Friday, April 9th, 2010

Temptalia Asks You

Do you leave the house without makeup? Do you have to have something on before you leave?

Temptalia's Answer.

It’s not often, but I definitely do. I’d say maybe 1 out of 5 times, I’ll go out with nothing, and many times, just tinted moisturizer! (Thank goodness for tinted moisturizer!)

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111 thoughts on “Do you leave the house without makeup?

  1. Amber

    Not very often! If I do I slap on Smashbox Halo and mascara and call it good! Oh and maybe a little naked lunch! That’s my no makeup face! LoL!

  2. If I know I won’t be out for long, I don’t mind going without any makeup on. I wouldn’t meet up friends without it, though! haha

  3. Adriana

    I usually have undereye concealer and eyeliner on even when I’m in the house doing nothing… I just look at myself in the mirror and get tempted to make myself look more awake, lol! So usually when I need to go somewhere quickly, I grab my keys and wallet and I’m out the door. I have a lipgloss keychain so I can put that on in the car if I really need to.

  4. not often, but I did today and I felt oddly naked the whole time I was out.

  5. Jamie Welch

    While it us not an everyday thing I am confidant to go out and not wear makeup when I am running errands. I will just throw on some moisterizer and go.

  6. Siledhel

    Only when I oversleep (like I did today)
    BUT… I pack my makeup on a little bag to apply it later… I just don’t feel confortable without at least eyeliner.

  7. Pretty much never. I wanna show off my makeup, darnit!

  8. Argeleen

    Yes why not

  9. On occasion, but not very often. I don’t need a full face every day, but I definitely prefer to look polished. :]

  10. nikki

    lol. the gym early in the mornings…but other than that not very often. maybe once a week or so

  11. Tiffany

    go to school 5 days a week without makeup. I look horrible but sleep is more important.

    • Lisa

      Thank you! Especially if you’re a student, who has the time to put on a full face before going out. To answer the orig. question, I rarely put on a full face unless I’m going somewhere like a party. Usually it’s mascara and lip balm for me.

  12. Yeah, most of the time I go out without makeup. Or if it’s a regular day (i.e. not doing anything) but I look tired, just a bit of undereye concealer. (:

  13. Yes, I do. Sometimes even w/o moisturizer or spf!

  14. Kathryn

    Rarely do I leave the house without concealer and mascara. I really wish I could go without makeup, but unfortunately my skin is blemish prone :( I could leave the house without mascara, but my confidence would be higher if I put it on.

  15. LNU

    Rarely! I have to have more then just something on! Lol. Concealer, powder foundation, blush, eyeliner, eyeshadow and mascara are a must for me! If I was in a hurry I would skip the eyeshadow and mascara.

  16. Shah'ada

    I don’t have this thing against going out w/o makeup, but I just usually don’t. When I do go out w/o makeup, it is not for the entire day, just a quick errand or something usually.

  17. Cathy

    I do.. I know my skin is not perfect but I don’t have the patience to put something on my face just coz I need to run an errand then take it off when I get back… But if I’m going to see friends or mall then I try to put something on like a tinted moisturizer or a light layer of foundation

  18. Traci

    never…though I would like to someday! I have yet to find my favorite tinted moisturizer

  19. Most definitely.

    I’m not a morning person and it’s worse if there’s school to get ready for. I’m usually rushing in the morning so usually I don’t have time to put makeup on!

  20. Melly

    Yup! quite often, actually! maybe 3 days a week? That’s often to me haha! what is your favorite tinted moisturizer?

  21. yes all the time but i try not to =)!

  22. all th time. I don’t wear makeup to work, so any errands done after work I still don’t have makeup. Maybe once or twice a week I leave the house in makeup.

  23. tina

    Bare faced at times, but I HAVE to have kohl on my lower waterline. I feel like Ive just got out of bed otherwise!

  24. Stephanie

    I never do, but it’s something I want to try sometime (Is it bad that this is a challenge for me?! Makeup is so much fun to do… it would be painful not to!).

  25. addie

    i would love to say i never leave the house without it but…most times im lucky if i just get my concealer on and some finishing powder.

  26. Cindy

    I never leave the house without make up. At least i have to wear mascara and lipgloss or lipstick.

  27. Quennie

    Only once, this year. I had to go to the bank, drive-thru.

  28. Jazz

    yep , because i dont really need makeup . actually most mornings i leave without makeup on , due to the fact that i do my makeup on the train as i am commuting to school

  29. lunamaris

    No. Minimum concealer under the eyes..

  30. make_up_maven

    I wear makeup to work everyday. One the weekends, nothing!

  31. Hannah

    NEVER!! I couldn’t do it, feel undressed like I’m still in my pyjamas!

  32. coco72

    Some mornings, when I take my kids to school and I don´t have time to makeup, I wear sunglasses and don´t get off my car

  33. Yes. It’s been a year since I don’t depend so much on makeup. Let’s say I go out without makeup maybe 4 out of 5. I’m only wearing lipgloss and mascara but that’s not serious makeup. :)

  34. Nic

    I leave the house without makeup all the time. Probably more often than not.

  35. nicci

    If I go cycling or go to the gym I usually won’t wear much of anything. I don’t understand women who wear a full face of make-up to go the gym?! I don’t get it….it is just going to sweat off anyway.

  36. I don’t leave the house w/o make up if I can prevent it. Obviously, in case of emergency I’d go without make up, but otherwise no.

  37. no, never. at least a little mascara and eyeliner is a must.

  38. Hend

    yea .. I do that very often …
    sometimes I only wear a lipgloss

  39. Never! (Unless it’s to go out to the front to take the rubbish out or something like that.) It doesn’t have to be full make up, but even if I have very little time in the mornings, I will always wear eyeliner, mascara, foundation or at least face illuminator, face powder and lipgloss.

    Which reminds me of a question I thought of this morning, that you could ask in the next “Temptalia asks you”, Do you like the way you look without make up? (My answer is NO!). :)

    • Actually, come to think of it… Not only I don’t leave the house without make up on, I hardly ever not have make up on even if I’m just home. If I know I won’t be going anywhere then I probably won’t wear full face make up, but I always wear eyeliner, mascara and some face powder. I just don’t like the look of my shiny face and my eyes without mascara, I have tiny eyelashes, it does not look good. :(

  40. Valerie

    All the time, though I wear it often and always when I’m at work which are 30 hours per week *gg*

  41. Proximity

    Yes, at least as often as I go out wearing makeup! I like to give my skin lots of days with no makeup, just to give it a break, and other days I’m lazy, or busy.

  42. Kristine

    Depends on where I’m going of course, but if I feel flawless, I go without, but usually a sweep of mineral foundation and some mascara will do fine.

  43. All the time :]
    When I can’t really be assed to put make-up on, I wont, hahaha!

  44. JJ

    Yes, I do. I don’t want people to get too used to seeing me in makeup. I hate feeling obligated to wear makeup ALL of the time. This way, people are used to looking at me both ways.

  45. Shanzelizey

    Hi Christine,

    Which Drugstore Brand has a tinted moisturizer with an SPF?

  46. Kit

    I’m about to, tee hee. It’s 8:10 AM and I’m off to a rehearsal lasting for like… five hours.

    I don’t wear makeup to school if I feel lazy too. =p

  47. Emily

    Depends on where I going…if I’m not coming home for a while I probably have on make-up. If I’m running an errand, possibly not.

  48. I absolutely do not leave the house without at least a little bit of makeup on. People have gotten SO lazy and there’s no reason for it. I’m the mom of a toddler so I def have a good excuse but it’s not one I ever plan on using.

  49. Fiaspice

    Yeah, most of the time!

  50. I don’t even like leaving the apartment to do laundry downstairs without makeup on :s

  51. to be honest, i usually do have SOMETHING on. even just a lipgloss and eyebrow powder. and concealer. i dont know, it just makes me feel more put together and presentable.

  52. Kathy

    I leave my house without makeup at least 50% of the time. Sometimes, I’m just too lazy. I admit it!

    As long as I have some lip balm with me, it’s all good.

  53. Every so often I don’t but I feel incredibly uncomfortable without it and it makes me paranoid! I keep thinking people are staring at my incredibly horrible skin :(

  54. Charlene

    Only if I am going to hospital for an emergency. Usually spend once a year in the hospital either me or my husband. And if I go the the pool I wear something sheer like tinted moisterizer. I have A LOT of red in my skin and I get away with it at the pool because everyone thinks I have a tan or burn. LOL

  55. amelia

    recently, yes… i just moiturize and go. when i do put on makeup, (which is mostly) my minimum is mascara, powder and blush.

  56. chibu74

    No, never….have to have makeup on…i feel dull when i dont have makeup on

  57. Cherokee

    Yes, I often leave home without any makeup. However as of recent, I have been wearing MAC mineralized skin finish, MAC Nano Gold blush as a highlight and blush. I have been skipping concealer and using Origins GinZing eye cream which really brightens my eyes. I have dark circles and while it cannot ever replace concealer it does a great job brighting the under eye area. I like a more natural for work.

  58. Erin

    Honestly, nope! Even when I’m sick and walking to Walgreens for sick-person things, I’ll put on a bit of blush to make me look a little less like death.

  59. Cherie

    Rarely! Even if I have no time I always hvae lipstick/gloss in my purse so I can put on when I do have time.

    But if I’m sick and need to hit the doctor’s or something I wear zero makeup.

    Honestly, I’m more inclined to leave the house in my pj’s or yoga pants rather than with no makeup on :)

  60. Michi

    absolutely not! i cannot leave my hause without foundation, all my skin is full of discromie….

  61. Ashlee

    Just about everytime unless I’m going out to dinner to the MAC counter( which isn’t often). I’m in a funk 😐

  62. Eileen

    Sure, I’ll venture out without make-up if I don’t have time to “put my face on”. I’m lucky to have a good complexion with a natural light pink flush on my cheeks, pink pigmented lips, black eyebrows and lashes. No make-up, no problem. The only thing I absolutely always wear is sunscreen with SPF of 50 or higher.

  63. Jordan

    I don’t ever leave the house without makeup BUT if I’m just going to the store or something, all I do is put tinted moisturizer and some mascara and some chapstick on.

  64. Kell

    Never eeeeever. I always have on, atleast: foundation, concealer, powder, bronzer, mascara, brows, and lips.

  65. Abril

    Yes! When I go to the gym haha… I only use SPF

  66. Helene

    It happens quite often that I go without on work days. I work at night and I don´t feel comfortable with makeup on at that time of day.

  67. BrownBrickhouse

    The only time I do not wear make up is at the gym. But when I leave I wash my face and put on foundation, blush, bronzer, nude lip gloss and mascara

  68. Megan

    All the time. I not afraid to show my bare face!

  69. shontay

    Hardly ever! Only if I am not feeling well and even then I put on liner, mascara and lipstick!

  70. Yeah, I often leave the house without makeup

  71. Michele

    Not without sunglasses!

  72. Dini

    I leave without makeup all the time. Mornings are a blur in my house. I’m also an all or nothing kind of person, so if I don’t have time to do my full face, I just wash up and go! I do carry embarassing amounts of lipgloss in my bag, so those usually get slapped on some time during the day.

  73. Tatiana

    I do on the rare occassion. If I am pretty much going without makeup I always put PlushLash Mascara

  74. I never leave the house with absolutely no makeup on. But I do one or two days/week fell like wearing a natural, no-makeup with makeup look. Often my skin face looks so good: soft, even, without any blemishes or spots; that I don’t need any tint or powder. In that case I wear just a stroke of pink blush, mascara, and matte nude lips. On bad skin days I wear foundation or tinted moisturizer, mascara, gloss and beauty powder as a discreet blush. If I’m in the naked mood, going to an event, I add coral or pink matte/semi-matte eyeshadow as V in the outer corner to a flawless, perfect foundation.:)

  75. Tatiana

    I do sometimes leave the house without makeup, but I always put my Plush Lash mascara on.

  76. Megan

    Never! Even if I sleep late I can still make time to do my make-up. It’s my favoutrite part of the day.=]

  77. All the time, go on You tube with non on too, I only ever wore it when i went out of a night and that was over 10 years ago now. I like to have an hour or 2 to play and can’t just throw stuff on

  78. Sexy Sadie

    I try not to.

  79. Melissa (divinem)

    It depends. If it’s just errand running without a lot of interaction, I’ll go without makeup. If I’m going shopping, to a social gathering, out for entertainment, I always wear it. Social interaction seems to be the motivator for wearing makeup.

  80. Darrien

    I do very often actually. I like to sleep in as long as I can before school so I usually wake up put on a tinted moisturizer,a couple coats of mascara and a lip gloss or lip blam and then I`m out the door and at work were not allowed to wear any makeup which is kind of a bummer but it saves me time. But then when it comes to going out I spend too much time doing my makeup!

  81. sass

    Never. Unless the house is on fire.

  82. Andrea

    Yep all the time, I don’t put makeup on because I have to but because I like to.
    But I always wear mascara though..

  83. Jessica

    Hellz no! Don’t wanna scare children

  84. Andreita

    only lip balm people always see me without makeup and when I wear make up ( special occasions,formal,night out etc…) I wow everyone!!!! lol

  85. CeeBee

    Yeah, it’s been known to happen.
    I wear makeup every day to work so on the weekends I’ll go out to run errands or do a quick supermarket shop or even go to the mall (early!) to pick up whatever without any makeup on, if I can’t be bothered to fluff round for 10 minutes in the bathroom first. Which is about half the time!

    I know I look terrible – especially with my skin the way it is after having switched medications six weeks ago and suffuring cystic acne flare ups – but I really can’t bring myself to care what anyone else thinks!

  86. alice

    No. I don’t do a full face, but at the minimum I have at least 1 color cosmetic on my face. Could be just gloss or a wash of blush, or a wash of e/s. I look forward to applying something every day. I really enjoy it.

  87. Tina Marie

    when i go to the gym in the morning, i just wear moisturizer and some mascara, because i feel like sweating in foundation just clogs my pores :/

  88. Luisafer

    of course!!! sometimes just want my face to breath!!! and more relaxing for me…

  89. Diana B

    Usually not but things come up like me having to run out for medicine for one of the kids.

  90. Cathy

    Almost never!! Even when in a hurry,I use concealer,powder,my Laura Geller Brow Marker,lipstick and gloss…that’s my QUICK makeup plan!!

  91. Chrissy

    Only when I go to the gym and even then I’ll usually put on a little bit of concealer to coverup any undereye circles. Other than that, I rarely leave the house without at least MAC MSF Natural powder, eyeliner and concealer.

  92. geri~

    Yes I do. To the gym and on sundays to church. I let my skin breath on sunday.

  93. Kim L

    About 90% of the time I go makeup less. I wish it was the other way around and i had the discipline to wear nearly every day…..

  94. Usually I want to wear makeup when I go out because you never know where you might end up and with whom!
    I try to use at least foundation, some blush, eye brows and mascara, because then I know no matter how tired, drunk or stressed I get or whatever happens I’ll still look good 😛

  95. Mia

    I definitely leave the hose without makeup – often… I even go to work without… but I’m trying to be better about it… mostly because I love to play with makeup so I should really USE it more to justify spending $ on it 😉

  96. Dianna

    I used to go out w/o makeup all the time! Ever since this year’s started, though, I don’t like to leave my house unless I’m wearing at least a little concealer & blush. My skin has been so lackluster lately… maybe it’ll improve now that the weather’s getting better.

  97. Laura

    Only if I’m going for a facial because I’d have to take it straight off anyway! And then it’s only the beautician who’ll see me so it’s no big deal. Otherwise I pretty much always put on a full face to go out, unless it’s just a quick errand and I’ll sometimes just go with concealer, powder, mascara, lip gloss, and a wash of a nude shade of eyeshadow.

  98. Ana

    I go without makeup sometimes. As long as I have moisturizer and some SPF. I think it’s good to give your skin a breather once in a while.

  99. lexi

    hey Christine – what’s your fave tinted moisturizer? thanks!

  100. Michelle

    i never seem to leave my house without makeup… mostly because i live in a small town, so you run into everyone everywhere you go!! i know that really shouldn’t affect anything, but yeah, i definitely feel much better with my makeup on!