Saturday, September 28th, 2013

Temptalia Asks You

Have you ever finished a pre-made makeup palette? (Whether just eyeshadow, lipstick, or multi-product – whatever goes!) What palette? How long did it take you?

Temptalia's AnswerNooo! I can’t even fathom this!! 😉

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52 thoughts on “Have you ever finished a pre-made makeup palette?

  1. I haven’t even hit pan on any of my palettes, let alone finish one! :-)

  2. I’m actually sure I have, or at least gotten to the point that I chucked the palette out because there was so little of it left. It would have been years ago though, when I owned less makeup and actually used things up!!

  3. Nope! But I’ve finished ONE square of about a million! LOL

  4. Yanna

    Yep…the MAC Pro lip palette in Preferred Pinks…I’ve gone through 2 of them within the past 7-8 months. I always like to mix every single color together :)

  5. xamyx

    Are you kidding…? I’ve never even hit pan on a blush or eyeshadow, unless it broke, and I don’t remember ever finishing a single lipstick or gloss.

  6. Alexandra

    Nope! I have way to many and it takes forever ! The closest one to being finished is the too faced naked eyes palette but I’ve just hit pan on two colors so it’s not that close to being done and I’ve had it for 4 years now!

    • lat

      I’ve had this palette for about a year. And I have hit pan on Satin Sheets and I am getting close on some of the others. My sister has hit pan on all but one shade of the Natural Eye Palette from Too Faced and she has had it for 2 years.

  7. Nope! Which is why I generally don’t go for palettes, because I always end up using up one shade faster than the others, while some shades may end up barely touched. :/

  8. Absolutely not. I pretty much use something different everyday. The closest I’ve ever gotten is hitting pan on a couple of shadows in the same palette.

  9. Anastasia

    Something I only dream about.

  10. Cat G

    HA -no! A true sign of a makeup addict, ALL my palettes look like they’ve hardly been used -except for my Coastal Scents original 88, which was my first palette I think ever! Even that is far from hitting pan on any of the colors!

  11. Never ever.. I dont think I would ever be able too.. 😉

  12. Fami

    No, but I have finish in a 4-eyeshadow palette 2 shades? Does it count?

  13. Chelsea

    As much as I may try, I never have! I keep trying to finish my UD Naked Palette, but so far only 4 have hit pan and an extra 2 have “trenches”!

  14. Carrie

    Closest I’ve gotten to date is I’ve hit pan on 2 of 3 shades of a Nyx pre-set 3 pan palette. That’s about it! And I’ll never get closer than that probably; I have too much make up!

  15. NEVER – I keep buying them and end up loving 1-2 shades, using them down to the pan but then not the others :o). Xx

  16. Never! I have so many different makeup palettes that I don’t I’ll finish one in a very long time!

  17. No never! I’ve never finished an eyeshadow before actually! I have a MAC holiday palette from 2005 that I still use quite often. I’ve hit pan on two colors, one of them being luster.

    I only finish foundations and lip products!

  18. Nope! The only thing I can even remember hitting pan on is MAC’s Blanc Type, but then I switched to other browbone colors.

  19. Nope, but then I have never finished up a single eye shadow either….pretty bad!

  20. grlnxdor

    No, because there always seems to be one color that gets very little use.

  21. Veronica

    Yep. Less often now that my collection’s bigger, but I have a few 2-3 shade palettes that I’ve used to the pan. It’s usually the drug store ones – those are the kind I feel more comfortable tossing into a purse and applying on the go. With larger palettes, not so much, but I usually have 2-3 shades that I’ve used to the pan. (For instance, I had mostly wiped out Sin in the UD Naked palette before I gave it away to a friend. :P)

  22. zainab

    I’ve never hit pan on anything (I’m actually *trying* to hit pan on MAC Woodwinked, just to prove to myself that hitting pan isn’t some mythical event). The idea of emptying a whole palette is mind boggling to me, lol.

    • Veronica

      My sister has a pretty routine look that she uses almost every day, only switching it up for special events. There’s an Almay palette with neutral shades that is her HG product – she’ll literally use up three of the same palette in one year! It’s mind-boggling to me. I can’t imagine not doing something different every day unless I’m too busy. XD

  23. To be honest, I can’t remember finishing a palette, either! I’ve come close, or a couple of colors disappeared/hit the pan, but I think usually I get so sick of the colors that I’ve given the remains to my little sister or tossed it! Maybe that’s a good goal to have- I’ve been buying more high-end makeup over time and the quality has been good enough to encourage me to use more of the product.

  24. Nicole

    Definately not. It is hard for me to finish a single shadow, because I just own too many.

  25. Wilcoa

    Yes! I’ve finished a couple pre-made holiday palettes from MAC and a few other quads (I’ve never owned one of those really large palettes except for the NAKED palettes). However, I’ve never finished them in the palette form. Once I finished a few colors I depot them into one of my 16-pan palettes and I find I get more use out of the remaining colors that way.

  26. Kaitlyn

    Wait. People actually do that? *mind blown*

  27. Cindi

    I have one ELF palette called The Everday Eye that I have had for 1.5 years and it is nearly all gone. It does do a great eye look and it has a tutorial inside the front cover that show you how to use the colors together. I have shadow only in the corners of the pans now. I don’t mind using it up though as I have so many other pallettes to use anyway.

  28. Courtney

    I’ve finished Wet N Wild trios. Maybe because they are so cheap and replaceable, I’m not hesitant to use them more often.

  29. Nope! I could see maybe somewhere down the road hitting pan on a couple of shades in the Urban Decay Naked palette.

  30. ProperIntro

    uhh trying to 😉

  31. Jill

    Oh hell no. Maybe 1 or 2 shades in a palette, but that’s it.

  32. Gia Medina

    Yea I did… There was a bronzer, highlighter, and blush set from NARS I used to have and I finished it all. If it hadn’t been a limited edition product I’d have purchased another.

  33. I doubt I ever will :).

  34. Ana

    No! Hahaha trying to finish my wet n wild vanity palette though :3

  35. Like 10 years ago, before I got into makeup, I had one eye quad that I used basically anytime I did eye makeup. It was called “Berried Treasure”, and I think it was by CoverGirl? I used the heck out of that — down to the last swipe — but it took me about 3 years (at that time I only wore eye makeup for going out or job interviews). By that time it had been discontinued, so I replaced it with a Maybelline 8-pan in “Sunbaked Neutrals”, which was my go to for the next 3 years or so, and I used up about 3/4 of it. But that’s when my love of makeup blossomed, so I never finished it. And ever since I’ve only finished foundation and powder (and a single lipgloss I had had 4 years).

  36. livnzoe

    There is a quad from MAC which i got about three years ago.. tow pans are already empty and on the other two colours i hit pan a while ago. Think i’ll have finished it in about 6 months.

    I also got too faced’s naked eye palette where i hit pan on every colour.

    • Veronica

      I LOVE the Too Faced Naked palette! Far more flattering than the UD Naked palette for a fair, cool-toned lady like me. 😀 With the exception of Stiletto, I’ve put a hefty dent in most of those shades. I’m pretty sure In the Buff is going to hit pan in about a month or so, haha.

  37. Jennifer

    Heck no! I’ve almost hit pan on sidecar in the naked pallate. I’ve hit pan on 3 compacts not in a a pallete this year. I have way too many palates, I’ll never run out. Matter of fact, I just picked up smashbox’s heat wave from norstroms rack for 24 bucks yesterday. It gets to be where I give some palates away so I can justify new ones.

  38. Maggie

    I’ve managed to hit pan in a Graftobian HD Glamour Creme Palette but I’m not sure if I’ll ever actually finish it before the formula gets bad. I will be repurchasing. And I can’t imagine finishing up one of my other pre-made makeup palettes. With my accumulation, custom-made palettes are making a ton of sense.

  39. Jackiee

    Hi Christina! Are you kidding me NO! Its A Woman thing. No lol!

  40. Joanna

    I actually have finished a palette. It’s one of the lorac palette…love the neutral colors it has.

  41. Jenny

    YES! I finished the Benefit Celebutante set a long time ago, and I´m almost done with my Benefit Finding Mr. Bright set too :)

  42. Karen

    NO of course not! LOL

  43. thepaigest

    My first palatte from Urban Decay forever ago… the ammo. I still have it too can’t throw it away! BUT NO OTHER! And a lot untouched :( Makeup Addict… hit me again.

  44. Aelita

    finished a couple or even 3 chanel ones)))))))

  45. Jessica

    I finished 4 of the 9 pans in the Too Faced Natural Eye Palette. I went and bought a second one!

  46. Jan

    Only if you count the palette that fell on the concrete, shattering each shadow in multiple places, leading me to open it upside down over a trashcan (I was repair naive then), thereby leaving only a smidge around the edge of each pan for me to use.