Tuesday, February 1st, 2011

Essie A French Affair Collection for Spring 2011

Parlez Vous Francais? Oui do. Though dreams of a romantic Parisian fling may not come true anytime soon, a flirty French rendezvous is here to stay! Introducing the new Spring 2011 essie collection: “A French Affair” – an assortment of six intoxicating retro pastels and show-stopping neutrals inspired by oh-so-chic French glamour.

Unlike spring shades of most seasons past, Nice is Nice, Coat Azure, Topless and Barefoot, Kisses and Bisses, Sand Tropez and A French Affair wear in the most opaque fashion and will surely result in many oh la la’s along the way.

  • French Affair
  • Nice is NIce
  • Coat Azure
  • Sand Tropez
  • Topless and Barefoot
  • Kisses and Bisses

availability: February 2011

See more photos!

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60 thoughts on “Essie Spring 2011 – A French Affair Collection

  1. Vanessa S

    I reallt love this collection i wrote about it in my blog. I cant wait to buy some of them….

  2. Lannet

    I’ve seen this at Wal Mart like 2 weeks ago. the polishes are very pretty!

    • Ani_BEE

      Curse you Walmart for not stocking this brand in Canada. Essie is hard to find and fairly expensive up here.

      • Barbara Derrick

        Yes, I agree! I wish I knew where to access these Essie colours here in Toronto. Anyone have any ideas?

        • Sue

          If you’re in Toronto, check Trade Secrets. They are usually the most up-to-date chain if you want to find a collection. You can also go into a plethora of hair salons and spas (any place where manicures are available) because they sell them there too. More specifically, check the Trade Secrets in Eaton Centre or Yorkdale Mall! HTH

        • Shealyn

          Shoppers Drug Mart!! Usually they don’t carry more than 4 or 6 of each colour for the new Essie collections (so they sell out fairly quick), but my Shoppers (one with a beauty boutique) in Thunder Bay has them. If I can find Essie in TBay, you should be able to find it in Toronto. Usually they’re around 10 bucks but go on sale every once in a while for 8!

          Another good place is Winners, although I’ve found usually they carry the mini-sets of Essie, or only a few colours from each collection.

        • Diana

          Hey! Well I found essie at shoppers drug mart you might want to give it a try there, if you cannot find it go to a trade secret store, they will have it for sure. Google trade secrets, see which one is closes near to you and ask them if they have essie nail polishes! =) Hope I helped!

      • G-marie

        they have it in shoppers drugmart 😉 i just bought some

    • Yeah I saw them too. Aside from Coat Azure, they’re all pretty dupe-able. I adore it, though. Using it on my next manicure.

  3. Sarah

    Ohhh, the first one looks to be a duo-chrome! Will definately have to check it out :)

  4. I wish there were colour descriptions!

  5. Tiffypixy

    Love the soft colors. Perfect for my theme of being pregnant. Nice baby soft colors.

  6. Ani_BEE

    I guess all the spring collections are going to be pastel this year from all companies. >__<

  7. Amanda Dubs

    Oh for the love of Easter eggs.

  8. Laurel

    Love, love. Particularly the blue – I love blue polish on my toes. :)

  9. I just got Sand Tropez at Walmart and I’m in LOVE!

  10. yay it’s been available since Jan. 24th. I just bought Topless & Barefoot, Sand Tropez, and French Affair. They all applied like butter, which is surprising for Essie sometimes.

  11. Lauren

    Oh my gosh, I have never been this attracted to a nail polish collection before. I think I’m in love!

  12. Dana

    OMG!!!!! LOVE THIS! must have 1 of each.. Thanks Christine for posting!

  13. Omg I can’t wait to see them in person!

  14. Martyna

    What’s with the last bottle? Looks like you photoshopped it, Christine. haha… :)

  15. need topless and barefoot along with nice is nice! so pretty

  16. amy

    Ulta has them now too…i bought french affair…havent used it yet but its pretty to look at

  17. stellarstace

    Will you be reviewing these?

  18. Hend

    I love them allll <333

  19. Sarz

    OOH I wonder if Sand Tropez will be anything like Jazz. I LOVE Jazz <3

  20. Pam

    OMG i love French Affair!

  21. Pam

    Thanks for sharing!! I hope this is not limited edition! I want French Affair :)

  22. Carrie Ann

    The 1st one looks really pretty. Seems similar to the one in MAC’s upcoming Jeanius collection.

  23. Lorraine

    Omg! This collection is so pretty! I want all of them but I think the only original color is the green with the gold/bronze sheen.

  24. Claudia

    Saw these at Ulta today I really liked Sand Tropez and Topless and Barefoot. I’m going to see if Walmart has them for cheaper.

  25. I saw 4 of these polishes in my Wal-Mart today. I plan on picking them up this weekend. They are so lovely!

  26. KT

    Essie always makes the most beautiful pale and pastel shades. Loving that first one! Well…all of them!

  27. Kat

    Where can I buy this?
    I live in the city so I only have drugstores. But please do tell me where I can get it even if it’s not the drugstore, Ty.

  28. Marcela

    I really want to buy a few nail polish from this collection, but I can’t find swatches anywhere, hope you post some soon. =-)

  29. teenah

    This was up at CVS a few weeks ago =D coat azure is beautiful

  30. Louise

    I really like the colours, especially French Affair and Cote Azure. But seeing as Essie still tests on animals, I won’t be buying any.

  31. The blue shade is speaking to me..”Buy me…buy me”. LOL.

  32. I’ve seen no swatches yet so I’m not buying until I see it

  33. Lannet

    Here’s a swatch of Essie’s Sand Tropez. It’s a nice opaque beige. only 2 coats on my nails! http://twitgoo.com/1y7k2s

  34. I picked up one of each at walgreens last week. I had hoped that since essie is now in the big chains the cost would go down but they were still $7.99 each. Also the packaging is different. The don’t have the embossed essie name in the glass rather it has like a sticker label. Wonder if walgreens will ever have BOGO on these?

  35. Vanessa S

    Christine are you going to be swatching these? I need youuuuuuu lol Youre the reason why i didnt spend a bazillion dollars on Anchors Away. You help me weed out the colors i dont like. lol

  36. Julia

    Coat Azure and French Affair= MINE.

  37. Abby

    I LOVE light nail colors this season, especially pink and beige.

  38. Anna Veeraagsorn

    I bought FRENCH AFFAIR and topped it with silver glitter i am looking so cute

  39. Monique

    I am always looking for a nice pastel palette for Spring. Usually Essie and Opi go in different directions. I am so thrilled for this collection.

  40. Samantha Kara

    I own the Essie Coat Azure.. Found it at Walgreens the other day. It is a GORGEOUS color.

  41. G-marie

    i just got Coat Azure.. its so pretty <3

  42. Topless and Barefoot is stunning, very natural, everyone has complimented me on it… just waiting till my nails grow!

  43. Nubia136

    I saw these in Rite Aid..Nice colors.