Tuesday, October 25th, 2011

Temptalia Asks You

Do you have any big makeup plans for Halloween this year? Share your ideas/plans!

Temptalia's AnswerNone for me, but I look forward to seeing yours!

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30 thoughts on “Do you have any big makeup plans for Halloween this year?

  1. Nothing too overly outrageous this year! I’m dressing up as Flo from the Progressive ads :) so I have some false lashes and I’m doing the black winged eyeliner with sutble neutral eyeshadows complete with a bold red lip! It should be loads of fun!

  2. Kelly

    I went to a party on the 22nd and I was a giraffe! I picked up a few of MAC’s PRO paints last month and mixed the colors to get a cream and a brown, then I went crazy and painted spots all over my body, it was so much fun! I even won a trophy for most original costume =]

  3. Jennifer S

    well my boyfriend and i had planned to go as mimes, but i just havent had the time to go shopping for some face paint. and i have class that night so…. i dont know.
    btw christine…. i hope you read this.
    i was lucky enough to win a ticket to beauty social this past weekend and attended on saturday. i did see you there and waited around but didnt want to interrupt,so that i could thank you in person.
    i had so much fun that day and its an experience i will really treasure because it is completely out of my norm. seeing as how it was a beauty event, i felt really self concious and shy especially with how decked out some girls were; but as the day went on i really enjoyed myself. i met 2 lovely ladies who i connected with and i was also able to meet karen from makeupandbeautyblog.com. i am truly sorry i wasnt able to meet you and thank you in person; and also tell you how much i love temptalia and aplaud your dedication which makes this site completely top of the line and professional.
    lots of love!

  4. Tigress

    I’m doing my makeup like Frank Iero from MCR, circa Revenge era.

  5. Lauren Sutherland

    Huge! I’m going as the cheshire cat from alice in wonderland but my whole costume is done in makeup! it’s a hugely time consuming work of art! I hope you ask for halloween makeup pics again this year!

  6. Jenn

    It’s my birthday weekend and my bff and I are going to Rocky Horror Friday night! I plan on doing a Peacock mask(wish me luck! LOL) Plus my friend’s birthday is this weekend also and she is having a costume party, probably doing the Peacock both times, we’ll see if I can get it down right. :-)

  7. Jo

    Black Swan! Although I have a lot of feathers to sew onto a tutu still…!

    • I’m also going as Black Swan! I finished my crown and the other hair accessory, but I have to finish my tutu and make embellishments for my usual (and plain) black ballet leotard.
      I’m nervous about the makeup, hopefully it’ll turn out well.

      • Jo

        I haven’t done a crown >.< No time! I'm going to make the traditional white swan winged hair pieces in black instead. I've done a fair bit of make up testing on my hands. I just hope I can make looking pale ok!

  8. Joyce

    Sunday i’m going on a zombie walk so of course i’ll be a zombie. And then for halloween itself i’m gonna be a modern frankensteins bride. 😀

  9. Liz

    I’m not much of a halloween person, so I’m going the simple but silly route: I’ll dress like I do every day, cover my visible skin with strobe cream (or eyeko “eyecream”… or both!) and then slather on Illamasqua’s pigment in static and then… wait for it… be a twilight vampire! Ohohhoho~ so lame, I know!

  10. Natalie

    I’m going as a leopard! I wanted to go as a sugar skull, but the place where my party is being held is INSANELY hot, and I was afraid I would melt too early into the night! So I’m going for what I like to call a “beauty leopard,” basically normal makeup with some leopard additions like near the eyes, on my nails, etc, so I don’t melt away!

  11. artemis

    well, the sexy vampire look haha :)) 😀 sadly, i won’t celebrate it…but i’m not sure…my highschool is organising it but i got no costume 😀 i would come as cat woman or a vampire 😀

  12. SalvagedExpression

    I’m going as Rose Nylund (Betty White in the Golden Girls) so a fairly natural eye and red lips over no foundation and some penciled in lines to age my face. I also managed to acquire a frosty mauve nail polish that I’m sure will only be funny to me.

  13. Dame Elizabeth

    Pumpkin orange eyes, lots of black mascara, blood-red stained lips, full body skeleton earrings, an MJ’s Thriller necklace and that’s my daytime look, it’s the only day of the year I could ever get away with that combo!

  14. Yazmin

    I was going to dress up as a witch and have my black kitten be my familiar, while me and my boyfriend (hes dressing up as freddie kruger) are going to supervise my little brother and his friends while they trick or treat. I have yet to find any ideas i find easy and good on youtube for a witch tutorial. Plus the nearest mac pro store to me is in london, which is two hours away and i dont want to use any other face paint on my face as i need to keep my skin.

  15. Julianne

    Planning to go as Lucille Ball in I Love Lucy, but I want to look like I came out of the black & white tv show. So yeah…big makeup plans :)

  16. Amanda Blyskal

    oh yeah. im doing the black swan makeup

  17. MC

    I’m going as American McGee’s Alice…so I will be rocking a demented black/red eye look.

  18. Courtney

    I’m going as super-glam Miss Piggy, so I’m planning a bright purple, glittery eye. I’m going to attempt false lashes too…”attempt” being the key word.

  19. Leslie

    My boyfriend and I dressed up as cholos for a pre-Halloween party last weekend. The makeup was really fun. I did a brown/gray smokey eye with an uber highlighted browbone, huge winged liner, really dark eyebrows, and of course, a really dark lipliner with a nude lipstick. We unofficially won best costumes at the party…lol.

  20. Lee

    I wanna try the Lady Gaga tattoo skeleton face. I’ve watched some tutorials and I’m gonna try a test run tonight. I wanna look creepy!

  21. Gabrielle

    I’m going as a sexy sailor, bold red lips, flawless skin, & a blue, white, and gold eye look.

  22. MizLottie

    Doing a Dia de los Muertos sugar skull look. Should be a challenge!

  23. Teresa

    I’m going to be a bunch of grapes. Pinning on all the balloons on myself will be interesting! I thought it would be a perfect opportunity to OD on purple makeup. MUFE’s # 92 eyeshadow, some MAC violet pigment and MAC purple glitter. I just got some dark purple holo nail polish too!

  24. Lauren

    I’m going as a zombie pinup girl. One side of my face will be perfectly made up with matte foundation and winged eyeliner. The other side of my face will be messy bloody grossness.

  25. Kathryn

    I’m being minnie mouse, but not drawing on a nose or anything. Probably lots of glitter and lashes and maybe a red lip :)