Sunday, December 6th, 2009

Temptalia Asks You

Do you like matte finishes in beauty products? Eyeshadow, lipstick, nails… tell me!

Temptalia's Answer.

I do and I don’t. Sometimes mattes are harder to work with, and I always feel a little unfinished without a glossy coat on my lips. I like mattes *most* on eyes, because I like them in the crease or for a more subtle look.

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34 thoughts on “Do you like matte finishes in beauty products?

  1. I love mattes for face products like blush and bronzer. I think it looks more natural. Too much shimmer accentuates my acne scars.

  2. Susie

    I like Mattes. I like them used in the crease of the eye to add definition, matte metallic nail polish is just gorgeous. A whole Matte face might be too scary to pull off for me though.

  3. Bunny

    I prefer matte finishes. But I like a really natural look.

  4. Sometimes yes sometimes no. I like variety.

    I don’t worry too much about the finish on lipsticks-I have very strong lips anyways, so i don’t really need the emphasis of shimmer or gloss to bring out the shape or fullness.

    Blush, most definitely matte. I like to work with one in matt, and slowly add shimmer if desired. Better to add it in till i have the amount I want, than have a horrendously shimmer mess, by the time i have my cheeks shaded how i want!

    Eyes, I love mattes for the crease. I want to find a better matte highlighter, since i don’t always like the way a shimmery one sits on me.

    I guess I just really like separation in all my products. I’d rather use MORE things, but have extra control over the effect. I’d rather have a color tone in matte, and a shimmer to add over top, so i can blend the individual parts as I like, rather than having a shimmery color in the mattes color tone, but having the shade not be visible past a lot of glitter or shimmer. I really like adding things in later.

  5. Scarie

    For me I love matte on eyes. matte on cheeks is good too. I prefer matte foundations. I prefer gloss on the lips and nails

  6. I adore matte. I’m a forty six year old grease-ball and I’m tired of looking it. I use MUFE’s HD powder (waiting for E.L.F’s to come in, not patiently) and it’s a god0-send. I also like matte shadows, sometimes. Now that shadow primers are out and Nyx has a good one, I don’t have to worry as much about the shadow slipping into my fine lines. My lips, I like glowy, other than that…matte. Okay, I just lied, legs and fingernails should shine on me. Just glimmer and good smell when I walk by (pretty, but not gagg-a-ble) and memorable, but not tacky nails. Although I have a matte polish I’m trying soon and a matte cover from China Glaze that’s coming in the mail. If there’s going to be shimmer it’s one place. Eyes, or lips but not both. Lips should always look hydrated, but don’t go overboard, even for the holidays. You don’t want to look like a twinkle-light on the tree, just a pretty present underneath that everyone wants to look at.

  7. Mattea

    I really like mattes on the eyes but I do agree most are usually harder to work with. Lips, eh, not so much. Even when wearing a matte lipstick, I’ll probably layer a little gloss over it. Nails are a definite. They look really cool. Thats pretty much it:)

  8. Not really. For eyeshadows, I always prefer some pearl or shimmer (not SHIMMER, but I just feel mattes look so boring, dimensionless and flat on my eyes – I do have pretty flat eyes with no crease though). For lips I don’t mind mattes, per se, but I do prefer a subtly glossy creme any day, and I have a very hard time wearing mattes because of my dry lips. I think matte polish looks interesting, but the maintenance really turns me off wearing it. The only things I perfer matte-ish finishes in are blushes and foundation, but even then I like the semi-matte formulas better, or ones that give me a lit from within glow (which totally can be achieved without shimmer).

  9. matte blushes and lipsticks are nice :) but no-no for matte lipgloss and e/s

  10. Nic

    I LOVE mattes! Matte eyeshadow, blush, lipstick, bronzer. I have plenty of shimmery and glittery and glossy products (I wear glossy lips much more often than matte), but mattes are a must for my collection. I do tend to prefer shiny nails, but I’ll get around to buying a matte polish eventually.

  11. margot

    I love matte eyeshadows, those are great to add dimension to a look. But I can’t bare matte lipsticks. I think it’s because it doesn’t suit me … or maybe it’s not “young” enough for my liking. I don’t know … I just don’t like them haha. Haven’t tried matte nails so I couldn’t say … wouldn’t mind trying

  12. If I am going for a neutral eye/lippy I find matte comes in use! However I HATE matte nail polishes!

  13. Charlene

    Absolutely not. It cant be shimmery enough for me. Bring on the GLITTER!

  14. Sarah M

    I do love matte eye shadows, blushes, lipstick, etc but they definitely are harder to work with. Also, I like working with different textures and the look of different finishes so I would probably never wear a look that is 100% matte. There would have to be some shimmer or shine somewhere on my face.

  15. laura

    in blushes, lipssticks and some e/s

  16. Alia

    For work I actually prefer matte eyeshadows. I can take or leave matte lip products.

  17. Kristina

    I prefer matte everything, I will wear shimmery blush sometimes though. Matte generally looks more elegant, timeless and sophisticated to me.

  18. Frances

    I really like mattes, mainly because nowadays everything seems so loaded with shimmer and glitter that matte products are kind of rare. I love matte foundation, powder, blusher and bronzer. I prefer to start off with a matte canvas and then add shimmer as I need. Matte eyeshadows are great, too. I would love matte lipsticks except for the fact that they are generally just wayyy too drying.

  19. Rosie

    I love matte on my lips. NARS Velvet Matte lip pencils are some of my favorite to work with, especially a red matte on the lips. As for eye shadows I’m starting to use matte colors more and I like them. I think I prefer a slight glow on my blush though.

  20. I love matte products in just about everything except lips. I love glossy finishes on lips!

  21. BeckBeck

    I’m finding myself favoring matte or low-shimmer eyeshadows more and more with time – some of it is not wanting to be bothered with sparkle fallout, some of it is worrying that a shimmer/sparkle eye is OTT or inappropriate for my age/job. I usually end up using three eyeshadows on my eyes, and at least one is matte, sometimes two. I like matte nail polish, especially in a striking or unusual color; my favorite matte nail look so far was OPI Brand New Skates under a coat of China Glaze Matte Magic. It looked SO cool. As for lips, I don’t do mattes on myself personally because I have dry lips to begin with and it ends up looking flaky, but I don’t hate them on principle.

  22. amy

    It depends on what it is. I do like matte eyeshadows a lot and I wear it often during the weekdays. I especially like using mattes for highlighting the brow bones. For lips I like matte bright colours, but I find matte lip colours a bit harder to pull off for myself because my lips are very dry. For my face, I usually like a bit a dewiness but a few years ago Lancome has this matte finish liquid to powder foundation and I love the look of it but I never tried it. I don’t know if that product even exists in their product line anymore.

  23. slick

    I only really prefer a matte finish in my foundation. My skin gets oily so a matte foundation is the only thing that keeps me looking like a grease ball. With eyeshadow and blush I do prefer a satin or shimmer finish. With lips I like a creamy glossy look – not a huge fan of glitter or shimmer on the lips but would wear that over matte lips any day. Also I just don’t think I’ve really discovered matte products just yet – I just love my Veluxe Pearls so much that I’ve never really bothered to try out matte shades :)

  24. I love matte for eyes to look polished and subtle for day, i can also dig a matte on lips to look sort of retro

  25. viv

    yes! especially for lips, not so much nail polish. I bought my first lip gloss a few months ago and I just cannot get into the glossy finish at alllllll. I’m still terrible at blending e/s but I do have a few mattes I will wear (Print and Copperplate come to mind).

  26. Jadetive

    I do like mattes, on the cheeks, as eyeliner, on the lips occasionally. But I never want my skin to look completely matte. Theres something about dewy, moist looking skin that makes me look much fresher.

  27. I like naturall look.Bt sometime use it

  28. I like matte eyeshadow.

  29. I like matte lipstick eyeshadow

  30. itie

    I prefer dewy look..looks younger and more natural..IMHO

  31. Sass

    Yes, I do. I can always put a bit of shimmer, gloss or top shine if I need a little boost.

  32. traca

    i love them….i prefer them over shimmer/glitter at all times. matte lipsticks, eyeshadows, blushes…..

  33. kcrystal

    The only matte products i use are powder concealer, cream concealer, brow highlighter, pencil eyeliners, mascara and eyebrow pencil.

    For everything else, must have shimmers: I love shimmery finishing powder, all over eyelid color, cream eyeliner and lip gloss.

    I never look like a glitter bomb and always so simple and elegant. <3

  34. Melissa

    I am in LOVE with matte nail topcoats; taking off the shine can make a bold polish color more wearable. :)