Wednesday, March 20th, 2013

Illuminating Powder Gelee ($40.00)

  • Heat Wave Champagne

Pure Color Five Color Eyeshadow Palette ($48.00)

  • Batik Sun Beige, bronze, coral, teal

Pure Color Long Lasting Lipstick ($25.00)

  • Solar Crush Orange
  • Fuchsia Fever Fuchsia

Pure Color Sheer rollerGloss ($18.50)

  • Succulent Tangerine
  • Squeeze Coral

Pure Color Liquid Eyeliner Duo ($29.00)

  • Black Sands Black/gold

Pure Color Nail Lacquer ($20.00)

  • Hot Spell Coral

Bronze Goddess Luminous Liquid Bronzer ($28.50) (Limited Edition)

Give yourself a heavenly glow with a super luxurious liquid bronzer. Great for all skintones, it includes a unique blend of bronzing pigments in a pearlized, reflective base. Long-wearing, oil-free formula feels weightless and comfortable as it smoothes on a sheer, natural-looking radiance.

Bronze Goddess

  • Body Oil Spray ($50.00)
  • Eau Fraiche Skinscent ($60.00)

Availability: Nordstrom

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31 thoughts on “Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess Collection for Spring 2013

  1. I’m in love with that eyeshadow palette, such an amazing combination of colours. It looks perfect for summer!

  2. Floz

    Heat Wave looks so gorgeous, I think it will be my first powder gelee! I did like the look of Topaz Chameleon but it was too dark for me. I hope you’ll be reviewing the new one! 😀
    That liquid eyeliner duo looks great too, I love black and gold, and double-ended products seem more travel-friendly to me as it’s less stuff rattling around in my makeup bag haha.

    Also, I see that the post says Spring 2013 – is that right? I thought it looked like a Summer collection! =s xx

  3. Yellowlantern

    That highlighter is gorgeous. I played around with it and it has such a buttery smooth texture. I don’t know if I need it for $40 though since I’m quite happy with Benefit Highbeam so I left it at the store.

  4. Pet Peeve: Don’t know exactly why these OTT bronzed goddess photos chafe me so, but they do. Perhaps I find it annoying that if you are not already blessed with these wonderfully rich and warm skintones, the advertised products are not going to turn you into anything remotely close to the advert ..and maybe you should reconsider leaving the house if you do try. This is right up there with mascara commercials and models wearing gi-normous fake eyelashes.

    • Sandy

      Brown girls need to be told we’re beautiful just as much as white girls do. Why do you assume she’s a white girl who’s over-tanned and not an Indian girl, a Puerto Rican girl, or a mixed-ethnicity girl?

    • PoetrysTruth

      Can’t that be said for ANY make up product. Most of us are NEVER going to look like these models. Every industry that is woman centered does this…they are selling us the unobtainable…it’s up to us to see through it and know the truth

      And Sandy I agree brown girls (dark light and in between) need to get more love in the media

  5. jessica

    I wish wearing this collection would make me look like that girl in the ad!

  6. Abbey W

    Goodness knows I don’t need another champagne highlighter, but this is just so pretty! I love summer collections!

  7. tantan

    Please please review the roller gloss.I’m dying to know if it’s any good !

    • Honey

      I find it applies smoothe on the lips. It also has a slight fruity scent, not heavy at all. The color applies with a slight tinge on me. I’m an nc45/50 in MAC.

  8. TLC

    The eyeshadow palette looks great. I usually don’t go for neutrals, but throw in an emerald green colour, and I am sold.

  9. mika zee

    wow, roller glosses? i guess the 90’s are back!

    • Janelle

      LOL more like the 1970’s 1980’s. My mom told me when I was younger that she used roller balls as a teenager.

      I love these though and it makes me think of my youth and stealing my mom’s so I am definitely getting one. Very similar to getting my nieces Cabbage Patch kids because I had them when I was younger!

  10. L

    Beautiful! How does Heat Wave compare to MAC Whisper of Gilt?

  11. Haha this happened with Mad Men too! You posted the promo stuff for the collection RIGHT when I was editing the review video 😉

    Okay enough of that… Bronze Goddess is always ALWAYS my favorite summer collection. I think it’s because it’s always kind of OBVIOUSLY summer looking but it launches in the very early Spring so it gets me thinking about summer and that usually turns down the volume a little bit on my winter-time woes.

    ALSO – SO insanely happy they re-launched their liquid bronzer in a squeeze tube instead of the old glass bottle. MUCH easier to use. Now they just need to make it available year-round and release it in a 16oz pump bottle. SERIOUSLY. It’s the best color for a makeup bronzer EVER. EVER!!! I have skin like most redheads and this stuff can make my whole body look naturally tan.

    • Roo

      I completely used up the liquid bronzer I bought last year. I actually liked the pretty glass bottle and didn’t have any problems with it. I’ll be happy to buy it in a tube though. It’s a fantastic product!

  12. So this collection can make me look like her? I’ll take everything!


  13. Mariella

    Not a huge fan of the colours on offer, to be honest.

  14. Lacey J.

    I need that Gelee ugh… best formula on the planet… I need Gelee everything.

  15. Maddie

    pretty colors, bu after seeing that promo picture all I can think about is how I should go to the gym…

  16. Xina

    I love that top. I just had to say that color is amazing.

  17. Am I the only one who is not crazy about her eye makeup? It makes her eyes look smaller.

    Having said that, I want the Powder Gelee and the eyeshadow palette.

  18. Sandy

    I love the shadow palette, but I feel like they put out something very similar last year?

  19. I seem to always be drawn to the Bronzer Goddess collection, even though I don’t purchase from EL anymore

  20. Katherine

    Darn! I was going to not buy this collection but I am going to cave and get the palette, highlighter, and one of the roller ball glosses because they remind me of the ’70’s and my high school days :) I also want to get the Bronze godess eau fraiche skinscent.

  21. LOVE that promo pic! I’ve never purchased anything from Estee Lauder before, since I’ve always felt like their brand was targeting more mature audiences but this collection has got me intrigued! As always, I’ll be waiting for your reviews first Christine, then I’ll decide whether I’ll give it a shot or not! 😉

  22. PoetrysTruth

    I don’t own anything from this brand. I’ve wanted to purchase it since Dusty H. flashed a pick in one of his YT videos! I must have a few things from this collection.