Thursday, May 17th, 2012

Temptalia Asks You

Do you have a beauty philosophy? A certain outlook or take on beauty?

Temptalia's AnswerBeauty is in the eye of the beholder. Beauty comes from within. Beauty is confidence. Beauty isn’t what you put on your face but how you feel when you walk out the door.

Thanks to Ana for today’s question!

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19 thoughts on “Do you have a beauty philosophy?

  1. Alejandra

    “If it makes me happy I’m going to wear it.”
    (I don’t care if you think I should wear less makeup, not too bright of a lipstick, too much eyeliner)..

  2. Miss J

    I think each and every person has some sort of physical beauty. No one is exactly alike, we all have differences that make us unique, and those should be embraced and seen as beautiful. I also agree that confidence and kindness are beautiful. When some radiates a beautiful energy, it shows on the outside, too. 
    In makeup terms, life is short, and makeup is supposed to be fun and something one enjoys. If you like it, WEAR IT. Just do it. Really, who is it going to hurt? Let people talk if they want. Again, every person is different, don’t let someone change you because they tell you that’s how you should be. If you like minimal makeup, great. If you like neutrals, and aren’t comfortable with color, that doesn’t make you boring. If you want to wear neon purple lipstick, awesome, it’s fun. 
    In general, be you and have fun. Life’s just too damn short to sweat the small shit!

  3. xamyx

    If you think/feel you’re hot, *everyone* else will, too. Confidence is key in how others perceive you. Everyone has at least one physical flaw; you can either camouflage, or make another feature work for you. I have a classic “Greek” nose, but I choose to wear more dramatic eye makeup & neutral lip to draw attention away. Does it work? I honestly don’t know, but when I look in the mirror, all I see are my eyes (which I happen to love).

  4. Haethre

    Beauty is being confident, having joy, and not sweating the small stuff like Miss J said.  

  5. Makeup is an accessory.  True beauty shines from within the heart.  If you’re ugly in the inside, you’re ugly on the outside.

  6. Claire

    It’s an enhancement, not a mask. You should never feel like you can’t leave the house without a full face, because no amount of makeup will hide a lack of self-confidence.

  7. eeeeeee, my question! x3  I’m so proud.   As for myself, I think makeup should be a way to express yourself, not to look “better” than what you actually are.  It’s kind of like clothes.  I refuse to wear foundation for the same reason I wouldn’t wear a corset or a push up bra every day: because I’d be trying to convince other people that I look a certain way when I really don’t, and I feel that’s dishonest.

  8. Sarah Serck Wulff

    Life is short, buy that eyeliner or nail polish:-)

  9. Heather Renee Deloach

    “the higher the hair, the closer to God”

  10. Heather Renee Deloach

    or “everyone looks better with black eyeliner and black mascara…sorry don’t be a weirdo”

  11. Melody

    I like your answer, Christine.  I guess if I have a philosophy it’s do what makes you happy and anything goes.  If you like wearing subtle makeup, cool.  If you like wearing bright in your face makeup, cool.  Just remember that you don’t have to use or avoid using any cosmetic just because of what someone else wants.  I think looking at makeup that way keeps it fun and expressive for me rather than oppressive, which it can be when we feel like we have to live up to an arbitrary beauty standard.

  12. Makeup by Marina Krpan

    Every woman is helpless only until her nailpolish dries!

  13. LaVaughn Daniel-Davis

    when you look in the mirror and genuinely smile at what you see then you have achieved perfection!

  14. LaVaughn Daniel-Davis

    when you look in the mirror and genuinely smile at what you see then you have achieved perfection!

  15. Makeup for me is art and a way of expressing myself from barely there to dramatic.  Let yourself shine through and never let makeup dominate your face.

  16. bethbr00tality

    You’re already beautiful.  Your cosmetics (makeup, skincare, etc) should only enhance who you already are; not change or mask it.

  17. Leticia

    I agree beauty comes from within. I believe being kind, thoughtful and caring make you beautiful, because as Kevyn Aucoin said, “no amount of makeup can mask an ugly heart”!

  18. Nikki

    Less is definitely more! I truly believe that makeup should enhance your natural beauty as opposed to transforming you into an entirely different person.