Wednesday, December 7th, 2011

Temptalia Asks You

Do you have any beauty kryptonite? Something you will almost always buy even when you already have products similar to it?

Temptalia's AnswerAntique gold eyeshadows, red lipsticks, peachy-pink blushes.

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140 thoughts on “Do you have any beauty kryptonite?

  1. It’s definitely you, Christine! LOL

  2. Kristine

    Peachy pink lipstick, nude lipstick, peachy pink/nude gloss, EVERYTHING Guerlain, & volumizing mascara

  3. My kryptonite would be palettes! I’m a sucker for them. I am instantly drawn to the packaging, the various color choices, everything! I own more palettes than I know what to do with sometimes. haha

  4. Heidi

    Purple or teal eyeshadows. I have no idea why. Whenever I get back from makeup shopping, everything is usually those colors.

  5. Nina

    MLBB lipglosses. I’m proud to say that I’ve moved on to MLBB lipsticks now. Haha.

    • nitnot

      THIS! I’m totally addicted to MLBB lipsticks. I realized I have an addiction when I decided to take a picture of all the lipsticks I have one day – and was *shocked* to find very little variation in color. I am trying to find the courage to wear red but I feel like it makes my lips look crazy wide -_-‘

    • Italia

      Is “MLBB,” My Lips But Better? If so, how cute!

  6. Nail polish! And lipgloss. *sigh*

  7. amanda

    blue eye colours.. ugh.. always.

  8. Blue nail polish and all mascaras. :(

  9. Kathy

    My #1 beauty kryptonite has to be nail polish. Specifically shimmery reds and shimmery pinky-reds. Can’t get enough of those colors!

  10. Antique gold eyeshadows, white gold eyeshadows, and red lipsticks. So that’s 2 out of 3 identical ones with you. =’D

  11. Lisa

    taupe eyeshadows!

  12. red red lipsticks (blue- red tones like Chanel Dragon)
    eyecream- Clarins, Sisley, La Mer,
    glitter eyeshadows
    blue eyeshadow with glitter esp.
    pressed powder/foundation-

  13. Carrie Ann

    Coral blushes and lip glosses.

  14. Veronica

    Lipsticks/lip stains. I own enough that my mother has made more than a few snide comments about it. Particularly deep ruby reds – my favorite look!

    I’m also kind of a sucker for liquid/gel eyeliners, though I tend to be better at making myself use up the tube before buying a new one.

  15. Oh man, NARS red lip products! I’m a sucker for a great red in general, but I am defenseless if it is NARS!

  16. John

    Nude Lipstick and Lipgloss and Pink Blush

  17. Nude lipsticks and pink blushes!

  18. Traci

    Nothing stands out to me at the moment, as I go on “kicks” searching for one specific thing….my kryptonite could definitely be beauty blogs, and youtube videos about beauty! You can only shop for things for so long, but I can sit and look at and read about beauty-related stuff on the internet for HOURS!! definitely not always a good thing…

  19. Mel

    Eyeshadow palettes, neutral eyeshadows, sparkly gold eyeshadows, blood red lipsticks in any finish, dark lipsticks in any finish, and crease brushes.

  20. Christine

    Highlighters. Such a weird item to always be drawn to, but I can’t help it, I crave them all! Also eyeshadow palettes. Now that I caved on Naked 2, no more!

  21. Amy

    Um shimmering silver/white/off white/cool gold/champagne eyeshadows, light pinky opal highlighters, definite purple eyeshadow especially bright ones, ATM bright red lippies and even sometimes lipgloss, pink lipsticks, any odd colored lipsticks (think Lime Crime), bright liners, and any pink blushes no peachy pink just pink only if it’s shimmering or cream. I am awful xD

  22. oh, i have a few. taupe/grey eyeshadows, highlighters, rosy blushes.

  23. divinem (Melissa)

    purple eyeshadows
    berry-brown lipsticks
    facial highlighters

    I mean, seriously? HOW MANY of these do I need before the crack-addict in me is satisfied?! I just bought Watt’s Up, Cle De Peau Beaute Extra Silky Lipstick No.113 and UD Freakshow eye shadow. It never ends! AAAAHHHHHH!!!

  24. L

    Blue and teal eyeshadows. And recently also copper-red eyeshadows.

  25. Mae

    Red lipsticks and turquoise or bright blue eyeshadows. I don’t wear the latter much, but the colour is so pretty I just can’t help myself.

  26. Jules

    My beauty kryptonite would definitely be MAC lip glasses. I’ve been collecting them since 2003. I have over 60 of them, and my collection just keeps getting bigger!

  27. Jen

    Nail polish… and right now… holiday sets cause even though they cost $25+, I keep doing the math and telling myself it’s worth it for the amount of product/color I get over getting just one color for less than the cost of the set.

  28. Christina

    I also tend to go through phases (e.g. I’ve been really into lipsticks lately) but usually anything that’s a good deal is hard for me to resist

  29. Jessica

    Shimmery champagne eyeshadows, mascara and highlighters. I have a serious highlighter problem!

  30. Jeanie

    Red lipsticks for sure.

  31. Shimmery light eyeshadows

  32. Liz

    shimmery blue nail polishes are like pokemon

  33. I keep buying pinkish brown lipsticks all the time, looking for that elusive MLBB shade. :)

  34. lunohodik

    all kinds and colors of foundations and powders
    red and dark lipsticks

  35. Tigress

    Urban Decay palettes.

  36. Ayzee

    red and pink, dark to pink lipsticks… and palettes! haha!

  37. I will always have a never ending supply of purple eyeshadows lol a girl with brown eyes can never have too many πŸ˜‰

  38. It used to be green eyeshadow. Now it’s duochrome/holographic/multichrome nail polishes (but really anything that has those characteristics, but nail polishes have them the most, if that makes sense). Well, when I can afford them, that is…usually, I just drool at them. @_@

  39. red (not overly blue-ish)lipsticks, highlighters with the exeption of MSF and glosses without or with little glitter/shimmer

  40. artemis

    silver eyeshadow, pink lipstick, black eyeliners

  41. Rabia Anwar

    mascaras, MLBB lipsticks and nude nail polishes

  42. Amy

    Taupe eyeshadows, nude lipstick, and coral blush!

  43. Chunnaz

    Peachy / Orange / Brown Lipsticks…
    One Year ago i had none. Now I have dozens. But I didn’t buy the peachy Chanel Velvet one. I’m really proud and a little bit sad. .

  44. Iliana

    It’s definitely nude and peachy pink lipsticks and peachy pink blush (though I always go back to Fleur Power and Melba from MAC)

  45. Mariella

    Taupe/neutral eyeshadows, rosy or plummy lipsticks (along the lines of MAC’s Craving and Plumful)

  46. Stephanie

    I’d like to deny a weakness, but even as a cool-toned girl I like to touch the golds. And I like the red lipsticks too, but only the cool-toned ones. Mascara for my silly non-existent eyelashes.

  47. Jill

    Pinky-gold eyeshadows and lip glosses…such as MAC Expensive Pink eyeshadow and Nymphette gloss. Gets me every time.

  48. Sofia

    red nail polish

  49. priscilla

    red lipstick and vibrant purple eyeshadows. i could start my own store.

  50. Yazmin

    I cant stop buying highlights, i.e Msfs, UD baked bronzer, multiples. Even though they all look the same on me

  51. definitely..vampy purple lipsticks..still searching for a decent MAC Night Violet dupe, which is the perfect color/texture for me.

  52. snm

    duochromes.especially nail polish,but I lose myself when I see any kind of color changing cosmetic:)

  53. Fitrah

    No, I really hate having products that are extremely similar. It feels very wasteful. If I discover I’ve bought something that is like something I already have, I end up giving the one I like the least to my little sister.

  54. AlexisV.

    red lipstick!

  55. Lola

    Red lipstick, black eyeliner and Sugarpill eyeshadows!

  56. Anna

    Teal eyeshadows – I have MAC gulfstream, shimmermoss and waternypmh and a variety of other ones from different brands. Its an addiction.

  57. Nicole

    Chanel nail polishes, taupe eyeshadows, and highlighters!

  58. Natalie

    Nude lipstick and light pink blush! It’s the worst. I just can’t stop buying them! Also, I will try any mascara that promises major volume!

  59. black pencil eyeliner and lipgloss (especially peaches and oranges)

  60. Anything that resembles MAC’s blue brown pigment…I have club, the palace Burmese beauty (not so much), too faced label whore, UD lounge, Lorac’s 3D palette, loreal hip Intrepid, Lime crime dragon scales, GDE Dino spots and most recently Wet n Wild Comfort Zone. whew!!

  61. Sandra

    Black eyeliner. I must have 20 of them.

  62. Elle

    Lipgloss, any color. I’ve only finished one or two tubes this year because I keep buying so much!

  63. Lime green eyeshadows, purple lipsticks/glosses, hugemongous eyeshadow palettes, peachy blushes

  64. Bertha

    Red nail polish!

  65. Iris

    Red lip stick, bold navy nail color, mascara, eye cream, peach blush.

  66. For some reason, I hoard blue eyeshadows. Could I be in love with a tackier or more cliche color?? I’ve got so many different shades and finishes of blue that I don’t know what to do with them. But every once in awhile, another blue eyeshadow will sneak into my collection.

  67. Tabi

    Taupe, mauve, and purple eyeshadows! Also, anything with beautiful glitter or bling.

  68. Ann

    I can’t tell you how many lipsticks I have with the word “raisin” in the shade name. It’s embarrassing! I’m also a sucker for inexpensive dupes for NARS “Orgasm”.

  69. Italia

    Yes! Eye palettes full of browns, beiges and taupes! I am a sucker for khaki-toned collections!

  70. Adelita

    Long wearing foundation, any mattifier (lotion/primer/makeup spray/powder), peachy-pink blushes, fuchsia lipsticks, red lipsticks, purple eyeshadows, olive eyeshadows, neutral-tan eyeshadows (think MAC Naked Dark), waterproof eyeliners, orange & red nail polishes.

    Hosh… hosh… hosh… that’s a lot of kryptonite πŸ˜€

  71. Z

    Shit. We have the same kryptonites! No wonder reading your blog costs me so much money! :)

  72. ericka

    Definitely any and all types of TAUPES! I don’t know why, but I just love taupes. So pretty.

  73. Candace

    I’m a sucker for berry/nude lipsticks, and for bronze-colored eye-shadows. Also for brushes that apply cream blusher…and perfume

  74. Caiti

    Bright pink, non-sticky lipgloss–I go through tubes and tubes, which means I must constantly be buying replacements

  75. Adrianne

    Body Shimmer!! Any kind: powders, gels, sprays, lotions… And I never use it. Because leaving a trail of shimmer everywhere I go isn’t very professional. Plus my husband hates it when I leave traces of shimmer or glitter in his car, on our bed, or on the couch (and our cats). But I can’t help it. It looks so pretty and I always want to buy it.

  76. Leah

    Coral lipsticks, nudey pink glosses (I must have like 20), matte bronzers, and gunmetal or taupe eyeshadows. I can’t resist them.

  77. Zahscha

    Red lipsticks (I have tons of shades), Hot pink lipsticks ( I have colors that look alike in different brands), eyeliner, I can’t seem to have enough of. =)

  78. Palettes. I can never have enough palettes.

  79. Sherrie

    Black Eyeliners, Waterproof Mascara, neutral eye shadow palettes, blushes that give you a natural flush, and nude lipsticks.

  80. Alex

    Nude lipsticks, taupe eyeshadows and black eyeliner!

  81. Lee

    Orange eyeshadows. They make my blue eyes pop but I probably have too many. I also have a tough time not buying hot pink lippies, it’s my all-time favorite color and I’m always using up different tubes.

  82. Jennifer Lee

    Red lipstick (this stuff is like crack to me)
    Urban Decay palettes
    Eyeliners in rainbow colors πŸ˜€

  83. pinky nude lipsticks, like the my lips but better color. I own one from almost every brand.. even though I usually wear red lips or bright pink lips, never nude lips lol

  84. Mascara is slowly becoming my beauty kryptonite. Black, waterproof mascara, with those spiky wands (except for Maybelline The Falsies, which is totally awesome).

  85. Stephanie thurston

    Perfume.. I’m addicted and everyone who knows me knows it. Makeup wise I would have to say black eyeliner or brown eyeshadows

  86. Laurel

    Concealers! I love them and are obsessed with them! You can never have too many concealers! Next one on my list is the Hourglass one!

  87. my

    Neutral e/s and perfumes here.

  88. Lilastar

    Ok, here are mine in order:
    1. Palettes, in neutral colors, specially travel palettes/kits you would think I travel a lot but I don’t!
    2. Cream Eyeshadows in neutral colors
    3. Higlighters. I have enough to last me three lifetimes, but I keep buying them…
    4. Shimering champagne/pink and taupe eyeshadows. It used to be gold eyeshadows but I guess I moved on
    5. MLBB lipsticks. I keep trying to find that perfect shade for my lips… they are fairly pigmented so if I just use a nude color I look washed out, but the MLBB colors I’ve found so far are too brown or too pink or too purple or too light or too dark… I’m about to give up on this one!

  89. Safyre

    My worst offenders are teal and chartreuse eyeshadows and coral cheek/lip products (which incidentally work well together :P) But overall, my issue happens to be that, if I find a product or shade I like, I’ll start on the hunt for dupes way before I even hit pan. 😑

  90. dzhenie o

    Pink lipsticks! Started wearing pink lipsticks in june this year and right now I have 16 of them. Sadly enuff, d difference between all of them isn’t so noticeable on my lips but I keep buyin :( i buy a lot of black eyeliners too

  91. Orlane

    Complexion : Face primers & setting powders ( it used to be concealers but I’ve finally found one that works for me.

    Eyes : Shimmery bronzy eyeshadows.

    Lips : Creamy raspberry lipglosses, MLLB lipsticks.

    Nails : champagne foil/glitter nail polishes.

    EVERYTHING NARS ( except their Soft Touch Shadow Pencils ) and BRUSHES!

  92. nelle

    Yes, lipgloss and perfume, I already have way too much but I still keeep buying more. Especially around the holidays with all the sets.

  93. Nadia

    Makeup and skincare, in general! Any and all of it.

  94. I own approximately eleventybillion gold eyeshadows, and practically every lipstick is that slightly-browned red, like MAC Dubonnet.

  95. Alexandra

    ooh such a good question! mine are purple nail polishes, MLBB lipsticks, and nude lipsticks

  96. Jesenia

    PINK lip colors! Be it lipstick,varnish, tar, gloss, stain, chapstick…whatever. Oh and the more opaquely hot pink, the better…i think i have a problem. lol

  97. Brigette

    Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in shade #651 Porcelain Pink – I have purchased it so many times thinking that I didn’t have a lipstick in that color.

  98. would have to be…purple-toned pinks, and blue/purple nail polishes. no matter how much i try to branch out with different nail colors, i always end up back to a blue or purple.

  99. Terra

    Gold eyeshadows ALWAYS get me ugh! I can’t get enough of them! Also nail polish…I will buy almost any color that appeals to me!

  100. Olivia

    Nail polish nail polish nail polish. If i see any flakey/jelly/HOLOGRAPHIC/chartreuse/glitter/duo chrome/GOLD nail polish, i have to think real hard and research the quality to make sure it is what i want and then purchase it. (after quality checks out, i usually rationalize the purchase anyways…..lool) I have a big display area that takes up a lot of space on my desk and whenever people come over they say it looks like a salon. sighhh.

    And when i can find it for cheaper….ohhhh man i go for it.

    I also i have a kryptonite for really pigmented matte shades, face powders, bright eyeshadows, mascaras that promise thick full lashes;p and RED LIPSTICKS, deep reds are my preference.