Thursday, March 25th, 2010

EcoTools Bronzer Brush

Cruelty-Free Brushes:  EcoTools Bronzer Brush

EcoTools Bronzer Brush ($9.99) is a large, dome-shaped bronzer brush that’s really more of a multi-tasking face brush than specifically a bronzer brush.

It’s great for pressed or loose powder, buffing, bronzer, and even liquid foundation if you don’t mind washing it often! The brush is so dense that it feels more like a kabuki brush, actually. I personally liked to use it for buffing and application of loose powder to set my makeup. It’s easy to clean and wash (and no funky smell or bleeding dye!), though expect a longer drying time with such a densely-packed brush (much like any kabuki!). Your best bet is to wash it after you use it, so it’s ready for the next day.

I appreciate the earth-friendly packaging, but I do feel like the handle is a little too thick. I could go for a slightly thinned out handle so it doesn’t feel chunky in my hand. Otherwise, I can’t think of any complaints about the brush itself! The softness and density of the brush itself make it nearly fool-proof to use to apply your favorite powder products.

EcoTools makes their brushes with sustainably grown bamboo for the handles, recycled aluminum for the ferrules, and Taklon bristles, which makes them 100% cruelty-free.

Celebrity makeup artist Meredith Baraf uses the bronzer brush in this video…

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  • Product: 29/30
  • Value: 9/10
  • Ease of Use: 5/5
  • Packaging: 4/5

Recommendation: If you’ve been wanting a kabuki/buffer brush but haven’t wanted to shell out $40+ for one, EcoTools makes an excellent, affordable alternative.


See more photos!

EcoTools Bronzer Brush

EcoTools Bronzer Brush

EcoTools Bronzer Brush

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70 thoughts on “EcoTools Bronzer Brush Review, Photos

  1. aksaiyo

    ooooooohhhh! new lemming! o_O

  2. Diana

    Thank you so much for this review Christine I was up last night looking for a brush to apply my new Nars Laguna bronzer. The only thing I don’t like about this brush is the HUGE handle. I might try it. My local CCO has the #129 FS and SH brush for much cheaper should I get that instead?

  3. Diana

    I meant much cheaper than a Mac 129 at the Mac store not cheaper than an Eco brush.

  4. Jen

    I have the EcoTools blush brush and I absolutely LOVE it. I have nothing bad to say about it – it’s Eco Friendly, super soft and silky, affordable, and it works great! It doesn’t get any better than this when it comes to brushes you can get at the drugstore. The handle on it is much more normal – that one does look a bit thick! Will you be reviewing any more of the brushes? I might have to buy a few more!

  5. Syndroma

    Speaking of brushes, will there be any reviews on the Sigma bushes soon? (:

  6. You are so right about this brush. I’ve been using it for almost 2 months now and it is one of my favorite brushes for almost everything face related application. I agree that the handle is too thick but the density, softness and overall results outweigh that con. Eco Tools really needs to expand its brush line since they make some pretty fabulous brushes!

  7. BrownBrickhouse

    I purchased this brush from Ulta. It is used mainly for buffing. I have used it for my bronzer as well. But I prefer it for buffing. Very soft to my skin, the handle size do not bother me. I am thinking to try it to apply bronzer to my shoulders this summer.

  8. Lulee

    I’ve heard great things about this brush from anyone that had tried it. Rite aid is having a bogo event right now so is there any other brushes from the line that anyone would recommend?

  9. DoDe

    The softest brush in my collection.

  10. Marie

    HA! Yesterday, I searched Temptalia for reviews about the EcoTools brushes (I bought the retractable kabuki). And taadaaaaa, today there is. Awesome timing. :p

    Thanks for the review! :)

  11. min

    i’ve been thinking about getting some ecotools for ages, are there any differences between the sets and the individual brushes like there are with mac?

    • I haven’t tried enough of the brushes to tell you :(

    • D

      I own almost all the Ecotools products and I love them all…sooooo very soft!
      A few differences between the sets and individual brushes that I have noticed:
      -The concealer brush in the 6 piece set is a little smaller and has a thinner handle than the individual deluxe concealer brush…I like having 2 different sizes for variety.
      -The eye shader brush in the 6 piece set is tighter/more dense than the individual eye shader brush…again I like having both sizes on hand.
      -The 6 piece eye brush set has small handles…meant for travel. All handles are clearly marked with their purpose, good for newbies (blend, smudge, etc). These brushes are not sold individually.
      -I don’t use the mineral brush set that much…it comes with a mini kabuki, not a full size one. You are better off buying the retractable kabuki or the bronzer brush.
      -No set comes with powder or foundation brushes…I have 2 of each.
      -I can’t seem to find the 6 pack of mini applicator brushes anywhere except some obscure vitamin website that looked a bit sketchy…if anyone knows where to find these, please kindly reply to this post. :)

      I hope this helps! :)

    • Nicole

      No (the ecotools)they are the same quality even in the brush sets. Personally I think MAC fail in the brush sets, they are NOT the quality that they are individual.

  12. Whitney

    I love EcoTools brushes. Their eyeshadow brushes are especially nice — I prefer them to the expensive eyeshadow brushes that I own.

  13. Steph

    I have a few eco tools brushes and I loooove them. They are great! I’m just not a fan of the colour scheme.

  14. OMG

    I don’t have this, but I have a lot of ecotools they are some of my favs, I’m going to go check this one out!!

  15. Steph

    do you think it would work for blush? thanks

  16. I still have yet to try my first ecotools, which ones do you think are better? Sonia Kashuk or Ecotools?

  17. I love this brush! I have quite a few Ecotools and I wish they would make more, like maybe an angle face brush or another type of Kabuki. I’m waiting for the 6 piece eye brush set to show up in the stores.

  18. OMG I cannot explain how much I love this brush! I use this brush to apply my final setting powders (MAC Sheer Loose & Urban Decay Razor Sharp) and it does such an amazing job that I still have plans to get another one. Also this brush has only made one shred of hair since I bought it. I do agree about the handle that it would be nice if it was a wee bit smaller but its no biggie to me.

  19. Mirna

    Hi Christine,
    What exactly is buffing? How do you buff? Maybe I do it and I just don’t know that it is called buffing.
    Thank you.

    • Hey Mirna,

      It’s basically softening all of your face makeup… kind of blending it altogether at the end. Say you apply blush and it’s too pigmented, you can take a buffing brush and brush in small circles to blend and fade the color out so it’s not too much anymore!

  20. Jasmine

    I just bought this last week and it is fabulous and super affordable. It’s so soft and a steal for the price. I use it to buff on setting powder when I’m done with my makeup.

  21. I have seen these, I have picked them up and looked at them… Christine, I know you are just reviewing the brush itself, my reaction is more to the claims of earth-friendly-ness.

    Are these in plastic packaging?
    Tell me this is some kind of new eco-friendly plastic packing, cause… I just saw plastic.

    Where are they made?
    I may be wrong, but I swear these things are made in China. Setting aside the standard comments about “quality control” and “unfair treatment of workers,” China has, to my knowledge, never really been a frontrunner in Eco-friendly-ness…

    Where ARE they coming from?
    If these ARE coming from China, they would have to cross the Pacific Ocean to get to my little corner of the globe. Planes and barges aren’t polution free.

    What about the elements that go into the brush? Taklon, bamboo and recycled aluminium. Is there waste involved in making these? How is the bamboo harvested and from where? Where is the aluminium recycled? If there are parts that go into these brushes that are shipped from another location, then you’ve got more polution.

    Any thoughts?

    • I think in terms of the greenest, most earth-friendly brush, it’s probably not that. They are made in China as far as I know. I don’t know enough about manufacturing processes, let alone EcoTools’ manufacturing processes (and a Google search didn’t help me), to know if there’s waste when making these, or what the waste is like vs. a regular brush. They’re all good questions to ask, but I don’t have any answers to them.

      I know in some of their makeup bags, they have plastic, and they say it is that the “lining is made with recycled plastic (PET).” I believe their paper parts are made out of stone (like hang tags)! That’s really all the info I could find (they definitely lack a good FAQ on EcoTools), unfortunately!

      • Thanks for searching! Like I said, I understand that this is just a brush review – And I’m not the most environmentally responsible person I know (I do my part, but I’m sure I could do better). I just take SUCH ISSUE with companies that market their products as “eco-friendly” when they are not. The average consumer believes what they see on the package… And the package can say all kinds of misleading things.

        So… I was out and about today and I stopped by a Target to look at these: All of their products are made in China. The bags are plastic. And because I’m a GIGANTIC pain in the ass – I actually called Paris Presents (their parent company) to ask for further details re: recycling, plastic, how these are made, etc. They avoided the topic (in a friendly way) and said that I needed to submit my questions in writing – Which I did… I sincerely hope that they are eco-friendly-ish – I guess I’ll find out more when they get back to me.

        • Do follow-up and let me (us) know what they end up saying!

          I know I was a bit annoyed that they didn’t have a true about us page… like more about the brand, FAQ, etc.

  22. I really want this but I cannot for the life of me find it in a store around me! I have two retractables, but one is a bit scratchier than the other and the soft one broke… and I used to use the baby kabuki from the mineral set but that one got scratchy in less than a year (and I take good care of my brushes!) so now I’m looking for a new one. I’m seriously considering picking up the Tarina Tarantino Kapinki for my birthday because I don’t like how thick this one is and I’m afraid it will also get scratchy in a short time (though all the rest of my EcoTools brushes are fine .. just the kabukis!).

  23. I have few ecotools vrushes and I really love them. Unfortunately, this brush isn’t available in my stores but I’ll order it online, that’s for sure! :)

  24. Rose

    Wow 9.99! I can’t believe this is 18CAD here!!

  25. vianca

    Christine, do u think this brush is better than MAC 182 for setting foundation?
    is the 182 worth the $?

    • I like the shape and overall feel of the 182 more than the Bronzer Brush by EcoTools, but the 182 is quite expensive so this is a great brush to have if $40+ isn’t in your budget. It’s worth it to me, but I set aside a rather large budget for cosmetics (I skimp in other places)!

  26. Anum

    does anyone know if this brush will work for mineral foundation?? I’ve been looking for an afordable alternative:)

  27. Leenie

    I have a few of ecotool brushes, they’re made nice and soft which I love in a brush it’s not prickly at all. Ecotools are a good investment.

  28. AlyxVeee

    Ahhh I love EcoTools!! So glad they made your blog! I use them on my clients and they love them and when I tell them how cheap they are the never believe me! Great quality and even better price! :)

  29. Michele

    I love EcoTools also. I have several different brushes I’ve been using for over a year and love them.

  30. Cherokee

    I was going to order the Eco Tools bronzer brush online. I was glad I didn’t when I saw the size in the store. Maybe this is a new product but the one I saw in CVS is not as full as I would like. I have the powder brush and the shader brush. They are okay but not my favorites. I did notice they changed the shader brush and might check that out.

  31. Marion

    I love almost all of my Ecotools brushes. Their blush brush, retractable kabuki and all of their eyeshadow brushes are very soft, but both kabukis from the mineral set are scratchy. My favourites are their mini brushes – 6 for $4. I have two sets and use them for everything (eyes, lips, concealer).

  32. Vijaya

    I’ve been considering this brush forever, and I think your review is the last little grain of sand I needed to tip the scale. Thanks, Christine!

  33. Carrie

    I was hoping EcoTools would make a brush like this! I have all of their other brushes, but I could use a bronzer brush as well. Good to know! I really like these brushes.

  34. I love this brush! It’s one of my favorites :)

  35. Luisafer

    OMG!!! didn’t know about this ecotools… love everything that’s earth friendly!!! have to check this out, sounds nice!!!

  36. This seems like a great deal for good quality brushes. I’ve never tried EcoTools, but have heard good things over the last while, so I plan on trying them at some point.

  37. i have the kabuki, blush brush, shadow brush, and concealer brush! they are all great and super soft!!! it always distributes the perfect amount of product onto my face! i highly recommend for beginners doing their makeup because they are so easy to use and they are also very inexpensive!!!

  38. Anny

    I really do love these brushes! They are cheap and soo soft!

  39. Audrey`

    My 182 had been excessively bleeding and my MUA advised me to return the brush and get another brush. I couldnt find a decent one at nordstrom, so I went to Ulta and spotted this (I had seen it in a recent Seventeen issue). I bought it and when I tested it out, it surprised be about how soft and smooth it is! I am amazed by this steal!

  40. i love this brush!

  41. Shelley

    I have sensitive face skin and would like a brush for applying loose/pressed powder to set my makeup.

    Should I get this Ecotool brush or invest in MAC brush? Which would be softer and better for powder application. Thanks!

  42. Phatsuda

    Could u help me?
    I wonder,how to clean it often becuase handle made from bomboo??

  43. Shelley

    I have the bronzer brush and love it. In Canada these brushes can be found at Walmart, London Drugs and Zellers. I think SuperStore carries them as well?

  44. Steph

    i need this brush in my life, hello christmas! xxx

  45. dawn

    I have the sigma professional set as well as the sigma set of three synthetic face brushes. Out of all of these I didn’t have a good blush brush so I bought one through ecotools as well as two of these lucious ecotools bronzer brushes. Love them all! They are an amazing value for such a low price. It just goes to show that no name brand gets everything right and just because it cost more doesn’t necessarily mean its better.