Monday, May 21st, 2012

Temptalia Asks You

Do you wear more or less makeup during the summer? Why/why not?

Temptalia's AnswerWhen I was in college, I’d wear more during the summer because I had more time to play. I’d say I wear about the same, but if I’m going to be outdoors a lot, I wear less – probably just tinted moisturizer or maybe even nothing (these days, more likely the latter).

Thanks to Raquel for today’s question!

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74 thoughts on “Do you wear more or less makeup during the summer?

  1. Tiffany

    Less because it gets so humid in the summer that it’s going to melt off anyway!

  2. RakastavaTalvi

    The most I would prefer to wear is only upper/lower eyeliner and mascara. Sometimes eyeshadow if it’s a special occasion. I live in LV, NV so the weather is almost always 100º+ F and it remains hot at night too. So waterproof makeup is a must if you want to stay active.

  3. Miss J

    I wear less. It gets too hot and humid in the summer where I live, so most of the time wearing face makeup in the summer just makes me want to rip my face off because it feels so disgusting. I keep makeup light and fresh looking during summer days, and if I’m going out at night then I’ll go all out like normal.

  4. xamyx

    I live in Los Angeles, and there are times it *feels* like summer in January, so I don’t base my makeup routine on seasons, but rather the actual weather. Even when I do make changes, it’s typically formula, as opposed to amount. I’m more likely to wear MF or a water-based foundation when it’s hot or humid, and waterproof mascara and eyeliner, but I still wear the same poducts. I just came back from a weekend at Disneyland, and in spite of wearing SPF 50, I *still* managed to get a discernible amount of color to my face, so alot of what I don’t like about my complexion is now camouflaged enough to get by with a TM, or even just a bit of powder. However, my eye makeup will stay the same.

    • Kafka

       @xamyx  Doesn’t that suck when you still get a lot of colour despite wearing high SPF? That happens to me, too. I go from pale olive (think white-ish yellowish greyish) to medium/dark tanned (think a paler George Hamilton!) *while wearing* SPF 50+! I’m in Houston, so our summers are more like the Dante’s Inferno (115+ degrees with the heat index last year and seemingly 1000% humidity). Ugh. You’re right, it’s all about adjusting the formula to compensate, though for me, it’s more about avoiding breakouts as the makeup is bound not to stay on regardless. The humidity is so much, it makes no difference in the end because you’re essentially walking through a wall of thick, steaming water.

      • xamyx

        @Kafka I’m Greek & Irish, so I have the paleness of the Irish, but I tan very easily from the Greek side, and I *never* burn. I wouldn’t mind the tanning so much if not for tan-lines, and I don’t like looking like my hands, head and neck belong on another body. I tend to always wear long sleeves because I just don’t like the way the sun feels directly on my bare skin. I couldn’t even venture a guess on how long it’s been since my legs have seen the light of day. If I weren’t so lazy, I’d invest in a good parasol…

        • Kafka

           @xamyx  @Kafka  Ti kanis, glyka mou? 😉  Yeah, I don’t burn either as I’ve got that whole Mediterranean skin thing going on too (though not Greek. God, I love Greeks. Especially the men, cheating bastards though they may be…. <deep sigh>). Alas, wearing long-sleeved clothing or pants isn’t really an option for me in summer. I’d probably end up with heat stroke.  As for tan lines, I get the worst kind possible: 1) a farmer’s tan; and 2) even worse, getting one arm super mahogany brown from driving. Combine those two things with the white-face from the Neutrogena sunscreen I used to use and I looked like a bloody loon.  lol  Summer in Texas, always a joy….

  5. Danielle

    I tend to wear more because now that im on college break i can play and try different things out since i have the time. Also the summer is the time for bright colors and going out so, i like to go all out with my makeup. The humidity does not stop my show even with my oily skin!!!!

  6. CatherineM

    I typically wear less, especially when it gets really hot. Why bother with a 20 minute makeup application when it just melts off an hour after you left the house…

  7. I go lighter on base, which means replacing my foundation with a  BB cream. Lighter lip shades too, but I still do whatever I want with my eyes!

  8. Mariella

    About the same most of the time, though I will wear lighter foundation (either a mineral powder or tinted moisturizer rather than liquid foundation).  But since I love eye makeup and good primers make those “melt proof”, unless it’s scorching hot an humid, I’d say I’m about the same whether it’s summer or winter.

  9. Nesita

    Definitely less because of the humidity.

  10. Ahhabya

    The same. I live in South Florida, The weatherr conditions don’t change much.

  11. I wear less makeup on my face in the summer– mostly just a high spf moisturizer (which I reapply all day), filled in eyebrows, mascara and an spf lipgloss. So less makeup than my fall/winter/spring routine, but I also focus much more on my body– shaving my legs, moisturizer with spf all over, finger and toenails. 

  12. I do so much more in the summer with my makeup because it’s bright and sunny and I’d like my makeup to reflect that. Also, I have more time like you said in your post! I hardly wear foundation, concealer, etc – So I don’t worry about it melting off.
    In the summer, people tend to want to wear cream products and look dewy and glowing. While I tend to prefer to be matte, because I have an oily t-zone. In the winter when my combination skin starts getting drier, I like to be glowing and dewy because the weather has dried it out. That’s one thing people always tell me is odd! 

  13. Makaegan

    Usually from May-August I wear minimal (if any) makeup, especially during the day. And I completely skip things like eyeliner, blush, lipstick, etc because I feel like they’re way too heavy for the season. If I’m going out for the day–to a concert or a game or something–I’ll pop on a tinted moisturizer, a waterproof cream eyeshadow, waterproof mascara and lipbutter/lipbalm. But if I’m just hanging out (picnics, swimming, camping, etc) I won’t bother with anything except my TM for the sun protection.

  14. emmalcm

    About the same day to day, but if I’m going to be in the Sun for along time, particularly when travelling, I wear very little to none. It would melt off anyway and half my face is covered with huge sunglasses! lol

  15. Christine-Temptalia

    About the same day to day, but if I’m going to be in the Sun for along time, particularly when travelling, I wear very little to none. It would melt off anyway and half my face is covered with huge sunglasses! lol

  16. Lauren13

    Same or more – I have oily skin, so I need extra powder to absorb excess oil.  I work in an office setting, so I need to at least have on some sort of foundation (these days, it’s actually a BB cream), powder (due to my oily skin – I actually use TWO different powders), blush, lipstick, and mascara.  For work, I always wear eyeshadow and eyeliner.  On the weekends, I may do a tinted moisturizer instead of my BB cream but that’s really the only change.

  17. lauramarie100

    I wear the same amount. I just change up the colors and application, and switch to waterproof mascara. I also change my foundation and skin care routine to accommodate my oilier complexion and keep lots of blotting tissues on hand.
    I spend a lot of time indoors in air conditioning during the summer (since it’s too hot to spend time outdoors most of the time in North Carolina…we’re talking 90s to low 100s with high humidity). If I’m doing a specific outdoor activity I just use sunscreen and a loose powder and maybe some waterproof mascara, but that’s not all the time.

  18. Veronica

    About the same, actually, since my primary restriction on cosmetics is my job.  It also depends on what I’m doing – if it’s something sporting, then I’ll wear the bare minimum, if nothing at all.  (I do, however, switch up certain things with my makeup routine, so there’s that.)

  19. Cali_Cat_

    I wear makeup more often in the summer than in other times of the year, because I’m home-schooled, so I just have more places to go and I’m actually seeing people on a daily basis, however, The amount, is probably equal to the regular if I’m going out, but if I’m going to be in the sun all  day, the less the better! 

  20. I wear less in the summer for sure! I usually don’t bother with foundation, just a tinted moisturizer if anything. And I don’t really do all kinds of eyeshadow and eyeliner, usually just a swipe of a single gold shadow and some mascara. Finish up with a bit of gloss and bronzer!

  21. Joni

    Probably less.  The heat and sun make my skin much more irritable and I’m spending more time trying to prevent sunburn than worrying about makeup.  

  22. brendalv

    Less for sure, I concentrate on keeping my skin healthy so it gets perfectky tan..

  23. LeizelRafanan

    In the past, summer makeup has been the same throughout the year despite the humidity here in Ontario, Canada. If I minimize it, I’d like to keep my eye makeup, but my concealer would still melt. Going to try using Primer Potion underneath and see how that goes. Does anyone know a good waterproof eyeliner?

    •  @LeizelRafanan urban decay’s 24/7 waterproof eyeliner really does stay on!

      • Kafka

         @thatsxamore  @LeizelRafanan  I echo the suggestion of UD’s 24/7. I live in a massively humidity place too, and so far, that’s lasted on me. In fact, when I’m removing my makeup, it sometimes takes a bit of work to get all the traces off!

        • xamyx

          @Kafka @thatsxamore @LeizelRafanan I think I must be the only person on the planet that has *horrible* experiences with UD 24/7 liners. I have normal eyelids that lean dry, and for some reason, these just smear or fade on my eyes. I’ve had better luck with Lancome & L’Oreal.

    •  @LeizelRafanan I find the primer really is the key for maintaining true shadow colour, making eyeshadows last longer without creasing, and creating a budge proof eyeliner.  I use MAC Fluidline with a liner brush for my eyeliner.  I used to use Makeup Forever pencils which really are truly waterproof, but I find their texture a bit too waxy and it pulls too much on my eyes during application. Regular pencils on the other hand are too smudgey and I have hooded eyes and the liner just transfers up to my crease.  Yuck!  The Fluidline is really good because I find it just as easy to do a thin line as a thicker line and it stays put on sweaty days when applied over primer.

  24. Marisol Dorado

    More, i like the dewy-ness when my foundation melts!!!

  25. Clara Chi

    Same amount

  26. Antonella Anger Bua


  27. Susannah Kent

    Less face makeup when im tan, but more everything else hehehe

  28. Lesley J Muñoz


  29. Cvijete Vlašica


  30. Sondra Villanueva

    Less, I have super oily skin in the summer. So a light foundation. I’ve tried TM but, they seem to melt away. So I use EL Dbl Wear light or Lancome’s Teint Idole Ultra 24h to last all day.

  31. Miya Caballero

    more! bust out the fun colors, the glitter for summer nites! its not dull and cold outside- the brightness of the sun shows off your makeup!

  32. Irem özker


  33. Nayeli Orozco

    Less foundation, more everything else!

  34. Anne Kulaszewicz Wolf


  35. Santacruz Celeste

    Way less! Especially with hot Houston summers were there can be a lot of sweating and makeup sliding off your face! Yuck! In summer it’s best to try to keep your skin in great shape so u can keep makeup to a minimal and still look great!

  36. BabyRuth Love Jones

    Less…try a beauty balm

  37. Joëlle Habouri

    Definitely less. The sun sure makes everything more shiny.

  38. Sondra Villanueva

    @Santacruz Celeste I know the feeling. It’s so hot here in Houston. It was like 99 degrees yesterday and I was dying.

  39. Kimberly Sharelle Fabian-Smith

    Same. I only wear blush/bronzer, shadow, and gloss. I only wear foundation for social occasions.

  40. Allison Nicole Stevens


  41. Shelley Weyand

    Less is better for me in the summer. My Smashbox BB is going to be in heavy rotation.

  42. Miriam Vazquez

    Less on the face same on the eyes

  43. Too Faced Cosmetics

    Usually less makeup. We tend to like multi-tasking products like our Beauty Balm (tints, primes, protects) and Full Bloom Lip & Cheek Crème.

  44. Chrissie Moreira

    Less because I feel it melting off my face ..

  45. Viviane Nascimento


  46. Marissa Lozano

    less! Even though I get more red and should probably wear more

  47. Jeniffer Farfan


  48. Jordan Sanchez

    Less face make up but MORE on the lips! Deep reds and berry colors have been in my shopping baskets more and more lately.

  49. Tisha Dubison


  50. Nadja Sugar

    Less is definitely more during the summer…

  51. Jennifer Tusa Howes

    Less foundation & powder, tinted moisturizer instead – but more bright eye colors and lips :)

  52. Alexandra Rivera

    Liquid foundation is oillly on me no matter the season. Im in phx az so ive decided on mac studio finish powder as my everyda everyseason foundation…

  53. Alexandra Rivera

    And same eye makeup

  54. Shelly M Askew

    Usually less, cause I often swim or sweat 😉

  55. Daniellenm30

    I wear the same amount, but it needs more touch ups in the summer. However, I do change up the colors.

  56. Yumi

    Less because my skin goes into oil producing overdrive during the summer!

  57. Less face product and I tend towards a TM or bareface with a touch of concealer under my eyes.  I will often just use a neutral base shadow and dark brown or reddish brown eyeliner and a nude lip.  If I am going out somewhere a little more special, it’s the whole enchilada!

  58. Mel6

    Much less. I forgo Foundation because living in the south my makeup would have sweat off before I get to the car. I also don’t use pressed powder, just bronzer. I usually like to keep it fresh for the summer, so I wear more gold, bronze eyeshadows as a wash with liner, mascara and a bright lip. I don’t go all out.

  59. Maria Rønn Rinhack

    I don’t wear make-up at all.. never, not even in the winter. I only wear make-up at special occasion…..

  60. Kim Escobedo

    less of course. Sunscreen and eyeliner is a must!

  61. Janeen Arias

    The same. My skin is oily no matter the season so I make sure to wear long wearing products. I might just stick to eyeliner on the eyes since everything creases anyways :( need to find my holy grail eyeshadow primer!

  62. Leenie

    I wear less foundation or a lighter formula but I still wear eyeshadow blushes and bronzer just as much as the winter

  63. Solar Eyes

    Less on the face.. Prefer a light tinted moisturizer set with HD powder….Same (a lot of color) on my eyes. Sheer lips. No cheek products for me, I have naturally blushed cheeks..

  64. Nikki

    I tend to wear the same amount of makeup year round unless I’m attending  a special occasion, in which I am subject to wearing more.  For me, most days when I wear makeup, it’s just eyeliner, blush, and lipstick topped with gloss.  Eye makeup tends to make me feel overly done.