Wednesday, December 8th, 2010

Do you apply your eye makeup to one eye at a time or both? Any reason why?

Temptalia's AnswerI do them simultaneously – like I apply the base on one eye, then the other; then I apply the lid color, then to the other eye. I find it helps with symmetry.

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60 thoughts on “Do you apply your eye makeup to one eye at a time or both?

  1. Valerie Brower


  2. Liesbeth

    Also both ^^

  3. Rena

    simultaneously. Good heavens simultaneously! I’d never be able to get them even otherwise. 😛

  4. liz

    both. like in algebra, whatever you do to one side, you have to do to the other. so i dont skip steps or even if i run out of time at least both are in the same state of unfinished, etc

  5. Both!
    Unless it’s for a tutorial – in that case I’ll do one eye before filming to make sure I know what I’m going for :)

  6. Alice

    one at a time

  7. I do the same as you Christine!

  8. NikiD40

    Both at the same time that way I can achieve an even application of eyeshadow, eyeliner and mascara.

  9. I do them simultaneously also. That way it’s easier to keep everything even.

  10. Vivian

    Both too! It also means I only need to open products once instead of twice 😛

  11. Keren

    Wow, I’ve never actually paid attention to how I do it, haha…
    I do them simultaneously.

  12. Kat

    I do it the same way as you. Though at first I thought, “to both eyes at the same time? Like with both hands at once? What?” Hehe, don’t judge me, it’s finals week, and I’m just a little crazy.

  13. divinem (Melissa)

    I apply mine the same, Christine. I always have but now find it more necessary since I had Bell’s Palsy and have a tiny bit of leftover paralysis that requires adjustments to one eye to make them look even.

  14. Michelle

    I do the same thing you do, Christine. Mostly because I’m afraid of running out of time to do my makeup, and if that happens, I’d rather have my eyes match (even if incomplete) than have one eye complete and one eye not.

  15. Rossella

    yes me too! ^^

  16. I do them both, I feel like they are more even that way

  17. Marjolijn


  18. I apply one eye at a time, mostly starting from my right eye. I apply the full primer, two colours or so and blend, then do the same with the left eye. I have to match them up at the end though! 😀

  19. Lina

    Same here too.

  20. Both!

    Although I do them individually when I’m using MAC greasepaint sticks. They dry too quickly.

  21. TheJoey

    Well I am not ambidextrous so I have to do one eye at a time =P

    I do prefer to keep them even as I go though.

  22. Nic

    Simultaneously. It’s easier and more efficient.

  23. Sarah B.

    both at the same time. I feel like I get them more even that way.

  24. I also do them simultaneously. It’s the only way I can get both eyes even and fix one to match the other if I have to.

  25. It varies for me. If I’m doing a smokey eye or if I’m using several different eye shadow shades I’ll do one eye at a time.. Not sure why.. Maybe to make sure I like the way it looks before I do the other eye? Lol, who knows. If I’m doing a basic all over lid color + liner, I usually do both. I think I also do both when i’m in a rush.

  26. Both. Much easier that way.

  27. one eye at time. because if my shadow insturance dries hard I have problems with the second eye.

  28. VeroJo

    I do both also. I don’t think I can do one at a time…lol

  29. Usually I do both eyes together, but if a look is really complicated I’ll probably do larger chunks at once—ie. apply all 4 lid and crease colors at once, then move on to the other eye.

  30. Nichole

    What I do to one eye, I do to the other. Steps are not skipped and I don’t constantly worry about wiping brushed clean.

  31. Leenie

    I do both at the same time

  32. Ani_BEE

    Simultaneously, otherwise I would not be able to track what I did on one eye after finishing it. It’s hard doing it one eye at a time and most Guru’s on YouTube even mess up when doing the one eye at a time.

  33. Katy

    That’s exactly what I do as well. I add a little to each eye. I like going back and forth to make sure they are symmetrical as well. I’m wondering how many people in YouTube vids really only do one whole before moving onto the next?!

  34. I do both as well. 😀

  35. Taj

    I do base on both first, and finish the rest one at a time.

  36. Both. I go back and forth. I have to make sure of my eyes match!

  37. Minnie


  38. Minnie

    Both same time

  39. Amber


  40. Marcela

    simultaneously. how can you get them to look exactly the same otherwise?

  41. Sara

    I also apply simultaneously!

  42. MIssDeeCanada

    I do them at the same time! I like to see how things are going to turn out and well it just feels odd to do one at a time!

  43. Deb

    Am I the only one who interpreted this question as using both hands two brushes at the same time? I only thought that for a moment…

    But I also do each step on both eyes before going onto the next step, usually starting with my right eye.

  44. Ru

    Simultaneously as well, for symmetry and so my brush use goes from light to dark.

  45. Alchemy

    Both, but always starting with the left eye first.

  46. Natalie

    Simultaneously! It’s really hard for me to do it one at a time. Sometimes when I test a new look just playing around, I’ll only do one eye, which always feels odd to me as I’m not used to it!

  47. Diana B

    I do the same Christin if not I would forget

  48. Michele


  49. Donna

    Both at the same time, it helps to manage the brushes, and I’d just get too confused to do one at a time – yikes, I’d forget something for sure! ☺

  50. Ashley D.

    I apply both.

  51. Tina

    I have to apply the same way you do. I can’t imagine doing one eye first and then the other one afterwards. There would be some lopsidedness. lol