Saturday, August 20th, 2011

Temptalia Asks You

Do you organize your makeup by brand, product, or color? Some combination thereof?

Temptalia's AnswerFor the most part, I sort by brand, then product, and then alphabetize the products if and when I can. For brands that I only have a few items of, then I sort by product.

Thanks to Tish for today’s question!

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54 thoughts on “Do you organize your makeup by brand, product, or color?

  1. Audrey

    Product, then brand, then color or pigmentation.

  2. Mine is usually product-wise!

  3. I organize by product type. I wish I could further organize it from there into color, but I’m still trying to figure out the best way to do this without taking up too much room.

  4. I organize my makeup by brand only in my eye shadows, which are then ordered by color. I have SO many eye shadows. Everything else is sorted by product.

  5. Kia

    I organize by product then brand and then color.

  6. Carrie

    My collection isn’t so big that I do a ton of organization on it. I do, however, have a bin on top of my counter for my every-day items, such as my foundation, my Brow zings, mascara etc. just to make it easy to find. I really should get another bin to sort out my shadow and eyeliners though :)

  7. TygerKitty

    I mostly organize by type of product… lip glosses and eye shadows are separated into bins based on shades – especially e/s… for example I have a bin of bright, colorful eye shadows, and then deeper jewel tone and smoky colors and then a bin of neutrals, etc. Primer products and finishing products are in drawers in my vanity. Mascara, brow definer and eye liner are standing up in my brush holder because it has multiple compartments. I much prefer to locate something based on what type of product it is and what color it is rather than brand – if I bought it, I’m willing to wear it so after that, the brand doesn’t matter to me.

  8. first product, then brand, then color! just reorganized my whole vanity. love it by brand! makes it look like a sephora or something:)

  9. Tigress

    By product, or else I’d never find anything!

  10. Jamie


  11. Becca

    product, then brand, then within that either size or colour or alphabetically

  12. heather

    separate them by product..but only recently. before this past winter, i had a stack of hatboxes next to my vanity. it took forever to find things, needless to say. i now use tackle boxes with whiteboards drilled into the lids so i know on any day what i’m wearing. the compartments in tackle boxes are better than a caboodles, they’re larger, and i know that yellow box has eye products, grey has lip products, and blue has base and cheek products. <3

  13. Angelcat47

    By product.

  14. Jill

    I organize by products, and then within the products I organize by brand, or wherever it fits.

    I have a clear three-drawer case on my sink that has my mascaras, concealers and brow powders in the top drawer, compacts such as foundations, translucent powder, bronzers, matte powder etc in the middle drawer and the bottom drawer has a few palettes and “randoms” but that case is for my Everyday Use items. Then I have UD palettes in my Stila boombox train case.

    My eyeshadow singles and lippies are in a storage tote drawer and they’re all in ice cube trays. I have the traditional ice cube trays for my eyeshadows which are then sorted by brand (but mostly UD), then I have taller “stick ice cube” trays that I put my lippies in, sorted by brand and then by color.

  15. Jasmine

    By product! I don’t have too much makeup (you have to start somewhere, right?), just one medium 3 drawer Sterilite container. On the bottom shelf I store all my eye products. I put all eyeshadows (cream, powder, palette, depotted) on one side and eyeliner/primers/bases/mascaras on the other side. In middle drawer, I store all my lip products. To be honest this drawer is a mess, no organization at all! On the top drawer I have all blushes/powders/tinted moisturizers.

  16. By product, definitely. It also depends on the items that fit standing up on my drawers, lol

  17. Marina

    Product – because that’s how my storage thingy works. But within product, I do it by brand, not color.

  18. Ashley

    I organize it by placing the items that happen to be cosmetics in one side of my vanity drawer, and then from there I usually organize it by however I happen to toss/replace what I use once finished with it.

    I’m a simple gal. I may one day get actual cubbies though for the makeup, and then a DIY brush holder. I’m just lazy and don’t feel up to buying all of that yet since I’m still not back into makeup-wearing just yet (not sure if I want to wait for my acne marks to fade and my scars to fill out a bit before wearing eye makeup again; I don’t wear foundation at all).

  19. monique

    by product and then the shape. by that i mean i try to fit them in the most compact way to save room

  20. Emily

    Seeing As I only have Mac… I organize my drawer order in the following way
    Face I use
    Lips I use
    Eyes I use
    Misc. I haven’t perfected yet then 4 drawers of new…
    On YouTube there is a user called emilynoel83 and she has great tips for organization, she comments on brand order staring that it actually stops her from optimizing her collection? Very interesting!!!

  21. Amy

    Product than brand :) don’t have enough to need to sort by color or alphabetized

  22. I am using Daler Artists’ Carry Boxes, €2.99 @ Pickwick. Very helpful to keep everything clean, organized and easy to find, especially at work.

    I organize my products by type and use some kind of a ‘code’ I built up with stickers. It sounds idiosyncratic but it is very helpful to spot the M.A.C. palette or the pigment I need in 5 sec.
    I also depot a lot to make palettes, I really like the Muji ones.

  23. Jasmine

    I Asssort My Makeup By Product,Brand I Dont Organize By Color.

  24. I Organize Mine By Product,Then brand .

  25. Annie

    By products, then shades. Palettes sorted by brands but yet led by product as majority.

  26. Ana G.

    I organize my makeup by product – that way is easier to choose step by step what I want.

  27. I sort my stash by …
    (1) product category mainly. Lip products are in a different drawer than face&cheek products, eye products have 2 drawers. Inside these drawers I divide into lipsticks vs. lip pencils vs. lipgloss for example.
    (2) If I have more than 2 or 3 from the same brand I sub-divide by brand as well.
    (3) If it’s a type of product where I can see the color without opening it (lip gloss, paint pots) I sort by color usually. Blushes are sorted alphabetically.
    (4) Nail polish is sorted by brand first, then by color from lightest to darkest.

    I know it looks like it is confusing but it makes total sense to me :-)

  28. Yazmin

    i used to, but as my makeup grows its only now just seperated into type, like lipsticks n one, lipglosses in another drawer etc

  29. I “organize” by product, which just means I have a big drawer for each category (face, lips, eyes, nails…) and everything in there is just mixed up in a big mess 😀

  30. artemis

    i love the new look of the site <3 !!!!
    i tried to organise them by products….like lips and cheeks and face and eyes but yeah…i just turned it into a mess again

  31. product and among the ones I own a lot (= eyeshadows and lipsticks… and also glosses) also colour ^^

  32. Lindo demais esse meu sonho.

  33. I organize by product type, primarily because I don’t have a large enough collection to warrant sorting by brand. Although I think I’m amassing enough lip products to where I’m going to need to sort by brand if I want to find anything! :) Happy weekend!

  34. Liz Mc

    Organize? What’s that word mean? LOL….

    I’ve tried to organize it by type but it ends up with me fishing through all of it each AM looking for the exact thing I want, which is a real pain.

    I’ve started to try and separate it out by “face” – where what I tend to wear together and fairly often is grouped so I can just grab it all at once (eyeshadow/eyeliner/blush/lipstick/lipgloss) but sometimes I want to change it up and the pawing through the larger pile begins again, then the by-face sort gets all messed up.

    I’m still trying to figure out something that works for me.

  35. Lisa

    I actually sort mine by the size of what the makeup is, so the biggest things (such as palettes go on the bottom) & the smaller things go on top.

  36. Product, then Colors.

  37. I organize my makeup just my product. Nothing too fancy.

  38. JulieD

    I tend to organize by product type in my drawers, but then organize by brand….Speaking of… I need to pick up some more organizers for my ever-expanding collection. =D

  39. Laurel

    I sort by type of product, and then by how often I use it (i.e. the most used products are closer to the front of the drawer). The only item I sort by brand is Stila lip glazes because I have so many.

  40. Alison

    I just reorganized my vanity (with the invaluable help of my boyfriend and the container store!).

    I have a desk with three side drawers. Top is eyes, middle is lips, bottom is cheeks and face. Within each drawer I have acrylic containers that stack. I keep all products of the same type together (shadows, liners, mascaras), and they usually end up by brand because the packaging fits best that way. Then by color (though I haven’t tackled that project yet…)!

    I have to say that having my stuff organized more efficiently actually makes my makeup more fun to use. :)

  41. Kimberly

    I’m an organizational freak, so in my perfect world all of my products would be organized by type, then color, and by finish.

    In reality, I still don’t have a vanity to put all this in, so my lipsticks are just hanging out in a bin by my bed. :)

  42. Jenny

    Within the product types I try to organize by brand, that way all similar shaped products will fit together easily and it looks neater to me. Then within that I organize by color name. Since I can’t see the colors anyways it doesn’t really make a difference to me if reds are next to pinks, so I put them in alphabetical order by shade name. If I didn’t do that I would constantly be adjusting the products because I would be changing my mind all the time about how I want the colors grouped.

  43. I organise by product, then organise the products by brand!

  44. Stephanie

    I organize by product. I would love to go further and organize by brand, colour, etc. But I just don’t have the space! I need to buy a better organizer, my train case just isn’t cutting it anymore!

  45. Rachel

    Product, then by color.

  46. Kat

    I have a little bit of everything so I sort by product. I have three of those ten-drawer organizers to help me sort everything from eye, face/cheek and lip/other products.

  47. SHERRY

    Products- then color family .

  48. Kathryn

    Product. I dont have enough to sort by brand!

  49. By brand. I keep all my products from one company in one box together, all by another company in a different box, etc, etc. Easier that way.

  50. Natalie

    I organize by product. I have a pretty big custom vanity I made, so I have a drawer for lips, eyes, powders, face, then two big miscellaneous drawers. Inside everything is then organized by brand, for the most part. Things I have less of are then grouped together. Being so organized has cut down on my getting ready time tremendously!

  51. meme

    Product – then brand inside the bins of product type with my go to normals always pulled to the front for fast grabbing.

  52. Jennifer

    Product Type…A drawer for Face stuff, Another for Eye stuff, Another for Lip glosses, Another for Lip Sticks.

  53. Chelsea

    I organize mine by product then by brand, then by the ones I use the most.