Monday, August 29th, 2011

Temptalia Asks You

Does controversy around a brand make you more or less interested? Why?

Temptalia's AnswerIt will likely raise my interest to the extent that I want to find out why the drama/controversy, but I really only want a summary of it. It usually leaves a negative impression overall – I don’t think I’d be compelled to buy something because there was controversy.

Thanks to Michan for today’s question!

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48 thoughts on “Does controversy around a brand make you more or less interested?

  1. Kristine

    It really depends on what kind of controversy though. If it’s THAT bad, then it might make me less interested but if it’s just something small then my interest would probably remain the same.

  2. Lina

    I listen to it most of the time because if a majority of people say that something is bad, it usually is and vice versa. I learned my lesson when I bought an eyeliner that a lot of people didn’t like and I agreed, it was bad. I have also been recommended items by others and found they worked. So yes, I listen to all of the gossip/thoughts about most brands.

  3. Well, I’ll want to find out more about it (Lime Crime, Glittersniffer, etc.), because I’m really nosy and love drama (to be frank), but also because I want to know what brands I should stay away from.

  4. malia

    interested- yes, but only in the controversy, dish it! but not necessarily the product.

  5. bom

    i actually am compelled to buy it in a silly way where i just want to know if whatever’s causing the controversy is true or not, but i never actually do lol.

  6. Pawsha

    Depends on what the controversy is. It wouldnt make me buy or not buy it.

  7. alisha in wi

    I like to find out why and then make my decision.

  8. This is exactly why I haven’t at all ventured out into the indie makeup community. With the exception of Sugarpill and OCC, both who have excellent records, all the indie brands I feel have so much negative feedback. Sure they have pretty colors, but so many people have big issues with terrible customer service–almost to the point of calling the entire brand a scam.

    More interested in I’d like to know a quick summary of what the problem is, but less interested in actually purchasing from them.

  9. emily

    this straight away makes me thin of the mac juarez campaign…
    I think it would be on a each case basis.
    but mac would have to do something very horrific to stop me from buying

  10. Violet

    I’ve stayed away from Lime Crime due to the controversy, and because I’ve seen the reviews and swatches of their stuff. Not good. And I’m really not a fan of Doe.
    On the upside, it totally made me love Sugarpill more! ;D

    • So funny how Xenia and Amy used to be friends, and now Xenia has been caught trying to defame Sugarpill!

      • Violet

        Speaks volumes about what she’d do for fame and fortune, doesn’t it. Never liked her. And Amy comes across as such a sweetheart, to contrast, love the lady.

  11. It depends on what the controversy is.

  12. heidi

    It might spark my interest but it very much depends on the contoversy. For example I definitely did not buy anything from the mac juares collection(I’m not sure what the actual name of the collection was) and after that I was pretty turned off by mac for a while and didn’t really buy anything. But it didn’t permanately leave the brand (probably should have)

  13. Mariella

    Controversy? Good grief – it’s MAKEUP, not global food policy issues! I buy it if I like it or need and don’t if I don’t. I suppose if a company was involved in supporting a brutal regime or was exposed for lying about what they were using in their products – something harmful that they’d hidden – that would concern me but, heavens – this is makeup, as I said.

    • Maya

      I agree, but there have been companies that have been exposed for using harmful ingredients, or at least things that certainly are not cosmetic grade.

      I tend to snoop around because I just like gossip, but it’s unlikely I would purchase the items either way. Most indie brands sell loose shadows, which I can’t use to save my life, so I’m not particularly interested in the product in the first place.

    • Violet

      This is quite narrow minded of you. Some products by certain brands have been proven to be dangerous to your health. That doesn’t concern you in the least? Really?

      And I always cringe at animal testing. :(

  14. I’m interested in finding out what it is… sometimes it’ll make me want to try the brand more if the controversy is hypersensitive bull. Most of the time it turns me off, though.

  15. laxicadelgorroazul

    if it is controversy about animal testing it makes me feel less interested, because in case of doubt about testing I won’t buy that brand

  16. Maureen

    Depends. If there’s a controversy because the brand is doing something STUPID, then I’m likely to frown on that regardless of what others think about it. I am interested in a company’s image, though. Not in the sense that I only use Chanel or something, but I don’t use a brand if I think they are tacky. The only “controversies” I can think of are that Zoya nail polishes apparently explode, and that I got mad at Essie once for being dumb and naming a peach color after Van Gogh.

  17. Same – I will be interested in finding out what the controversy is, but I won’t be so sure I want to buy the products if the brand has got an off-putting back story.

  18. Oh! And I just noticed this is my question, haha! :)

  19. Becca

    it depends on what kind of controversy. I always do my research, so I usually find out beforehand. If it’s controvery like with the MAC Rodarte collection, I’m more interested because, no offense, but I thought that controversy was pointless and thought it was nice of MAC to offer to donate the money and stuff. I like it when brands push the envelope. But if it’s controversy as to where they get their ingredients, then it turns me off.

  20. Donna

    The only controversy that would influence me on purchasing a product is that which surrounds cosmetics companies such as LANCOME and their abhorrent ANIMAL TESTING!

    If the “controversy” is just a matter of personal preference (MAC V NARS) then it doesn’t influence me at all. I’ll make up my own mind.

  21. Devi

    I am now enlightened about Lime Crime, a brand that I’ve never heard of until 10 minutes ago. A fun read that article was.

    Controversy interests me, but it doesn’t mean I’ll buy. For instance, I won’t buy OPI nail polishes because of that controversy they had with bloggers. 😛

    • Boone

      Be careful, Devi… one weekend I stumbled across a blog detailing a chapter in the endlessly melodramatic world of indie makeup, and found myself glued to my computer for 48 solid hours, following the tales of treachery and woe via blogger links and facebook screencaps. And I’d never even realized that there was a such thing as indie makeup companies!

      If you are bored, and have a twisted idea of “entertainment” like me, a good place to start is , although I recommend starting with the oldest post and working your way back to the present. Now THAT, my friends, is brand controversy! As to whether I’d ever consider buying from Glittersniffer? Eff no!

  22. Kimberly

    If there’s a LOT of controversy, yes! For example, I am so sick of hearing about Lime Crime that I honestly could never purchase any items from them. It doesn’t really matter if what’s being said is true, I’m just not even interested anymore.

  23. Lisa

    Life’s too short to deal with indie drama. If you can’t be a business and behave like a business, I can’t regard you as a business and I’ll shop somewhere else.

    I do not have time or tolerance for reliving junior high school.

  24. Cara

    I have to say yes — after all the drama with the NYX “sale,” I just don’t feel comfortable giving them any more of my dollars. Plus, their decision to stop selling directly to Hawaii from their website is a BIG turn-off for me. The response I got from their customer service was that they had too much trouble with deliveries. MAC, Too-Faced and Sephora (just to name a few) are able to offer low cost delivery to Hawaii so it makes me wonder what they’ve actually had trouble with.

    • lilly

      There should be no problem with shipping to Hawaii. It is in the same postal zone as California and would cost the same amount to ship.

      • If you use FedEx/UPS, it’s not considered the same, just FYI! :) I believe USPS treats it more or less the same, but I had to ship via FedEx and it was $120 for a $50 prize.

  25. Z

    Definitely not.

    Example: I’d never buy Lime Crime or Glittersniffer. :)