Thursday, June 2nd, 2011

Duochromes + Jealousy Wakes Look

I was just playing around, and I wasn’t sure if I was going to post this, but some reader encouragement helped :) After seeing several readers mention Vex on yesterday’s post about Bare Escentual’s Urban Nature, I figured I’d try it. And then I just couldn’t help reaching for Jealousy Wakes…  The green tones of Urban Nature brought out the green in the shadow (rather than the slight bluish nature of it) — which is what I wanted, something that is so on the edge of green that it’ll integrate well with other shadows.

You will need the following…

For eyes, start by applying Urban Nature all over the lid and above the crease with the 242 to lay down your eyeshadow base.   Lightly press Vex eyeshadow onto the inner half of the lid with the 239.  Then apply Jealousy Wakes eyeshadow on the outer third of the lid and into the crease with the 239.  Blend Vex eyeshadow by pulling lightly towards the outer lid with the 239.  Apply Vanilla eyeshadow on the brow bone to highlight and soften the edge of the crease.  Next, apply Gilded White liner on the lower waterline and #20 liner on the lower lash line, and then smudge with Jealousy Wakes eyeshadow.  Coat lashes with Film Noir mascara to finish the look.

For cheeks, apply Aurora on the apples of the cheeks and sweep towards the temple with the 116.

For lips, apply #2 lipgloss for a complementing lip.

Check out more photos!

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258 thoughts on “Duochromes + Jealousy Wakes Look

  1. Fantastic, Christine.
    I love green`s eyeshadows.



  2. Well, this sealed the deal for Jealousy Wakes! Must have!

  3. Oh my gosh, Christine, this looks so amazing. I really like the eye-lip combo, in particular!

  4. Callen

    Stunning! Vex is one of my all time favourite shadows. I can’t wait to get my hands on Jealousy Wakes to give this look a whirl :) So excited!

  5. Nikki

    Hi Christine!
    LOVE your Jealousy Wakes color – super pretty and I can’t wait to pick it up!! The look you did with it is gorgeous!! I will definitely try it. Thanks for being an inspiration!

  6. Kris

    Christine, this look is beautiful on you!

  7. LH

    I cannot wait to get your green shadow it is an absolutely gorgeous green. Is that the final color or one of the revisions? Can’t wait to do this look is so beautiful :)

    • It’s the last revision, which is the approved color – the color shouldn’t change between that and the one in production, I just know that the texture might be even more improved when it’s scaled upwards (and because I also gave minor notes to improve it!) – but the color should be the same :)

  8. Sarah S.

    Wow, makes your eye color really chocolately (so, wish I had brown eyes)! Gorgeous!!!

  9. shontay

    Gorgeous, Christine! Green really suits you. I have to say Green is my favorite shade of eyeshadow to wear, myself. I love Mac’s Photorealism quad and Chanel’s Khaki Discret duo. I’m definitely buying your shadow now. Good job.

  10. Alexis

    I’ve been scared of green eyeshadow for awhile, but I think you’ve convinced me that I need to try it. This look is so pretty!

  11. Wow! I can not wait to purchase your eyeshadow. It is so beautiful. I have been dreaming about a color like this forever! Yay so excited!!!!

  12. OOoooooh your colour looks SO good!! Gorgeous! I really want your shade, I think it would look gorgeous in a look where the lid is neutral but defined, but with just a line of Jealousy Wakes on the lower lashline!

    • Yes, I agree! I wanted it to be dark enough to work well as an eyeliner shade, too, for something subtler (since I KNOW not everyone is a green fanatic or wears bolder shades!) – it was really lovely over MUFE #20L!

  13. Megan

    Can’t wait for June 21…already have money earmarked for Jealousy Wakes! I’ve never seen such a phenomenal green. I normally don’t do just washes of color over my lid, but this one…I think it’s getting pressed right on there to get the full effect of this great color!

  14. Marie

    This has got to be one of your best looks ever. Everything works so well together.

  15. Such a great green! Pairs so well with Vex, too.

  16. Well it’s settled. I’ll have to be getting Jealousy Wakes when it’s released. Hopefully we’ll be able to see swatches of the whole collection here so I can decide on some others too!

  17. Rita

    Looks great, Christine! It was good of you to create a green and a green that Mac did not have already. Can’t wait to get this and some of the lippies in some weeks!

  18. Glitterati

    It looks stunning on you!

  19. meme

    Looks pretty on you, but I would have to do a way softer look with it due to my blond hair & pale skin or my eye shadow look would be the only thing that anyone would see on me! I also rarely would pull out this many products to get a look. I am into play time in front of the mirror – but when it’s time to go out – I have to have my look easier and less product intensive than anything like this drill. I know how much some of you guys love your greens/teal/blues – but I just cannot pull them off well all over. I use a little at times in the outer V of my eye well blended. Or often I will do a liner above a darker liner in teal – been doing that since the late 70’s as it’s always made my eyes pop.

  20. Christine, MAC needs to hire you and pay you a million dollars a year for what you do. If you worked for them there would never be duds again. This look is so amazing and i can’t wait to buy your color!

  21. Melody

    Love this look! I think Jealousy Wakes will be what I wanted Ego from Peacocky to be (it had a blacker base than I’d hoped for). Can’t wait to try it!

  22. Nik

    I need this colour in my life
    I love green eyeshadows and this is simply amazing and beautiful
    Its so upsetting that the uk arent getting it. You are my main go to for anything makeup! I want this in my life!!

    Well done

  23. Beautiful! I love greens on the eye :)

  24. braveviet

    this is my favourite look of yours. Everything looks great. Love the complexion here, which really compliments the eyeshadow color

  25. Sari

    This look is gorgeous !! I never order makeup online but after seeing this look I might have to cave so I can get Jealousy Wakes !

    Are there any dupes that come to mind for the lipgloss ?

  26. Olivia

    This is absolutely beautiful Christine! I am definitely getting Jealousy Wakes.

  27. Mariella

    This is precisely the stuff that is going to get me past my bright green phobia! I was telling the cosmetician at a major drugstore chain here all about you, your site and YOUR MAC creation! She was interested in and I told her it’s a priceless reference point for someone in her line of work. Isn’t it funny about VEX? Everyone thinks it’s a different colour…to me, it looks pale green with PINK undertones! And I cannot wait for those Bare Escentuals shadows to arrive in-store!

    • Aww!! :) I LOVED it as an eyeliner (like in this look) quite a bit – imagine it would be lovely paired with neutrals with it as a pop of color on the lash line.

      Thank you for passing along the word about Temptalia!

  28. annie

    I love this look!!!!u look stunning!!!!!

  29. Michelle

    Vex always looks so blegh in the pan that I think alot of people overlook it, but it can look so beautiful on the eye… And I just LOVE the shadow you created Christine, it is gorgeous and definitely unique! It is a MUST have for me :)

    • LOL – I actually love the way it looks in the pan – it’s one of those so ugly it’s pretty kind of colors!

      Thank you, Michelle!

  30. I want it I want it I want it ;_;
    why we Italians haven’t a chance to order them? why? ;_;

    • I’m just guessing it’s a money thing – probably more expensive to increase the distribution and less profit? I have no clue, but my first guess is it’s somehow related to dollars and cents!

      • Wendy

        OOOhhh – so pretty!!! I’m so sad that I won’t be able to buy it in the UK – it’s exactly the shade of green I’ve been looking for :(

        Congratulations on creating such a beautiful shade Christine! xxx

      • Mariella

        Really foolish move on MAC’s part, IMO. Don’t they realize that beauty blogs have international readers and this is a sort of free advertising that carries much more weight than print ads in magazines or on their sites, etc. Good bloggers have devoted readers who turn to the blogs for information of an “informed” nature rather than just glurgey ad copy! So many readers of your blog all over the globe would purchase your eyeshadow and the same must certainly hold true for the other bloggers and their creations. MAC is being very short sighted if they think there wouldn’t be profit in international sales!

        • I just figure there has to be some logical reason why – and from that end, I can only think of it being more expensive to launch than potential profits then, but I’m totally guessing. I doubt that MAC would be like, “Let’s not make this international, just to annoy our international customers!”

  31. reena

    hi christine i really appreciate all your hard work.watching your chanel is in my daily routine.and i liked this look a lot .i love colors so i wear all kind of colors.can you help me out fnding a good loose powder.i want powder that will make skin dewy looking not dry and cakey.and do let me know your opinion about cle de peau loose powder.

    • Aww, thank you so much, Reena! :)

      I haven’t tried Cle de Peau’s powder, but ideally, look for a really finely milled powder. I love Guerlain’s Les Violettes Mineral Powder.

      Also, you can try spritzing your face with water (just get a small spray bottle and spray once or twice), and it will automatically take down some of the powderiness.

  32. Christine, you came up with the most gorgeous eyeshadow I have ever seen! I’m definitely buying this when it comes out. Amazing job.

  33. Ms. Z

    Great color; you did an amazing job creating it! Love the look you did, really brings out your beautiful leopard eyes.

    Do you know when it will be available?

  34. Helu

    Gorgeousgorgeousgorgeous! Great for spring! :)

  35. Fayeth

    Wow, that is fabulous! Jealousy Wakes is such a great color, thank you for being so committed to excellence in designing your shade! Love the lip color too… perfection!

  36. Julie

    Love the look and your eyeshadow!

    How similar is it to MAC’s One-Off?

  37. Erica

    This just solidified that Jealousy Wakes will be mine when it goes on sale! It looks so beautiful!!!

  38. Amanda Dubs

    I was going to get this shadow anyway but WOW. Fantastic!

  39. Omg so beautiful! I must try this! I’m itching for Jealousy Wakes :)))))

  40. Liz K

    OMG that green is so gorgeous. I can’t wait to have one!

  41. Anisa

    Christine! I’m only sixteen so I can’t really afford any mac products with my budget.. but I’m going to make an exception with this eyeshadow!! I love it thank you for making such a beautiful color :)

  42. Oh you. Now I need (at least one pan of) Jealousy Wakes, a few shades of Prime Time, AND Vex. I blame the pretties. =P

  43. Dana

    This looks so pretty! You look great in greens. I am definitely going to get the Jealousy Wakes when it comes out.

  44. Victoria

    Please do more looks with Jealousy Wakes! It’s beautiful and I do plan on getting it but you inspire me so much :)

  45. This is just beautiful Christine. Congratulations on creating such a perfect green eyeshadow. I hope that it will be available in Europe too as I can’t wait to buy it. x

  46. Laura

    WHOA! This is one of the best pictures of you! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the eyeshadow! Congratulations on getting picked!

  47. I can’t wait to pick up Jealousy Wakes! This is a gorgeous eye on you

  48. Oh Christine, this is so beautiful! I can’t wait to get your eyeshadow! I think I’m going to get the entire collection, it’s just so cool that MAC involved the beauty blog community so much. Vex is one of my favorite shadows, in fact I’m wearing it right now with a bit of Shell cream color base and Silver Dusk on the brow bone!

  49. Michelle

    This looks amazing Christine! I am so happy for you! Great choice on the green! :) I’m definitely getting this as soon as it comes out. I wish I could get an autographed version though. 😛 Will that be possible? LOL.

  50. Sara

    Christine, this looks amazing!!! Cannot wait for Jealousy Wakes to come out, too !

  51. Shannon

    When I was reading about your experience at MAC I was so thrilled for you, it was like one of the family having that experience. I was so proud of you, now to see what you’ve done with the color? I’m over the moon with joy! Yes, as everyone else has said, I will be one of the ones buying your color, lol. Whether or not I use it, that’s another story, but at least I can say I have it 😉 So proud of you and the color is a stunner, on you AND in the pan!

  52. This look is gorgeous!! You make me want to wear green eyeshadow!!
    Maybe I’ll wear some green eye look tomorrow!
    Good job! :)

  53. Liz Mc

    I like this look a lot. I do one that is similiar but more muted (for work, and because I’m old LOL) using Vex and a Lord & Berry forest green eyeshadow, with dark green liner and black mascara. Similiar concept…

  54. WELP. Now I know I need Jealousy Wakes and I want to get that Bare Escentuals Prime Time thing too because I want to recreate this look to a T.

    It must be such a weird feeling knowing that so many people are going to purchase an eyeshadow that you created! I’d love that… kinda makes me think I should reconsider my career choice!

  55. Marian

    I love this! I think this is my favorite eye look that I’ve seen on you! Gorgeous!

  56. Rachel

    Christine, the green with the hints of white look amazing on you!

  57. Hope

    YES i love this color AND the look. awesome. =D

    how does it compare to Urban Decay Graffiti? i LOVE greens, but I already have UD Graffiti and like three pans of Mildew and I’m thinking about buying theBalm’s Jealous Jordana (bc it seems close to NARS Rajasthan and you’ve raved about their shadows), so i don’t want to have too many similar colors, you know?

  58. emily

    Wow, gorgeous green shadow, this is now a must-have :).

  59. Mec

    Honestly, this has got to be one of your best looks! you look sooo pretty! and by the way, your green eyeshadow is the most perfect emerald green. Love it with all my heart. Cheers from Canada!

  60. Rae

    Damn, girl! I’m honestly not one for greens (and not for mid-to-light greens in particular), but this look is just… well, it’s pretty must just *awesome*. I can’t get over what a complex green Jealousy Wakes is!

    Lovely, as always :) x

  61. Sheena F

    i love it christine!!! i can’t wait for this collection to launch (it will def break the bank!)

    i’m wondering too if MAC has ever released a “wizard of oz” collection? i did a quick search and got nothing. but “jealousy wakes” would be a perfect inclusion–if they ever think of releasing such collection!

  62. Paola

    This is THE green I was waiting for, it is beyond gorgeous, it is PERFECTION…. I want this soooooooooooooo badly but I won’t be able to get my hands on it because I am in Italy which really really sucks as I cannot get this shade out of my head… wantttttttttttttttt!! Christine you have done an AMAZING job with this shade and I hope somehow I will be able to get hold of it, no idea how… but I don’t give up easily ahaha! Keep up the great work and lotsa love from Italy :)

  63. Dame Elizabeth

    Gutted we won’t be getting this in London :( I think a London department store could have got a real coup if they’d guaranteed exclusivity in the UK on these shades, but I guess North America wins again :(
    Such a beautiful shade for brunettes especially.

  64. Jae

    love, love, love this! i’m definitely going to have to pick up more than one of jealousy wakes!!! i’m excited to do THIS look! beeeeautiful, christine!!

  65. Nat

    This is my favorite look from you ever! I just bookmarked it. BTW, I just read the Nylon article. I was so shocked to see it and so excited!

  66. Brie

    Gorgeous gorgeous…I wish they would make your shade a permanent one!

    Okay, so this is going to be wayyyy off topic here, and I know you have pics of your makeup collection and storage on here, but have you thought about doing a YouTube video on it? I’m sure I’m not the only one who’d love to see an overview, complete with a few picks for favorite products in your collection :-)

    • Thank you, Brie!

      I did, but I removed those videos – just because I’m no longer sharing those videos/posts!

      • Brie

        Oh jeez :-( Was it because you received rude comments/negative feedback? I can’t stand that sort of thing when a makeup guru shares their collection…As I heard someone say before, would anyone complain about a car mechanic having too many tools? LOL.

        • Partially, but I just think we are at a point where what I have here isn’t personal – it’s almost like a beauty closet at a print magazine’s office – and I don’t think everyone picks up on that.

  67. beautiful look! will we in Asia get jealousy wakes too?

  68. Caroline

    Congratulations on your eyeshadow Christine! It’s a gorgeous color!

  69. Oh my gosh, this is GORGEOUS! This look is stunning on you with your dark features and the black shirt!! :) Loving Jealousy Wakes :)

  70. Suzanne

    Vex is my favorite eyeshadow ever. Your eyeshadow is love!! I cannot wait for that. Beautiful combination!!

  71. Kelsey

    I normally hate green eye shadows (I think it has something to do with my eyes being green; just looks like a big ol’ blob of green) HOWEVER, this is so gorgeous! I love that Jealously Wakes is just on the edge of green, and it looks so great with Vex…. IF ONLY I ORDERED ONLINE! Gah.

  72. Oh my goodness. I loved the swatches and the product development, but seeing Jealousy Wakes in action, I seriously think you have created my holy grail shade of green. (And green is my favorite color, so that’s saying a lot.) This is absolutely stunning, Christine. So, so beautiful. Thank you!

  73. Sally

    Christine. This is so, so gorgeous. I cannot WAIT to buy this shadow!!

    Maybe when MAC sees how popular it is with Temptalia readers – and everyone else! – they’ll let you create another one! I would love to see more veluxe pearls in gorgeous colors like this!

  74. BiancaCA

    This is so beautiful!!! I wasn’t a fan of green eyeshadow until I started reading your blog! I got dalliance & lucky green b/c they are one of your favs! This is the perfect emerald green! I can not wait to buy this eyeshadow!!! I also want the Dior Aurora! It looks so glowy!!! I also got Dior amber diamond b/c of you too! P.S. I added CA to my name so you would know which Bianca.

  75. Sarah M

    Wow! That green is sooo gorgeous! I have possibly every green eye shadow ever created… lol… but there is definitely room for one more. 😉 I think I speak for everyone when I say “you have done us proud”. :-) Keep up the great work.

  76. Dayo Steph

    Love this green – I keep trying green shadows looking for the perfect deep green that isn’t too pine-y, this looks like it will fit! Can’t wait for it to come out.

  77. Pat


    If I were to use only one eyeshadow the rest of my life, it would be Jealousy Wakes. You did an amazing job!!

  78. Abbey

    i must have this…now i’m anxious it’ll be instantly sold out online. it’s absolutely gorgeous.

  79. natalia

    Love it!!! Jealousy Wakes is a stunner for sure, congrats Christine!

  80. This is a beautiful color!! I would love to see it swatched right by the starflash shade One Off! I can’t wait for that to be in your swatch gallery!!! :)

  81. xmissxandristx

    omg that’s almost EXACTLY the perfect green that i would create if i could make my own shadow color. gorgeous!

  82. Mangoo

    Wow!! I think this is my favorite green look I’ve seen you post! :) Jealousy Wakes is a beautyyyy, good job, Christine!!! :)

  83. laurz

    Wow, this look is so beautiful! Why didn’t you want to show it? I have to buy Vex and JW, so that I can recreate this. Thank you again for your hard work in creating this shadow…I hope I can get my hands on it!

  84. That’s a really lovely green!

  85. Jenny

    I am going to say that this look is absolutely stunning!
    Green is not something that I usually opt for and even though I consider myself to have a rather extensive makeup collection, I do not own a sigle green eyeshadow! but I have to say this color is amazing and I am even more sold on the look that you did.
    I think that it looks absolutely stunning on you.
    What I love even more is what this product really says about you; not only do I appreciate mac’s effort to include beauty bloggers in their products, but I am even more impressed and inspired by the work and committment that you put in to something that you are passionate about. I can honestly say that as much as temptalia is helpful for me to make the best buys before purchasing any mac lauch in particular (I am from South Korea and therefore it gives me plently of time to browse your extensive reviews at least a few times before the release of any collection!), it is really inspiring to see the work and dedication that you put in and I think Jealousy Wakes really shows what it is all about.
    Gorgeous color, and although I don’t think i can get it in South Korea (which is a shame because I would’ve loved to check out the other products as well!), I am honestly thinking of having it shipped to me or something!
    I check temptalia everyday and this is actually my first comment (which is starting to be like some epic novel LOL) but I wanted to let you know that more people are inspired all over the world by what you do probably more than you know :)

    • Happy first comment, Jenny!! :)

      Thank you so much for taking the time to comment! I appreciate YOUR support! It really is what makes blogging such an amazing platform.

  86. Jennifer

    This looks amazing! Perfection.

  87. shuz4ever

    Wow Christine, looooove this look. Can’t wait to buy Jealousy Awakes…will need to get a back-up as well! I’m sure it’s going to replace my fav green e/s ‘lucky green’.

  88. Maya

    I have brown eyes and this is making me so jealous, need to get my hands on some of these colours!
    You looks amazing!

  89. Amy

    Wow. I am not at ALL surprised that MAC approached you to create this gorgeous eyeshadow. That lip looks fabulous.

  90. Eva

    You look gorgeous ! Too bad this won’t be sold in Europe :-( Belgium doesn’t even have a mac webshop :d
    Jealousy Wakes is really beautiful !

  91. Hi Christine^^ What colors do you think I could use with your eyeshadow? I’d like to create a quad with it and Parisian sky (If I like swatches^^)

  92. Nicole R.

    I absolutely love Jealousy Wakes with Vex, gorgeous!!!

  93. Altea

    Wow! I was not convinced when I saw Jealousy Wakes swatched, but now that I see it in a proper look, it’s stunning!
    Too bad I will not be able to purchase it, I live in Italy :(

  94. Devi

    Gah, that is such a pretty green you have created and it looks amazing in this look! I hope everyone who orders it enjoys it! I personally could never pull off such a gorgeous green, and I’d hate to purchase it and leave it laying around (though I know that if I DID purchase it, I’d get giddy every time I swatch it for it is such an intense color). Congrats again on this Christine!

  95. Ashley

    VERY nicely done, Christine! That look (and color) is absolutely stunning!

  96. AlexisV.

    This looks beautiful. I can’t wait to buy it. I would apply Jealousy Wakes on my lid, then UD’s Smog on the crease and outer corner, some light flesh toned highlighter under the brow, and UD’s bourbon eyeliner all around the eye. Can’t wait.
    BTW, I WANT that blush you’re wearing!!!!! Sephora here I come.

  97. Alyson

    Beautiful! I can’t wait to have that eyeshadow!

  98. Elle

    I am sickeningly ready to get Jealousy Wakes. :) So proud of you!! And this look is amazing too.

  99. Rowena

    Vex is my all-time most-used MAC shade….I’m on my third pan! Definitely going to have to pick up JW to try with it!

  100. Rosie

    WOW you sold me all over again with that ridiculously GORGOUS Emerald Green. I must say out of all of this collection you participated in, your color has me very eager to get my hands on Jealousy Wakes!!!! BEAUTIFUL!!! I so love shades of green and I have nothing close to this color in my stash! Thanks for sharing!