Saturday, October 29th, 2011

Temptalia Asks You

Do you plan your makeup in advance when you go on vacation? Or do you just bring enough to give you choices and decide there?

Temptalia's AnswerIf it’s a quick trip, then I try to plan out the one or two looks I plan to do so I don’t bring everything! If it’s longer, than I try to pack a good variety of color/neutral across product categories and figure it out there.

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27 thoughts on “Do you plan your makeup in advance when you go on vacation?

  1. Prachi

    I try to plan some looks if I am going for a wedding or some planned parties…otherwise just pack some colors according to place (beach or otherwise).

  2. oh yeah. otherwise, I will bring far more than I need.

  3. Are you kidding me? Dont even have enough time to figure what to bring for clothing, let alone what makeup looks. Just bring the essentials.

  4. A little bit. I tend to just bring my basics and a few new things to play with on weekend trips.

    For super long trips like when I went to Australia for 2 1/2 months, I planned excessively lol. I thought of everything I could possibly need and probably brought a little too much makeup. D:

  5. Tigress

    Vacation, what’s that? If I ever was to actually go somewhere I would not plan out looks, just grab stuff and gtfo of town.

  6. TygerKitty

    I plan my outfits first and then try to bring some eye shadows that either go well with a few different things or are just neutral. Eye shadows are really the only thing I change on a daily basis – everything else is just basics and I don’t really wear lipstick. I have to plan my nail polish though!

  7. Mar

    I try to have an idea of what I will wear along with the occasion(who are involved) and I will bring makeup to fit those plans. If it’s for a long period I will bring a larger collection, but if it’s family I keep it minimalistic.

  8. Carrie Ann

    If it’s going to be a long vacation, I’ll take a good variety of shades to match whatever I’m wearing. If it’s just for the weekend, I’ll know exactly what I’ll be wearing each day, so I’ll probably just take one palette that will match those outfits.

  9. Veronica

    It depends on the vacation. For anything beach/camping/nature oriented I usually don’t either bother wearing it. If I do, it’s usually nothing more than mascara. If it’s a more touristy/ritzy vacation, I’ll usually come up with a vague idea of what I want to wear based on the outfits I’m bringing.

  10. Vacation? What’s a vacation??
    No, and I don’t really bring any makeup with me (maybe mascara and eyeliner).

  11. No. I just bring a few random things and see what happens…

  12. artemis

    i take my favorites 😀

  13. Liz

    oh yeah, defintely! I take the location, weather and planned activities into consideration. I also try to get my variety out of lipsticks because they’re easier and faster too apply for that “pop of colour” – I’d hate to spend excessive amounts of time applying make up when I’m supposed to be out and enjoying myself!

  14. Turboweevel

    Iust bring travel friendly palettes like the Too Faced Glamour to Go ones and figure it out.

  15. Yazmin

    Ive never been anywhere other than my parents home country, bangladesh. but when we go there, i buy seperate drugstore makeup. I never take my mac/nars/ or anything i would consider premium makeup, as what i tend to to do is leave all my makeup behind for my less fortunate family. They dont usually wear makeup unless its a really special occasion, so its best just to give them drugstore makeup.

  16. I plan a few looks, but I also bring enough to play around with. I’ve used Z Palletes to make some basic makeup mini kits that I can throw into a suitcase and go. If I’ve been craving a specific color or look, I throw the shadows that will get what I want into one of those palletes.

  17. Kim

    Yes I do :) and if I want to have somethig else when Im there ill buy it there

  18. Cat

    Yes. After I pick out what clothes I’ll be wearing and know what the weather will be like (at least if it’ll be dry versus wet/humid weather!), I hand pick each item based on what will go with everything best. It tends to be my favorite basic products, unless I know I’ll be going to a certain party in which case I might bring something specifically for that night and outfit (like glitter eyeliner for New Years for example!). I’ve come to realize most of my vacations aren’t the makeup wearing kind though, like when I went to India and it was SOOO HUMID and HOT all the time and we were just sight seeing and walking (and sweating) all day… makeup just doesn’t work with those sorts of vacations!

  19. Luciana

    Yes,one look for the days and othet for the nights, using basicaly the same colors.

  20. Kat

    If it’s a quick trip or to a place where I won’t wear much (like a ski trip) I’ll just bring the basics like foundation, concealer, powder, a neutral blush, bronzer, my Covergirl shimmeing sands eyeshadow trio, an eye primer, a pencil eyeliner, mascara and tinted lipbalm. Enough to look “done” if necessary, but not a ton to lug around.with me.
    If its a longer trip, I bring the UD Naked palette for eyeshadows, another liner, a face primer, an extra blush or two, and a gloss and lipstick. Basically enough to have some more variety so I don’t get bored!

  21. grace

    usually so i dont bring all my makeup.. and making sure i pack things that fit most clothes/other makeup..

  22. BooBooNinja

    I don’t — all I need is my eyebrow stuff and then I’m good to go.

  23. Mandy

    I bring my basic makeup bag (foundation, blush, concealer, primer, mascara, and a few eyeliner colors). I also keep a set of about 20 of my favorite loose mineral eyeshadows (that are in 2″x2″ individual ziplock baggies & all of those baggies are in a slightly larger ziplock baggie to keep them all together) so I have lots of options when it comes to eye shadow colors.

  24. Joan

    The basics are always the same, be it a brief trip or long excursion. Since it’s the eye looks that are variable, I find it easier to plan for 2 -3 day trips. I’m in the process of doing that now for a 3-dayer and it’s much easier to keep my clothing, and hence my eye makeup in a neutral scheme with pops of color.

    I get a little crazy when I take a huge wardrobe which begs for more eye shadow/eye look options. It’s here that I’m more likely to over do it because I’m afraid I’ll want to create a look and will have failed to bring the appropriate colors along.

  25. JIlliant

    Minimalist – just fill up a quad palette to make a day time and a night time look, a couple of lippies, foundation/tinted moisturiser, powder, eyeliner, blush and mascara……….usually stuff towards the end of its life, cos I buy up heaps anywhere is cheaper than australia for makeup

  26. Courtney

    I definitely plan, since I can only bring so much. Though lately, when I’ve been traveling, I’ve been doing costumes or going on camera, so I have to plan accordingly.

    Though there was one vacation where I didn’t bring ANY makeup or perfume or heels. I called it “roughing it.” 😀

  27. Meg

    I always carry neutral e/s colors, concealer, lipbalm, translucent powder, mascara and black eyeliner… I don’t need anything else