Tuesday, December 11th, 2012

Temptalia Asks You

Does your makeup change for the holidays? If so, how?

Temptalia's AnswerMore metallics, more red lipsticks/colors!

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24 thoughts on “Does your makeup change for the holidays?

  1. Francesca

    I wear more sparkling stuff, less pastel colors, either darker or redder lips. I love holiday makeup, it makes me happy.

  2. Michelle

    I tend to adhere to each season’s color palettes a lot (pastels for spring, bold fun colors for summer, etc). Probably because of mass marketing, so yup…more berry colored lips, smoky eyes, and glittery nail polish during the holidays.

  3. Yeah it always does.. 😛

  4. Not really for the holidays, more for our Australian summer. I switch to normal summer makeup really! I am thinking of doing more Christmas-y makeup this year, hasn’t happened yet though!

  5. Monica in SoCal

    I can get away with vampy lips more often!

    Viva vamp! Lol, i should trademark that before MAC makes it into a color 😉

  6. Anne

    Red lipstick! I almost never wear it on a daily basis. Also: darker colours in general, and wee bit more sparkle.

  7. Zainab

    I’d put mehndi on for the two Eids… Except it’s messy and takes too long to dry when I have kids running around. My makeup tends to be ignorant of seasons and occasions though.

  8. JGR

    More metallics and smokey eyes. I tend to wear eyeliner during the holidays while I don’t normally wear it other times of the year.

  9. L

    I think the only thing that really changes is my lip colour. I don’t mind wearing different colours on my eyes, but I wear more red or pale colours in the winter, and save my neon pinks for summer.

  10. Jax

    Not really, not other than the standard seasonal move.

    For parties, yes but not much than what I would do normally.

    Lots of ‘Holiday’ looks / Palettes have lots of gold so I tend to ignore them and go with other looks instead.

  11. Heidi

    Oh yes. I wear a lot more glitters, green, or gold eyeshadow and red or berry lips. I always far more into makeup this time of year and tend to do the majority of my hauling in December.

  12. I definitely wear more golds, greens, and red lipstick of course. I also find myself wearing a fuller coverage foundation during the holidays, likely due to pictures being taken x

  13. I notice I put way more work on my eyes during the holidays. I put on tinted/regular lip balm every 2-3 hours to fight chapped lips, which makes putting on fancy lip color pointless. Darker eyeshadow colors, bolder lines, and sparkles. If there is no shimmer or glitter in my eye look during winter I might as well go bare faced. Gloomy weather really makes me want to see color.

    You can never go wrong with red lipstick and a cat eye, no matter what the season.

  14. xamyx

    No, not really; the only things that might “change” is the fact that I may wear more shimmer and/or sparkle, especially on my face, but it’s not necessarily because of the Holidays, but because I’m more apt to go to a party, gathering, etc.

  15. Dominique

    Yes in 3 words : red lips, golden nails and loose shimmering powder in the hair ! ( sometimes it changes but this year will be red/gold.shimmer ) I love festive looks, it’s just once a year after all and Holiday is really something beautiful !

  16. becca

    I wear more highlighter on my face and shimmer on my eyes. Of course red lipstick too!

  17. yeah, i tend to go a little more dramatic with bolder lips or eyes.

  18. Safyre

    If I’ve got an event to go to, yes. If not, usually not. I notice I tend to gravitate more toward neutral and darker colors as the weather gets cooler though and kinda sorta am pulled towards more metallics in December. But overall, I’d still rock a super bright colorful look that would be more “summer-appropriate” 😛

  19. Yeah, I like to play my eyes up a little bit more. On other days, I start experimenting with brighter colours on lips!!

  20. Nikki

    I like to wear more red nail colors and lips closer to the holidays!

  21. JEN

    I do break out the red/berry lipsticks as well as my glitter liners.

  22. Lilinah

    If i spend the holiday with conservative relatives, i actually tone down my makeup.
    — I cannot wear red lipstick under any circumstances. I prefer dark blue plums and violets. For those relatives i wear a polite pinky-peach.
    — I love colorful eye makeup and change it up every day. For those relatives, i use my UD Naked (1) palette. I do wear mascara, but only one coat.
    — I love unusually colored and often sparkly blushes and highlighters. For the relatives i wear a neutral pink with a satin finish.
    — and a neutral color on my nails.

    If i’m with friends
    — besides my normal dark plums and purples, I try any other lipstick i feel like playing with – i recently got a forest green metallic lipstick.
    — I wear a couple different colors plus gold shadow on my eyes; i may add extra glitter on my lid. I up the coats of mascara to two and may use colored mascara.
    — I keep the blush color low-key because of the intense colors on eyes and lips. I may, however, indulge in a lot of cheek sparkle if the lipstick has no glitter or metallic finish and there’s no glitter on my eyes. WIth eye glitter i don’t want glitter on my face, so i may go for a simple sheen on the cheeks.
    — AND i add a coat of sparkly glittery nail polish. For this holiday, i am fond of one coat of China Glaze Twinkle Lights (LE 2011) with gold, red, and green glitter in a clear base. Or OPI Spark-tacular.

  23. Stephanie

    i guess so, but only with the lip color. i prefer wearing red or vampy lipsticks during the holiday season… :)