Tuesday, March 25th, 2014

Temptalia Asks You

What are your favorite aspects of summer collections? Share!

Temptalia's AnswerI love the bright lips, all of the coral hues, and I love the luminous, dewy skin.

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21 thoughts on “What are your favorite aspects of summer collections?

  1. Seeing that I STILL don’t get the concept of seasonal colors, I’m not sure. Well, I like that it tends to include a lot of bronzers and I don’t really care for them, therefore saving me money. XD

  2. kath

    Corals, always <3 I still wear it way past season just because. Same goes for bright pinks and orange reds! I also love the minimal face makeup that becomes more popular in such time of year because it looks glowy, fresh and natural.

  3. Must be the balmy, wet and dewy looking textures for lips – not vynil glosses but not matte either, no pearls – no stark finishes.. love!!!!

  4. Generally speaking, I’m also not one for seasonal makeup. I also loathe coral/peach tones and they don’t suit me as they’re just not natural colours for me. So if I had to choose something to like, it might be the bit of glow and sparkle that comes in some summer products (especially body oil/lotion type products). And I also like some of the lighter formulas and multi purpose face products – a bit of colour, a bit of “finish” and a lot of SPF all in one product like a CC cream, for example.

  5. Oh yes, the corals, deeeefinitely the corals :-D

  6. I love bright fushia lips! I’m not such a coral girl myself.
    Judith Recently Posted: L’Oreal Magic Nude liquid powder review

  7. More excuses to wear eyeliners in colours like turquoise, cobalt blue and orange. If I had an orange liner, that is :-D Also, yes, coral lips, and more sheer, moisturising lipstick formulae.

    To shamelessly derail the thread, as we’re going into autumn here, when the autumn/winter collections come out I look forward to all the vampy colours, jewel tones and new shades of gold!
    Sylirael Recently Posted: Interlude – Eyeballing the Loot! March 2014 Wishlist

  8. Avatar of Wwendy Wwendalynne

    even though bright lips transcend seasons, they are so visually refreshing to me after winter.

  9. I generally like the warmer shades which abound, as I’m usually sick of the cooler winter shades by spring!! Right now though I’m keen as beans for winter shades, summer in Australia can finish ANY time now!!

  10. I love seeing all of the bronze & coral shades!

  11. Janelle

    I love that things are lighter not only in color but formula as well! Dew skin with tinted moisturizer and lip glosses. I don’t feel like I have to have a perfect face with contouring etc. in the summer!

  12. Bright colors like corals which are so much in nowadays..they look super chic too…:-)

  13. Rina

    IA with all the coral love in these comments :)

    I’m very much a bright lip girl, so I love the lip shades that tend to come out in the summer.

  14. The bright colors! I love vampy colors but it’s nice to shed all the layers and dark colors once the weather warms up
    fancie Recently Posted: MAC 109 Small Contour Brush Review

  15. Bronze cheeks, copper eyes and bright pinks/orange lipsticks!!!
    Golden highlighter – chery cake!

  16. Brightly colored eye make up and fuchsia lipsticks!

  17. i love absolutely everything about summer collections!! all yr i look forward to them. best time of the yr as the colors i love are summer colors. so fun to see what they come up wit every yr. then i wear those colors pretty much all yr round. i dont buy nearly as much in the fall winter. spring is great too. all about teals, blues, greens, pinks, orange, purples, golds, bronzes, and coral and peach!!!! And i adore bronzers, and summer special packaging is outstanding

  18. Avatar of Amy xamyx

    I get the chance to catch up on some permanent range products I missed out on buying with Fall & Winter stuff! I hate most of the typical Spring & Summer fare, so I don’t typically indulge on those collections.

  19. Bright bright everything! But not too many coral lipsticks, it will make me jealous because they look terrible on me but they always look so lovely