Saturday, September 13th, 2008

As I was browsing Sephora’s latest products, I came across Cargo’s Essential Eyeshadow Palette, which comes in three different versions (Warm, Cool, and Dark). Each eyeshadow palette consists of four nude/natural colors, and as you can see, they are labeled to make your life even easier.

Do you want brands to make it easy on you? This is a great example of a no-brainer when it comes to makeup application. Much like makeup palettes and quads and quints, many of us get that there is a highlighter, crease, and lid color. But do you listen? Do you prefer to have no labels on what you’re using so you have utter freedom?

I think this could be great for someone who rarely wears makeup, because this information just isn’t ingrained into them like it is in us beauty addicts. But me, I wouldn’t mind a quad that didn’t have a highlighter color in it. I think it’s fun to try and come up with multiple combinations using the colors all sorts of different ways. I’m definitely not against these kinds of products, but they’re not up my alley. What do you think?

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33 thoughts on “Easy Makeup – The Ultimate How-to

  1. Virginia

    I agree with you. I think it’s a nice idea for someone new to makeup, but for people who like to play around with colours it’s simply boring…to me, getting makeup and colours to work for you is the fun part in makeup.

  2. carriespooner

    Honestly, it reminds me a little of Avon makeup. So at first glance.. I’m kind of not blown away.

    I can see the need for it because some women are not makeup savvy.It also would be good for teens who are new to cosmetics. I don’t mind it but I wouldn’t seek it out. I do like Cargo for the most part but I’ve never tried their shadows. If they are yummy and pigmented then they pass my test with or without the words.

  3. Jenna

    Yeah truly – easy for the girls without much experience. Plus if you were in a hurry, that could be useful too!

  4. lola

    I think this is a great idea for early risers…once, I got up at 4 in the morning and applied bright green shadow to my browbone by accident. Eeek! I didn’t notice until my boss pointed it out to me…gulp.

  5. Dawn

    I agree. I think this is genius. I wish i had something this simple when I first started, just get me started with eyeshadow application. As you learn and do the eyes more you know what you can and can not use on the different eye parts.You have an eye for what looks good. But this is so helpful for those just starting.

  6. Tekoa

    It would be great for my best friend (who I FINALLY brought to MAC for the first time). We actually scratched numbers on the black part of the quad so she could remember what goes where. Personally I’d like a quad with two lid/crease colours for more colour options. I don’t need so many highlighters now.

  7. Ashley

    This would be good for someone like mom who wears makeup but generally just uses one simple colour on the lid, something like this would really help make placement a no brainer!

  8. Camilla

    This would be great to me since I am new to… neutrals lol. I used to think they are boring and only used more vibrant colors but then I discovered how good soft, neutral make up makes me look and this little quad would work perfect for me when I’m in mood for neutrals lol. Plus like girls written before – must-have for girls who are completely new to make up and women who can’t afford using vibrant colors at work/school.

  9. Carrie

    Just because of the way my eyes are shaped, I look much better with a gradient of color, darkest at lid and fading up to the brow. So these palettes never really work for me. Well, some of the “smoky eye” kinds do because they are intended to be worn that way, but i usually skip these.

  10. Glosslizard

    I saw these and thought they were a nice neutral or starter set for someone who didn’t have a big collection yet, but I actually hate it when my makeup tries to tell me what to do! I might or might not follow their ideas, but it always makes me feel all huffy… “I know what I’m doing, I didn’t ask you!” And really the last thing I need to be doing is getting contentious with my cosmetics! 😉

  11. Skyler

    I think I agree with you. For someone who is not a big make-up user, these are great! I know friends of mine who would find them really helpful, as well as older relatives who don’t wear make-up often anymore. As a big and consistent make-up user, I don’t really care if there are labels on them or not. I will do what I feel looks best. :) I will still buy a palette if it’s labeled if I like the colours–that’s the only reason I would buy a palette, in addition to quality. If you’re an artist at heart, you’ll experiment no matter what the labels say. :)

  12. Nicole

    I think it is a great idea especially for beginners or ladies, who rarely use eyeshadows or like myself just one an sometimes two colors. I myself didn’t know till last summer how to create a crease and I learned some days ago, what an “outer v” is. And till the purchase of my Smoking and Gentle Fume Quad last year, I had no clue how to use more than two shades for just one look. So thanks to you Christine for giving inspirations.
    I’m sure many ladies don’t know special makeup blogs, forums, tutorials and so on, who explain and present what to do with eyeshadows and how to apply them.

    Let me tell you a short story about women and makeup. My mom and I were invited to my former babysitters house. She is a 40 year old working mother with girls (8 and 11). They love makeup and I was allowed to make them up, so I bought my MAC collection with me. They absorb everything I tell and explain them, they will be junkies in some years. Their mom was amazed, when she saw her older daughter with medium brown smokey eyes. She asked me out about MAC, the products I use, techniques and colors to suite her. So her girls and I chose 5 colors and made her up as well. A natural/brown and a blue/teal look.
    Last week she told me that she went to her local perfumary and asked for MAC. The saleswoman was shocked and informed her to go to another store, well she knew exactly where to buy MAC.
    I’m not sure, if she went to the counter yet, but her girls will beg for using her color, especially her MAC stuff.

    Sorry, if there are any grammar or word mistakes, my native language isn’t english.

  13. lisa

    I think its a great idea it will help people who are just getting into make up a lot!

  14. Macaddict

    Yeah, it’s a great starter kit!  I seem to see a lot more of these kits these days @ Sephora in particular:  the “smokey eye” kit, the “red lip” kit, etc that contains the brushes, makeup and little booklet or CD explaining how to get looks.  It’s definitely made makeup application more foolproof for a lot of people.  I just wish that in my days, there had been such help and such stores and websites, and blogs to help me!  Case in point, when I look at some pics from my teenage years, I blush because I see how I used to apply makeup and how I thought it was so cool and sexy at the time (me and my girlfriends alike), when, in fact, it looked so tacky (I think that we all looked like cheap w…e!!!) LOL! :-(I create my own quads when I go to my MAC store and I can assure you that there are no highlighters in those “babies” and that the 4 colors I pick togaether are often not from the same family! In the end, it’s up to each one of us to ultimately feel free to explore and have fun with our “goodies”.  

  15. Jennifer

    I agree with most of the comments – it’s something that would be good if you don’t have much makeup, don’t WANT much makeup, and really just need a few colors for a single routine. If makeup is about art and creativity for you, rather than a routine, then these palettes aren’t likely to appeal, simply because there’s nothing “artsy” about doing the same thing every time you put on eyeshadow.

  16. Calico

    I would swap the outer corner and crease color… So that may not suit everyone. Loreal had a similar thing a while back where they labeled the colours 1,2 and 3. It’s cool to try it their way, but not all looks suit me according to those ‘rules’.
    I think Christine also tends to put the darkest colour *IN* the crease, so for me, this quad would be labeled ‘wrong’.. :)