Friday, December 28th, 2012

Temptalia Asks You

Do you wear more or less makeup when you’re on vacation? Why/why not? Does it just depend? What about on average?

Temptalia's AnswerDefinitely less! I usually bring less and go for really quick and easy looks overall.

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38 thoughts on “Do you wear more or less makeup when you’re on vacation?

  1. Nicole

    Typically less during the day and more at night. So I guess it averages out to the same amount!

  2. Ashley T.

    Less during the day; more at night

  3. Regina

    Less because I want to spent more time visiting the tourist attractions! Plus I’ll be exhausted by the end of the day to remove all my makeup.

  4. Actually, more! On vacations I actually WEAR make-up because, well, I actually go OUTSIDE. XD; I tend to opt for simpler looks, though!

  5. xamyx

    It depends where I’m going, who with, and what sort of events there will be. If I’m going to a place with an active nightlife, with friends/SO, then I’ll wear more. However, if it’s a family vacation, it’ll be the same or less. My usual “everyday” makeup is fairly minimal, so no matter what the vacation is, my “day look” is pretty much the same.

  6. Mavis

    Usually less because I’m too tired to wake up early to put it on! So I will just throw on some concealer, powder, mascara.. etc. However I do bring enough to create a “night time” or formal look.

  7. Audrey

    Usually, I wear much less (and I am already quite minimal), but I *always* pack far too much.

    It’d be great if you posted a list of your “makeup travel bag products.”

    • xamyx

      There was a post not too long ago (I want to say about six months, or so-mid-May, I believe); I remember because it was around the time I took my last vacation. HTH

  8. Sabriel

    More! I can have fun with colorful makeup and nail polish on vacations.

    (However, I don’t wear much if I’m traveling, because I travel light.)

  9. Kirsten

    Usually way less. I always am very active when I am on vacation doing all the activities I can do, so putting on a full face of make up is usually pretty pointless. I also have been traveling to tropical but humid spots the past few vacations too. It’s usually just some tinted moisturizer with SPF, powder to set it, blush for my cheeks and eyes and some waterproof mascara. :)

  10. Phoebe

    Generally, more! Maybe it’s because I have more time to spend, haha.

  11. Clara

    It depends: more if I do a City trip, less (to nothing) if I go to the Beach or in the Mountains.

  12. Kimmie T

    I am the total opposite! When I leave for vacation I don’t take all of my make up but I do take quite a bit to play with. I normally am way too busy to put on the whole shabang everyday but on vacation I am on my time. No kid my husband doesn’t rush me and I can do whatever I like it is freaking amazing! I finally get to play around with a bunch if stuff!!

  13. Rosaline

    More makeup. I actually have time to play around with my makeup and check out more products. It’s a lot more fun and I get to experiment with different looks.

  14. Anne

    It depends, really! Less if I want to relax, and know I won’t be doing much or will be doing activities where make up would be pointless. But as I have more time, I may wear more makeup, especially since I’m free to experiment then.

  15. blueraccoon

    When you live cross-country from your family, most of your vacations are spent visiting relatives. So usually when I go home or to my in-laws I recheck my travel kit, change out a few items, and I’m good to go. I rarely wear makeup if I’m just hanging out around the house, but I’ll wear it going out, and I usually take more time then.

  16. muffingrl

    It depends on the setting. I’d wear more in places like Vegas and less in places like the Bahamas. I just make sure I pack some quick-fix items that will glam up a look if I have to go to some emergency fancy event.

  17. Laurie

    Definitely less! I packed a lot for my 1 month holiday back home, but I have been wearing the same super simple eye makeup for the whole holiday lol

  18. t_zwiggy

    I guess it depends on where I’m going and what I’m doing, but I very rarely bring any makeup when I travel (the exception is concealer, in case I get a breakout).

  19. I wear makeup more often, but tend to wear less of it. My job means I’m stuck at home all the time, and unless I’m testing something out or doing a look for the blog, I usually put on my day cream and call it a day. When I’m on vacation though, I am out and about all the time so I care more about looking presentable :)

  20. rossella

    Less, definetly. No foundation, no eyeshadows, hardly ever lipgloss. “Inevitalble” the concealer, then bit of blush on the cheeks and in the eyecrease, a touch of mat lipstick and that’s it.

  21. Mariella

    What do you mean by “vacation”? I’m off for 2 weeks because of Xmas but I’m still at home. And I’m probably wearing about the same amount, since we’re going out visiting, partying, out for lunches, etc. (my husband is also off, which is lovely; his office closes down til after new year). But I wear different makeup – a bit brighter, more intense, as where I work it’s fairly conservative and none of the women I work with wear any makeup at all, so if I were to turn up wearing MAC’s Steamy on my lids with Satellite Dreams in my crease, I would look quite odd. When we go away on vacation, it’s another chance to really “let loose” so I will often wear more, especially on my eyes.

  22. liz

    More, usually, because I have the time to put it on and play around.

  23. Danielle

    I depends on where I am. Usually I wear the same amount, unless I’m going to be in a place that is super hot (i.e. Disney World). Then I will also need to waterproof everything.

  24. Way less…makes me sad sometimes, but you just can’t duplicate the whole routine off-site w/o a lot of effort.

  25. Nicole

    When I go for a city trip, I usually wear long lasting products I don’t have to touch up. On beach holidays od when I stay at a spa I just wear sunscreen outdoors or nothing indoors and makeup just for dinner.

  26. redshift87

    Definitely less since I only bring the basics and don’t have my full collection at my disposal. It doesn’t bother me because my rationale is most of the people I’ll be bumping into I’ll never see again so it doesn’t matter that I don’t look quite as fancy as normal.

    On my honeymoon last year, I actually didn’t wear ANY makeup the entire time. It was our first time travelling internationally by ourselves and we didn’t want to complicate things in any way, so neither of us checked baggage (which actually saved us a couple of times!). It definitely helped that my skin was unusually flawless the weeks leading up to and after our wedding, and my husband actually -loves- my “naked” face : -)

  27. Paige

    If I’m traveling, by plane really, makeup is an after thought. I might pack some chapstick and Boy Bait but that’s really it.

  28. Cat Nguyen

    More! I make sure everything is flawless for photography. I know there will be photos taken. I bring lashes and everything. I am diva like that.

  29. jessica

    definitely less. on my honeymoon, all I packed was a double-ended eyeliner that could also be used for brows. haha on our last vacation, I packed a whole lot of palettes and all my brushes, thinking I really wanted to dress up and look pretty,… ended up wearing makeup one day of the whole week. it’s just too much work and I like to vacation in sun-shiney spots, so I just try to layer on the sunscreen and not worry too much about how I look.

  30. most def less, especially if it’s in a warmer climate! otherwise everything will just end up running down my face…

  31. Pamela

    Depends on the type of vacation. For city trips, I wear my usual work-friendly makeup. For a beach trip I go lighter but with more vibrant color. But for an evening dinner regardless of the location, I go heavier with my lip color.

  32. SM

    Depends on the place. I’m in Tokyo now where people tend to get really dressed up, so I’m definitely wearing more.

  33. Mietta

    More time on holidays for me! Which means, makeup! I work in corporate environment so I’d go NUTS!

  34. Audrey

    Average to less. I tend to feel better about myself when I’m not cooped up in my house, like usual right now, so I wear less! Also the only time I’m on vacation is when I go to Cali in the summer so it’s hot- therefore less make up is practical.

  35. Nikki

    I usually stick to my “less is more” routine (foundation, brows, blush, gloss) unless I’m going somewhere special.

  36. VickyM

    Hmm…same as always? I might actually wear a little more, or the same amount but with nicer colors. When it comes to lipstick I will wear brighter, stronger colors because I want them to show up in pictures lol 😀 .