Monday, October 25th, 2010

Do you follow seasonal trends? Do you keep up with them? Do you incorporate them into your looks?

Temptalia's AnswerI keep up with them superficially, but I feel like a lot of the same trends emerge each season (e.g. darker lip colors for fall, red lips for winter).

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31 thoughts on “Do you follow seasonal trends?

  1. nicci

    no and if I do, I’m extremely late… :)

  2. Rae

    I definitely feel the same way as you about the recurrence of trends, Christine. Every year, the beauty industry is all “pastels for spring! How new and fresh!”, followed soon by “flawless skin for summer! How new and fresh!” and finally, of course, “dark lips for fall! How new and fresh!”

    Seriously, it happens every. Single. Year. Ridiculous!

    Which isn’t to say that I don’t sometimes follow them, though ๐Ÿ˜‰ There’s just something about winter that begs for a darker lip….

  3. Peggy M

    Not really.
    I do change the colour range i wear every season.
    My favorite seasons are Summer (golds and corals) and Fall (Bronze, coppers and other warm colours).
    During winter i usually opt for smokey eyes in various cool tones.
    And during spring i love doing light coloured eye looks with bold coloured lips!


  4. Alexis

    meh to an extent but its not really to follow the trend. Take for example dark lips and eyes for fall with purples and dark reds. I tend to lean towards these colors in the fall but thats because when its fall I feel like my mood changes and I like to reflect that in my makeup. Besides I like wearing reds and purples year round, its just it feels appropriate to wear them during winter and fall, I just don’t limit myself. I do pull out the hot pink lipstick in winter and smokey eye in summer(if its not too hot haha then I just feel gross).

  5. Misty

    Somewhat. Mostly at the beginning of the season, to get into the mood. :)

  6. Not at all. I follow my own taste and style. Once in awhile it happens to click with a current trend.

  7. Haha! Nope. In fact, I wore a spring green color on my eyes to work today!

  8. Bella

    It depends on the trend. I wasn’t one for black lips when that was popular a while ago, but I’ve been known to wear red in the winter like you. :)

  9. ak

    Yeah I amy follow the seasonal trends or what’s in the magazine once in a while superficially but really I just go with my mood and me using makeup of any kind from the eye make up or the color of lipstick I’m using really does follow along with my moods which ever way they swing!

  10. ak

    Yeah I may follow the seasonal trends or whatโ€™s in the magazine once in a while superficially but really I just go with my mood and me using makeup of any kind from the eye make up or the color of lipstick Iโ€™m using really does follow along with my moods which ever way they swing!

  11. I sort of do, it all depends on how I feel about the trend. I am not going to follow something I think is ugly. (like UGG boots for some reason I just cant stand them.)

  12. Not at all. I buy and wear what suits me. Maybe in my younger days, but these days I simply try out what I think would flatter me.

  13. Vanessa

    I really dont i must say. I always stick to my favorites all year around. The only thing i might change or follow is nail polish color trends but not always.

  14. No not really. I just dont feel like it

  15. AngelWingz

    Not really. If something doesn’t look good on me in the winter it’s not gonna look good on me in the summer either. The only things I change seasonally are how many layers of clothing I wear.

  16. Eh, not really. But then, there’s a fairly large hole in the recurring “summer” trends that look TERRIBLE on me. I am NOT a bronzer and nude l/g kind of girl. No matter the season, I prefer bright colors, strongly defined eyes and lips, fairly even porcelain skin on myself. No bronzers, artistically wearing tinted moisturizers to show off freckles, barely-there eyes…. It just isn’t flattering on my skin tone and face shape.

  17. Frances

    Kind of. My usual look is base, rosy brown or peach blush, winged liner or smokey eyes, and whatever lip goes with what I’m wearing. I guess when I start digging out my fall clothes, I apply slightly darker shades. I don’t really wear peaches or pinks in fall/winter, but I would wear grey/plum in spring/summer and I think a lot of women do the same.

  18. TonTeezy

    I tend to follow seasonal trends when it comes to wearing nail polish. It’s the easiest to follow.

  19. Laarni

    Usually just for nails, but I do it because it feels right to use darker, more gloomy colors for fall/winter & brights, pastels & softer colors for spring/summer

  20. Hend

    Yea I usually follow seasonal trends that I like
    But not always , sometimes I wear spring colours in fall

  21. Callen

    Not really. Usually the few trends that are unique are sort of ridiculous and very unflattering. I think a tangerine lip was on the runways for spring 2010/2011… come on. That’s going to look horrendous on my really pale cool toned skin.

    I just switch up the colour palette I play with and how much makeup I wear. During the warmer months I wear lighter nail polish colours and lighter eye looks. During the cooler months I wear dark vampy nail colours and slightly smoky eye looks. It just seems to make sense that way, wearing a smoky eye and dark nail polish in July would make me feel really awkward.

  22. Brandon

    Kevyn Aucoin said it best…

    “Trends are just created by cosmetic companies to sell more makeup”

  23. Amy

    I love that ‘trend’ quote. Very similar to Valentines day being a Greeting Card Company Holiday. :)

    I’m glad to know I’m not the only one who doesn’t follow the trends that much. This dark lip going on? I cringe when I see that. It reminds me of high school in (gulp) the 90’s. We all did that and I look back at the pic’s and just shudder.
    I tend to do darker on the eye and a light lip- not always necessarily nude, as my Go-To-Look. Sure, I’ll switch it up some, but not much. I follow my own trend….

  24. Ashley D.

    Nah, I hate following seasonal trends, I basically wear whatever I feel like all year long.

  25. Sam

    Yay this was my question ๐Ÿ˜€

    Haha I’m going to answer it anyway… I don’t! If I want to wear neon yellow nail polish in December, I will. If I want to wear dark vampy lips in July, I will! I never let anyone tell me what I can and can’t wera. :]

  26. Keener

    It’s funny how we all say we wear make-up because of our moods, but I wonder if we’re all subconciously follow trends because we’ve associated colours with season (which is largely related to our moods) and have succumbed to what the fashion gods say is acceptable. I don’t know, I find it interesting to think about.

    I do the same as most everyone else, wear what I like depending on whatever mood I’m in. I love wearing dark lips all year but I feel a little less out of place in the fall and winter months. The trends do repeat, I can barely list any new trends in make up. Nails trends I see more of, but can’t think of the last make-up trend that was truly a trend and not just a seasonal shift to a different colour palette. Anyone?

    • ak

      When you live in a city with nothing green around you and everything looks industrial, like the buildings all grey, black, or brown and if it’s winter time on top of that then dark colored make up and darker clothing just sort of fits in with that type of environment more, plus the time ‘falls back’ and it’s darker for most of the day. Only if the summer time is actually hot do you feel like switching things around color-wise regarding your makeup.

      But if you lived in a country or part of a country where it’s always hot and bright for most of the day, any ‘trends’ all year round will feel more relaxed.

  27. Nita

    Nope! As a brown-skinned girl I wear what I like, and what I feel looks good on me. Pastels would never work for me no matter the season, and I need color to pop against my skin. So neutrals and brights get worn all year round.

  28. Sixx

    I believe nude lips are in year round.

  29. Yumi

    Nope, I wear what I feel like. I do favor corals for summer but I refuse to wear darker colors for fall and I hate pastels. Oh well.

  30. Little Miss Sunshine

    Nah, I just wear what I feel comfortable with. I might sometimes wear coral and pink lips in winter and berry lips in summer. And I want the make-up I’m wearing to suit me.