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By Dustin Hunter, Washington, Makeup Artist

Born and raised in the Pacific Northwest, Dustin Hunter has been designing various media since his early teen years. Studying several different art forms, Hunter’s creative background ranges from illustration and photography to fashion and interior design to music production and makeup artistry. As a makeup artist, Dustin Hunter combines his love of music and visual art to construct images of experimental beauty for both stage and photography; creating avant-garde makeup looks for photographers, performers and musicians. Check out his blog and YouTube channel, plus read his full bio.

DIY Halloween Makeup Tips & Tricks

Before my kitchen refrigerator was stocked with fake blood and scab material, I relied on some pretty creative ways to make my own FX supplies. With Halloween just around the corner, some of us may be freaking out and thinking we’ve run out of time to put a costume together, but here are a few DIY tips that I STILL use to this day (even with a fridge full of gore) for last minute costumes:

Matte Eyeshadows | If you’re going to create bruises or dirty, rough, and irritated skin, matte eyeshadows in shades like lime green, mustard yellow, violet, dark brown and blue are must-haves! Any amount of frost or shimmer will give the illusion away in an instant so stick with matte finishes.

Burgundy Lipstick | Highly pigmented, dark red lipstick not only mimics the look of blood quite well (particularly for scraps and small cuts) but also stays where you place it, making it a good choice for long-wearing blood effects.

Luffas and Bath Scrunchies | If you don’t have access to a stippling sponge, a cut up Luffa or tightly-wound bath scrunchie will work to create the look of broken capillaries. Dip the edges into your dark red lipstick and stamp onto the skin.

Food Coloring and Light Corn Syrup | Add several drops of red and just a smidgen of blue for realistic fake blood! Add a small amount of water if you really need the stuff to flow, or if you know your way around a kitchen, you can reduce the mixture over heat (to the “soft ball” stage) for some pretty snazzy homemade scab material! Remember, blood comes in different shades of red (arterial blood is brighter than the blood from veins), so mix accordingly.

Eyelash Adhesive | It’s actually liquid latex. Spread a thin layer onto the skin and start picking and scratching it–be careful though, it’s still your skin you’re scratching at! Fill in the “holes” in your skin with that dark red lipstick to create a nice “road rash” effect!

MORE Eyelash Adhesive and Cotton | Thin strips of cotton (pulled from buds or cotton balls) can be placed on the skin over your lash glue. Set those strips with another layer of glue and you’ll have instant raised scarring!

Hairspray | If you do something cool, you’ll want to make sure it sticks around by using a makeup sealer. I love Final Seal by Ben Nye (Benefit’s She-Laq is nice but pricey). But if you’re in a pinch, reach for the hairspray. A light mist will do the job; just don’t tell your dermatologist I told you to put it on your face.

If you can stomach it, do a few image searches in your favorite search engine for words like “bruise,” “broken capillaries,” and “scrapes and cuts” for inspiration. The best way to learn how to create something realistic looking is to see how it looks… in reality.

See more photos!

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    Dustin! always amazing! :*

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    love all his work, he's fabulous

  3. Thanks! That’s very helpful for a zombie look my beau wants me to do!

  4. Devi

    Wow, I’m weak. xD I couldn’t stand to look at the pictures. o_o

    But that’s actually some really insightful information. 😀 I was looking bath and forth between the info and the picture and I was able to realize what was done to achieve each gruesome looking, bloody injury on your face. Easy to follow. Thank you so much!

    Haha, your fridge sounds very interesting by the way!

  5. Erica

    I’m loving these guest blog posts. Great tips and thank you!

  6. Awesome tips! I know someone who is a SFX artist, and I bet he’d love this. Thanks!

  7. ohhh his teeth look gross!! ^_^ love it, thanks for the tips.

  8. No need to create the illusion of broken capillaries here. *sigh*

  9. Leah

    Great tips! Love the road rash idea.

  10. Violet

    This is awesome, thank you.

  11. Great tips! I like the idea of placing cotton strips on eyelash adhesive. Shall try that!

  12. Penny

    Sigh! Even as a zombie, Dustin looks… sigh… HOT! :-)

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    i love this!!!! but i wish there was a video!

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    Eeek! Too scary! XD

    Looking forward to more posts from you though, Dustin! I <3 your youtube videos. :)

  15. JulieD

    Love DUSTIN!Been watching him on the “tube” for a year or so, he is so GIFTED.

  16. Pip

    Oh man, this is so handy!

    If anyone has any glycerin at home, you can make your own setting spray – Three parts water to one part water. (You can also add a wee drop of lavender oil for a nice scent :) )

    • That will work as a quick DIY toning mist but just be careful not to confuse that with a makeup sealer – thre’s a big difference. There’s a misconception that products like Fix + by MAC will help your makeup to last longer (which is what a sealer does). They won’t. They WILL give your makeup a more natural look (same effect you get from a damp sponge) but products like Fix + (or the water and glycerin) will usually just shorten the wear time of your makeup.

      A sealer acts like a glue or shellac, holding your makeup in place. If you’re doing body work like bruises, cuts, etc. OR if just want your makeup to LAST – you want a sealer.

      Think of sealers in the same way you think of a top coat on your nail polish! :)

  17. Madelynn

    Omg yay Dusty!
    Thanks for the detail of the work on your cheek. The peeling skin is the best.

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    dustin is so bad a**! i love this guy. he’s one of my fave youtube gurus. he makes a great addition to temptalia- fave makeup blog, of course! :)

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    Nice info Dusty!
    Btw, I know the eyelash glue + blood red lipstick trick from my mom since I was a kid.
    Love your post, keep ’em coming!

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    This is so rad! I was going to be Lindsay Bluth (she of slut-shirt fame), but now maybe I want to be a zombie Lindsay Bluth so I have an excuse to try this makeup. :)

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    The coolest tips! Congrats for your wonderful work!

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    Awesome ideas, Dustin! great to see you posting here. Love your YouTube channel as well. 😉