Sunday, April 17th, 2011

Temptalia Asks You

Do you find yourself feeling obligated to purchase something because it’s limited edition? When is it the hardest to resist?

Temptalia's AnswerThere are definitely times when there is a “buy it or else it will sell out” mentality, and I think that is where the pressure is highest.

Thanks to Olga for today’s question!

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71 thoughts on “Do you find yourself feeling obligated to purchase something because it’s limited edition?

  1. JC

    YES! Omg, yes. I’m saving up $500 for the Semi Precious collection because of all the LE items, just in case.

    • HAH! HI FIVE and AMEN! You and be BOTH! I’m already setting funds aside for that collection. If I can’t wrangle the cash I have NO shame in opening a new credit card for it either! Well… Okay, I’d have shame but WHO cares?! Cause I’d be able to cover that shame with mineralize eyeshadows! Haha!

    • Emily

      Oh my god!!! I’m saving $500 for semi precious to hahaha!!! That’s so weird!! I’m a total sucker for Mac but I love it!!!

      • Some people like roller coasters… I get a thrill out of trying to figure out how I’m going to afford the few HUGE collections that I want EVERYTHING from! lol!

    • jenniet2002

      holy cannoli! =)

  2. Laurel

    I go by the “if it’s meant to be, I’ll either be able to get it while it’s limited edition or I’ll find something just as good elsewhere” mentality. I don’t think a lipstick that I only get because it’s limited edition or miss out on will define me and I think that there are far more important things than making my life concerning beauty all about the new limited edition things

  3. Sometimes… and it really annoys me. Lately I have been so fed up with limited editions that sell out in a day that I don’t even want to buy from that brand at all. I guess it is an effective marketing strategy but it kind of turns me off.

  4. Stephanie

    Ugh. I have a hate/love relationship with LE products. If I feel like it’s something that I can’t dupe, I MUST have it.

  5. Omg yes! Lol. But only on super LE items that I actually like.

    When I saw Wet b Wild’s Night Elf palette, I snagged it! There were 2 left and I grabbed both. The other day I bought Revlon’s Fashion Night Pout lipstick and Black with Envy polish.

    Stila’s Make Me Blush blush I definitely grabbed–and a backup! I wouldn’t absolutely *have* to have Rock & Republic’s eyeshadow singles, but I’m grabbing them all while I can because they’re discontinued!

  6. FC

    Majority of the time, yes. I just like that feeling of getting my hands on something that not a lot of people can obtain anymore once it’s gone.

    • cait

      omigosh yes!!! For the Quite Cute collection I had my eyes on playing Koi and when I went to the Mac store they were sold out so they phoned the Bay (across the street) to hold one for me. When I got there it was the last one!! And what kind of made it even more victorious was there were two girls at the lipstick counter trying on the sample and saying how much they liked it xD
      Last spring/summer I missed out on Ever Hip, but am totally happy they are re-promoting – I hope with equally cute packaging >w< ~!

  7. AZ

    you know the sad thing is.. thats totally how they get me.. i always feel compelled to buy something because its limited edition
    and a lot of the times i feel like i have to snatch it up right this second otherwise its gone.. even though thats not always the case.
    i just purchased chanel paradoxal nail vernis last week even though it came out ages ago and everyone thought it’d be sold out..

  8. Jan

    Yup, just did. I bought the Lorac Multiplex Set with 3d and 4d (4d being the limited edition shade) instead of what I really wanted, just Vivid. I’m definitely purchasing Vivid when I finish some lipgloss tubes.

  9. Helen

    I used to years ago, but now so many limited-edition products come out, the desire is gone. I’m tempted by some limited summer fragrances, though.

  10. MaryBeth

    Oh gosh yes! And not only pressure to buy the item, but pressure to buy back-ups. If I buy something LE and really like it, I always tell myself I’m gonna love it so much that I will be upset when it’s gone. I have yet to use a back-up but hopefully I’ll get to them eventually :)

  11. Susan

    Yes, marine life & stereo rose. There was so much hype over it and I didn’t want to miss out like I did with ripe peach.
    I’m glad I got stereo rose!

  12. Christine

    Alll the time :) But I am getting better at resisting if I dont think I will really use it….

  13. Not at all. I always figure there will be something comparable from some other brand, or that they might even re-promote popular items. I don’t like having products “pushed” and peddled at me, I want to take my sweet time and figure out if it’s really right for me. If I miss something because of that, I won’t lose any sleep over it.

  14. Yeh, more so before than now. I only buy now in duplicates if I really really like the item and the packaging. Otherwise, I think about it for awhile before getting it. But that item has to be spectacular and unique.

  15. I definitely feel the pressure to buy limited edition items. Usually, I can withstand long enough to actually try it out in the store and leave it on for a day or look up reviews before purchasing, though.

  16. Kelly C.

    Obligated? No. Pressured? You bet.

  17. sometimes. I have a weird love/hate relationship with limited edition products

  18. Chau

    No. I only buy products that I think will work well on me, regardless of LE or not. But if I really love a LE item, I’ll buy a backup.

  19. Amber

    If the product itself is love at first sight, LE definitely makes me rush out and get it that second. If it’s something I’m debating on LE will often times sway me one way or another, especially if it’s looking like it’ll be a quick sell out item.

  20. Annie

    Especially when it comes to something I only like halfhearted, the ‘limited edition’ strategy always serve as the last straw that breaks the camel back lol

  21. Cheryl Lee

    YES! CERTAINLY!!! especially MAC theses days? mac collections come out like every 3 weeks… it’s crazy and so I go crazy too!

  22. Mariella

    I feel very much like you do, Christine – that there is this pressure to buy it or I’ll regret it later. I’ve made a lot of purchases like this and there are a few I sort of regret (they are items I could have happily lived without but the pressure to get them before they were gone was very great). I’m trying to resist a bit more these days but it’s not easy.

  23. Elizabeth

    If it’s something that I know I’ll use more often then not, yes. However, if it’s something that will be a once-in-awhile used product, more often than not I’ll pass on it, or come back later if it’s still in stock.

    The Venomous Villains collection was the first collection that I HAD to rush out and get what I want mainly because it was Disney and I love that company. :)

  24. Jill

    I actually don’t. If I like a color, I like to be able to buy it again and again. I’m more afraid that I will get totally hooked on a color and then they won’t make it anymore.

    This goes especially for scents. I hate all the limited edition variations on perfumes. I won’t even smell them. The only thing limited edition I bought recently is Fresh’s Tobacco and Caramel scent. It’s totally amazing to me–I adore it. I’m so upset they had only brought it back in December for a limited time. I bought three bottles, but I’m still mad.

  25. ABSOLUTELY. And not even just the fact that the shades are LE, but the fact that the packaging is too. I was super bummed that I missed out on Venomous Villains because by the time I got to a counter, they were sold out. It’s verrrry ironic that I just got a new job and that I live withing walking distance of a CCO and know their shipment schedules huh 😉 haha. Its also kind of disappointing that I really got interested in certain brands after they released some of their bestsellers.. ie blush hombres

  26. Adelita


  27. Carrie

    At first I totally felt the pressure, now though as my stash has reached what I consider a ‘comfortable’ size and as I’ve really gotten a bead on what I like to wear I don’t feel it -quite- as much. I still do make a point to wait for reviews first before making the plunge. I don’t care if it’s LE, if it’s not good, it’s not good.

  28. I’m kind of a sucker for a gimmick, so sometimes I am so infatuated with something that I need to have it, even if it’s just a re-promote. The worst is with nail polishes, though recently I’ve been trying very hard not to just drop money on the Tokidoki LE eyeshadow quads. So cute!

  29. Rorys

    YES, I’ve done it a million times!!

  30. Beth

    Usually, if it’s an LE it does get me to buy something because I know once it’s gone, I’ll want it.

    If it’s really pretty, like an eyeshadow paletter, I won’t want to use it.

  31. Adria

    I usually just try and buy what I like, regardless if it’s limited edition. I mean, just because it is limited edition doesn’t mean it will look good on you, right?

  32. Eleanor

    I might feel that for a day or so, during the pre-sale marketing campaign. But, by the time it rolls out, I’m not so interested, especially since the last few collections have not been so great (IMO). Also, I recently discovered INGLOT eyeshadows. They are so much more pigmented and so much cheaper than MAC (10 Feedom pallete eyeshaows for $45.00) that I am much more interested in that right now. Plus, I’m not a collector. I pretty much feel like I have mostly what I need and/or want. Maybe once in a while I will find something new that I like, and get that.

  33. Neha

    Its hardest to resist, when there are no dupes available. I missed MAC Thrills lipstick, so I was so desperate that I bid that on ebay..and finally got it double the price!!

  34. Karen

    I find that I tend to overlook permanent collections because if I fall in love with something from a limited edition collections I will spend my budget on that because I’m afraid it won’t be there later.

  35. zombiilove

    NO! In fact, I will go to great lengths to avoid ever even looking twice at a product that is LE. I simply refuse to give in to hype and snatch something up because it’s LE. “Oh noes – what if they sell out?” Yeah, what if. I don’t care. If I can’t find a product I like again later after it’s been used up, then I’m not interested. There have been like two occasions that I’ve purchased an LE item, and that was because they were too awesome/something that would take me forever to use anyway (like BOS3).

    Maybe that’s why companies don’t cater to people like me. We’re not the majority flighty chicks with the mentality of siblings “I have to get it and not be left out! I can’t stand the the thought of “__” getting it and not me!!” Ugh. But that’s just me. :)

  36. Ayr

    I do, but unlike most others, I love it! Hype based around limited edition items is pretty exciting for me, and trying to snatch up those products is a lot of fun! (In my opinion :)

  37. cait

    only if it pertains to a specific interest of mine, like the wonder woman collection lipsticks were a must have because i read comics and work in a comic store (unfortunately i wasn’t able to get my hands on any, uni got in the way :c ) But i love the special packaging they sometimes come out with :3

  38. lazeny

    I don’t always buy LE unless I truly love it. It’s a good thing that LE releases come a month or so here in our country after they release it in the US/Europe, that way I have ample time to read reviews and study swatches. If it’s something that I can’t really ignore I snap it up. Like what I did a couple of hours ago when I purchased 2 LE lipstick from Shu Uemura’s Sakura collection.

  39. Nancy

    Unfortunately yes. If I’m doubting whether to buy a product or not the fact that it’s from limited collection just seems to give me that extra push.

    Normally when I’m doubting I just decide to wait a little longer with the purchase. This usually ends in not buying the product at all. Ofcourse I can’t do this with a limited product. Limited collections also seem to be a bit more attractive, as if they’re more special and therefore better.

  40. Eileen

    No, I don’t worry about it. There is always something new and wonderful coming out. If I miss one LE item, there will be another one coming ’round the bend :-)

    Cosmetic companies use the LE label and limited stock as marketing ploys.

  41. Yes, it is a total hate/love relationship with LE products

  42. Hanna NW

    Yes, absolutely, currently I’m craving for the Chanel summer 2011 collection and Dior summer collection 2011. I’m just 16 years old, so I haven’t afford to everything, but I’ll buy the chanel eyeshadow quad and a chanel lip gloss 😉

  43. Emily

    ALL THE TIME! That’s how the evil make-up companies lead us in!

  44. Not at all. I am very selective about what I do and don’t buy, and the fact that something’s limited edition doesn’t lower my standards.

  45. Heidi S.

    It depends on what it is, for me anyway. Most things I can eventually find a duplicate for. Limited edition packaging is something that attracts me more than a limited edition color, though.

  46. IceFluffPenguin

    If it’s something that has good reviews, isn’t insanely expensive, and I really want it… I def feel like I have to have LE products.

  47. Lucy

    I always have to get Chanel LEs I even got 2 of the eye gloss palettes from autumn winter 2009 collection! And sometimes OPI like the mad as a hatter nail varnish

  48. Jazz

    I actually try to avoid buying things that are LE, because I dont want to fall in love w/ it and then not be able to get it. With that said, I bought one shadow from VV , and I bought petticoat MSF. Hopefully I will be hauling from Semi precious too. But other than that – I try to stay away. I figure by the time I use it up , there will be something new out to fall in love with

  49. Holly

    Not since I rushed out to buy Marine Life (with a back up) only to realize that it wasn’t worth the hype. AT ALL.
    I’ll make a list and if what I want is gone then; oh well, no big deal. The way I look at it is I don’t know what I’m missing so how I can I be upset about not having it. After all… it is ONLY makeup!

  50. Megan

    Yeees! o.O I anxiously waiting for the quite cute collection here in Mexico… that candy yum yum lipstick must be mine! I love that neon pink haha!

  51. Carrie Ann

    Only if it’s something I really want and I know it will be very popular. I normally have to order things online because there aren’t many options for beauty products where I live. We pretty much just have a Macy’s. Sometimes ltd. ed. things sell out right away and if I don’t get them as soon as possible, they’ll be sold out the next time I check. It’s a little annoying. Purchasing beauty products should be more relaxed and fun.

  52. Crazy_for_Makeup

    Sometimes, depending on the brand and how in love I feel. If I totally loved it and feel like I’d panick if it’d sold out tomorrow then I buy it for sure.

  53. Dominique

    I think the youtube craze has me more into the LE items than ever. TheFancyFace blog kills me. We have a similar skintone & it drives me nuts when she has on a gorgeous color & I find out it LE. But at the same time the second she posts a new haul im checking her swatches for things I might regret skipping. She has me kicking myself for not getting yash & strange potion. lol.

  54. Martha

    If I don’t get, I will suffer the rest of the season.

  55. Bubbles

    Unfortunately, yes. My wallet is still angry with me over the Quite Cute collection. But everything looked good on me-I couldn’t help it, lol!

  56. Becca

    deffinwetly!! all the time :) if it’s not LE, I usually jus tsay, “oh, I’ll get it later…”

  57. Leticia

    I also have a love/hate relationship with LE products…I do feel the pressure if something really catches my eye. At least, I want to have the choice of seeing the product in person to decide if I want it or not and it’s frustrating when I don’t get that chance at all!

  58. x5starchickx

    I usually search every eyeshadow/lipstick to figure out what’s my favorite color and where i can find the best deal on it.. but if i find something that’s limited edition that i really really want, ill get it right when it comes out!

  59. Yumi

    Not as much anymore, used to be way worse, but I’ve learned to care less (slowly) over time. Kind of anyway… I do hate how the best things always seem to be limited tho!

  60. LadyT

    YES!! If you don’t act fast the good stuff will go, that’s why I head to my nearest Mac counter to check it out before I miss out.

  61. Mirna

    Not anymore, since I realized that dupes exist.

  62. I absolutely do! Venomous villians collection from Mac for example was a “Buy it or else” for me.. I feel that rather more special collections like that are what “gets me going” otherwise no..

  63. Haha. Honestly I went through that phase for a little while but am curbing it now cos it’s really hard on the wallet. Now I try to pick out just a few items that I really like and feel is practical to buy. But I suppose LE does make you kinda wanna grab everything in fear of loving it and not being able to get another chance to pick em up.

  64. Yes usually all the time but im only when i try and save up for a week or 2 it will be sold out so ill like read blogs and try and find out a month before hand and save up for it,some times ill see things and they wont interest me then ill see videos and SO much hype and its REAlLY pretty but then it will be sold out :( sometimes ill splurge and buyit as quickly as i can and it will be there for like weeks like the mac quite cute collection CUTiE quad :(
    And ill sometimes wantto buy backups but then ill never want to use the limited edition products lol!
    Nd if i find a dupe i will buy it some times lol!

  65. JessicaM

    Yes! Definitely, coz I have this list on what to haul but I cannot finish buying everything because of LEs.

  66. Nina

    Sometimes I feel obligated. Once I used to collect Chanel nail polishes, and i would rush out to get the new collection everytime they came. Finally i had like 40-50 of them, a small fortune in nail varnish and I never used them more than once! It was ridiculous! I ended up selling all of them and now i don’t really collect makeup/beauty products anymore, i just buy things i know i’ll use. Granted I use a lot of different products, different colours and such, but i always make sure only to get colours that work and that i absoloutely adore, whether they are LE or not makes no diff for me.