Thursday, October 4th, 2012

You’ll Be the Envy of All at the Ball

Disney Cinderella Compact by Sephora ($20.00) is a limited edition mirrored compact with a mirror on both sides of the interior (one magnifies). It’s nicely done, period, but it’s particularly well-done for a collaboration. It’s not a gimmicky piece–the design itself is intricate and appropriate. I felt it was inspired by Cinderella in a classy, sophisticated way. It did not feel like a compact my five-year-old self would love but a compact that would suit a spectrum of ages.

There’s a fair amount of heft to it, which gives it a more expensive feeling, and it also makes it sturdier. The numbers on the clock (in Roman numerals) is in raised above the background design (with the gold and teal), so there’s some depth and dimension to the piece. The plastic that is beneath the numbers and above the background is beveled. Overall, I was very impressed by the quality of the compact.

See more photos!

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62 thoughts on “Disney Cinderella Compact Mirror by Sephora Review & Photos

  1. I don’t need this, but I WANT it. It’s so pretty!

  2. *picks up jaw from floor* That is gorgeous! I need that.

  3. Mariella

    Looks almost too pretty to let it get bashed about in my purse!

  4. pixie

    that is so beautiful :O
    suck i can’t get it in the uk :( then again it sucks with half the stuff from sephora i can’t get here

  5. Bea

    So pretty! I’ve always loved Cinderella. Perhaps I should be glad that there’s no Sephora in this country, or I’ll end up spending my savings on something that I don’t need.

    Still… I want it! *weep*

    Thank you for sharing, Christine!

  6. Sophia

    GORGEOUS!!!!! I want it!!!

  7. Cherry

    Really pretty compact mirror but for some reason the clock face reminds me more of peter pan than cinderella.

  8. Sonia Lรณpez

    I’m unsure if it will be up to sale in my country (Spain) it is SO pretty though

  9. Xero

    Sooooo beautiful! I want it so bad!

  10. Yellowlantern

    Yay, you have photos of the steampunk mirror compact!

  11. Dinitchka

    This is really beautiful! I’m a sucker for compacts. I collect vintage and antique, esp by Wedgwood and Stratton. I’m defo adding this to my ‘gotta have’ list ๐Ÿ˜€

  12. Laura

    I’m not into Disney, Cinderella or anything like that but this is really nice. Too bad we don’t have Sephora in the UK!

  13. Kimberly

    I got this in the mail a couple days ago and I love it! It’s so pretty!

  14. Kimberly

    It also has ‘time for your moment’ on the unmagnified side and the quarter marks (12, 3, 6, 9) have markings in the gold: glass slipper, pumpkin (?), Cinderella, and Cinderella with someone (getting the slipper I think) The 3 and 9 marks I can’t make out very well

  15. Carrie

    Awesome, mine is

  16. Cathy

    I’m not even a Disney fan but I would totally buy that!

  17. I’m not a huge Cinderella fan and even I feel like I need this! This is probably the only part of the collaboration that I’ll be picking up. Thanks for the photos!

  18. I have NEVER wanted a compact before. I always buy them out of sheer necessity. But this? My inner princess is screaming for one!

  19. Cole

    Wow thats beautiful! Really good price too.

  20. Apparently Disney is do more collaboration with Sehorpa in the future. I love to see them do a range of vanity items for each one that is different.

  21. It’s SO beautiful! Magical, really.

  22. I ordered one of these to include with my sister’s Christmas presents. It arrived yesterday and I was pleasantly surprised. It is a lovely piece.

  23. Lauren

    Now THAT is gorgeous!

  24. Laura

    I love it! It’s so pretty! I hate the fact that we don’t have Sephora here in the UK. I really really really want that compact! :(

  25. Elysia

    This is sooo beautiful!

  26. Esther

    this is GORGEOUS *_* and I’m obsessed with clocks, so that makes it even better

  27. Sandrine

    I have the same compact but with a different pattern that was given to me as a Christmas present 4 years back. This is so cheap here and Sephora is selling it for $20.00 just because it carries the Disney name? Unbelievable!

    • Sarah

      I really don’t think it’s Sephora who is doing that, I think that was Disney’s idea. Everything they sell is so overpriced now :(

    • ZolaS Tan

      Sandrine, where would one find the compact mirror that you have? Do you know?

      • Sandrine

        I really don’t know where my boss got it. I never asked him (yes, it came from a man :) ). Everyone in my department got one, each with a different color and pattern.

  28. Por

    I’m so glad that you liked this compact! I’m definitely going to snag one up once it comes to my Sephora.

  29. It’s quite cute and pretty with its little nod to steampunk, but it’s seriously not me.

  30. Carrie

    Mine is due to arrive today. The collection didn’t grab my attention until I saw that. So glad it’s of good quality!

  31. Diane

    What is the mirror itself like? The packaging is lovely but if the mirror inside is warped or flawed, it’s a bit useless.

    • No, it wasn’t warped or flawed – if it was, I would have mentioned it :) It was… a mirror, lol! Nothing more, nothing less – one was a regular mirror and one was magnifying.

  32. Full of Woe

    It’s so pretty, but I already have a compact that’s perfectly good.

    But it’s so pretty.

  33. Amy

    OOOO this is so adorably Rococo and steampunk-y! I love it! Must..get grubby hands on it…Will be so great for Classic and even Gothic Lolita<3

  34. xamyx

    It’s very pretty, but Cinderella just never appealed to me. Snow White, however, or Belle, and I’d buy it. Of course, any of the Villains would be awesome.

  35. blueraccoon

    I have a compact that I love, but my MIL wants it, so I think I’ll buy this one and give her the one I currently have that she wants. Everyone wins!

  36. Wow, that’s lovely for $20! I may have to pick this up since my nickname is Cindyrella!

  37. Sarah

    Such a shame we don’t have Sephora here. No doubt it’ll end up on ebay for at least ยฃ50 :(

  38. This is stunning–very nicely done. It appeals to my 7-year-old self but is done in an elegant, grown-up way–definitely how a collaboration of this sort SHOULD be done. I really wish they would release a few other mirrors for the other Disney princess. I would be ALL over that. I think I want to get this one for my older sister though. She absolutely LOVES anything Disney ๐Ÿ˜›

  39. Andromeda

    Do you know if this collection will be released in Europe?
    This mirror is gorgeous and I’d love to buy it.

  40. An

    Danggggg, this compact is so gorgeous. Lovely details. I don’t even use a compact much at all, but I’d want this! *-* Hehe

  41. Ruby

    Is it in stores already???

  42. This is gorgeous! I have on compact that I never use so I won’t be picking this up, but it is absolutely stunning.

  43. Bearah

    Omgoshhhhh, it’s so gorgeous! I really want this :3

  44. Jill

    Im really underwhelmed with this piece!

  45. Jocelyn Beckett

    $20 seems a little much for a small mirror like that.

  46. Daniela

    Really gorgeous!

  47. Mitzi

    I love Disney….This compact looks beautiful…THere’s no need for me to purchase a compact but I think I’ll purchase it to collect it…

  48. Kate Monster

    This is so much better than my $1 ELF compact….I want it so bad! Gah, why is it twenty bucks?!?

  49. I love this mirror, it’s so sturdy and just gorgeous!

  50. Else

    I regret not picking this up.. so badly.