Thursday, August 4th, 2011

Luxeffects Collection

Essie @ Cosmoprof 2011

I met briefly with the very knowledgeable Dominick who walked me through several of Essie’s upcoming collections.  I love that we’ll be seeing less traditional Essie shades for the holidays–it’s nice and refreshing to see something different from the brand.  I love that they will be permanent.

  • Essie’s fall collection is called Carry On, which is inspired by handbags. It includes Carry On, Glamour Purse, Lady Like, Case Study, Very Structured, and Power Clutch.
  • In time for winter, we have Cocktail Bling, which includes six shades, which I don’t have the names for yet!
  • Holiday is a mix of jewel-tones in a collection called Dive Bar. This collection takes three shades from the retail line (Dive Bar, Jamaican Me Crazy, and Troph Wife) and is adding it to the salon line. It also includes three repromotes.
  • Releasing to coordinate with New Year’s and the holidays, Luxeffects is all about layering and bling–and these will all be permanent going forward. Glitter, micro-glitters, and even flakies!


See more photos!

Carry On Collection

Cocktail Bling Collection

Dive Bar Collection

Dive Bar Collection

Luxeffects Collection

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44 thoughts on “Essie @ Cosmoprof 2011

  1. Wow! Those look gorgeous! Can’t wait to get my nails on those!!!

  2. Kat

    These look interesting! Can’t wait :) Thanks for sharing, C!

  3. Caroline

    OMG! There are some stunning colors! Cannot wait to get my hands on the yellow glitter. And the Carry On Collection…I want all of them!

  4. I’ve already been seeing the Carry On collection at CVS, and the CVS stores in my area just about never have things first.

  5. Shannon R

    I love those colors. In general, I always love Essie colors though. I just wish their brush was wider! Their tiny brush makes it super challenging for me to get a smooth application. Do you use a different technique to get a good application with Essie compared to OPI for example?

    • I’ve never had any trouble with Essie’s brush – I haven’t used OPI in a year or two, but I remember their brush being rather wide.

      • My

        I really dislike the wide OPI brushes they came out with, but I love their normal-width brushes. I also find Essie’s brush to be hard to work with. However, I love China Glaze’s brush. :)

    • Moni

      I hate the ProWide brush on OPIs. It’s so wide I have a hard time with precision application.

      I don’t buy OPIs anymore partly because of that.

  6. Very nice colors! Looking forward to see them swatched! :)

  7. Lea

    Thank you so much for all these posts from Cosmoprof! They are getting me so excited for Fall nail trends. I’ve really enjoyed reading all of them.

  8. Katie

    The Luxeffects Collection looks awesome. Can’t wait to get it!

  9. Abby

    Kinda bummed that Dive Bar is a collection of colors we’ve already seen, but it looks like Luxeffects might more than make up for that!

  10. Chelsea

    I’m excited to be excited about upcoming Essie collections!

  11. Malaika

    Love me some Essie!! These are GORGEOUS!

  12. Steff

    WOW can’t wait for most of these!!!

    The first three colors in Cocktail Bling look almost identical to the French Affair colors…

    Going to check CVS today for the Carry On since someone said they were out already:) When the spring stuff came out, my CVS in FL had it way before Ulta and Target too.

  13. I just died and went to nail polish heaven lol

  14. Luka

    The Dive Bar collection looks great

  15. Dana

    I want all of Dive Bar! I am also very interested in Essie Glitters! I hope they are great formulas. The Carry On Collection is already out at CVS.

  16. The luxeffects collection looks gorgeous! I’m so excited that we will finally be seeing flakies like SH Hidden Treasure that are permanent and more readily available!

    • Chrissy

      i totally agree! i was following that collection and waiting for someone to say it was out so i could go manage to snatch one up before they were gone, but since they’re going to be permanent i’m gonna wait out the rush for it. so happy they’re going to be permanent!

  17. kp

    Yay! There needs to be more flakies on the market.

  18. Christina

    omg, i can’t wait to try ALL the holiday and new year’s polishes!

  19. Sharlie Gugel

    I can’t wait for the Luxeffects collection!!

  20. Gorgeous!! I am so excited for these collections! Luxeffects looks so interesting. Thank you for posting these pictures! xoxo

  21. Steff

    Just wanted to add that Carry out was at the CVS here in Tucson as well:) I got the last of the nude and burgendy shades and there was one more pink. The other color was already sold out!

    Can’t wait til all these new collections come out:)

  22. Steff

    CVS had a color called “Dive Bar” today too! Is that part of the perm collection or something new?

    • Carrie

      Dive Bar is part of the retail line, the eponymous collection is bringing it to the salon line, and might I add, is gorgeous :)

      • Steff

        Thanks Carrie! It does look amazing! Going to have to pick that one up;) Is the formula the same for the retail products vs. pro?

  23. Dive Bar Collection is so gorgeous!!

  24. leesie

    Dive Bar is one of my favorite polishes in my collection. It’s gorgeous and fully deserving of having a collection named after it. The Luxeffects collection sure does look intriguing!

  25. Erica

    All the collections look super fun! Can’t wait to see more of that.

  26. I’m very excited to see the Dive Bar and Luxeffects Collections! They are so pretty!

  27. Constanze

    The Luxeffects- and the Dive Bar Collection are amazing ♥ !!

  28. Ana G.

    Loving Carry on and Luxeffects Collections.

  29. Oooooh, Dive Bar collection looks so delicious!!! I feel like everything else is kind of eh. The glitters will be fun though, hopefully

  30. Yianna

    really nice colors.. I think I am an official daily visitor of ur website Christine 😀

  31. Violet

    FINALLY Essie are branching out. I’m actually wearing Demure Vixen right now, such a lovely colour; one of their more unique ones. I’m looking forward to seeing them do something new, they do have a lot of the same shades currently, unfortunately.

  32. JoElla

    I have really fallen in love with the Essie line, and having it at everywhere local to me is a huge plus. And who doesn’t love to use their CVS extrabucks for fun things!

  33. Corie

    so excited for the dive bar collection! i want almost every color!

  34. I’m never particularly interested in Essie shades. They usually seem pretty generic to me for the price. HOWEVER, I am a total sucker for glitter and sparkle…and the Luxe Effects has me won. I want them.

  35. Emily

    Wow, super excited! I’m currently loving Brazilliant, Meet Me at Sunset, Aruba Blue, and Kisses and Bises! Today I just purchased Ballet Slippers and Blushing Bride! These upcoming collections have me going crazy! They look absolutely divine!

  36. vanessa sales

    Does any one have any idea when Cocktail Bling and the Dive Bar collection will be released?

  37. Frances

    Hi. When did they “Carry On” collection come out? Or has it not been released yet? Thank you!