Friday, March 8th, 2013

Temptalia Asks You

Do you keep your jewelry on when applying body or skin care products? (e.g. wedding rings, engagement rings, bracelets, etc.)

Temptalia's AnswerI keep my ring on most of the time. When I first got it… well, I would take it off when I washed my hair, because it sometimes would get caught, but now I’m used to it. I do remove it when I apply hand or body cream – or for body, if you’re just doing legs or something, you can apply with one hand :) For face, I keep it on. What I like to do is set the rings on my nightstand OR on the lid of the jar – that way I see them before I put away the cream!

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28 thoughts on “Do you keep your jewelry on when applying body or skin care products?

  1. Absolutely. Skincare products and perfumes can actually degrade jewelry, not to mention it often just gets in the way!

    • However, that doesn’t apply to my earrings and lip piercings. I do take out my nose stud when I wash my face/applying face products, though!

    • carina

      agreed. i never wear jewelry when applying anything. don’t want to risk all that crud getting imbedded in it!!!

  2. xamyx

    Besides my navel ring (that only comes out when I change it),I only wear earrings & necklaces, which I put on after I’m fully dressed, and I they’re the first things I take off when I get home. Obviously, if I have a need to reapply skincare/body products midday, my jewelry stays on.

  3. firebird

    I take off rings and bracelets if I happen to be wearing them when I do my makeup. It doesn’t feel comfortable otherwise. Necklaces and earrings stay on :)

  4. blueraccoon

    The only jewelry I wear are my engagement and wedding rings (I wear them on different hands) and I never take them off. I don’t actually think they *can* come off at this point, if I needed them off for something it’d either take a lot of work or they’d need to be cut. I barely notice them anymore when I put on lotion; the only thing that ever gives me trouble is my engagement ring catches on hair sometimes when I wash it.

  5. Brownie

    I lost over 40lbs so I rarely wear my wedding ring. Even with a guard it will fly off with a slow clap. My bracelets stay on. Its hard enough getting their clasps off so they shower & moisturize with me.

  6. Nikki

    I’ve been wearing my ring so long I think I’m gonna have to get my finger cut off if I ever get in a divorce. I do take my watch off though, and I pretty often forget it. Maybe I’ll try your trick, Christine.

    • blueraccoon

      LOL, I hear that! I haven’t been wearing mine *that* long comparatively (this year it’ll be ten years for the engagement ring, eight for the wedding band) but I lost a lot of weight and had to have them re-sized, and then I gained back some of the weight, so while my rings still fit fine on my hands and I can twist them and move them, they are NOT going over my knuckles. If I ever need them off we’re going to need a jewelry saw.

  7. Quinctia

    I just wear a wristwatch and small earrings usually, so they’re not really in the way for that sort of thing. So…yes?

  8. I try not to, but living in Australia I have to reapply sunscreen during the day and I have to admit that this normally gets applied around whatever jewellery I am wearing!

  9. About 7 years ago my mom took her wedding ring off to apply make up before going out for lunch. Then she went out for her lunch appointment – completely forgetting put her wedding ring back on! When she returned home later on she searched for the ring but couldn’t find it. She hunted for t the est of the day and the next day.

    She found it – in the garbage bag. Seems that she must have knocked the ring into the bathroom wastebasket and then later the maid emptied it into the garbage bag!

    Moral of the story – never take your wedding ring off. I know that I don’t 😉

    • Katie

      I don’t ever take mine off either. I just clean my wedding ring once a week and it always sparkles! When I clean the house I wear rubber gloves so the harsh chemicals don’t ruin harm it. :)

  10. Aida

    Yes. I wear diamond jewelry on a daily basis (I don’t like custom jewelry) and I always take them off as soon as I get home (earrings, rings, necklace) because I try to avoid getting the stones covered in soap/shampoo/cleaning products, etc. I prefer them super sparkly and I try to prevent cleaning them too often (supersonic cleansing machines can be harsh on the stones and even dislodge them if used too often).

  11. mirian

    I take my nosering out!

  12. Ellen

    I always take off my wedding and engagement rings when I put on lotion, whether on my hands or on my body using my hands. Otherwise the rings get all gunked up! I don’t usually wear necklaces, but when I do, I generally put them on after putting on lotion and perfume, or at least try to move them out of the way.

  13. I always keep my earrings on, and I wear a TON of bracelets on both arms that I never take off. I don’t wear rings, and I’m used to putting on, like, body lotion with all my bracelets on and whatnot.

  14. Sabriel

    I don’t wear much jewelry, but when I do, it does come off. The only exception is my everyday watch, which can handle a little lotion.

    I’ve considered the ring issue. I’m fussy about rings catching on things, and I don’t want to coddle a nice stone, because I like to do art, cook, garden, and generally get my hands dirty. I’m probably going to keep my engagement ring in a jewelry box except for special occasions. The wedding band will never come off.

  15. Nope, I take it all off. I don’t want to get my jewellery messy! I do have this one ring that I wear on my left ring finger that sometimes won’t come off, no matter how hard I try. So that one stays on sometimes :-)

  16. Trillium

    I take my ring off generally for putting any creams or lotions or treatments on my face or body. I hate the feeling of stuff under my rings, so if there’s any chance of that, off it comes.

  17. Little Red

    Yes, since I don’t want the lotion/cream/etc to gunk it up.

  18. An

    I don’t wear much jewelry especially rings. But I always take off my earrings/necklace before makeup removal and washing my face. I don’t want the water splashing to get in contact with my jewelry.

    I like to apply my moisturizer and skincare routine with bare hands too.

  19. I am not a huge fan of jewelry… all that I wear is a pair of diamond studs that I never take off.

  20. Lizzy

    I absolutely take stuff off. Waterford keeps the price on its ring holder low because they know it’s needed, My rings go on it on my dressing table- no drains to go down. Gunking up diamond and emerald rings in the shower or with moisturizer is insane. They have to be taken apart by a good jeweler and steam cleaned after a few years of such. It’s hard to find somebody who can do it correctly too.

    Forgetting your rings is not going to make all you young marrieds suddenly run wild. Plenty of women forgo the diamonds completely. But getting rings full of crud makes them dull and lifeless.

  21. Marie

    I don’t really wear jewellery outside of my ring most of the time, and generally if I am, it’s the last step of getting ready. I take my ring off for applying lotions and for some showers, but that’s about it.

  22. My jewelry is the last thing I put on before leaving the house, and the first thing I take off when I get home, so I never have it on when I’m applying products of any kind.

  23. Nikki

    I always remove my jewelry when applying beauty products or washing my hands. I just hate the idea of products, soap, or water getting into the crevices of my jewelry. I also think that wearing jewelry while applying products can cause the jewelry to dull over time.