed I just tweeted you, I’ll go delete that. Oh you already replied, you are ON TOP of things today! Haha.

    Haul: My Dark Magic, She Who Dares, Bite of an Apple, Oh So Fair, Toxic Tale, and Truth and Light. Ok, I went a little overboard but I haven’t bought any MAC in months other than like a concealer here and a gloss there. How boring.

    Friday Plans: Moving tonight into a wicked new place that I’m verrry excited about and I have lots of help lined up.

    Last thing I watched: Dexter season 3, somehow I missed out on it before now and am getting caught up to start watching season 5 on tv!

    Have a wicked weekend, thanks for the amaaazing amount and quality of information on VV and all other items you put on your blog, it’s extremely helpful and interesting.

  78. Wendy

    Haul: bite of apple blush, toxic tale, the lip gloss the goes with it, cyndi lipglass and humid eyeshadow! I also bought the all nighter spray from urban decay. I also bought some dresses from forever 21 :) . It was by bday yesterday so I hauled a lot lol. Friday plan is to continue my birthday celebration. Last thing I watched was Jersey shore last night too!

  79. mkdallas

    OMG, he’s so CUTE!!! Love the way he slings that squeaky pumpkin around! My haul wasn’t near as exciting, lol. I got the Clarisonic Opal thingie that’s supposed to infuse serum into your eye area & make it look better. I think I see a positive change but I might just be trying to rationalize dropping hella lot of cash on it. Other than that, I got YSL Golden Gloss #31 and a few great drugstore deals at Ulta, where NYX, Revlon & Maybelline were 40% (all products) for no apparent reason.

  80. Alexis J.

    Haul: Revenge is Sweet Lipglass, Briar Rose Beauty Powder, She Who Dares MES, and Formidable! Nail Lacquer. I love Malificient!

    Friday Plans: I had a 3D ultrasound today! Im 33 weeks pregnant with my first (we’re going to be surprised about the sex)! Tonight’s plans are a dinner in and maybe a movie.

    Last Thing I Watched: We don’t have cable yet (we recently moved), so I’ve been watching DVDs of “Law and Order: Special Victim’s Unit”.

    You’ve inspired me to get some cute Halloween toys for my dog, Ceasar!

  81. Haul: I went and bought a few things from MAC. :) I got to the store 3 hours after it opened and they were sold out of a few things from the Disney collection. :( I was told there was a huge line waiting for them to open their doors. Anyway, I managed to get Devilishly Stylish and Hot House liip glasses from the Disney collection. I wanted to see the Bad Fairy nail polish but the two MAC stores pulled the tester because they sold of it so quickly. :(

    Friday plans: I am visiting with a dear friend and doing her makeup for fun. Then, I’ll spend the rest of the day working on preparing for my jewelry class I’m teaching on Saturday – I’ve got 2 classes! :)

    Last thing you watched: Superman II – I can stare at Christopher Reeve’s face all day. :)

  82. Kathy

    Haul: I picked up all of the things I ordered from the VV collection, and I ordered some stuff online as well! I got Bad Fairy, Bite of an Apple, Resort Life, She Who Dares, Strange Potion, Sweet Joy, and Wicked Ways! I also picked up two eyeshadows from the permanent line: Da Bling and Kid.

    Friday plans: I might be going out to dinner with some friends. If not, then I’ll be home relaxing. :)

    Last thing you watched: I watched The Golden Girls this morning while I was getting ready. Love that show!

  83. Gen

    Haul: 5 Dior quad, 1 Lancome eyeshadows quad, One Dior duo eyeshadows, 1 Dior eyeliner, 1 Lancome eyeliner, 1 Mac liner (Powersurge), 2 DiorIconic mascaras, 1 Touche d’รฉclat de YSL, 3 Benefit eyeshadows, 5 MUFE eyeliner, 1 smasbox artificial light, 1 Stila liquid luminizer, 2 Clinique liquid illuminator, 1 Dior Rose Diamond, 1 Lorac baked bronzer…all at 50% off!

    Friday plans: work then going to see Hatchet 2! LOOOOOVE horror movies.

    Last thing i watched: my husband just did a Harry Potter marathon. i think i may even saw him cry at Sirius Black’s death! (I hope its no spoiler!)

  84. Sally

    Haul: VV stuff. Briar Rose Beauty Powder, Strange Potion Lipglass, Revenge is Sweet Lipglass. May get French Quarter greasepaint stick later since I can’t seem to find my Dirty Greasepaint Stick :( Also got China Glaze nailpolish in Mummy May I for Halloween

    Friday plans: Supporting the hubs and his football team! Go Green Devils! Then having a few ciders before I have to start moving into our new house tomorrow.

    Last thing you watched: Chuck Season 2, episode 12. Love that show, so funny and geek chic!

    Mellan is adorable~

  85. coco72

    Awwww, Mellan is so cute!
    Haul: Nothing at all, Iยดm still waiting for Villain`s launching in Spain
    Friday plans: Take my 8-year-old-girl to Churh`s chorus
    Last thing you watched: Grey’s anatomy
    Excited for: Tomorrow weยดll see two possible cars and choose one of them, my sister gave birth a boy this morning and Iยดm very happy for them

  86. Courtney

    Haul: Seven MAC Venomous Villains items and at least half a dozen glitters from Aromaleigh.

    Friday plans: Karaoke!

    Last thing I watched: X-Play.

  87. Carrie Ann

    Haul: Bobbi Brown Lip Shine in Desert Rose, MAC blush in Plum Foolery, Truth & Light Magically Cool Liquid Powder, Sweet Ever After and Till Tomorrow Pro Longwear Lipcremes, and French Quarter Greasepaint Stick.

    Friday plans: Run errands and pick up my Venomous Villains haul on hold at my MAC counter (yay!).

    Last thing you watched: “Fringe” (I love that show.)

  88. kate

    Haul: A really, really sick MAC haul that includes a ton of Venomous Villains and a few Fabulous Felines pieces as well (OMG that green eyeliner! <3 ), and an old, rare punk record I had won from eBay! A good week indeed :)

    Friday Plans: Working at my full and part-time jobs, then going to a concert with friends!

    Last thing I watched: Dead & Buried – an older 80's horror movie that is suuuuuuper creepy! highly recommended!

    I think Mellan's definitely made to wear hats! Maybe you could get in to canine millinery?

  89. danielle :)

    Haul: UD book of shadows 3, mac VV wicked ways lipglass, Mac VV Formidable! nail polsih. :)

    Friday Plans: not really sure yet… maybe the mall?

    Last thing you watched: the menalist! i also watched bones last night which i LOVED!

    Adn Mellan looks so cute with all his halloween toys! :)

    • Yay for BoS III! Loving it?

      • danielle :)

        yeah! it’s amazing! it has a few natrual colors for everyday and some really cool unique colors like money! and i love the 24/7 liner in zero. i’ve never tried the 24/7 liners befor and now i am useing it everyday! :)

  90. lynniekae

    Haul: Too much stuff from the Villains collection. I always say I’m gonna resist, and then I come here and look at the swatches lol. I got a couple pigments, glosses, Darkly My Dear, Sinister, 4 shadows, Her Own Devices, and two empty palettes for depotting.

    Friday plans: Grad skool work =( I’m ashamed to say that I’m a bit behind in my work, so I’m spending the weekend getting caught up!

    Last thing you watched: Raising Hope…my new favorite comedy!!

  91. Samantha P.

    He’s so cute!!

    Haul: I got several things from VV: Heartless, Wicked Ways, Strange Potion, Dark Deed, Oh So Fair. <3 Plus Viva Glam I, and the two nail laquers Concubine and Rain of Flowers – all from MAC. <3

    Friday plans: Sleep! Worked all week and today is my day off!

    Last thing you watched: Teen Mom.

  92. Haul: *cracks knuckles* oh boy where do i begin…well from the VV coll., i bought ALL of Maleficent (except Violetta, already had it), from Evil Queen – bite of an apple, strange potion, sinister, toxic tale..from Cruella – wicked ways (had to buy 2), devilishly stylish, darkly my dear, heartless…from Facilier – cajun (had to buy 2 lol), both greasepaints, that cute lil mirror (had all his other stuff). i also bought that new pro longwear foundation – so far i love it and i HATE MAC foundations. im very pleased by the wear. just left MAC right now and they actually had just one Bloodline pigment left so i had to buy it because i’m a pigment freak. also picked up that Haute & Naughty lash…hope its good.

    Friday Plans – to not spend more money! relax and write a few blog posts, do some looks, etc.

    Last thing I watched – Aladdin (don’t laugh)

  93. NeenaJ

    Awww. Love the vid. Mellan sure is fond of that pumpkin!

    Haul: MAC VV Greasepaint stick in French Quarter. Love them for the waterline!
    Coloriscience powder sun protection SPF 30 in All Clear.
    I was being good so I can splurge on some of the Holiday items coming up.

    Friday Plans: Taking my son to see his grandparents.

    Last thing I watched: Project Runway. Go Mondo! And, Gretchen, if you’re reading this… shut up already!

  94. Anita

    Haul: Book of shadows 3, and stila eye palette.

    Friday plans: clean the house and relax.

    last thing you watched: Jersey shore

  95. nicci

    Haul – Chanel – Wild Rose glossimer. I also got a free Chanel make up bag. I really wanted one in the holiday sets but they couln’t just give me a bag. My SA gave me a different one though and told me if asked to say I got it at Macys…lol :)

    But I found out I will be getting another Wild Rose. My brother got me the glossimer duo holiday set that includes Wild Rose & Muscat. He has never ordered anything like that so I didn’t want to tell him I just bought one of the glosses. I felt bad. I guess I will be getting the make up bag I wanted after all :)

    Friday plans – get my bangs trimmed.

    Last thing I watched – Curb Your Enthusiasm.

  96. lol i only come in here for the mellan pics, he is so gorgeous, give him a big hug!

  97. V

    HAUL- Bite of an Apple & Darkly My Dear blushes, I’m So Vain Mirror, Formidable n/l, Prolong Wear concealer, & Angel l/s

    FRIDAY PLANS- stay home w/the kiddies & after they go to bed its movie night for me & the bf

    LAST WATCHED- Jersey Shore… was that really a fight? LOL

  98. Linnea

    Mellan looks so good!

    Haul: a bunch of Butter LONDON polishes.. beauties! And a really nice rouge bunny rouge eyeshadow, as well as a becca eye tint.

    Friday Plans: don’t know yet. Trying to figure it out, but meh. Maybe just relaxing!

    Last thing I watched: Big Bang Theory :)

  99. Thincspot

    MAC VV – Violette l/s, Cajun face powder, She Who Dares MES, Goes and Goes l/s, plum l/l
    Dior Rouge Favori l/s, Annabelle Flame l/l
    Stem Fresh Start Face Serum, Dr. Goldfaden Power Scrub, Dr Goldfaden Unline.

    Friday Plans: FIL’s bday dinner

    Last Watched: Max & Ruby cartoon on Treehouse (too lazy to change channel after the kids were watching shows!)

  100. Jillian

    Aww! Mellan is the greatest! I’ll have to send you a picture of my sweet Schnauzer, Jackson, one of these days. (I named him Jackson so we could be little Jack and Jill! =)

    Haul: I was soooo excited to go to my MAC counter where my awesome Artist is so sweet to me! Looove her, And I ended up getting way more than I expected! But I will say thanks so so much for the VV cheat sheet that you made up! I went to the counter with it in hand and the artist thought it was the greatest thing since Mint Milano cookies …

    I got Wicked Ways LG, Hot House LG, Strange Potion LG, Toxic Tale LS, Heartless LS, Bit of an Apple Blush, My Dark Magic MES, She Who Dares MES, Formidable NP, Briar Rose BP, a refill on my MSF Natural and a back up 217! =) I had too much fun! Oh, and a Zoom Black Mascara! Aaaaand, I used the look you did with the MES’s for my look today! I’m rockin’ the Christine!

    I’m off to work right now to make some more money for next weeks Haul! =)

    Last thing I watched? My DVR’d episodes of The Office and Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia

    Have a great weekend, Christine!